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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Un vis implinit

group pleyer24 2017-12-09

Adi , baiatul cel tanar , nici vorba sa dea semne ca ar vreea sa isi de-a drumul , in schimb tatal lui , Calin , vine langa mine , si-o freaca de cateva ori si imi umple sanii, burta de valuri imense de sperma . Schimbam pozitiile , Adi si tatal lui , se aseaza pe spate , eu in fata lor facandu-le sex oral , Marius , in spatele meu , tragandu-mi-o in fund , iar Paul , sub mine , mozolindu-mi sanii mari . Ma enervez , pe moment , imi vine sa renunt , dar experienta lui Paul , cred , isi spune cuvantul , simtind momentul prost , fara sa astepte , sa ma curete sau sa ma pot exprima , ii ia locul imediat , chiar daca sperma inca curge din fundul meu .


Friday Nights are for Play

group neutrona 2017-12-09

It was Friday afternoon and Carly saw that Steve and Kevin were in Wayne's office door. Wayne came to the door and said "Go get your skates, we're not playing, we're just having fun." Kevin reached into a small cooler and handed each of the guys a beer and then handed Carly a bottle of lemonade, knowing she didn't drink. Wayne pulled Carly's hands away from Kevin and took them in his and said "Carly, I think you're a bit drunk. While Kevin started playing with Carly's breasts, Steve didn't hesitate. When he succeeded in giving her another orgasm, she pushed him away, let go of Steve and put her legs back to the middle and stood a bit but not enough to get off Wayne's cock.

Just Another Day in the Life

group sweet_dreams_dp 2017-12-08

Pushing the pink and purple streaked hair behind her ear, Cassie's mischievous blue eyes shamelessly look Nick's wet form up and down before she licks her lips and says, "Good morning, Nick." Cassie shudders and gives a throaty laugh, "Oh yeah, I knew my dream would come true." Nick turns her around and luxuriates in rubbing his member along her tight ass and in between her cheeks. Cassie reaches behind her and grasps the base of his cock, sliding it from her wet lips then up, shivering as she feels his metal ring rub against her tight asshole. He could feel his cock growing hard at the thought of her perfect, large breasts with the tiny golden hoop piercing their nipples and her long blonde hair that tickled her pert round ass.


Fun Down Under Ch. 03

group watchdwag 2017-12-08

I'm not sure I cared much about watching John get fucked up the ass but the thought of Jayne taking on all the guys had my cock stiff as a rod. Brent moved down the bed and parted Jayne's legs and began licking her hot little box that just minutes earlier had been gripping my cock. Her eyes were glazed over like a woman possessed as she looked over to see John sucking my cock while Cliff pounded his ass. If Rod was hesitant, it was quickly overcome by the look on Jayne's face as he took up a position between John's outstretched legs. Rod went after John pretty good as Jayne taunted him herself, "Fuck that ass.

Car Show Slut Ch. 12

group davidwriter 2017-12-08

Yes, I was looking forward to the night, although I had my apprehensions, but thinking about all that had happened to me over the past few months, and the fact that here I was sitting in a taxi being driven to my friends' place, so that we could, well, fuck each other, it just felt all so absurd, surreal. "Like that?" she said, looking straight at him, legs spread wide, her hand playing with the hem of her dress, now basically up around her waist. Show myself, my essence, watch the look on Roger's face as he stared at my shameless slutty body, legs opened for him, and for his girl, like a common whore. I watched as Roger now gently stroked his hard cock, as I felt Wendy's fingers slide inside my g-string and encourage it down over my hips, down my legs.


What Happens in the Hot Tub... Ch. 02

group perfectgentleman 2017-12-08

She loved the feel of Miranda's fingers inside of her while Brett's cock had been in her mouth. She imagined the feeling of Brett's mouth on her clit, of his fingers insider her, of Miranda's breasts against hers, the kisses they had shared. While Jesse fucked her face with Brett's cock, Miranda moved between her legs. Miranda felt something press against her leg and her hand found Brett's recovering erection when she reached out to see what had touched her. To her own surprise, Jesse's tongue began to massage Miranda's clit and work its way into the folds of her pussy. Miranda directed Jesse to lie down on Brett's left, stomach facing up, with her legs draped acrossed his.

Caravan Park Roulette

group nikki_2021 2017-12-08

"Its like this," Jenny replied, "You sneak into the men's shower block of the caravan park, slide under the door when some bloke is in there and give him a blow job if he lets you." "I like the way you think," Jenny replied grinning while Emma looked disgusted and told them that they were bloody nuts. Jenny stood up and headed off to the showers, just like that, with a wink as she walked away in her cut off denim shorts and red halter-top bikini. Jenny took the first spurt in her mouth, but then quickly held his cock aside, pumping him as he kept cumming, watching it hit the floor and wash down the drain.

Private Beach Ch. 02

group Mightierthanthesword 2017-12-08

He had the same genuine, warm smile he had worn since Joe and Annabel had first embraced, but it was so much more than just a smile: over-riding all else, there was the love he had for his wonderful friends; there, too, were signs of amazement and wonder at the scene being played out before him; there were glimpses of wanton lust pulling at the edges of his grin, causing his mouth to gape wider, his eyes to stare just a little harder; and just a hint of awkwardness, not really knowing what, if anything, he should do now. Her pussy filled with Joe's rock-hard cock and her breasts being sexily caressed by another man's hand, Annabel dropped one arm into the water and reached behind her to where she hoped to find the answer they were looking for.


Lake Winnipesaukee Ch. 04

group Jack_Love 2017-12-08

'You said you wanna cum with my hard cock up your ass, Crystal?' I said as I repositioned the beautiful young lady into 'doggy' on the couch, her huge, gorgeous ass hanging over the side so I could stand on the floor and fuck it. After some time, I pulled out and fed my cock into Crystals gorgeous mouth and fucked it, holding the back of her head as I slid my dick in and out of the hole in her face. Then I lay on my back in the shallow water and had Tova sit on me, taking my cock up her pussy in 'reverse cowgirl.' I stared at her sexy asshole as she rode my fuck-stick, the tight sheath of her pussy sliding up and down the length of my dick.

Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 09

group danzinman 2017-12-08

The guys had filled him in on all the things you had done, the cock sucking, ass eating, cum and piss licking, and of course the multiple fucks you’d taken in your ass and cunt. The kid did not hesitate, moved in between your legs, place his big hard cock at the entrance of your pussy saying, “OK slut, are you ready for this monster, want another load of juice up that piss soaked, cum filled twat of yours?” And when you are done fucking me, I want to suck your big cock, I want to lick and suck your sweaty balls and ass, OK?” The kid had his big cock completely inside you in only a couple of thrusts and began to bang you hard and deep.

A Career Opportunity

group B. D. Greendore 2017-12-08

After a couple of minutes of witty repartee like that, I knew I wasn't going to get fucked without letting Luther watch, so I decided to go ahead. I've never been butt-fucked before and I didn't want to start by getting it from my little brother but Winston is really strong and I couldn't break his grip. The matra de knew Rich by name and said, "We're sort of busy tonight, Mr. Manson, but if you'll wait in the bar, we'll have your favorite table ready in a few minutes." As he was opening another bottle of champagne, Rich kissed me softly on the lips and said, "I've been looking at your tan and your breasts all night and wanting to see more of both.


Lovely Linda and Sexy Sarah Pt. 04

group TSpank61 2017-12-08

Sarah knelt and kissed all over Linda's red swollen ass, then started licking all over, working her way to Linda's crack. As Sarah licked her ass, I started to lightly whip Linda's tits. Sarah started to finger Linda's ass and pussy, while I continued to whip the front of her body. Sarah started to kiss and very gently suck on Linda's nipples trying to sooth the ache. Sarah started to lick Linda's pussy as I grabbed her cheeks and helped her slide up and down my cock. Her hips blurred she was fucking so fast until Linda again screamed out in orgasm, "Uhhhhhohhhhhfuuuck!" I could feel her juices gush out to run down her ass onto my balls and then wetting the bed!


Happy Birthday Timothy

group Mysteria27 2017-12-08

Timothy licked all the cream off my nipples and then put his hands in my panties and fingered my bald pussy. Maria was laying on top of me, and we were kissing while she had her fingers deep inside my pussy. Timothy licked and loved my pussy, while he fingered Maria's ass. Timothy then moved over to Maria's ass and pussy and started to lick her cunt. Timothy was bucking up into Maria's pussy fucking her so hard and so fast. Timothy blew his load inside of Maria's pussy. He pulled out and I got between her legs and licked Timothy's come out of her cunt. Maria and I changed places, she rubbed his prostate and I opened my mouth really wide and Timothy shot his load down my throat.

Wanna Play?

group el dante 2017-12-08

Sarah continued grinding her ass against his right leg while Paul's fingers fumbled at her buttons. "Oh look, it's oozing again," Karen said as she pointed at Paul's excited cock. Sarah took Karen's comment as added incentive, starting to move her leg up and down against Paul's engorged member. Sarah looked down at the object of everyone's attention and started to spread the pre-cum around and around the head of Paul's cock. Paul almost screamed in frustration, Sarah's finger trying to keep track of the head of his cock had him next to orgasm. "Look at that!" Karen said as she stared at Paul's oozing cock. "Time for my next rule" Jessie said, "We have all seen how much his cock twitches when he gets excited.

mom sacrifices for daughter

group chandan0707 2017-12-08

with out saying anything shoba went to ravi and she kept his penis in her mouth and started sucking,, i sucked laxmi breast and i finished her milk completely and laxmi and pinky started lesbian sex,,, raju was sucking jyothi's breast and sobha was on top of raju and she is moaning heavily and i applied some oil on her ass and i inserted my penis in her ass she is shouting in pain and pleasure,,,, even jyothi and raju fucking in same position and i fucked jyothi ass for some time and i ordered pinky and laxmi to drink my sperm and they swallowed each drop and laxmi asked me to piss on her and happyly pissed on pinky and laxmi face,,,,,,,after than as per pinky wish raju fucked pinky and i fucked laxmi in her ass and we slept nudely....

Birthday Present

group ratlady 2017-12-08

He started sucking my nipple, his fingers pinching the other one, his other hand now pushing two fingers inside me. The man sucking and pinching my nipples had a shaved head and wasn't Ray. "Happy birthday," he said, "I looked on your computer - thought I'd give you what you really wanted. The guy with the shaved head moved aside and another man started tweaking my sore erect nipples. Sometimes I held my own arse open for them, other times all I could do was grip the edge of the table and let it happen. When they'd done Ray stepped forward and throat-fucked me with a brutality I hadn't guessed he'd had, making me gag, making me suck desperately at his cock, hungry to taste his cum.

Happy 21st Birthday

group lpacphantom 2017-12-08

Andrew, disliking the attention, pulled Bailey up from her knees and held her hands off his cock in an attempt to maintain some decency in front of company. We were quiet for some time, until Andrew said, "Who wants to play Truth or Dare?" Kaitlyn looked away as Bailey got her puckered lips close. Andrew, knowing this would take some time, looked at me and asked "Truth or dare?" "I dare you to join Bailey in sucking off Andrew." I can't remember which I felt stronger: shock that she knew my desire, pleasant surprise that she wanted me to it, or embarrassed arousal at the thought of the large cock sliding into my mouth.


Letters to Purvi Ch. 06

group Lalitha Mehta 2017-12-08

While I moved my hand slowly on her breast, kneading it and pinching the nipple between thumb and forefinger, Helga slid her left hand over my stomach to my waist, where she found the knot of my sari. I paused only a second to admire the thick, swollen folds of Helga’s pouting cunt, then I dipped my head between the other girl’s legs and clamped my mouth tightly over the open, wet hole. I delighted in the feel of Helga’s mouth pressed tightly against my love hole, licking and sucking the juices that were flowing from my cunt walls. Helga dug her finger into my ass, hoping to keep me going; I did the same as I licked the last drops of juice from Helga’s tiring pussy.


Hobbes & Flush #1: The Interview

group shug 2017-12-08

He was stroking his growing hardness through the pants of his suit and watching Anita and Malcolm talk jokingly to each other about the flabbergasted look on Tracy's face. As Tracy watched in weak-kneed disbelief, Calvin Hobbes, architectural genius, got on his knees in front of her, his hands holding her hips firmly through her skirt. They were now laying on the couch, with Anita on top, still lazily fucking in and out while they watched Tracy, in shock and shuddering, holding onto the desk for dear life. As the last spasms of her climax subsided, Tracy felt hands on her breasts from behind - it was Malcolm squeezing her nipples and she could feel his erection pressing against her ass.

Another Fishing Trip

group TxRad 2017-12-08

"Just like a woman to barge into a man's home, scare the hell out of him, then laugh because he dropped a small thing like a towel." The last I said in a more normal tone of voice. "That didn't look like no small thing from my vantage point." This time there was no laugh but I could just feel the big grin on her face. "I wasn't trying to make a date with Bill, I just want to visit the nude beach, and if he was going, I wanted to tag along," Carol said in answer to Bobby's earlier remark. "That's our Bill, he lets a lady talk herself into going out with him and then shoots himself in the foot by telling the truth," Bobby said shaking her head.


Sweedish Pleasure Pt. 05

group ManUnited1086 2017-12-08

Sophie loved every second of it, pushing her friends head into her pussy and grinding into her mouth. I saw Leslie add two fingers into Sophie's awaiting twat and fucked the sweet girl into submission. Meanwhile my tongue was deep into Leslie's rectum, my face buried between her luscious ass cheeks; my fingers curling inside of her pussy touching her G-Spot. "Oh shit I'm gonna cum from you fucking my ass." I wanted to make sure she came first so I tried to hold my orgasm back as long as I could. They both dropped to their knees in front of me, Sophie jerking me as Leslie sucked the head of my dick.

Hot Fun in the Hot Tub

group Jack_Fetch 2017-12-08

The house was dark, but there was the flicker of candles coming through the windows and open door, so I walked to the back to see what was happening and found my wife in our hot tub with Tyler from the clothing store. I took that as my cue to start clearing the table, but instead Tyler took my arm and guided me to the hot tub while Jess ran inside (cute little ass bouncing) and came out again with the bucket re-filled with beers. Then Jess pushed Tyler up so that her upper body was out of the water, her glorious tits swaying over the edge of the tub, and started kissing her pale white ass cheeks. "God that's fucking hot,"Jess said watching my cock head push into Tyler's ass.


Amanda's Camera Ch. 3

group velocette65 2017-12-08

Jenny pushed both fingers in as far as they would go until she could feel Maria’s stretched hole against her hand. Maria felt her juices start to flow and Jenny increased the speed of the dildo strokes and matched them with her tongue. “All we need now is cock.” Jenny mumbled in to her friend’s pussy, sucking on her labia and licking the rim of her well- stretched sphincter around the dildo until her orgasm started to rise reach a peak. Bill walked over and waved his tool in front of her face, at the same time watching Jenny ramming the dildo back and forth in to her red raw bum hole.

Shooting Stars

group SharonSharealike 2017-12-08

My husband, Aaron says to Gavin, "She wants to know if she's a bad person." My husband is rubbing my clitoris and I have just stuck my hand on the inside of Gavin's leg. I've never slept with anyone else in my life besides Aaron, but I love giving head and I love to cum. Gavin's cock is big and feels great in my left hand. I am stroking both cocks now and Aaron maneuvers around to suck my right nipple. I wonder about Aaron and Gavin and their experiences in life. He sucks my nipple again and checks my left elbow to see if I'm stroking Gavin's cock too.