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A Master Talks - Chapter 3

group AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-17

I clamped her cunt lips on either side, pulled her wide open and took the cords round her thighs to tie them in place. At this point, instead of standing at the bottom of the bed and strapping down onto her upthrust clit I climbed astride her and finished the cunt whipping with two down strokes. Turning her head around for all the men to see she swallowed only when I gave the OK and a third happy doggerr moved in with a hard prick. At breakfast nobody took any notice of the respectable middle aged couple although she wriggled somewhat as she tried to find some comfort on a hard chair with a large butt plug in her ass and her cunt lips heavily swollen from a belting.

My First Threesome

group Cassiter 2018-11-17

Henry leaned over and hooked a finger under the elastic of my panties on each hip and began to pull them down. Henry now leaned over me and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth which I hungrily accepted. Marty kissed her way down to my left breast and latched onto my nipple which sent a shiver through my body. He leaned farther forward, resting on his hands and now slowly pushed his cock into my waiting and eager mouth. I began to flick her clit with my tongue and increased the speed of my fingers, now rapidly fucking her pussy.

cuckold lifestyle 20

group woreout 2018-11-16

She said she didn't want any of my buddies loose ass wife's giving me any birthday pussy. I said you look perfect, but if your going to be doing all that fucking you'll need something easy for them to get in, OH yeah she turned around and bent over, NO bikini bottom and nothing but a shaved pussy looking at me. I said well yeah but not as good a time as you are, she kissed me and I sware she tried to slip some cum in my mouth with her tongue.I did manage to get a head count of the number of guys there, excluding my b*****r , she won't fuck him because she just wouldn't.

Holly From Eastbourne

group PervyStoryteller 2018-11-16

I tried to ignore their presence as I focused on capturing Holly on camera, but then my attention was grabbed by the fact that one of the men had pulled his sweatpants down beneath his balls and was waving his cock at my wife with a dirty grin on his face. One of the men had come right up close to the window with his erect cock, and as myriad hands groped my wife's tits, her fingers with their sparkling red nails, were holding the stranger’s erection in a firm grip. She leaned back against the car, her hands coming up to fondle her ample bosom, massaging the cream into them as one of the men twisted her head into position to suck on his hard cock.

An Evening to Fondly Remember

group Flashcouple 2018-11-16

 The seats in the Couples' Theatre now were all couches, and we were able to find one right in the middle where we had a good view of those around us and they had a clear view of us.  "B" immediately loosened the knot on my blouse and it was hanging over the back of the couch very quickly.  He slid his hand up my inner thigh and, as is my automatic response, my legs slid apart welcoming his fingers into my very wet pussy.  I guess my moans were getting a little loud, because another couple came and sat down next to us.  I was mostly in the mood for showing off with "B" and wanted to have a bit more "room", so we moved to the couch behind us.  I unzipped "B"'s pants and pulled out his cock, which by this point was ready and waiting.  I slid it into my mouth got down on my hands and knees, with my blouse off and my skirt hiked up over my ass, sucked him to the point of moaning, then climbed on to his waiting cock and took a ride.

Anita's secret drawer

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-16

The black guy immediately fed his pole back into my wife’s hungry mouth, as his companion began working his dick into Ana’s wet stretched cunt. He was grabbing her by the hair and fucking her face as the white guy slid his dick in and out of her pussy. The black guy in her mouth was thrusting a little faster, grabbing a handful of her hair as he fucked her throat and slapped her face. The black guy then took his turn between Ana’s spread legs, sliding his meat into her well-fucked pussy. The black guy eased his cock out of her ass and his companion pulled his dick from her throat. The black guy soon resumed his position up my wife’s ass, stuffing Ana full of cock.


group silkstockingslover 2018-11-15

Ryan then went to his best friend’s bound wife and pulled the toy out of her pussy and crawled underneath, awkwardly with bars in the way, and uncomfortably began licking her soaking wet cunt. Lisa said, “Tell me Amanda, do you want your friend to fuck your ass?” Lisa’s pussy was wet by being controlled in such a dirty way; when time was up, Lisa stood up and said, “I want that cock in me later.” Lisa, who could play the game too, walked over to Craig, put her hand on his cock, through his shorts, and said, “I like surprises.” She rubbed his cock through the shorts and then walked back to the basket. Amanda moaned a submissive yes as her husband pulled out and slid his cock into her well fucked ass.

I Get my Master and Mistress - Part One

group Etonmess69 2018-11-15

We were sliding lips on lips and tongues over and in each other's mouths when Diane parted lips, looked behind her and said, "Michael, I want you to lick my anus, really lick my brown eye." "I've got your cock in my pussy and that little sod has two fingers up my arse hole," she said. Diane got up, looked at the sofa and our two hard cocks and said, "Let's take this upstairs." "Why don't you fuck her arse while I do her pussy?" I said. I got back under Diane and slid inside her while Michael filled her ass. While they both sucked and licked my cock, I continued to use that massive dildo on Diane's arse and lick her clit, when I felt a finger enter my bum hole.


group quietsoul 2018-11-15

It was hard not to think about Sarah, with April talking like she was. The nights April was home, it was pretty much the same routine, except Sarah would retire to the apartment. Several nights, April would go to the apartment and stay a couple hours, talking with Sarah. Just like clockwork, around a half past eight, Sarah came parading through the living room in her tank top and thong. “He needs a distraction or he is going to blow before we are done with him,” April said to Sarah just before their lips met.  Sarah looked at my cock and then back at April as if asking for her approval.  April spread her legs and Sarah dove tongue first into pussy.

A Few Good Men

group Chef_D 2018-11-15

Anne felt the chairs slide apart, opening her legs wider as Drew knelt between them, pulling her panties aside and then placed a soft kiss on her mons venus. As Anne lay there enjoying the pleasure between her legs, looking forward to her much needed cum, she was shocked out of her sensual reverie when a strong hand grasped her right forearm and at the same instant, a mouth closed over her nipple, sucking it firmly, sending a shock of pleasure through her body. With the fingers that she was sure belonged to Drew stimulating her clitoris, and a hard, thick cock fucking her with long deliberate thrusts, Anne cried out as she for came a second time, squeezing the man inside her and causing him to cum with her.

Three's Definitely Not A Crowd

group Dodgy 2018-11-15

“Don't be silly,” Jo said giving me a stern look, “Dave was only joking weren't you!” Jo put a hand on Andy's thigh half way down to stop him from getting up and immediately drew it away again with a shocked look. Jo's skirt had ridden up slighlty and the sight of her naked thighs with her boots and her hand stroking Andy's cock had given me a raging hard on. The sight of her earlier with Andy's cock in her mouth, and the fact that I was fucking her hard with another man's cum dripping off her made me shoot my load into her before Jo had chance to cum herself.

Cougar Wife 2

group dismantledpsyche 2018-11-15

I moved down so I could kiss her inner thighs and stomach around her pussy lips and spent a long time circling in, stopping for pictures here and there. She was building up a line of juice down her thigh by the time I got serious and buried my face in her pussy. I remained in her until I could feel my cock start to get soft and pulled out slowly, which allowed my cum to start running out of her onto his face and into his mouth. I laid on the bed and she stayed on his face but started licking and sucking my soft cock, cleaning the remainder of our hot session.

Hot Fun with Doris

group CK1 2018-11-15

had pushed her finger inside Doris's cunt and I could head and she was holding Doris's mouth hard against her hands, he pulled my wife's face down on to his cock Vic and holding Roy's cock in her left hand, her loves fucking hot little cunts like you, Doris. rammed his cock into my little wife's juicy tight cunt, and even with her mouth sucking Vic's cock, Doris was With her thighs held open and Roy's cock in her arse, pulled Doris's head to the side and guided my cock Liz was still holding my cock in one hand, wanking it started to kiss Doris, even though my cock was in her I watched breathlessly as both Liz and Doris started to

the Dance Party

group crazymann 2018-11-14

  You looked like you were having a really good time!”             She got up close to me and with her lips pressed up against my ear told me “Just so you know… while I was out dancing before… I think either Dave or Chris might have grabbed my ass… and I may have danced a little provocatively with Lisa… I think I may have had a little too much to drink, and if this bothers you… I can ditch them and we can leave.”             “Leave?” I asked her.             It felt as though my hard on never fully went away from the first moment I saw Kristi dancing with Chris, Dave and Lisa, but being this close to her naked body, it felt the hardest it did all night right at that moment.

cuckold lifestyle 41

group woreout 2018-11-14

I had never asked a guy to fuck my wife...Oh umm my wife wanted me to invite you over tomorrow night , OK , but why didn't she call he said. I said no sir , she wants a small gang bang tomorrow night and I have to call and invite all the guys I told him. He said I need to refresh , that most have been code because the guy getting head moved and he put his messy cum covered cock into my wife's mouth. I said wait I can't see anything thing, they all laughted and spun me facing the wall...for the next couple hours all I heard was her moaning the bed squeeking and a guy every so often grunt as he came.


group aldenbradley 2018-11-14

“You want to watch the two of us?” she said, waving a finger between Drew and herself. “A woman back home who wants to screw Drew,” Cheryl said, concentrating on lowering Drew’s shorts to the floor. Micah stood behind Cheryl near the corner of the bed as they watch Drew with Melissa. “I wanted to get a closer look,” Cheryl said softly, noticing how Melissa’s body moved an reaction to Drew’s thrusts. “You know,” Melissa said, tousling Drew’s hair with her free hand, “She has the most marvelous lips. “I think,” Drew replied easily, wrapping his arm around Cheryl, “We will probably make long, slow, poignant love, and look forward to our last chance to wake up next to each other in the morning.”

2nd chance at the club

group stanwillgets 2018-11-14

Stig and Lene discussed, was it swinger clubs in general or was it took some time to convince Stig of trying again, he had a bit of a Stig noticed the hungry look in Lene´s face and was rather to it, but then she noticed that the girl had her eyes on Stig. starting to feel his cock growing larger, looked over on Lene who was Lene was looking at the spectacle and felt super hot. Lene stopped for a while allowing the girl to take in her sight. The girl weaseled her way down kissing Lene just as she had Stig. Lene got her hands on the back of the head of the girl Lene came like not in a long time.

Trish, Sarah Harry

group Trish 2018-11-14

Sarah realised Trish was staring at her naked body and grabbed an old shirt of Harry's off the chair. 'That won't be  necessary  Sarah, but your not going yet.' An edge of hardness came back into Trish's voice as she remembered that this little slut, innocent as she may look, had been fucking her husband. As Harry moved behind her Sarah could feel her pussy pumping with the beat of her heart. As Sarah looked down at her, at the back of her head,  Trish's tongue  flicked across her pussy lips, parting them, exploring them. She could feel Harry's dick pounding into her and right next to as gentle as a faeries touch  Trish's  mouth delighted her pussy.

Bringing in the New Year with a Bang!

group tcg 2018-11-13

"Michelle," I said, "Tara was brave to show us her Christmas present, but you don't have to if you don't want to." "But it sure looks like she's wearing the same panties as you." He knew that Michelle and I hadn't brought bathing suits, so Heath added, "The gals have shown us their panties already, why not just hop into the warm water like that?" He looked at me, "Wearing boxers?" "Hope you don't mind," Heath said to us, "We love to do this." He lifted his wife up and down on his enormous cock, and I could only guess how big it was erect and how much Tara could take.

The Birthday Book

group aldenbradley 2018-11-13

“I didn’t tell you I wanted to make love to Caitlyn, too,” she admitted, leaning into the blonde to kiss her passionately, her hands seeking to steady the breasts that bounded in reaction to Todd’s aggressive thrusts. “I want to make sure you’re not mad at me for fucking Gary last night,” Lena told Todd over their morning coffee. “Michael,” Lena said, walking toward the bedroom pulling Gary by the arm, “You wouldn’t mind a repeat rendezvous with Caitlyn while I entertain the photographic genius for a bit would you?” “So you see, darling,” Lena addressed Gary quietly in the darkened bedroom as Caitlyn nursed her breast tenderly, “you can’t use her anymore as your private whore. “You can fuck Caitlyn, Melanie, or me, when you need to,” Lena said softly.

Action In The Vacant House

group bassguitarbubba 2018-11-13

  Donna moved her hand to her pussy and began to slowly masturbate as she watched me and Kim.   I began to moan in unison with Donna as she feverishly implored, “Cum for my girl!”    My cock got rock hard as Kim stroked it and she could tell I was ready to cum as she said to Donna, “He’s ready to cum, baby.”   Donna’s hips were moving quickly as she drove her fingers into her wet pussy faster and deeper.   Without missing a beat, Donna took my hard cock into her mouth and even while Kim laid on me, she sucked me off until I shot another load of cum.

My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...

group Bman8in 2018-11-13

She really looked hot, and at that moment, I just wanted to grab my wife and fuck her right there in the backyard; but then I took another look down Jenn's sun dress at her sweet, perky breasts and knew that I was going to have both these hot women before the night was out, and I wanted to start with Jenn! J said; "Jenn, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!" "Scotty loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I'm sure that he'll want to do the same with you." While I continued to pound Jenny’s sweet pussy, I watched J expertly squeeze Jenn's breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier.

Accidental Foursome

group Headsupmax 2018-11-13

“Me too,” whispered Eve. I kept sucking Adam’s cock for all it was worth, caressing his balls with one hand when I felt two different pairs of hands begin to rub my body, Greg’s large rough hands and Eve’s softer smaller ones reaching between Adam and I to rub my breasts and nipples, both of them were running their hands down my flanks and around my ass. Eve had pushed Greg’s head aside so she could watch me fuck her husband so I said, “Never mind us, you’ve already watched us, now it’s our turn to watch you!” Adam reached around and began massaging my clit as Eve mashed her lips against Greg’s and started moaning in time with his pounding.

One Great Halloween Chapter 2

group NIGHTOWL6261A 2018-11-12

J-Nine said, “It is not a joke, and I think your wife needs a cock inside her now, by the way, I am jealous you get to lick this sweet twat any time you like." As she lowered my shorts she looked up at M and said, “Holy shit, this thing is going to split me open.” M replied back, “I know, it splits me open three times a week and I love it!” M laid down on her back, and as I spread her legs to enter her, she grabbed J-Nine and said, “Get above me, I want to taste that pussy and get it ready for that fat cock.” I slid into the saddle and slowly sank as deep as I could into M's pussy.