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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Shock and Awe

group ollox 2017-12-08

One guy lifted her skirt with one hand and stroked her neck with the other before he inserted a finger into her mouth. A moment arrived where she was on her knees, wearing only stockings and sucking one of the guys as the other was spreading and fingering her. I could see her face and tongue as she licked a cock and watched her breathing as the second guy lifted her leg so that he could penetrate her from behind. At that moment I felt sick in my stomach but could not yet turn away.My moment came soon after as she was lifted to straddle one of the guys.

My Daughter Jennifer's Ski trip

group blondeslutforblacks 2017-12-08

I was so horny I didn't care who saw it and since my room was 3 doors down from the elevator I took my top off so Todd could get a good look and feel of them. Once in the room Todd had me naked on the bed in no time I took his black cock in my mouth and deep throated him. As I sucked harder I knew Todd couldn't last long and I was right the head of his cock swelled and shot a load into my mouth. Todd fucked my ass for a good 10 min before he said we was going to cum again I asked him to cum on my face and tits.

A Fantasy Revealed

group Clohi 2017-12-08

If truth be told what I really wanted to see was more hardcore than just a strap on up Craig's ass but I really didn't think he was ready for that little confession. Leaning down, I looked up at him and said just as my mouth was less than an inch above his groin, "Just think about how hard you'd be watching me lick a pussy." Then I laid my tongue against his hard pants-covered bulge and licked my way up. As Craig started to play with my fingers on the table, Elaine looked at him and then me and smiled. I looked up just long enough to watch Craig settle back in the chair across the room and then closed my eyes as Elaine's mouth moved down my neck to my shoulder.


Island Fever Ch. 03

group Jeremydcp 2017-12-08

Our hike began at the north end of the mansion, where I guided the entire group - Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon and Camille - up a very steep trail into the woods and then along a winding cliff. Getting back to the topic at hand, all of the ladies - Pamela, Trish, Lindsay, Amy, Devon and Camille - were currently enjoying one of the many features that the indoor pool offered. Trish, Lindsay and Devon appeared to be on one team, with the lovely trio of Pamela, Amy and Camille comprising the other. Trish, Lindsay, Devon and Camille chose the chicken casserole, while Pamela, Amy and yours truly opted for the turkey.


Come Getcha Some

group oldeman 2017-12-08

"Lisa, come look at the delicious dessert I found for us to share," called Erica, leading Will into the apartment by the hand, and turning around to close the door. Vickie took little time exiting the Jacuzzi and getting ready for the short drive to Erica and Lisa's apartment. He began to fuck Vickie's face and Lisa slid her hand along his shaft, alternately tightening and loosening her grip. Vickie said wistfully, "I guess you're right," looking at Will's tool and thinking how good it would feel in her pussy. Lisa, whose clitoris was huge, felt Vickie's hand on Will's dick where it contacted her pussy lips and then on her engorged clit.


2nd BiMMF Threesome

group bigcplforfun 2017-12-08

While he was sucking me and running his tongue over the tip of my cock, and licking all of my precum up, I was running my finger between Stephanie's lips. He was sliding in and out of my mouth while he tongue fucked Stephanie's pussy and asshole. I slid up underneath and sucked her juices and his precum off of his cock and pushed him right back into her pussy. I crawled out from underneath him and just laid there watching this young guy with a huge cock fucking the shit out of my wife. I assumed my placed right underneath him on my back so that I could keep licking his balls and tasting her pussy juices on his cock.

4 Curious College Girls Pt. 01

group JohnMorrison 2017-12-08

"And don't sneak in to watch me either," Cynthia said as she turned back to Julie, smiling. Julie smiled to herself, feeling Cynthia's eyes on her body as she pulled her panties down past her knees, letting them drop to the floor. "Did you see Cynthia today?" Alex asked Taylor, as they sat watching TV in the middle of the night. You know Cynthia, she is always worried about something," Taylor smiled, looking over to Alex. Is that my vibrator!?" Taylor asked, furiously, walking forward and grabbing the toy from Alex's hand. "Hey, Alex...what were you thinking of, when you were masturbating?" Taylor asked, looking into her eyes still. And I even kissed Julie the other day." She smiled, looking at Alex, fire in her eyes and pants.


Lion and the Hare Ch 2

group belab 2017-12-08

The smaller man had maneuvered his cock in front of her hairy pussy and then slowly, inch by inch, started pumping Sarah's pussy until it was all the way in. FUCK MY CUNT!” She then lifts her ass as the smaller man buried his cock right to his balls in her bushy pussy and started unloading his load deep in her cunt. “Aaaaaaahaaaahhh” he moans “I want to wipe my cock in her sweaty hairy armpits you are a hairy slut I don’t want you to shave your armpits let it grow longer” and he pushes his pulsating 13 incher deep into her bushy untrimmed armpits and spurts in the jet-black hair of her unshaven armpits.

Pool Game

group CandyBar 2017-12-08

We each did another tequila shot, but this time, I poured a healthy dose of it into my mouth and quickly leaned over Jack, releasing the Cuervo past his lips, and covering them with my own. He takes a long time lining up his shot and twice he loses his grip on his cue, rolling off his fingers and clattering to the table. Jack circles the pool table, looking for a shot. Leaning over the pool table Jack draws back his cue and just as he thrusts his stick toward the cue ball I drop my hand between my legs. Bubba circles his arms around my waist and lifts me slightly while Jack comes around the side of the table and grasps my legs.


Traveling New Bi-Ways... Ch. 06

group T@nman 2017-12-08

Anne and I got the table arranged just as Ken yelled the ribs would be ready in a couple of minutes. Anne would breathe and run her tongue around the cockhead then Ken would slide his cock back into her mouth and down her throat until his ball sac rested against her nose. Anne’s legs and long hair were swinging slightly as Ken and I pushed and pulled our hard cocks in and out of her cunt and mouth. I pulled my cock out of Anne’s hot cunt and began to shoot my load onto her red pussy hair and onto her thighs and belly. Anne with her cum sprayed face and crotch and Ken and I with our slick hard cocks.


group vie_secrete 2017-12-08

The redhead, who later introduced herself as Jacqueline, must have seen us, as she suddenly stood right between us, looked us into the face with her sparkly green eyes, put the arms around us, and whispered in a way that took both our defences. "You guys are cute together," she added, before she took a condom from below her pillow, putting it into her mouth and miraculously, onto Roger's cock without using her hands. Roger climbed on the bed behind her, took his enormous dick in his hand, played a little on her pussy and her arse hole, and then slowly penetrated her. As she felt my tension building, she let my cock go, took it into her hand and said, "cum on my face."

Sexual Ambush Ch. 01

group goblinbox 2017-12-08

Roxie kissed her way down FB's body, stopping at her big pillowy tits, sucking on her large nipples. Her pussy flooding Roxie in her juices cumming so hard that her body just twitched for a little bit from all the aftershocks. I move it around FB's pussy, making her give out a little moan, getting the head all real wet and ready to fuck. I start fucking hard, pounding FB's face hard into Roxie's pussy each time. Roxie started thrashing about as she looks to me, watching me fuck the girl that's licking her -- hard. I can feel FB's body tightening with every stroke inside her as she stiffens into an orgasm of her own, flooding my cock with her hot pussy.

Fantasy Sex Cruise 11

group mountaincat4 2017-12-08

"Ooooohhh yes there is something I want to do." I took his cock in my hand and put the head in my mouth and started gently nursing on it like a little kitten. Do you want me to spurt all over your chest or would you like me to put my hard cock in that hot pussy that Ashley's made all wet?" Don't move yet; I want to suck your cock with my pussy." I continued to squeeze and release his shaft like I had done with my hand when his balls were in my mouth. Bradley looks to be about my age and you, Ashley and Mark look like you're in your late thirties so there's not that much difference.


The Julie Journals: Ch. 07 A Job

group Shady_Lady 2017-12-08

The crowd was silent as she lowered her ass and by lifting her legs turned the bottle so it faced base up so the cold beer trickled into her pussy. As he forced himself into Julie with a grunt, he laughed as he said, "Bit dry but not a bad fuck." The man continued to pump into Julie's inert body, savagely thrusting his hips as his balls slapped against her. Once he had finished the third guy took his place and as he looked down at the cum running down Julie's legs he laughed as he said "Too sloppy in there for me." Dipping his fingers into Julies pussy he scoped some of the mixture out and smeared it on her anal opening.

the cruise

group 2017-12-08

behind us turn looking at them both smile hello I am Mrs.T reaching out my hand Ron noticed me looking him up and down smiles winks, blushing turning as I feel the slide down his cock ,Ron spanks my bum causing me to moan ,spreading my legs with his knee slides his cock in to my swelling wet pussy gasping moaning Ooooo Fuck me yes hard spanking me again as I am sucking Mr.T causing me to bite down he moans grabbing My hair pushing me into him opening my throat taking him in ,Ron pulls .out spanking my bum pulling me down spreading my legs to straddle him lift your bum so Ron and I can Fuck

vacation 12

group hotandhard007 2017-12-08

My problem always is that I never know whether what I crave more is to slip my cock into your well lubed hole and fuck the crap out of you, or bury my face between your legs and spend an entire day drinking every drop that flows from you while I kiss, and suck and lick and probe, and slurp and flick and drink, and play and make you cum and cum and cum. I really didn’t think that I had had enough time to regenerate another load, but between the amazing love-making earlier that morning, seeing your tits bounce while you ran, watching the clerk girl play with herself and then my special shower, not to mention your mind blowing blowjob it wasn’t long before I repaid you in my own way by spraying a surprisingly huge amount of cream into your longing mouth.

The Regiment: Ch. 02 - The Jungle

group General_Picton 2017-12-08

Hasmita beamed a sticky smile from between the thighs of Joya and Martin rewarded her by grabbing her hair, pulling her to her feet and kissing her on the mouth, tasting one young whore's juices from the other's lips. As he stood watching Hasmita run laps of Joya's hole with her tongue, Martin reached down and traced his fingers around the dominant girl's puffy lips, delighted at how wet she was. Perhaps because there was so much to see but he ended lasting much longer than he had thought and he got to watch with great pleasure (and some pride - like it had been him fucking her all along) when Hasmita came noisily on Joya's face.

One Evening That Changed My Life

group mdiver 2017-12-08

After every class I would meet John and Cindy, Tom and Joan at a nearby sports bar. A couple of weeks later I received a pool party invitation to John and Cindy's. John really knew how to grill and their friends Tom and Joan talked to Vickie -- my blind date, about the scuba class. Tom, Joan, and Vickie proceeded to take off their swimsuits and try on the BCDs. I certainly was enjoying the view of three lovely nude women. Vickie came over to me, Joan went to John, and Cindy went to Tom. Vickie looked at me and said, "I want to feel your hard cock deep in my cunt."

The Layover

group Ekim321 2017-12-08

I reach over and grab them, and as my right hand grabs my hard cock and starts to work its way up and down over it, my left hand brings your panties up to my face. After Nick kisses you, he sits up, licks a little drop of wetness from his upper lip, and says, "Marley, do you want Mike to fuck you?" I feel the bed move a little as Nick gets into a more comfortable position to watch our love making, as he starts playing with his dick. Nick says "Don't mind me." As he moves into a position below us, and up close so he can see the head of my now rock hard cock trying to split the mouth of your pussy.

Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 07

group timewarp69 2017-12-08

Gather round, the show's about to begin." Brandon kissed Cheryl as he moved over to the middle of the room and bent over a little table with a pillow like cushion on top that came to his waist. Tommy left and the next guy entered Brandon's behind while his mouth was filled with the spasmically erupting liquid of the first boy's hot, fleshy cock. Brandon freaked for a minute as the guy grabbed him forcefully still, and shoved the whole throbbing meaty monstrous cock into his quivering ass in one thrust, and he didn't really give Brandon time to adjust either. Although it hurt like all hell, this woke Brandon up and got him back into things, as he started working the cocks in his mouth, hands and ass again.

Bi-sex Trio Surprise Ch. 02

group vhornybimale 2017-12-08

Some of the fantasies that Paul had written over time to me about were of quite an average or common theme and included his desire to suck cock, receive oral from two mouths and to taste another man's cum from his wife Jill's mouth and pussy. I was lying on my right side and again my cock muscle was flexing to nudge my pumped tip against the smoothness of Jill's left buttock, teasingly slipping into her ass crack and back out as we writhed into increasingly passionate throes. Paul needed no encouragement whatsoever and proceeded to lick and suck the length of my shaft, the whiteness of his wife's ass juice coating his lips and collecting beautifully around the corners of his mouth.

Dartmoor Sauna Exchange

group stephwriter 2017-12-08

Finally she broke eye contact and looked down at Sue as she was still giving me head and still had her hand under her bikini bottom masturbating like crazy. Sue was facing the wrong way for them to see anything while she was giving me head but it did allow me to keep eye contact with Wendy. Wendy continued to lick Sue's pussy and Sue tried to push her head away saying it felt too good and she needed a break. Following another brief nod from Wendy, however, Bill edged forward and taking hold of his cock placed it at the entrance to Sue's pussy. Once I was inside we edged towards Bill and Sue. Wendy reached out and again started playing with Sue's breasts.

The Conspiracy of Silence Ch. 02

group Lion24655 2017-12-08

I did call a couple of times - once the whole family were there - I met their father Brian as well - a quiet friendly man; once their mother was there on her own, and again I was invited in for coffee, and left after chatting for an hour. We were sharing a cup of coffee when Toni said "it was great we could go to the beach on a warm day like this." My mind missed it at first, when her mother, Grace, said "Yep, I love it down on Shell beach." Brian chipped into the conversation next: "yep, it was good we could get Mike to do the painting so we could have a free day..."

Abigail's Wedding

group English Bob 2017-12-08

Even in the half light, Abby could clearly see the look of pleasure on Steve's face as Sue swirled her tongue over the end of his cock and once again sucked it deep into her throat. Steve moaned deep and long as a huge stream of cum erupted from the end of his cock and landed on Sue's face. Sue retained her kneeling position on the floor and as she neared Abby and threw a lustful look over her shoulder towards Steve. Sue could feel the heat from Abby's crotch as, not wanting to wait to take them off, she pulled the panties quickly aside and buried her head in her friend's soft, blonde curls.