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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Memphis Night

group fantasyhunter2 2017-12-08

Susie bit his earlobe softly, whispered, "I am no, tease, sweetie," and began to French kiss his ear, letting her warm, wet, soft, sensual tongue dance all around the ridges of Ray's ear. Ray turned her so her ass was facing the room, looked over to see Jimmy was still sitting at the table smiling and watching and began to kneed her supple ass cheeks as he ground his cock into her abdomen. The waiter brought the drinks and when it became more then a couple minutes that Susie and Jimmy were gone, Ray assumed his thoughts about the couple having a quickie in the bathroom might be accurate.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 87

group SteveWallace 2017-12-08

I felt glad to see Julie Yates often stepping into the discussion, because unlike everybody else in the family, she had studied child development in college and then been a nanny and thus had hands-on experience. Mark had told her about the shooting and my militaristic side in a pretty blunt way, that left her worried about her own safety as well as Philip Emerson's safety, not to mention everyone else's. I felt a bit like Tom Sawyer getting his friends to paint the fence, or Br'er Rabbit saying to Br'er Wolf, 'Please don't throw me in dat brier-patch.' Alice and KC promised round the clock personalized loving care, and told us not to come home until we'd gotten laid.


Snack Shop at the Truck Stop

group eastern sun 2017-12-08

My hands tease my thighs, my hips, my waist, my breasts, my neck, and my smile grows into an open-mouthed, closed-eye grin as I finally reach my hair and shake free. You take my hand and I follow you back to the table, where your buddy is sitting, drinking, watching. I coax your cock out of your hand, and still watching your eyes, circle its head with my tongue. My eyes stay closed as you reach into my jeans, sliding your hand over and under my ass until you can feel the sloppy wetness of my pussy. I look around for a moment, not much to see, and then turn back to watch you climb into the truck, followed by your buddy, who closes the door behind him.

What Am I Doing Here? Ch. 07

group ILienBagby 2017-12-08

Although she had set her alarm for eight a.m., she had been awake, lying in bed hours before, eyes closed as she imagined scenes from the fuck train she would be pulling later today, big fat cocks in her cunt, her mouth, her ass, her hands, big fat black cocks. She wasn't sure that another kiss was too good an idea, but the boys had been so nice and respectful so far that she thought one last kiss wouldn't do any harm. When the kiss from one of the boys, she thought it was Harold, but she wasn't sure, lasted too long and then, when he tried to put his tongue into her mouth, she realized that things had indeed gone too far, so she pushed him away.


Fucking Clay & Taylor

group historycup 2017-12-08

Mickinzie and I are wonderful lovers, but since my sex drive and hard cock outlasts her mouth, ass and pussy she gave me permission to use my cock on anyone I wanted as long as she got to be there when I fucked that anyone. Taylor finally pulled her fist out and began licking Mickinzie's pussy juice from her hand. I heard Clay start to moan as Mickinzie stopped pumping long enough for me to slide my cock into her tight ass. Just as Taylor finished cleaning Clay's cock I felt my balls release my load and I poured everything I had into Mickinzie's ass.

Double Tease

group CAM 2017-12-08

As the pair of hands grabs my cock and lips wrap around the tip, I feel a gentle kiss on my lips then start moving towards my ear. I clutch your ass and spread you starting you dart my tongue in and out of you faster; she joins me as we both work your pussy. As I start to slide my finger in and out of her pussy, you pull away from my face and turn around. Continuing to finger fuck her as she lays flat, my free hand grabs your hair and pulls your head up to my face for a kiss. You feel me getting deep with every downward thrust and you try to pull away unsuccessfully.

Mary's Secret

group ltp799 2017-12-08

The sounds of Mary's wet hand sliding over his cock and John's fingers teasing her wet clit filled the quiet room. Mary had started to stroke John's hard cock even faster as she spoke. Just then Jenny called over to us, laughing: 'Don't let him shoot in the pool, I don't want anyone to find a bunch of cum floating around tomorrow morning.' Scott laughed, a little embarrassed, and moved up to sit on the edge of the pool. Mary's breath was coming shorter now and John slowly pushed the crown of his cock into the wet folds of her pussy. John could feel Mary's cunt muscles tightening again as he kept fucking her and she continued to tell her story.


A Beautiful Blonde Wife

group qualitywheat 2017-12-08

Callie's husband wept tears of pain, regret and humiliation, the big black man held him tight, his cock penetrated him fully, his agony abated after some time. "That's great," he said, it was all there, his black hand sliding up and down his hard cock, his face contorted, the man kissing him, him shooting his load. Tobias made a call, he spoke at length, said goodbye, and told Callie to go prepare herself, make herself looked like a million dollars, and wear only a short dressing gown and nothing else. He walked away a very happy man, he had had Callie all night, screwed her senseless, and now Lita would treat him splendidly when next time they were in bed, and not a penny spent.


The Captain’s Wife Ch. 01

group Linda Jean 2017-12-08

Peter walked in dressed in his blues and when he saw me he whistled, Shirley said "put your eyes back in your sockets big boy you look like you could eat her." I mean the size of the cocks in the movie, the girls that laid there and took the whole thing up inside of them. I focused on the TV watching the action taking place and the black cock going in and out of the woman lying on a couch similar to the way I was laying. I wanted to feel more of it and I kept pushing at it to drive it deeper inside, I wanted to see if I could take this the way that she was taking the big cock in the porn movie.


An Evening of Unexpected Fun

group 2017-12-08

She turns around and kneels down, using her hand to sweep her gorgeous full hair from her pretty face, she takes a drink of beer before she starts giving the bottle head. She takes my cock all the way in, holding it for a second and then coming back off it, then without her hands since they're holding her up, she starts licking all around the head and up and down the shaft. I can see that her rim is glistening with her juice, so I say "now get up on the couch and, facing me, mount Sam's cock with your ass." She does, and watching her descend makes me feel like fainting for a moment.

Early Retirement Ch. 06

group Frankly Speaking 2017-12-07

Looking at Sue Ann, I said, "If I told you to go in to work without a bra or panties and fuck anyone who wants you, is that included?" My live-in slut would enjoy meeting you." I said that risking she would be pissed to know that I had a "girl." At least, I identified the relationship with Ruth though I mentioned nothing of Sue Ann. Then Carol said, "Ruth, I never seen a woman be fucked in the ass but you seemed to enjoy it." Ruth started moving her finger in and out as she continued to lick Carol's pussy. I began to work my cock in her ass fucking her hard with long strokes feeling the tight, smooth hole that I was in.

Long Simmering Swing Ch. 06

group Art Martin 2017-12-07

As we headed home to Appleton and State U for Jake and Ginger's wedding, we were both uncomfortable, dressed in clothes for the first time in a week. Jake had Ginger lying on the table as he fucked her from a standing position. Ginger shot upright red faced and tried to extricate Jake's cock from her snatch. Jake stood at the door, naked, his wet cock dangling but on the rise again until I had finished cumming. He pulled the filthy pink rubber from his cock and had her finish him off in her mouth as Bubba began fucking her cunt. It was the moving guys there to pick up Jake and Ginger's stuff.


My First Couple

group sactofunseeker 2017-12-07

They both started slowly getting undressed and wow, Cindy looked even better naked and while I've never been into guys I had decided that I would experiment a little there and Tim was a decent looking guy with a nice cut cock about the same size as my 6" cut and trimmed cock. So I laid on my back and Cindy got above me and slid that wonderful pussy down on my cock until she bottomed out the she had Tim stand in front of her while she got his cock nice an wet with her mouth then she leaned forward on me and had him take her anal cherry as he slowly slid into her little pink whole.

Vegas Honeymoon

group Rescue325 2017-12-07

Jay and Denise got one room while Mark and I took the other king sized bed. Soon Kate and Denise were making out on the couch while Mark and Jay watched and John scoffed at them. Jay told John that he wanted him to always remember his wedding night as he pulled John’s ass closer to him and slowly entered him. He held still and told John to relax while John’s ass got used to Jay’s rock hard cock. They got up and went off to their bedroom while Kate, Mark and I watched poor John try to catch his breath. Kate and I went to our rooms to get pajamas on while Mark pulled up his boxers and gave John a fresh drink.

Cottage Weekend Pt. 01

group tantricjim 2017-12-07

My wife Angela and I had been invited to stay through the weekend at my boss's Georgian Bay cottage but she would not arrive until later that day. "Oh yes, it was fun, I thought Gordon was going to ask me to sleep with him," moaned my lovely wife as she ground her hips around my buried shaft. We were almost at the cottage when she leaned towards me, fastened her eyes on mine and asked, "Are you and Angela interested in an erotic exchange this weekend? "Oh my goodness" she murmured, eyes fastened on my shaft and purple knob, "Whatever have you been thinking about?" She stepped towards me her hands holding the robe ties.


Weekend Plaything Wanted

group SiobhanSaor 2017-12-07

I hadn't noticed Doug moving away, but as I began to crest the wave, I felt a cock being pushed into my wide open mouth. I was moved onto my knees and I felt the couch sag behind me as Doug positioned himself, then the head of his cock was pushing into my cunt. With a final shove, Doug's cock was buried in my grateful cunt, it pushed me forward slightly right onto that gorgeous pussy. Even above the wet slopping sounds of Doug's cock pounding my pussy, I could hear her breathing and it told me what she liked. I could feel my juices running just as Cat's pussy began to tighten around my fingers, and I worked her clit harder, trying to bring her some of the pleasure I was receiving.


Two At A Time

group Master_Supercock 2017-12-07

I stood behind you my hand reaching around for your cock. You took my hand and led me down the hallway towards the back room. Your hands reached out and slipped the hem of my dress up to my hips. Your fingers began to stroke my cunt. You stuffed two fingers in my cunt and thrust a few times. Loving the feel of being finger fucked but wanting something more. No doubt adjusting to the feel of your cock against his through the walls of my cunt. I felt his fingers dig into my flesh and knew he was about to cum. I felt his cock spasming inside of me. I wiped the cum from my face and sucked it off of my fingers.

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 09

group yoursilentknight 2017-12-07

I looked over just in time to see Sarah's second orgasm ripple through her body as Jeff, the star thrower on the track team, blew his load into her from behind. "Oh yeah, just like that!" Sasha cried out as she grabbed her massive breasts with her hands and threw her head back in ecstasy. Ever since joining the track team two weeks ago and getting recruited by the throwers I have been finding out the hard way that throwing shot-put is not as easy as it looks. Just as I was about to switch to her other nipple she stood up, gave me a kiss, then walked over to Ben. I looked around and saw the twins giving Jeff a tandem lap dance, Sasha all over Ben, and Summer and Sarah double teaming Doug.


Gym of Lust

group Smithstan 2017-12-07

She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym. You know the gym is closed on Sundays," she yelled in frustration and approached Mark. "Sorry, we just thought we'd surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous," he said as she got right in front if him. "Shhhhh enough questions," said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10" cock around her pussy lips. Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. Alex almost came and didn't want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly.

The Chair Ch. 29

group Rickd_1960 2017-12-07

The Great Room has a large expanse of windows on one wall, providing a wonderful view of the landscaped back yard. Along two walls of the second floor, there is a mezzanine that looks down into the great room. The underwater partition, as well as the wall above the water, can be opened to provide a large continuous indoor/outdoor pool. Additionally, there is an automatic hard surface cover that can be extended over the indoor pool to provide a large floor for dancing or other activities. The Exercise Room is walled with floor to ceiling mirrors and stocked with all the machines and weights to exercise every part of the body.


Marilyn's Adventures in School Ch. 05

group walterio 2017-12-07

The three men leaned forward in their seats as the girl's skirt flew up over her head baring her young shapely legs and curvy panty covered ass. James's hand then touched Marilyn's panty covered pussy and it was like an electric shock ran through her body. Things were moving quickly now as James caressed her panty covered pussy and Arthur fondled her breasts. James pushed Marilyn's skirt into her lap exposing her panty covered pussy and luscious thighs. Marilyn found herself wondering what James's and Arthur' cocks looked like but her thoughts were interrupted when another intense orgasm rocked her body. While Marilyn was distracted with Arthur' cock in her mouth, James was preparing to fuck her pussy.


Krissy Pays Her Dues, Beautifully

group c7racer 2017-12-07

There was no way that Jake was going to turn this down, a chance to nail Krissy again and to see her with another girl. Clasping his arse hard, Krissy dragged Jake up and down her sensitised slit, her clit filling with unbelievable sensations, sending her stomach turning and every sinew in her body tensing to the max. Krissy untied Lynsey's hands from the bed, at the same time Jake knew that the restraints on her legs were pointless and momentarily withdrew to untie her. Jake was fucking Lynsey from behind again, not hard, but forcefully enough to push her hard onto Krissy, her tongue finding both clit and soaking slit at the same time.



group 2hot2handel 2017-12-07

My wife pulled Mike closer, his cock now only inches away from her face, she started with his balls licking each one then sucking, moving her tongue up his shaft looking up at him. Anns hand was on my cock looking at me,” I want to suck your cock while he fucks me.” She started to suck my cock in time with Mike’s thrusts, I could tell the way Mike and my wife had started to speed up that they were getting close to orgasm.

Penny's Surprise Ch. 05

group Linda Jean 2017-12-07

You are going to be raped by your own men" She moved in behind him again and pointing the rubber cock in the vicinity of his butt hole she just shoved her hips forward. I heard the noise from the TV and it looked like I did not miss a thing, she was hard at work milking another guy, then another, some had short dick's, others had long one's, some black, some dark, others white as snow. Then I saw it, when one dick disappeared, time went by, the blonde just kept moving her own crotch on the seat of the chair a few minutes later an I could see a ass being pushed up against the wall.