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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Sexy Lovers Night Out

group fastfreddie1964 2018-01-14

As I try to concentrate on driving as best I can while at the same time watching the action taking place in the rear seat I see my sweet sexy lover switch off and start sucking on Mike’s hard dick. It does not take long for Jeremy to cum as he is watching Mike fuck my sexy lover from behind and my sexy slut sucking and stroking his rock hard cock. As she is sucking and licking mike and Jeremy’s cum from my balls I jerk my hard cock off all over her face and finally let her pull me in between her sexy soft lips and suck me dry before we collapse beside each other in a spent heap of sexual passion.

All Strong Women Prefer Anal

group Samuelx 2018-01-14

My groupies are Susan, a big and tall, large-breasted and big-bottomed black woman who's a member of the Women's Basketball team. The other groupie is Michelle, a big and tall, large-breasted and big-bottomed, red-haired white woman who's a member of the Women's Softball team. I'm pushing my cock into the big black woman's tight asshole like my life depended on it. What I love about Susan is that she's a big black woman who's totally down with sex. Michelle laughs as Susan screams while getting plowed up the ass by yours truly. Susan's entire body shakes as the big black woman experiences an intense orgasm purely and simply from anal sex and anal sex alone.

Office Sluts: The Pirate Girl

group sandymonroe 2018-01-14

And sometimes she even helped me organizing stuff like when she asked me to repair the vibrator and I ended up fucking Clarissa, the ice queen of the office in the ass. A huge black guy dressed up as Dracula jerked his cock on a chair beside them, and whispered obscenities to them. I didn’t have time to wonder because the pirate girl held me by the hand and led me up on some stairs. She looked back to me, and said, “Fuck my ass with your huge cock!” The drunken Batman was laughing and he moved her head under the cape, fucked her face with large thrusts. The pirate girl raised her head up, and jerking his cock, laughed at the guy before her:

It's A Man's World Ch. 02

group sahebji 2018-01-14

'No, I am not going to put anything inside your choot,' I replied truthfully stressing the words "I am not" but stopped short of telling her that her "gentleman" jijaji is going to put his big cock inside her, 'Okay now lie back, close your eyes and relax. In the dark I couldn't see what jijaji was doing but was certain that he will not miss this opportunity to fuck Sarit's kori choot (virgin cunt). (Sarit, now that your "gentleman" jijaji has corked your choot, tell me how did you enjoy your first fuck?),' I asked laughing. 'Come to me my dear slut saali,' jijaji said pulling Sarit to him, 'Let me kiss your tight choot'. You can have her tomorrow,' jijaji said placing his hand protectively on Sarit's cunt, 'Today, I alone am going to fuck her tight choot'.


Life's Lessons - The Aftermath

group ChuckEPoo 2018-01-14

Ann yawned and stretched her arms. She said nothing as she came up to me burying her head into my chest and hugged me like I was her lifeline. As I ran my fingers through her hair I thought what a lucky man I was to have this beautiful woman in my life. Standing above her I shoved my cock into her mouth fucking it like a pussy, just as I saw Bob do to her last night. “I was just asking your Hubby if you two would join me at my place for dinner tomorrow night,” Bob repeated the offer to Ann. Walking over to Ann, Bob pulled off her blouse off and said, “We need to get you more comfortable.

Coffee at the conference room

group Anitaslut44 2018-01-14

As I bent over to place the cup on the table, Samuel’s hand went straight up my skirt and found the bare thigh above my nylon stockings. As soon as I lifted the back of my skirt to show my bare thighs, Samuel spotted I was only wearing a tiny black thong, that barely covered my shaved mound and my rear entrance rosebud… Samuel and George had been holding my legs apart and commenting on my smooth thighs, flat stomach and tiny sexy thong. Hearing this Jimmy let go of my hands and slipped his other hand into my bra and started working on both nipples. Sensing the change in me; Samuel proceeded to slip off my thong whilst George unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and undid my front opening bra.

Ebony And Ivory Lesbian Athletes

group Samuelx 2018-01-14

Helene Schanke stood naked before Wanda Williams, eyes downcast before the tall black woman who defeated her at tennis, the whitest sport in the world. The black Amazon known as Wanda Williams fucked Helene Schanke for a long time, and delighted in making the white woman squeal. One of the worst defeats of Wanda Williams career was at the hands of Shiri Wilbur, the tall, dark-haired and dark-eyed white Amazon from Serbia. One of the reasons why Shiri worked so hard at being a great tennis player was because she wanted to be the first white female player in professional tennis history to fuck both of the Williams sisters, Shamika and Wanda.


Lola's First Summer Camp

group ChrisBozak 2018-01-14

Her desperation grew over the last months, and she decided to try this no-strings-attached summer camp, far away from anybody who could know her, deep in the hills on the opposite side of the country. After five minutes Lola felt that enough time had passed so that she didn’t run into Greg and his fuck-friends. Lola didn’t understand a word, and she also did not see the badges, but John got up from Jill and let the Asian woman sit on her face. At the same time, Jill kept her own legs wide apart, and Lola saw her nicely shaved, wet pussy glistening in the sun. “It is play time!” he announced and moved over Jill, slowly getting down between her legs while John was eagerly pounding Naomi from behind.

The Porn Olympics

group EmBee 2018-01-14

Jenny has paired up with Steve and seems happy just to have avoided Simon, who is paired with Sue, leaving the two Olympic volunteers, Jill and Mick, as the final couple. Michelle, Jenny and Sue make no move to cover up again, so Jill decides to pull her pink top off and join them half naked. Michelle, Jenny and Sue are happy to help their partners cock their trigger, as it were, and start working on their partner’s stiff prick with hands and tongue. Seeing that this is rapidly becoming a free-for-all, Steve arrives to straddle Simon and Jill and stand in front of Jenny, who immediately grabs his stiff cock and pulls it into her mouth.

Fuck Buddies

group DrippingPussy 2018-01-14

James is groaning and I know by the way he's pressing against Ricky that he's cumming hard, cock sandwiched between his boyfriend's firm cheeks, face buried in his neck, sucking and leaving his mark. "Uuhhh yes love," James growls," come all over these dirty girls, let 'em feel it drip all over them." Janet's moaning louder now, squeezing her breasts, massaging Ricky's milk into them, I can feel spunk hitting my nipples, my neck, dripping down over my hot pussy lips, making me moan all the louder and clench my pussy tighter with pleasure, my juices gushing out around the dildo to mix with Janice's own and the hot semen dripping between us.

Not traveling for a change

group thomas61 2018-01-14

She wanted it hard it seems as she had put her hand up my ass and pulled me closer each time I pushed my dick in her ass. The guy next to me, let’s call him Paul, stood up from his bar stool, moved closer and started to kiss me. His hand had moved underneath my towel mini skirt and was holding my hard cock, pulling it slowly. I did not want to be left out of the game so I moved forward to Mark’s head and still on my knees pointed my dick in his face. Mark must have felt Paul's dick getting softer, because after maybe half a minute he slowly started fucking me again.

Real Life

group RichardScott 2018-01-14

She moved your beautiful hair aside, letting the curls wrap around her fingers and with just the tip of her tongue, tickled the back of your neck, licking behind your delicate ears, her other hand caressing your stomach. Kristen’s breath quickened and her fingers found your erect nipples, moaning into your embrace, her pussy dripping onto the wooden floor, the rest of her cum leaving a shimmering trail down her thigh. You took the cock and teased Kristen’s opening, dipping the head into her sopping wet hole, lowered you head, red curls falling over her thighs like autumn leaves and touched your tongue to her clit.

Quebec Women Are Slutty

group Samuelx 2018-01-14

I like older White ladies but it's only in frigging porno movies that they go for young Black guys they've never met before. I was telling you about these two sexy older White ladies I was checking out inside Saint Laurent Mall. A young Black man gets picked up by two sexy older White women for sex. Marie spread her legs and ordered me to lick her hairy pussy while Jennifer fingered her pussy and sucked my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. Then it was Jennifer's turn to get her pussy licked while Marie sucked my dick and fingered my asshole. Yep, the big sexy older White lady climbed on top of me and impaled her pussy on my dick.


The washing machine repair men!!!!

group Roxanne 2018-01-14

My name is Roxanne, I am a 30 year old brunette with 38DD and a good figure if I do say so myself. I went to the door and two chaps were there. One an older man called Bob he was about 60 but good looking and had looked after himself. He was Bradley his 17 year old apprentice. I had not expected them so early and had not got dressed, I was wearing my short silky dressing gown. I have to say I felt very wet and was aware some of my juices were running onto my thigh. I asked him what I owed him and he said he would have to wait for the machine to complete the wash cycle. I then felt him tense and then bang.

Her Toy 2

group Hisb 2018-01-14

You look back at that little slut and her eyes are closed, lips open and she's just fucking cooing like a little slut in anticipation. Lips lightly stuck together in the fresh red paint as she lets out a needy coo and pushes her tongue hotly, wetly, into your eager little slut mouth. Do you think Kitten was playing when she said that to her man?” Your eyes smoke over as her wet little slut tongue flickers to the fabric over your pert nipple and you go on. You're going to love every fucking moment of it.” I look dead in your eyes and say as I pull the weed now stained with your whore lips and bring it up to mine.

Lovers Part 2

group Sassyandsexy85224 2018-01-14

A couple of weeks later Joe asked how I felt about having his friend Matthew and his girlfriend for a BBQ and an evening swim. I took Matthews big cock in my mouth slowly, stroking it with my hands, tracing my tongue down his long hard cock until it was touching the back of my throat. Joe was behind me playing with my ass and wet pussy watching me suck his best friend’s big cock. Matthew moaned and placed his hand on the back of my head, pushing his cock deeper in my mouth. I could feel that Joe was ready, I sucked harder and pushed his cock deeper and suddenly pulled him out of my mouth screamed

A Hotwife's New Years Party

group KenLukin 2018-01-14

Then I gave the head of his dick a luscious lick, moistened my lips and slid his lovely manhood deep into my mouth. I absolutely love having a new cock in my mouth and I moved my head in and out rapidly, giving him the beginnings of an intense blow job. I took him fully down my throat, and used it like a velvet pussy to fuck his dick as it stroked through my lips, over my tongue and right through the back of my mouth. I clamped my lips just past the head of his cock, stroked the hard shaft with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. “My husband likes me to be happy, and he knows how much I love sucking cocks.

Anna’s Men’s Room Adventure

group njdom 2018-01-14

Sometimes Carl would start when Anna was sucking his cock. The fantasy generally involved Carl convincing Anna to come into a men’s room with him. Carl moved to the side and Anna greedily started sucking the black guys cock. Anna pulled the cock out of her mouth, gasped and while stroking him, said “Oh God, pinch my nipples hard, harder. Anna’s dripping wet mouth plus the amazing luck of being blown by a sexy girl in the men’s room of the theater where he worked led him to cum almost right away. The black guy moved up, grabbed her head and shoved his cock back into her slut hole of a mouth.

Race Play Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-01-14

The big black man is screaming while my sexy Irish wife slams the dildo up his ass. After Sharon got done sucking my dick, I made her get on all fours and decided to give her fat black ass a good fucking. Leila is slamming her dildo into James ass like strap-on sex was going out of style. The big black man screams as I start fucking him like gay sex is going out of style. I notice my wife Leila as she orders Sharon on all fours and starts fucking the big black woman's ass with her scary strap-on dildo. I slam my cock into James ass and the big black man screams.


Three Fantasy Quickies

group Bill76 2018-01-14

Sometimes I have an alternate fantasy where I tell John to lick up all the wetness from my pussy, sometimes I suck on his huge cock, and sometimes I ask him to come over to the sofa and fuck me hard. Amber uses one hand to finger-fuck her own pussy as she watches, sitting beside Jack on the bed. We make Jack lie back on the bed; I’m kissing him as the other two girls take turns sucking his cock, getting him good and ready. They ask Jack what he wants first, but I already know: he wants to drink some more of the petite Amber’s hot wet pussy and bury his face in her cute little red bush.

Black Cuckolds In Brockton

group Samuelx 2018-01-14

Now, I thought Steve wanted me to hold his big ole Haitian dick or something but turns out, he's into some seriously freaky shit. The tall, burly Haitian brother loves to lick my pussy real good while I tease him by telling him about all the other guys, Latino, White, and even Indian, whom I let into my cunt. Bending me over the kitchen table one night, Steve fucked my pussy real good, and smacked my ass so hard that he left bruises on it. That big Haitian dick of his left my pussy pleasurable sore after hours of hard fucking. Steve stroked his big Black dick while watching me, his sexy Black girlfriend, getting freaky with a Latino guy right in front of him.


Crossing The Line

group Donato 2018-01-14

  She thought, I hope he has a dick that is long and thick, I can see him fucking me on the deck of the boat in the moonlight, oh, yes, yes, that's it, oh, I can feel myself, oh, I'm going to cum, yes, there, now, oh, I'm cumming, ahhhhh, that's good, oh, I'm so wet, I wish Dion were here to drink my cum juice, ohhh, sooo gooooood... Leah quickly place her head under Tommy's balls and began to lick them as Gabby started to suck his cock again. His mouth was filled with Pussy juice from Gabby and he arched his back and pushed his massive cock deep with Leah and let go. Gabby quickly got off from Dion's face and placed her mouth at Leah's fleshly fucked  ass and lapped at the cum that was dripping from it.


Arab MILF 4 Bisexual Black Man

group Samuelx 2018-01-14

Said dated women of all races prior to his longtime partnership with Karim, but he'd never met a woman like Fathiyah, that's for damn sure. "Hmm, that's why I love the most about you black men, you really know how to worship a woman's body," Fathiyah squealed, as Said fingered her wet pussy while worming his tongue up her asshole. Rubbing his hard dick against Fathiyah's pussy lips, Said got ready to fuck her, but much to his surprise, the voluptuous and supremely freaky lady put a halt to his progress. "It was fun for me too, lovely lady, a pleasant moment that I hope to repeat," Said replied, and then, much to Fathiyah's amazement, he took her hand in his, brought it to his lips and kissed it.

Thursty night and my friend fucks my girlfriend

group tcg 2018-01-14

She then pulled me close again for another kiss but while in between my tastes of her tongue she commented how "all of her clothes were uncomfortable after the long day and she wished we were alone so she could take them off." I began to kiss her harder and slipped my hands first up her shirt to massage her perfect tits, then down to her pants where I undid the button and zipper before reaching down to caress her pussy over her panties. Something about the way Sarah looked with my cum running down her stomach (just barely above her pussy) and Jason's cum glistening under her tits, pushed me over the edge again and I deposited another load of hot cum right below her belly button.