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group LiamTanners 2018-12-04

Vincent's hands were all over her, running up and down the sides of her body, caressing her ass, gripping the strings of her red lace thong, tugging the front of them up so they cleaved to the front of her pussy, separating the lips in a slutty camel toe. Vincent had kept on letting him know how important this night was for Kylie; how important it was to be supportive and to be open minded, but he had never expected anything like this. Now, Vincent was making room for Brad, who took his turn humping in and out of her, using her like a fucktoy, plunging his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Use me like a little fucking whore..." Vincent knelt and grabbed her face, smacking her with his cock, rubbing it across her cheeks.

The House Sitter Chapter 4

group _O2_ 2018-11-28

Dave held the door open watching Lani and Karen talk. Karen sat down at the kitchen table sipping her wine and thinking about after dinner along with what Lani had said. Finally, Dave just sat at Karen's side facing Lani after the two women took their seats in each lounger. Dave managed to get himself undressed while watching the love of his life and Lani kiss, moan, and gently sway back and forth, completing the dance imagery. Karen grinned watching Lani carefully get on the bed, turn her back to Dave and straddle him. Lani wanted to show her what she had learned making love to Sam. She didn't mention anything thinking it might be a bit too kinky for them to hear.

Savanah and Kelsea

group Orallee69 2018-11-27

Randy looked at Kelsea and she gave him a silly little wave of her hand and said, “Hi!” “We’ve been looking for some guys for a party but the place is empty,” said Savannah, waving her hand towards empty tables in the bar. Watching Savannah was almost distracting him from his task, and when he felt Kelsea’s teeth nip at the head of his cock, Randy went back to work on her clit. Randy was ready to come, but Kelsea stopped sucking and left his cock waving in the air. Randy lifted his head and watched as Kelsea lifted off his cock and hovered over Savannah’s face. “No thanks,” replied Savannah, and she and Kelsea got off the bed and headed towards the bathroom.

A Walk in the Sun

group OzzieBlue 2018-11-26

Maybe it was the shock of the situation, maybe just the pleasurable feeling of the warm sun beating down on her cold wet shoulders, maybe Michael had just been gone too long, But suddenly Patricia realized that there was a part of her…a deep dark part of her…that wanted desperately to find out if the vibes she was getting were really what she thought. As she stood there looking at the two young men, shirtless and wearing nothing but ragged shorts and old tennis shoes, she felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement. Joe pressed his body against her back and his hands wandered across her breast, down her belly and his fingers began to slowly caress the little button just above where Charles' cock was pressing so urgently between her legs.

How It All Began Ch.15

group TheTravellingMan 2018-11-13

In a flurry of legs, Jack face met Tanya's wet sex straddling him to eat her cunt as Avril continued her slow fucking of his arse. Tanya's hand reached under Jack's armpit and toyed with one of his hard nipples, as Avril looked into his eyes, she saw the moment that he was penetrated again. Tanya's conquest of their bodies was delivered by fluid, long strokes of her strap-on cock, Jack groaned as Avril's climax quivered over his cock. Tanya's firm grasp of his cock felt it flex hard and she stroked it assertively to release his seed into Avril's scarlet cunt. Letting his body slump, he breathed wildly for air as Tanya pulled the tip of the cock from his well fucked arse.

My Best Friend Blaine

group WarmMilk 2018-10-31

I started to turn away a little, embarrassed, but Blaine put an end to that when she pulled me on top of her without warning. "She looks like she's pretty good at sucking cock too," Mark and Blaine both shared a little chuckle, but it didn't last long. From the wicked look in her eyes, and the way her kisses were trailing lower, I knew that she was prepared to go down on me in return, but Mark pulled us away from each other, abruptly. I continued to suck him for a few more minutes as Blaine teased me, but Mark pulled away before I could get him to cum. I could even feel Blaine's soft hands stroking my ass and massaging Mark's balls.

Two Visitors

group CurlyWurly 2018-08-31

I wanted to clap my hands and jump like a little girl! My prayers were answered as I felt another hot cock push into me then hammer itself in and out, like a piston. This is why I liked big cocks, I could really feel him inside me, even though I was incredibly aroused I still felt I was being stretched, properly filled. I could feel us all starting to hit a crescendo, us all getting ever closer to orgasm, becoming more unable to halt the inevitable until in one joyous release I felt them buck and fill my belly, my womb with their ejaculate, at the same time I had an orgasm like I'd never had before.

Talk and Action Ch. 10

group misterwho 2018-08-11

Thinking that Nalini would not spot her as fer face was buried Sheela reached for the professor's cock. Eager to please her professor Sheela held the pillar of the cock in her hand and a tight 'o' worked the head, finding the professor's particular pleasure-spot. She also looked in envy, the professor was fucking upward, and holding on to his erection and giving his wife every bit of the pleasure she clearly wanted. As she collapsed on top of her husband she kissed him deeply, leaving Sheela in no doubt that, even though stripped of all her clothing, smeared with their juices and watching the professor and the 'madam' completely nude in her presence, she was an outsider.

How my younger b*****r became my lover

group 2018-06-30

Teasing the men on the building site was fun when it started, the feedback and the kick of doing it, meant carrying a clean pair of panties to school was a necessity, but that through time wore off, soon it became irksome and annoying, you see, contrary to what most men think, the true reason we do it is because it excites us, and like most stimulants you eventually tire of it and look for something more daring, a new kick, one with spice, at that age the joys of masturbation become a daily feature of life for a girl, and in my case, a strong urge to feel a cock and enjoy it's mystique, became my daily obsession, my dark secret.

Once in a life time

group free2speakmymind 2018-02-21

After a while and many smiles later I took the opportnity to move my arms higher and cup her breasts in my hands. She took my hand led me outside to a dark spot on the porch, kissed me placed my hand up her skirt ( finding a very wet pair of knickers) whilst taking my hard out and treated it in a very womanly fashion) Older s****r was fondling my once again hard weapon and my spare hand was fingering the younger one's now very wet clit. When all was finished I lay down and allowed both girls to fondle me and each gave me a nipple to suck this along with many kisses soon encouraged me to carry out more sexual activities ( a man's heaven on earth experience)

Fun at St. Andrews with Two Pt. 01

group Annatartywife 2017-12-01

The Hogmanay fun had been spontaneous, and whilst I had fully enjoyed my sexy cock sucking and finger fucking session with them both, the fact remained that they are both my sons best friends and I was now pre-arranging an evening of sex with them. After a few seconds delightful tit sucking Niall worked his left hand down onto my knicker covered cunt area. "Oh fuck yes, get your hands all over me," I said as Niall slowly rubbed around the see through front of my panties. As Niall began working away on my married, wet and wide open cunny, Connor had moved to my left hand side.