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Truth or Dare

group mentalcase 2018-12-04

I remember some of us were a little bored at this party my friend Megan was throwing, and someone said spin the bottle, and someone else said truth or dare. Mark lazily spun the bottle and it landed on the mystery-guy next to him. Mystery-guy spun the bottle and it landed on Mark again. Mark spun the bottle and had it land on my friend Megan. Mark took his dick in his hand and waved it in front of my face and just started laughing. Lexi took my other breast in her mouth that Megan wasn’t working and started to nibble. Lexi and Megan had gone off to the couch and started making out while mystery-guy watched.

Returning Home to Hedo

group mrgump 2018-09-19

I don't know how many times I walked up to the hot tub to find you sitting on John's lap playing with his hair, or Rob sneaking up behind you fondling your chest. His hands casually roam your body while you dare Kriss to kiss Jen. After they kiss you stand and move to Aaron planting yourself firmly onto his lap. Lowering yourself onto his lap you feel the tip of is beautiful cock touch your lips, you do everything you can to slide him inside your wanting pussy but you can't make it happen without being completely obvious. For several minutes I watch on, slowly stroking my own cock as you and Anna caress each others bodies and softly kiss.

Hot Tub Reunion

group zleis 2018-08-28

"Hmm, sounds like a good time for a game of Truth or Dare," Tiffany smiled, the devilish gleam showing in her eye. She smiled smugly as her hand pumped his cock twice as Tiffany counted, "...29...30." Thuy let go and Rob slid back into the hot tub, visibly frustrated. "Well, I would like to see if the rumors are true about Asian pussies." Tiffany crossed over to Thuy and looked down at her crotch. "Don't be afraid to get a good look." As Tiffany leaned in a little closer, Thuy grabbed her head with both hands and pulled her face into her pussy. Tiffany walked to Rob's side and looked over to see the only other dick to touch my wife's pussy, besides my own.

That Escalated Quickly

group sexualcouple22 2018-08-09

When she came up with an Idea Kelly said "I'm actually going make it easy on you, I dare you to get us some new drinks." We booed lightly while Rachel was relieved and stood up to head out of the hot tub. Nate and Kelly got out of the hot tub and disappeared from our sight and again I had that weird excited/jealous feeling in my stomach knowing that my girlfriend was alone and naked with my friend. I wiped Rachel off and we all sat down for a second catching out breath when Nate was like "What the fuck just happened?!" We all laughed but no one had a good answer, things definitely escalated quickly.

Truth or Dare with Lisa Allie & Me

group BKnucklehead 2018-06-30

It was about 11:30 when I went downstairs to talk with Lisa and Allie. We started with Allie giving me the choice of truth or dare. I chose Lisa and dared her to suck on Allie's tits Allie to suck on Lisa's tits and let me watch. Lisa agreed to this dare and soon my Lisa then dared Allie to do the same. "Due to the fact that both me and Lisa gave you head, I dare you to eat "I dare you to let me suck your tits and remove the blanket until the end "You taste good," Lisa and Allie said. "My turn for truth or dare," said Lisa. "I dare you to kiss Allie with tongue," I said.

The game

group 2018-06-25

She dealt the cards again and he won she lost truth or dare, truth do you want him to eat your pussy after a pause she said yes I do. He asked can I have it I said yes as she sucked my dick as I was eating her pussy, he started off slow so I could get used to him but when he was completely in he got faster I could feel his balls hitting mine I was enjoying the feeling of having his dick in my ass then he said he's going to cum she then started to cum again on my face he pulled out of my ass and the feeling of his warm cum hitting my ass caused me to cum in her mouth.

Synergy Ch. 04

group BBArms 2018-03-30

Jeremiah moves between Anna's chocolate covered legs and dives headlong into her cream covered pussy. I look up to see Jeremiah licking a trail down Anna's leg and I continue to devour her body. Once Anna is mostly exhumed from her covering and has cum multiple times from the attention, I retrieve the chocolate topping and whipped cream then dab a bit on the end of my now rock hard cock. It does not take long for Anna to bring the pizza boy to the edge and she pulls off him, his come spewing all over her face. Anna whips around, displaying her gorgeous cum, chocolate and cream covered face perfectly framed by her blue hair.