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The daughter of the boss

group unknown77 2018-12-04

Once Mina saw that the 6 guys and 3 girls that worked there were quickly arriving, she stopped explaining her vision to me, and waited for everybody to finish parking cars and opening up the office before calling us together. She stopped sucking me, turned her head to Nikos and said “Give it to me….give it to me now,” and then immediately put my cock back into her mouth. With that, Nikos got on the floor, she lowered her pussy onto his upright cock, and she started to ride him. As both Nikkos and I pulled out and collapsed dead tired on the floor Mina almost casually got up, put her jean shorts back on, and as she walked out the door turned and said “Boys don’t forget your assignment.


group ErotikWriter 2018-11-25

She said she thought she’d be embarrassed when she came, but Ellen told her how she’d put her pillow over her face to shut down the noise and both girls sailed off into gales of laughter once again. Jen’s tears were still coming, “It’s not fair!” Ellen held her close and without thinking a single thought she reached down between Jennies parted thighs and began to massage Jennie’ clit just as she rubbed her own. “Come on” Ellen said, pulling Jennie away from Greg’s jerking cock and pushing her into a kneeling position on the little single bed. Ellen lay on her back and slid under the pumping, grinding couple until her face was directly beneath the place where Greg’s cock stopped and Jennie’s pussy started.

Foreign Trade

group michellefiamma 2018-01-23

Elie gathered my hair back with his hands, bent me forward, and urged my head down, guiding me to Toni's waiting cock. I know that I'm turned on thinking about him watching me.' Elie pressed my head down abruptly and I was forced to take Toni's cock fully in my mouth. I knew that Elie was close, so I moved my mouth very slowly up and down, stopping only briefly to suck gently on his head. I moved back to Elie's long, beautiful cock, tilting my head back to let him slide deep inside my throat. I writhed on the mattress, my ankles and wrists pulling hard against my fabric restraints as Elie's hands slipped beneath my ass and his tongue moved faster and harder against my swollen clit.


group michellefiamma 2017-12-30

When we ask Natalia to bring us something "traditional", a slow smile curls her generous lips and she nods, her dark eyes warming. As I become hotter and more aroused, I begin lifting my hips slightly and she presses her tongue deep inside my pussy. You grasp her hips and begin thrusting, watching Natalia's head pressing harder into my pussy on your in strokes. Natalia has lowered her pussy onto my face now, but is doing most of the work herself, sliding around against my lips and tongue. You watch Natalia's mouth moving up and down on you as her pussy slides around on my face, my red hair fanning out from beneath her dark thighs.

Spring Break Trio

group SecretHowl 2017-11-29

I could feel Dans cock rubbing against my neck, and I reached back, taking him in my hand, slowly stroking his dick as I opened my mouth and took Mark's cock in my mouth. I stroked Mark's dick, turning around to look at Dan, "Fuck me...please..." Dan's hands gripped my hips as he slammed into me in one hard, deep thrust causing me to scream around the cock I had again buried in my mouth. I was gripping Dan's ass as I whimpered and groaned around Marks cock still fucking my mouth. Mark pulled me into his lap, and I grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance to my well fucked pussy.