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A holiday with very friendly friends

group tomstarks 2018-06-27

We had both driven separately from London and when we arrived we saw the lights on and we were pleased to see that Jonathan and Rani had got a real fire going and had made a start on dinner. Alice let out a small gasp when my cock slid in to her very wet vagina but neither Rani or Jonathan seemed to notice. I started pumping Alice very slowly, more or less keeping time with Rani's mouth on Jonathan's cock. Despite nothing being said during the day, things had clearly got a bit more liberal as both girls just got undressed and this time Rani just slipped into bed naked and Alice just wore a small pair of pants and a clingy vest.

The Way to Start a Vacation

group heybaebae 2018-06-24

“I'll share if you want!” she moaned as one of the guys began to fuck her from behind. The guy in my pussy was slapping my tits and ass cheek. With that being said, the guy in my ass announced that he was on the verge of cumming and that I had better be ready for his load. I began to play with my clit to get mine one more time when the guy slapped my hand away. I stuck my tongue out and began tasting my nectar mixed with the load already in my throat, when suddenly I felt the hot thick streams of his cum hit my lips, cheeks, chin, and tits.

My Hotwife Takes Me on Vacation

group KenLukin 2018-06-19

She thought in silence for a short time, then said, “You know, when a guy comes in my pussy, or my butt, it feels great and I orgasm as well, but it’s not as rewarding. The best is when I get to do a guy right through the full cycle, when I’ve got one hand stroking his dick and the other holding his sack so I can feel his balls. After the guy comes for me, and I’ve got a mouthful of his hot jizz, I like to keep him in my mouth so I can feel his hardness slowly surrender. It makes me feel good, and I’ve learned they orgasm with a lot more intensity when they know I’ll take every drop of their load into my mouth.”

My Lost Shaker of Salt

group oldhippie1949 2018-06-18

Melissa was talking, "One bedroom, King-size bed, lots of pillows, cable and wi-fi, kitchen (there are coffee set-ups there), bathroom suite, screened in porch...", but I noticed something on the kitchen table. Good morning." Melissa sat in the electric cart not twenty feet away and staring at my soft cock hanging down between my legs. "You like that, don't you, Ray?" said Melissa, watching from the bed. I gently removed Silvio's hand and said, "Yes, I like it but you'll excuse me if I have to take a leak?" We stayed like this for a few minutes until Silvio quietly said, "That was the best, most intense cum I ever had.


group aldenbradley 2018-06-17

“You want to watch the two of us?” she said, waving a finger between Drew and herself. “A woman back home who wants to screw Drew,” Cheryl said, concentrating on lowering Drew’s shorts to the floor. Micah stood behind Cheryl near the corner of the bed as they watch Drew with Melissa. “I wanted to get a closer look,” Cheryl said softly, noticing how Melissa’s body moved an reaction to Drew’s thrusts. “You know,” Melissa said, tousling Drew’s hair with her free hand, “She has the most marvelous lips. “I think,” Drew replied easily, wrapping his arm around Cheryl, “We will probably make long, slow, poignant love, and look forward to our last chance to wake up next to each other in the morning.”

The Vacation

group Mysteria27 2018-06-14

I put my leg over the sink, and Rob slides his cock into my wet pussy. I tell him that I am going to cum, and my legs start to shake as my juices flow out of my pussy. Rob tells me how nice I look and gives me a long, deep passionate kiss. Layla is rubbing my clitoris, and slowly begins to finger fuck me. I start to kiss Rob. Layla and Jim begin to kiss. Layla begins to cum on Rob's tongue. She guides Rob's cock into her pussy, and Jim lubes Layla's tight asshole, and slowly begins to fuck her ass. I take the soap on my wash cloth, and start to rub it all over Rob's body.

Chris And Jessica Have Fun With Debbie

group Mysteria27 2018-06-11

I know she wants to fuck me, I hope she’d like to have sex with Jessica too. I was fucking my wife so hard and fast, while Debbie was sucking on her heaving tits. I was so fucking hard watching my wife having her father’s girlfriend lick her pussy. Debbie pulled her fist out of her pussy, and my wife for the first time in her life started to squirt. Jessica drank all my hot come, while Debbie was drinking all of her sweet, tangy pussy juices. Debbie continued to lick and love on Jessica's pussy. My wife was grinding against Debbie’s face and thrashing all over the bed, while Debbie licked her pussy.

Three for the Road

group tickylicky 2018-06-08

I began teasing him in my tight jeans and t-shirt without a bra as our vacation began in the airport bar. Then we all masturbated in the bed together watching our new movies, I started sucking both cocks as the movie played. After shooting loads on my face and tits, my hubby set-up a couple video cameras to capture me getting fucked by Josh as I sucked his cock until it was as hard as I've ever seen. I fucked my hubby on the mountain, and Josh in the backseat on the way back to the hotel. We played naughty games the entire vacation and had an awesome time even after we got home, and the fun still continues every chance we have to get together.

Annie Goes Skiing

group AnnFrancis 2018-06-04

It was not a big secret that the only time Annie liked ice was if it was crushed and blended with liberal doses of tequila, and perhaps, a lime wedge and salt shaker in easy reach. “I think you’ll have a great time,” Kate replied with a smile as she reached over and touched Annie’s hand. The next to lose, was Frank who was soon sitting bare-chested at the table, which caused his girlfriend Kate to reach over and give his nipple a playful twist. Frank soon lost his pants so to speak, and as he stood up, his girlfriend Kate reached over and gave him a loving stroke to the bulge in his boxers causing an obvious movement.

Down in Mexico

group HappyInTN 2018-06-02

Each night upon hitting the room I would smother the moist, wet lips between Lindy’s legs with my mouth as she would quickly engulf my cock in her mouth, until we both came with gusto. Paul saw us moving around and I noticed he gently laid Lindy down on the bed as he continued to rub and pull her erect nipples. Lindy was on her back and Paul stood, moving next to Lindy’s head and sliding his hand down between her legs. Donna and I watched Paul’s hard cock next to Lindy’s face; she moved her head close to his cock and began to take a little at a time into her mouth. Paul pumped his hips into Lindy, moving more and more of this cock in her mouth.

My Lost Shaker of Salt, Part II

group oldhippie1949 2018-05-28

"Oh, that feels good to let the girls out." I just stood and watched as Mary, a petite Latina with a beautiful smile, pulled her shirt off, too. Melissa had not so much stopped sucking on her as she just let Mary's clit flutter on her tongue. When Melissa pushed the head of my cock into Mary's taint, she gave out an animal groan, real deep and throaty. Melissa slapped my ass and then she got on her hands and knees like Mary had done, ass up. Mary lay watching us and put a hand under Melissa's breast, fondling and pulling at her nipple. Melissa, Sylvio, Mary, cock, pussy, suck, fuck...yeah, I had a good time here.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

group aldenbradley 2018-05-25

Cheryl and Drew had been indolent, opting for brunch rather than breakfast so they could make love, shower, and fuck before they left the room. Drew confessed to being a web designer and Cheryl said she and Melissa shared their interest in educating young children. “You want Drew to lick my pussy?” Melissa moaned. Melissa delicately stepped out of the small pile of clothing, turned back to face Drew and Cheryl and planted one hand on her hip. Melissa stood up and watched as Cheryl continued to suck and lick on Micah’s cock, drawing out all of the remnants of his load. Melissa looked straight into the faces of Drew and Cheryl as he approached and finally penetrated her.

All the Perks

group RejectReality 2018-05-25

“Feel good?” She asked as the second bulbous head popped free of her lips, looking up into the men’s eyes and rasping her hands over their turgid flesh. When she returned to Neil for the third time, his grunts, the throbbing of his cock, and his fingers twining into her hair let her know that he was close. The blond took over where his friend had left off as well, sucking her nipples in and out like a little cock. A tap on her lips caused her to open her eyes, which had fluttered closed as her pleasure mounted from the hard cock plunging into her. Upon forcing her eyes open, she saw him holding a glass of water, his hard cock still twitching between his legs.

Villa VI

group MmmmPerfect 2018-05-14

After a moment, you feel soft warm hands on your feet, removing your heels and then massaging your toes in gentle circles. A mouth on your clit and a large cock in your mouth, you shudder in waves of rhythmic pleasure as your own orgasm begins to climb to ecstatic crescendo. You know that you're about to bring the cock in your mouth to orgasm and that you cannot last much longer either, so you shift your focus to the mouth pleasuring your own body and allow your own orgasm to surrender to its full release. Just as you start to cry out with the most intense pleasure you've ever felt, I slip between your legs, slowly at first until I can feel your rhythm, and then faster to match your constrictions.

A Night at a Club with New Friends

group sandj1977 2018-05-05

Mike and Maria were kissing and touching and Nicole came around behind me and started to eat me out. She just kept crying his name out and begging for more of my man's big hard cock It was such a turn on that I started to kiss her and suck her breasts while she was fingering my pussy. Nicole crawled over to them, her breasts perched on Maria's back, and started talking dirty to Mike. Mike stopped fucking Maria and went around and presented his cock to Nicole. After Nicole got Maria's approval took Mike's cock balls deep We decided we had had a fun time at the club but needed to get home as it was late, We ended up at Maria and Mike house.

Dos Mexicanos

group janders 2018-05-03

The first one said, "Senorita, maybe you'd like to go up to your room and rest until you feel better?" I looked up and read his name, Hector, on his hotel polo shirt. Sensing that Hector was becoming impatient with just a hand job, I stopped sucking Carlos's cock, pulled off my bikini and maneuvered onto my hands and knees on the edge of the bed, with my butt sticking out towards the two of them. I took Hector's cock in my mouth and began to stroke his balls with one hand, as Carlos pounded away at my cunt with gusto, his balls slapping against my ass.


Fantasy Vacation

group BrazenVixen 2018-04-27

As James stepped out of the pool, Paul and Cinda got their first real look at James's beautiful cock. Looking up into James eyes, Cinda slowly sucked in his cock down her throat. Paul began to furiously eat Cinda's pussy, sucking and licking her lips and fucking her with his tongue. Paul could see the head of James's cock penetrating Cinda's cunt. Paul saw James's cock glisten, all wet from Cinda's juices. Cinda soon was cumming again and dropped Paul's cock to moan and scream her pleasure. Cinda felt James enter her ass and moaned into Paul's chest. James and Paul slowly began to pump inside her, taking turns pushing in and pulling out.

The Blue Parrot

group fencerwilly 2018-04-25

Marszha had been sleeping between Karen's legs, with her head pillowed between the cheeks of her ass; she came awake a little blearily, but woke up when she got a good look at your 36DDs. She was a little surprised, but answered me lustily; kissing back, swirling her tongue into my mouth, and reaching for my cock, still rigid and now aching for a cunt and release. Sally, who had been getting gently doggie fucked by Mike at the side of the bed, move up behind Karen and rubbed her tits in my cum, smearing it between her tits and Karen's ass, then brought fingers full of it to her mouth to suck off.


group jomar 2018-04-24

After a boisterous dinner with the other guy groups on mancations and a bawdy introduction to what fun could be had, we were set loose in a large, thatched roof, open air pavilion to mingle with the lusty women from the Girl Getaway. Debbie spanked my ass a couple of times, seductively wet a finger in her mouth, gently worked it up my rear and said softly, but menacingly into my ear, "We'll play dirty schoolgirl later. Pam redoubled her efforts and Debbie, yelling above the roar of the wind and rain, screamed, "It's not nice to make the assistant principal so wet and horny. The hot wind was raging and the rain poured on us in sheets as I stepped behind Debbie and shouted, "So you're a wet and horny assistant principal, huh?

Learning and Growing Ch. 06

group NerdySex 2018-04-21

Kylee's small hands made George's cock look absolutely humongous. We would tell our guys that we had met William and George on the beach that morning (true) and that we invited them to stop by tonight for drinks (also true). They would be coached to seduce Phil and Jim. Then William and George would join the action. Now I had some idea how my pussy must taste to Jim. I sucked on George's cock as far as I could and cleaned him up. I hoped Phil wouldn't get too mad seeing Kylee with that big black cock. Kylee couldn't help herself and confessed that William and George had come over that morning and played around.

Maddie in Cancún Ch. 05

group wolfbadger 2018-04-20

Maddie's fingers tightened their grip, holding handfuls of Sam's shirt as he sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, teeth gently grazing it. As he sucked it deep into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue, Maddie reached under her skirt began fingering her clit through the damp material of her panties. Sam slid one hand inside the girl's panties, his fingers joining Maddie's as they teased her pussy. Sam looked up from kissing the inside of her thigh to see her touch Greg's hand, run her fingers along, feeling its length and texture, and obviously trying to work something out. The combination of Greg's cock pounding her and Sam's hands on her tits really worked her up and Maddie started rocking her hips back into him.

Our Honeymoon Vacation

group VegasMike155 2018-04-18

I remember once seeing her sucking the other man's cock and at the same time the woman who wasn't pleasuring me was playing with my wife. We did one of my wife's very favorite things -- me straddling her chest and wrapping her large, wonderful breasts around my cock and moving back and forth, savoring the feel of her soft breasts on the length of my shaft, the head bumping her chin, she occasionally licking the head with her tongue as it got close, and finally cumming all over her neck, and then her making me lick her clean which I was only too happy to do.


group michellefiamma 2018-03-17

When we ask Natalia to bring us something "traditional", a slow smile curls her generous lips and she nods, her dark eyes warming. As I become hotter and more aroused, I begin lifting my hips slightly and she presses her tongue deep inside my pussy. You grasp her hips and begin thrusting, watching Natalia's head pressing harder into my pussy on your in strokes. Natalia has lowered her pussy onto my face now, but is doing most of the work herself, sliding around against my lips and tongue. You watch Natalia's mouth moving up and down on you as her pussy slides around on my face, my red hair fanning out from beneath her dark thighs.

Tag-A-Long Ch. 03

group behindtheseeyes 2018-03-17

I got back to my room, sat down on the bed, wondering how things were gonna go tonight. And, our town didn't have girls that looked like Winter. I had never really considered myself a good looking guy, but every girl back home did. I want your big, hard dick deep in my tight, wet pussy." Leaning in, I started licking and biting her left nipple, while rubbing her right one with my thumb and finger, after I few moments I switched. As I continued to play with and suck on her nipples, I teased her with the head of my dick, putting it just barely up against her hot, pussy making her beg for me over and over to fuck her.