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How'd that happen 6

group oldrascal 2018-11-19

I pulled my horse up up aside of the wagon, leaned over and said “Well, ladies, we're going to make it into Sante Fe in a couple of hours, but you both look a little trail worn. We should pull over by that stream there, rest the horses so they look perky, and maybe spruce up a little. We arrived in Sante Fe amidst lots of stares at a man on horseback leading a wagon with some more horses tied to the back and two strikingly attractive, imperious looking women sitting in it. The ladies sat there, looking straight ahead, until I tied my horse and went to help them down.

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group oldrascal 2018-11-16

I finally took the bull by the horns and said “Listen, you ladies are acting like observers instead of participants in last nights festivities and I'm a little tired of gettin' a snub here. Her large upright breasts were a sight the old-time sculptors were always trying for but never reached the perfectionthey sought.I now beheld her lush hips framed a beautiful pussy with a small patch of crisp black hair above. That's one reason we're going to Sante Fe. They probably won't have heard about us and our old manager said that the patrons of theater in Sate Fe would welcome us” Sandra declared. Sandra affirmed this “ I was raised in a very wealthy family and know all the ways that wealthy people are to act and behave.

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group oldrascal 2018-11-10

Fortunately, when we reached Sadie's little shack, Frederick had hired a couple men, and with the men Jack had sent, it didn't take long to get everything inside where the maids unpacked and hung it all in their rooms. Naomi said,“It's what we can do for you, senor Sam, we have come to turn down your bed and give you some fresh towels,” and after a moment, “And whatever else you may require.” The last was delivered with a sideways glance and a slight simper. Naomi blushed slightly and said “Ah, Senor Sam, I have a small wager with Lisa,and I would like to ask you for a favor, por favor.” After a hesitation she continued in a little louder voice, “Would you show her your cock?

How'd that happen

group oldrascal 2018-11-02

That was a little rough, I thought, and peeking out from behind my tree I yelled “What the hell did you do that for” when the third fella drew his pistol and put a round in my tree. I took a careful look around to see if there were any more yahoos around that might take a notion that I had outlived my usefulness but seeing only three saddle horses I figured I could breathe a little easier unless the ladies resented my demising their companions. The big blonde drew herself up and sort of settled herself before replying “We're actresses who are trying to get to Sante Fe. Those men were recommended by our old manager to guide us as they were supposed to know the trail.


group eluckenbach 2018-04-28

She was for a moment able to actually suck on his cock, but soon it grew too large and he began to stroke through her hands and into and out of her mouth. The manager sat behind his desk, while the other man walked to the sofa and stood looking at her. "When you came in," he said, "I knew that you were here to get fucked." She started to say something, but before anything could come out, he reached down to feel her tits, and then he was on his knees kissing and sucking her breasts. At one point she thought the manager was going to cum, but he pulled her head off his cock, and the other man pulled out at the same time.