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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Night in Persia

group Samuelx 2018-12-04

Her strap-on dildo, which I know to be eight inches long, is buried so deep inside Ibrahim's asshole that one can't tell where she ends and he begins. As the Shadow Woman, every thrust of her dildo into a man's ass is a small step in righting the wrongs visited upon Muslim women by the cruel men of our world. Not content with being an anonymous avenger, Alzubra reveals her terrifying beauty to Ibrahim as she slams the dildo so deep into his asshole, I almost expected it to come out of his puerile mouth. The burly Egyptian sang like a canary as Nabeeha plunges the strap-on dildo deep into his asshole.


Black Man Spanks Black Lady

group Samuelx 2018-12-04

Tommy told me that he was engaged to some blonde-haired white chick named Heather Carlton and he was getting married in a couple of months. Watching a Black man sodomizing a white guy while a blonde-haired white lady ( and a crowd of BDSM fanatics ) cheered him on was very hot. I just lay there and took it, jaw slack, my hair disheveled, my eyes glazed over as I got fucked by a Black man for the first time. Tommy glared at me, looked at Adrian and shook his head in disbelief, then asked me if I was into Black guys now. Tommy got up at last, shot me as disbelieving look as Adrian got in his face, then he raised his hands in surrender and walked out of the restaurant.


The adventures of Dean Roberts: part I

group xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-12-04

"You'll let me fucking what?" Julia said dazedly and then her eyes focused for the first time on the size of Dean’s mammoth cock coming out of Mary's hands. Then he placed his hands on her hips and gripped them firmly as he began thrusting slowly, pushing more and more of his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into Julia's tight pussy with every forward thrust of his hips. Mary looked down at Dean’s cock with a huge smile on her face as she wrapped her hand around the big shaft and squeezed. “I’m gonna cum, Mary,” he warned, breathing hard as he gripped her big breasts firmly in his hands, continuing to drive his huge cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

Cindy The Gangbang Coach

group lindaswan 2018-12-04

Most fucked Vicky directly, but some had other requests, like wanting me to suck them off, then share the cum with her. Vicky seemed totally aroused, reaching up to wet her hands in the fresh cum on me so she could transfer it to her busy mouth. On my knees near her head, I helped the men who wanted to cream her cheeks or come in her mouth. I thought Vicky looked glorious as she bounced against the hard cocks and played cum dump for the men. Vicky sucked me out, holding all the cum in her mouth, then spit it on my face and boobs. When we walked to Wes' throne, Vicky squeezed my hand, ready for the big moment.

Bisexual Black Male

group Samuelx 2018-12-04

Barbara Dalton got naked, and I looked at her plump body. George got on all fours and spread his butt cheeks, showing me his ass. I watched Barbara's plump body shake under the force of her husband's thrusts. George continued to fuck her for some time, and she sucked me. Barbara Dalton got on all fours and spread her big and plump butt cheeks wide open. Although her asshole was tighter than her husband's very own butt hole, I could tell that she was no stranger to ass fucking. I've shoved my dick into the assholes of many men and women over the years and Barbara was not the worst screamer I've had.


The Girls Getaway Part I

group LeahLidocaine 2018-12-04

Huge amounts of liquor were consumed, girls flashed nipples and ass, Colton was dared to show Leah his cock (which was semi-hard at the time, and impressive at an estimated 7.5 inches), and truths about favorite positions, dirty acts, and "the most risqué places" people had sex were revealed. She opened her eyes to see Veronica sucking Brantley's cock, and from where she was sitting on her knees, he looked to be around 8 inches, but slightly smaller in girth than Jake. Brantley felt a warm feeling flood over his cock, and looked down in time to see Veronica spew a jet of girl cum all over his abs. Leah had her mouth full of Colton's cock and was massaging the head with her pierced tongue when she felt Jake pull his dick from her hand.

The Den: Part 2

group thatguy625 2018-12-04

I was stunned and a little embarrassed that an unknown number of people had just watched me suck and fuck Max. But she was right about my pussy. Thomas got to work on my drink and I took a look around the room. His hand grabbed mine and he gave me a head nod as if to say “follow me.” He lead me out of the bar area and into a huge ball room. Just as I felt I was getting a rhythm and figuring out how to handle such a large dick with my mouth, he gave me a tap on the head and motioned for me to come back up.

The Big Sandwich 2 - Pussy Posse

group CurlyGirly 2018-12-04

CG opened the pack of ‘Big Sandwich Sextravaganza’ invites and handed a few over for her friend to look at, before poring over the laptop screen and pointing to the company she thought would be best to provide the party food. As the limo slowly cruised past, lots of faces, some he recognized, turned to see who was in the car, moving closer to try and get a good look and suddenly LM felt very very exposed, under scrutiny, like an actor arriving at a premier or something. “...Maz said she was going to see LM, so I’m sure they’re still here,” CG explained to KG and Nikki, as she pushed opened the door.

A Birthday Fantasy, Chapter 1

group Master_Jonathan 2018-12-04

Angela knew he was ready to cum too, and Mark saw her speed up her sucking pace, moving her face back and forth faster, and not taking his cock into her mouth as deeply. After devouring her fresh juices, Mark began to lick between Angela's inner and outer pussy lips, starting with the extremely soft, smooth area just below the hole that had been the source of that nectar. Once Jimmy did cum, Mark sucked on Angela's clit until she climaxed, and kept eating her pussy until she reached that delightful goal again. After carefully cleaning Jimmy's cock with her tongue, Angela turned her head and looked expectantly at her husband, as if to tell him she was ready for her first orgasm of the day.

The Bar (Part 4)

group Pegasus4 2018-12-04

As we watched Sarah finger fuck Carol, one of Carol’s hands moved between Sarah’s wide spread legs and parted Sarah’s pussy lips with her fingers. One of her hands was pulling me forward with each thrust into Sarah and her other hand was slowly moving up and down John’s rigid cock as John reached over to slip a finger into Carol’s very wet pussy. John had grabbed hold of Carol’s hips and pushed forward as Carol rubbed his cock up and down between her hot outer pussy lips. Not to be left out, Sarah climbed onto the pool table and positioned herself in front of Carol so that her legs were spread wide, exposing her smooth, wet pussy right in front of Carol’s face.

The hard way cuckold

group woreout 2018-12-04

As I looked at her stocking top peeking from under the hem of her short skirt she asked in a soft calm voice if I wanted to know how it went? She said I love you with all my heart but after that fucking I just had there isn't any way I'm going to let you back in my panties. She said yes its was stretched but my friend at work told me it will take several times before it remains that way. I sat in the den with the TV on but turned all the way down so I could hear my wife moan with list as Rick tore her pussy up for two solid hours.


group DBarclay 2018-12-04

After she left, I got back to work and had quite a smile on my face thinking how much I had enjoyed the stimulation and wondering if Lin was a bit bisexual, sex was something we had never discussed together. I could not help but watch him strip down to his boxers, hoping to see the cock that had got Lin in such a tizzy, but no luck, he jumped in and we all chatted with small talk for a few minutes. I was fascinated watching them, Lin was obviously having her first orgasm and a few seconds later he pulled out of her nearly all the way, only to drive his cock deep into that hungry wet pussy again.

Up in Vermont II. (The boys of winter)

group Annie_S 2018-12-04

Even though we had our little adventure during the night with Gabe, (maybe I will share details in another story) it looks like Matt still had the privilege to be with me to continue our boozing in our favourite bar. It's to let you know that you have no right to be mad at me for being with another guy when, come on, you sleep with your wife every single night (apart from like one night a year which you spend with me) I am not complaining, I am happy and content as I am, but I sleep around as much as I feel necessary.

Lucy's Conversion

group Unluckyforsome 2018-12-04

The men in turn moaned and groaned until Mark pulled her up and swung her into his arms, kissing her hard and deep, his tongue claiming her mouth in sweeping movements as he walked them both across the room and threw her on the bed. Mark’s hands settled on her hips to help with the thrust and to give her balance, so Lucy could lift one hand to hold Richard’s cock firmly in her hand, and lower her head to suck in his balls as she stroked his prick. Mark’s hands came up to hold and caress her breast, and Richard nibbled her neck as the sensation in Lucy’s body sent her ever closer to the orgasm of her life.

Welcoming Holly and Nick to the Group

group EnjoyBoth 2018-12-04

Tom and Gloria moved in front of Holly and both slowly began to run their tongues from Holly’s inner thighs up to her gaping pussy alternating between who got to run their tongue over her clit. He slowly eased the head of his cock into her ass and began a slow ass fucking while Gloria now had the main control of Holly’s clit and pussy. To top it off, I had a view of Nick bent over the bench, sucking a cock, having his ass drilled with Holly watching her man up close while she straddled Nancy’s mouth and tongue. It didn’t take Tom but a few moments to pull out leaving my ass gaping wide open, needing him to fill me again, before he slipped off the condom and applied more lube and jamming his cock back into me.

The Naughty Party

group DarkSide 2018-12-04

“How do you know Melissa?” asked Mike. It was a question I was going to answer another four times throughout the evening. I took her thin blouse and pushed it to one side of her breast, pulled down her bra and, while looking her in the eye, sucked on her nipple until it grew hard in my mouth. In less time than it took Jenny to cum on my tongue, my cock was spurting up her arse. Jenny looked at her husband Mike and made a sign of her finger sliding into a hole made by her other hand. Jenny then asked Melissa for a tissue which she then passed to me, “That’s for your face, it’s awfully wet,” she said.

Not an Ordinary Checkup

group McDee123 2018-12-04

"These are my medical students, Rachel and Ben. Do you mind if they assist me today?" he asked. As Rachel continued finger-fucking my pussy and Ben rubbed my clit like its never been done before, Dr. Neil came up to my chest and fondled my bare breast. "I can feel your vagina is nice and tight, no problem observed here," Dr. Neil grunted as he thrust his massive cock in and out of my pussy. She stepped off my face and went over to Ben. She took his cock out of my hand and told me to enjoy the ride. Rachel kneeled in front of Ben, and before taking his whole cock into her mouth, she said, "Ive always wanted to taste you."

Black BBW in College Football

group Samuelx 2018-12-04

I'm assured a page in the history books because I'm the first woman to play for the men's varsity football team of Alexander College in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. They compete in the NCAA Division One. The Alexander College men's intercollegiate football team was full of sexy studs so I joined them. Josh Laymon, the captain of the Alexander College varsity football team was a six-foot-five, 250-pound black stud with the body of an athlete and the face of a male model. The top men of the football team, Josh, Tim and Emilio took it rather hard. Lots of men of all races like a big woman with a fat ass. I felt wonderfully filled thanks to Emilio and Josh ravaging my pussy and asshole with their big dicks.

The Submissive Co-Worker Gets a Party

group cal_jack 2018-12-04

Everyone except Betty was looking at either Yvonne's pussy being eaten by Sarah or Sarah’s lovely ass. Yvonne began to play with her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she pulled Sarah's face against her wet pussy, moaning with increasing delight. Sarah was coming down from her orgasmic high when Tom and Yvonne lead her to the stage in the middle of the group where they tied her spread eagle, face up, her pussy begging to be used. Yvonne gave his cock a little brushing as she released his cuffs and gave the leash to Ali who was waiting in another chair with her legs spread wide, stroking her juice covered pussy, her black pumps still on.

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 4

group GreySessed128 2018-12-04

Your hands cover my breasts and tweak my nipples as you watch her sink her face into my pussy. I take Julia’s hand and lead her over to the bed as Beth is grinding her pussy on your face. I let go of Julia’s hand as Beth moves off your body and I lay across you, licking her cum from your face and kissing you. As I stroke your cock, Beth pulls her lips from Julia’s and looks at us. I turn my face to you and we start to kiss as Beth and Julia do the same. Beth and I move in and start licking your stomach and her pussy as you arch up, slamming deep in her ass and cumming.

Falling in Love?

group ian69 2018-12-04

Jake, my best friend from uni, was next to her on the sofa while his girlfriend, Nicky, sucked his cock, She was showing off by opening her lips so we could see her tongue in action. I continued to lick Ann, lightly and quickly over her clit and then starting low down, licking along the length of her pussy lips and then pushing my tongue in deep to enjoy the flavour. I started to concentrate on kissing and fingering Nicky and Jake took over pleasing Ann by playing with her pussy. I put my hand on Jake’s ass and pushed him forward into Ann. He didn’t resist and I watched his big cock slide into Ann’s pussy. Jake started to hammer into Ann, eyes closed, taking in the feeling of her tight wet pussy round his cock.

Cindy Does The Bachelor Party

group lindaswan 2018-12-04

But some of the men wanted my mouth open to take in their cock or receive a cum shot. While men jerked off frantically around my head and cum lines dropped on me, I pushed up on my elbows to watch the dildo going in and out of me, feeling intensified arousal as it continued, on and on. I looked down on the action, with my mouth open; his sudden cum fountain went partially through my lips and partially on my face. Breathing hard from the exertion, I embraced him with a full body hug of thanks, then I knelt down and sucked him off, quickly getting a huge mouthful of his cum.


group Sweetdreemz 2018-12-04

Catching up as they walked to baggage claim, Al explained that Debby couldn’t get off work to pick up Cindy, so Al was going to take her to the house. Not that she would mention that to Al. Cindy wasn’t going to be alone in the house anymore, since Debby had taken the next week off, so she had time to think about what to do about the videos on their computer. Paddling herself over to the edge, Cindy got out of the pool, dried herself off and went in the house with Debby to get a beer and pee. Later, as Debby was in the bathroom getting ready for bed and Al was lying on the bed in his boxers, reading a golf magazine, Cindy came up to the door and said, “Knock, knock.

A Day at Peni's Spa

group Daddysass 2018-12-04

After lunch dad suggested we stop by Peni's for a massage. Peni and I started rubbing our tits together and running our hands over each other's shaved pussies. Peni straddled his ass and started sliding her tits up and down his back. Peni straddled his legs facing me and grabbed his cock. We were sliding around the mattress due to all the oil so I grabbed Peni's hips to keep her with me. She let out a deep moan as he started pounding her pussy with all his body weight. I knew she was enjoying every thrust, as she rubbed her tits and continued moaning watching his big cock disappear in her tight pussy.