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Such A Small World

group oldhippie1949 2018-12-01

"Thanks, Ray, I needed that." Becca was smiling as she took the pipe back from Jon. She had a difficult time keeping Jon's cock in place but suddenly she was crazy in fuck lust and she had to come. I want to see you come in Jon's mouth, Ray. I want to see him swallow your cum." Jon immediately leaned over me and took my cock into his mouth while Becca kept up the commentary. I'm just going to sit right down like this...ooooh...ummm...nice...he's licking my asshole, it more, Ray...I like it, Jon. He's licking my asshole while you suck his cock. Feels good, huh...make you want to come...shoot into Jonnie's mouth...if I push my finger in and out of your ass like this, does it feel good, Ray?

Girl proving she can be naughty as well as nice

group shindigbobby 2018-10-30

The room was asking for more but she didn’t listen and teased some more, she started rolling on her bed, running her hands up and down her body and then she reached into her bedside cabinet and pulled out a giant dildo. Finally she gave into begs for her underwear to be removed and she peeled off her bra and thong to reveal gorgeous tan marks but as she began to play with her breasts and started sliding her fingers into her clearly visible dripping pussy someone knocked on her bedroom door. She stood up and put on her skimpy underwear ready to open the door, I was torn, I wanted to ring or go round there to stop it but I didn’t, I wanted more to enjoy a ‘crazy’ sex life, this definitely wasn’t boring!

sissy blackmailed, gang banged, then ruined.

group submissive_boy1990 2018-08-10

It all started so simple, I would come home from work every day, take off my smelly boy work clothes, get in the shower and clean and shave my cock and ass (before I referred to them as a clitty and boypussy) then dry myself off before applying lip gloss, fake stick on nails, panties and a bra and a half mask to protect my identity, then sit in front of my computer, desperately searching for a woman ( secretly knowing that most of the women are men pretending to be a woman) to dominate me and degrade me on my webcam.

The Inner-City Kinky Boutique Pt. 04

group BondGrl 2018-08-04

"Yo bartender can I get a double shot of Patron, pronto?" I sit down at the bar looking around, fixing my hair, reaching into my purse to get my compact, opening the mirror, putting on some red lipstick, all while waiting for my drink to come. I wrapped one arm around his neck, and started kissing his lips, I eased off of the desk my other hand searches for his hardwood, and whispered softly, "Because Frank, I'm feeling Kinky, and a little naughty, and I have a need for speed, and that's why you are going to lease me the 2018 Tesla model 3."

Cupid's Arrow

group boo56 2018-01-23

"Now remember," she said, "at the front door I am Kathleen, but in the cam room I am Susie Redbush. Susie stood before the camera and us in matching lacy green lingerie – a half-cup bra barely concealed her ample bosom, and her bottom was covered by a break away bikini. She appeared to look toward a distant horizon as if a cock might suddenly sail into view, like a tall ship on a broad ocean, when suddenly her eye rested upon Bad. I took a moment to take in an eyeful of Susie's hungry quim swallowing Bad's huge cock. Looking over her left shoulder at me, facing partly into the camera, Susie asked, "Boo, is that your finger in my bottom?"