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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

my flatmate clare

group sexyauthor 2018-12-01

i opened the door without knocking, and she was laid on her bed naked, with her legs spread, plummitng a dildo about her pussy again and again. i looked down and saw some extremely sexy underwear that she has obviously been wearing all day. 'faster' i whispered, and he did, he fucked my pussy extremely hard and fast, hitting my g-spot every time without fail. my boyfriend, obviously excited at the idea, leapt up and stood in the doorway, practically pushing clare onto the bed on top of me. he then came and joined us on the bed, and the night ended in me laid on my bed with clare licking my soaking pussy, and my boyfriend fucking her hard from behind.

Rough Trade

group Sleepyhead707 2018-12-01

Her left hand massages my sac and it’s all too much, her skill is immense and I can’t hold back, spilling my come deep down her throat before she pulls me out of her mouth and allows the last of my load to splatter all over her nose and cheeks. My flaccid penis is soon making it’s way back to full erection, I want Evie so badly, and the thought of Pippa and Sylvia watching makes the whole situation so much more erotic. I thrust hard and bury my bone hard cock deep inside Evie, making her cry out, her fingers digging into the bed sheets, a contorted look on her face, teeth gritted.

I Hate Christmas

group DarkSide 2018-12-01

I headed for the bar and ordered another gin and tonic and that’s when Emma started talking to me; her partner Chris joined us a few moments after that. I looked back to the table and saw that Melissa was squatting over this guy’s cock and was she was giving him the best head that I had ever seen her perform. Melissa got on the table and squatted once more, this time on a very large cock. By the time he reached Melissa, Emma had my cock out and was on her knees sucking on it. It wasn’t long before Emma was leaning over the bar with my cock deep inside her, panting like fuck.

Break-In Bang

group Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

Teresa's body reacted both to the name and the fingers that pressed upwards inside her as he spoke, a muffled cry emitting from behind the gag. With the one man's finger moving inside her pussy, and all their oral stimulation, it wasn't very long before Teresa was cumming ecstatically; her body practically levitating with pleasure as she screamed behind the panty-gag. Of course, with her hands behind her back she had no control over the blow job at all and he was soon pushing his way into her throat as she gagged and panicked, never having deep throated a guy before.

Sailing out of Osyter Bay part 3

group naturalsailor 2018-12-01

Not to be outdone, Frank & Dave gave Anne a big hug, at the same time squeezing her between their bodies. I sat between Cyn and Carol while Frank worked his way around so Anne was between Dave and himself. Carol motioned for Dave to join in so he went up to the bow and stood in front of Anne and started to rub her shoulders. Frank was clearly enjoying himself as he played with Anne’s breasts, twisting her nipples and watching her ride him while he pumped his massive cock into her. All of a sudden a chain reaction occurred, Dave groaned loudly and went off in Anne’s mouth, Frank started to fill her pussy with his cum and Anne started to shake all over again, top to bottom.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 02

group sahebji 2018-12-01

There is something going on which he doesn't want me to know' she said, 'Randy look me in the eye and answer my question.' I moved on top of her and placing my cock at the entrance of her cunt hole I asked, 'Mala are you sure you want me to do it?' It takes away half the fun out of screwing' Mala said when we had finished fucking one evening. I was having a glorious time, fucking the three ladies in the office during the day and Mala's tight choot in the evening. 'Catch her by the ankles and spread her legs wide and shove your lund into her kori (virgin) choot' Shyam, said completing the sentence.


cuckold lifestyle 10

group woreout 2018-12-01

Man it took almost fifteen minutes for them to come back out, as soon as she opened the door she woke the boys and said you guys need to go pee. As soon as we had everything in the room my wife said why don't you and the boys go see what the beach looks like. Then I pulled the curtin back to look out side , as soon as I did I saw my wife's face looking right at me , she was setting on Tim's hard dick and was facing the room as they fucked. Well for the next four days, we would lay around either the pool or on the beach and every day Tim and my wife would take an hour to them selfs while I watched the boys.

First Time Plus-Sized

group overseas 2018-12-01

Susan pulled free from his cock, turned her head and said, "Fuck me please." As Stan gave me that amazing blow-job, Susan got up and came over to me and began to kiss me on the mouth. I fucked Susan's ass long and slow, Stan keeping her right on the edge of cumming with his tongue. Susan was rubbing his head as he serviced me and whispering things like, "That's right honey, eat that cock, suck that cock." and "You know you want this. I was getting close, and Susan must have sensed so because she shoved Stan's face down hard onto my cock, the entire length now buried in his throat.

Black Femdom: Howard University

group Samuelx 2018-12-01

Howard University varsity football player and all-around "big man on campus" Trevor Moreau leads a life like no other. The sight of Rebecca's thick White ass jiggling as he fucked it turned Trevor on even more, and he began to fuck her with gusto, slamming his hard dick deep into her pussy. "I can see you like my fingers up your butt, wait till you feel my strap-on," Sophia said, and she winked as she flicked her tongue over the head of Trevor's dick, causing the Haitian stud to suddenly feel weak in the knees. "Welcome to a whole new world, my love," Sophia said to a tired, panting but smiling Trevor, after she pulled the dildo out of his ass.

A Night To Remember

group bikerbear600 2018-12-01

‘Yes ma’am,’ Debbie said sliding her hands up Sarah’s thighs to hook her fingers in her panties then slowly pulled them down her legs. Sarah pulled Debbie off her tits and pushed her hand away then kissed her deeply before flopping down on the sofa. Debbie’s breathing got harder as Sarah found the right spot on her clit and the pulses from the dildo in my bum got more frequent as Debbie neared orgasm. I watched from behind as Debbie eagerly sucked Sarah’s large clit into her mouth and pushed her arms out from under Sarah to finger fuck her. Or it did until Debbie slipped two fingers up Sarah’s arse and started to stroke my cock from inside!

Biker Gang Bang

group loud_bkr 2018-12-01

Peter wasn't sure why but he enjoyed watching his beautiful wife getting fucked by another man. The man pumped Tracey hard and deep as he filled her with his hot cum. Tracey leaned down on the man she was fucking to grant Snake access to her entire ass. Snake had a birds-eye view of another cock fucking Tracey as he tongued her tasty ass. The man under Tracey had his hands on Tracey 's ass cheeks and was bouncing her up and down hard on his cock. He began moaning quietly as he too, let out spurts of cum overflowing Tracey's dripping wet pussy. Meanwhile the whole time, Peter was fucking a few of the cute biker chicks while dipping his tongue deep into a few hairy pussies.


The Party at Lynn's

group Sabineteas 2018-12-01

As it got later and later people started to leave until it was Jim, the girls, and 7 other guys. Liz and Ashley were pretty drunk, Maria was pretty quiet, Lynn was sitting on Jim's lap kissing him and Debbie was wandering around talking to the other guys. Looking at Lynn, with an angry expression on his face he started eating Maria's pussy. The rest of the guys started egging him on and soon he got up and dropped his pants, then got between her legs again and started fucking Maria. The 3 guys who had just been watching all of a sudden went for Liz, Ashley and Maria and soon the 3 girls were receiving another fucking.

Crown Casino Adventure

group fruswife 2018-12-01

I knew that as he passed he would look back and notice that my bikini was actually a thong, and I wanted to make sure he got full effect, so as I knocked on Georgie's door, I leaned forward and stuck my mostly exposed bum out, before glancing back at him and smiling once more, his eyes agog at the buttocks and legs on show before him. She kept going until I started to stop my thrashing motions, and her tongue then slowed to nibble and suck at my swollen love bud that was still in her hungry mouth, her fingers continuing to fuck me slowly until she withdrew them and licked them clean from my hot juices.

An Evening To Remember

group Banes1 2018-12-01

Josh has only his white t-shirt on. Janet is wearing only a black top and has her mouth locked on my wife's nipple as she continues to finger fuck Sylvia's pussy.  I watch my wife move into position as Janet takes the head of my cock in her mouth. She slowly slips her lips over my cock head and slides her mouth down the hard shaft, to the base. I stop thrusting my hips and Josh pumps my shaft with his hand while sucking the head of my cock. Watching Janet and Sylvia with Josh sucking my throbbing cock is more than I can bare. Diving right in, I take the bulbous head of Josh's cock in my mouth, swirling my tongue around as I fondle his ball sac.

Good times with my boyfriend and his sister

group sunshine22345 2018-12-01

“Oh hey” I said “How are you?” “I’m not sure” he replied, “I was talking to my sister and she said that the two of you did some stuff together”. “So when did your sister say this?” “This morning over breakfast” he said, still sounding odd. “Over breakfast” I said, “You mean she just randomly said it while you were having breakfast?” “Yeah, pretty much” he said, “So is it true?” he asked, sounding so weird that I couldn’t even detect any emotion from his voice. “You actually want to watch us, you know, doing stuff?” I asked again, making sure I’d heard him correctly. “How do you know that?” I asked, “Has she said she’d be okay with it?” “Yep”, he replied.


Lusts of the Flesh

group Jaymal 2018-12-01

Here, let me get you some more lemonade.' She reached over to the shelf for the jug she had made up, causing her shorts to ride far up her healthily rounded ass cheeks; Danny had not meant to be looking, but caught an unmistakable flash of plump, pink pussy lips beneath Hailey's shorts, before he quickly averted his gaze. She gripped Hailey's hair and began to pump the girl's head up and down, producing a juicy 'gluk gluk gluk' sound in the back of her friend's throat, as Danny's cock involuntarily fucked it. I want Pastor Dan to get a good shot of this.' Hailey pulled a resigned, 'whatch-gonna-do?' face to Danny and climbed over him, brushing her malleable breasts over his stiffness as she went, then she parked herself alongside him on all fours, her peach-like ass pushed meekly into the air, close to his face.

Force or Love? (4)

group anuraa32 2018-12-01

As she went deeper into the passion of kissing Garrett, she felt Jack’s hand on her waist. She loved the way Jack and Garrett were pampering her body with their kisses and soft touch. “Oh Fuck, Oh Baby, you are so hot inside,” he grunted as he slid his big hard tool entered Becky’s wet pussy. Jack went over her body, still fucking her pussy, pressing himself over her and kissing her lips. Rampaging through the cum shower, Jack fucked her deep into the pussy as Garrett kept fucking her ass and playing with clit. Garrett quickly took out his cock, turned Becky around and kissed her fully on her lips.


Cindy's First Bukkake GangBang Party Part 5

group lindaswan 2018-12-01

I kept the show going, spreading wider, making myself feel really good, achieving small orgasms multiple times as the men kept arriving, watching me while reaching their own climax, leaving me with their cum. I went to one end of the line, dropped to my knees and took over the first man's cock, using my hands and mouth together to make him cum. I worked my way down, taking the cum of each man with sloppy mouth moves and jerk off hand motions, then showing off open-mouthed what I had accomplished. Watching me, listening to me, suck off one man after another, play with the cum, kept all the men totally ready for their turn.

Kerrie’s Journey: Chapter 9: Dinner at Gemma’s—I enjoy three cocks and lose my anal virginity.

group AussieMike 2018-12-01

Looking up, Brenda caught my eye, smiled and mouthed: “feeling good?” As if he was responding to his wife’s question, Paul pushed two fingers into me and finger fucked me for a few minutes before withdrawing his fingers. He is an amazing fuck.” My pussy continued to twitch with small mini climaxes as I felt Simon begin to subside and slip from me. The variety of sexual stimulation I had received from Brenda’s prehensile and wicked tongue, her husband’s cock in both my mouth and pussy and then Simon fucking me with his incredible knob had left not only my pussy and surrounds very sensitive but had aroused my whole body.

All Black Bitches Crave White Cock

group Samuelx 2018-12-01

This forty-something, big-booty and dark-skinned Black lady is of Haitian descent and like a lot of Black women, she loves White cock. This big-booty Black lady loves to get fucked in the ass by young White guys. A young White guy fucking his Black male friend's big-booty mother behind his back. Man, while fucking Katrina's ass, I couldn't help but remember the first time I fucked Nadege Saint Hillaire in the ass. I fingered Nadege's pussy as she begged me to stick my White cock up her Black ass. Face down and ass up, that's the way I fucked my big-booty mature Black slut. And now I'm having even better times with Katrina Linwood, the gorgeous Djibouti slut who craves White cock.


My Roughest Adventure

group allflavorsboston 2018-12-01

I began chatting with Paul on my favorite site, choosing him because his profile picture was a close up of his awesome cock. He told me he knew and asked me to hold up the paper as he took another picture with me holding it. Tommy was in the other room setting up. I began to feel like some of my favorite porn-stars, ones that Paul and I shared in common. Paul told Tommy that I had never done double penetration before and it was going to happen now. Tommy came on my chest and fell over laughing saying, I was a great fuck as he watched Paul begin to really take me hard.

Poker Night

group dak2742 2018-12-01

  Tonight we’re sluts who want to suck some cock and then get fucked!”   Every man there was trying to talk at once and finally we all got quiet as Karen raised her arms.   When she was busy licking De’s dripping pussy, Gary moved over between his wife’s legs and slipped his stiff cock into her bald little cunt.   Dennis was there to take his place as he slipped from the redhead’s mouth and Ruby moaned as she tried to take his huge black cock all the way down her throat.   Peggy was on her knees in front of Gary , sucking his cock so I got behind her, grabbed her hips and slipped my hard cock into her dripping little black pussy.


My Hotwife Takes Me on Vacation

group KenLukin 2018-12-01

She thought in silence for a short time, then said, “You know, when a guy comes in my pussy, or my butt, it feels great and I orgasm as well, but it’s not as rewarding. The best is when I get to do a guy right through the full cycle, when I’ve got one hand stroking his dick and the other holding his sack so I can feel his balls. After the guy comes for me, and I’ve got a mouthful of his hot jizz, I like to keep him in my mouth so I can feel his hardness slowly surrender. It makes me feel good, and I’ve learned they orgasm with a lot more intensity when they know I’ll take every drop of their load into my mouth.”

The Boys From Brazil

group carmen_has36 2018-12-01

That is what they wanted & I told them, well hell I had a girl who loved to be fucked in the ass." Carlo wants to be first and has Sharon lay on her back so he can eat her pussy, knowing he wants the Femtrex to kick in. "Amazing pussy girl " He tells her as he plays with her clit and tugs her lips while fingering her ass opening. He pushes her legs behind her head and works the tube into her ass & gives her a long squirt. Her pussy is spread for the others to see as the guy fucking her ass is bouncing her on his lap.