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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Inside the Athlete's Village Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-07

Asher and I got ogled up and down pretty good as we entered, and the twins made a big show about removing the Gold Medals from our necks before hanging them on a hook over one of the bedroom doors. Only then did I finally pull off her shirt, and then taking hold of her waist to keep her from moving, I sat back down on the bed, which put my face right at eye-level with Larissa's perfect, *perfect* ass, covered only by two lime green strings that hid absolutely nothing from view. After the second, she impatiently tugged on my shoulders for me to come up and fuck her, but when I glanced across the room and found Asher following my lead by eating out Leticia, I called out, "Hey man, let's switch!"


A Quiet Night In With The Guys

group cahab 2017-12-07

Stephan smiled, though and said jokingly ‘Hey, don’t dress up for us.’ The other guy (Tom, was it?) laughed nervously. The sight of his little brother fucking my mouth like that must have turned Bear on because he began to fuck my pussy with long, hard strokes, that sometimes hurt a little as they bumped at my cervix. Bear pulled out of me and I climbed off of Stephan, and onto Tom. I’m glad I got onto Tom second, I was just nicely opened up for something bigger. By the time he was ready to cum, and climbed up so he could do so into my expectant mouth, Stephan had recovered enough to come fuck me.

Hot Tub Fun Ch. 04

group B5040905 2017-12-07

Autumn and Becky had kissed and fucked their men good morning, cleaned up the residue of the sex in the living room and then got ready for lunch by the pool. Autumn took a long lick up from Becky's clit all the way to her ass hole right at that second. Autumn knows Becky is not into girls but she knows what her own pussy wants and that is what she was going to do for her friend. The narrow head of the plug slipped in between Autumn's fingers right up Becky's ass. Becky's hands pulled on Autumn's thighs, bringing her friend's pussy to her mouth. Becky took this opportunity to take the plug out of her own ass and put it to Autumn's mouth.

A Thanksgiving Stuffing

group kandie 2017-12-07

Deana stepped into the shower to prepare for one of the hottest holidays in her life, a threesome with her husband John, and her past lover, Dwayne. However, as she remembered how hot Dwayne was in bed, her drenched pussy and hard nipples told her there was no way she'd relax. She slid over to the right side of the bed, reached out and grabbed Dwayne's cock then licked her lips and said, "Yummy." All the hot action triggered Dwayne to shoot his load deep inside her, followed by John. With a devilish smile John replied, "Suck me off baby, I'm sure Dwayne loves to watch a woman give a blowjob."

Architects of Passion

group CunningLinguist69 2017-12-07

She reached behind her and began to massage Joe's cock through his pants while leaning across to plant a deep kiss on Enzo's lips. Enzo kneaded Leslie's huge breasts and rolled her large nipples between his fingers as she sucked him deep in her mouth. Joe looked down to see the lips of her pussy stretch around his cock as he pulled out of her, then return to position as he thrust deep inside of her. Leslie was approaching her own climax and began to suck Enzo deeper into her mouth, while she massaged his massive balls, oblivious to the size that at first had been difficult for her mouth to accomodate. While Joe stood, she knelt before him and began to suck his big nine inch cock deep into her mouth, while looking deep into his eyes.

My French Revolution Ch. 05

group sexyminxlola 2017-12-07

Her head dipped to my breasts and she licked every trail of butter off my skin licking my clit and fucking my pussy with her tongue until I gave her my sweet cum as her dessert wine. Corrina was screaming and moaning as pleasure filled her body and I tugged hard on her clit clamp which made her explode squirting the vibrator out of her pussy and catching me in the face. Still on all fours Corrina began thrusting her tongue in her maids pussy moving it from clit to asshole and back several times before thrusting straight in to her, fingering her clit as I gave her ass a few hard slaps and pulled another bead out and pushed it back in.

Beautiful View

group FeJuggler 2017-12-07

She evidently knew her job here; without delay the girl slipped out of her clothes and knelt before Tom. Her skin was a beautiful shade of yellow and Maria quickly captured a few shots of the girl's small, jutting breasts as Tom's cock stiffened rapidly between her tiny, sucking lips. Just when Maria was sure that the girl's spine would give out, Tom raised up on his toes and pulled his cock out of her ass. Camera abandoned momentarily, Maria reached out to brace herself against the walls of the alcove as the rod-like tool slid into her ass. The ring of Maria's ass squeezed convulsively around the invading cock as she watched the girl lick happily at the large accumulation of cum on her face.


No More Excuses

group JessTheMonkey 2017-12-07

Sue laughed and ran her hand through his short jet black hair. Hopefully the former, Sue thought, then maybe she could get to Jack while he was drunk but before the whiskey dick settled in. "Sue!" Steve called from the bathroom. Sue closed the door behind him and waited until she heard his footsteps walk away before she retreated back to bed. Steve was an odd fellow Sue had always thought. Steve paused for a moment and his brown eyes edged over to the door. Before Sue knew it Steve's cock, now semi-erect was present before her. Sue placed her fingers on his hand. She pulled her nightie over her head and discarded it on top a pile of books, Steve threw her down on the bed.


Female Perversions for Different Cock.

group 2017-12-07

I swallowed hard, I could feel my face redden, I had to endure and audience, now two fucking men were going to make sure I coupled and fucked, and as I took a deep breath I heard my German friend say, 'Don't be embarrassed when it makes you cum, it's perfectly normal', then she was gone, no doubt into the viewing gallery to watch me perform, and as the door closed behind me, one man tore my covering from me, his eyes were all over my naked body, 'Open you legs', he ordered, and as I spread myself, he started to run an Aniseed creme deep into my pussy and ass.

Witches Rune Ch. 03

group sweetnpetite 2017-12-07

It was harder now, for Kelly and Nicole to reach each other, so they turned instead to pleasuring themselves, a site which Rob also greatly enjoyed. Hot sticky liquid gushed forth over her thighs Rob continued to pound into her through her orgasm, enjoying the feeling of her ass walls squeezing against his hard-on. I'd like to see you suck my jizz out of Nicole's ass and feed it to your innocent little friend up there with the dirty mouth while I pound her ass full of cock. "I'm sorry, I got carried away," Rob was about to plunge back into Kelly's eager snatch when he heard Nicole's voice, once again collected and in control.


Caught at school

group neond 2017-12-07

She explained how she had been feeling really horny all week and that she really needed my hard cock inside her tight pussy and ass. Miss Gaynor then started to lick and play with miss johnsons pussy as she sucked me off. When miss Johnson was done sucking my cock she bent over and told me to fuck her arse. Deeper and deeper my cock went into her hole, picking up speed I knew I was about to cum, I kept going thrusting really deep and hard as I shot my load up miss gaynors arse. Miss johnson came over and started to lick the cum out of her ass before sharing the taste with miss Gaynor.

Delilah's Shopping Surprise

group DeeAnne 2017-12-07

"Quiet!" Commands Karen, her fingers against Delilah's lips, "We can't have shoppers thinking your getting fucked in her, Love!" With that, she pulls the dress the rest of the way off and moves in to kiss Delilah's full pouting lips. "Ooooo...This is so fucking hot...feeling you against my ass and watching Karen fucking her own cunt." Delilah moans softly as she pushes her ass against John's steel shaft. Watch him push his cock up inside my hole." Delilah's low sultry words fueling her heat, Karen leans her head back closing her eyes for a moment and moans.


The Evaluation Ch. 03

group Elixxxher 2017-12-07

Not only had they spent some time exploring Ann's beautiful body and getting decently fucked by Reid over the past few days, but their experience with another woman had started her thinking about possibilities for her and Sam to have a bit of fun as well. Liz smiled back and as they continued to play and she noticed that Sam and Bethany were also doing quite a bit of close chatting and touching, even more so she and Kara were. Moving over, Bethany covered their spots as Kara took Liz's hand and started away from the table.


Executive Privilege Ch. 01

group Keat 2017-12-07

As Ann was meeting with Lisa at their country club, Kevin would be explaining the arrangement to Jim. There was an 18 year age difference between Kevin and Lisa, but Jim and Ann were the same age which seemed to balance out the age issue. "Except for the arrangement, I haven't worked since Kevin was promoted to senior manager, leaving me more time with our family and more free time for myself. As we speak Kevin is having this same conversation with Jim." Ann sensed Lisa was nearly overwhelmed by what had been laid out before her. "I need some time to think, and like you say, I need to talk to Jim. If we do decide to accept the promotion, what comes next?" Lisa asked.


Cobblers Beach

group CafeExtreme 2017-12-07

Your cunt was very tasty and those big lips were so juicy, but now you've got some work to do haven't you?" he asked rhetorically, gesturing to the two rigid cocks that were still near my face. Seamlessly, Joe then moved around in front of me, grasping the base of his cock and holding it straight out, and asked me to put my hands behind my back, close my eyes and keep my mouth open. David started busying himself to my side and then went and stood next to Joe. I gasped as I felt something hard and cold slip between my cuntlips. David then fucked my cunt vigorously with the bottle for about thirty seconds before whipping it out and then Joe said


Hidden Agenda

group adel5000 2017-12-07

She left out a muffled moan as she felt the heat of Jess’s breath on her wet cunt, just as she began to lick first her cum soaked finger with which she had been rubbing her clit, and then she ceased all movement and began to choke on Jim’s cock when Jess swirled her tongue over her clit. Jess lifted up her head from Claire’s cum drenched twat, and Jim got even harder from just seeing her face glazed with Claire’s copious pussy juice, which she licked off the corner of her lips as the fire of her own lust burned hot in her seductive eyes.

If You Fuck My Friend

group alladream27 2017-12-07

Brandon is fucking Elena and holding her throat like the reins of a horse, her thighs make a slapping sound as they bump against his torso. "Get that pussy, daddy," Daina encourages and Brandon's eyes float from one sexy friend to the other, not knowing where to place his attention. Daina's fingers reach the opening down below and in once swift motion her pointer finger disappears inside Brandon's asshole and he screams, bucks wildly and cums at the same time shooting all of his hot, nasty sperm inside Elena's open, freshly fucked pussy. He reaches back, grabs Daina's face and kisses her lips as Elena recovers silently beneath him, his dick still inside her.

That New Guy Ch. 08

group Irish Moss 2017-12-07

As Byron was devouring Deb's smooth pussy and driving her toward another orgasm, Jake's attention was vacillating between the images of Meg on the big screen before them and watching her mouth sliding up and down his cock. As Jake had realized with Meg, Byron was also aware that he hadn't slipped his cock into Deb's mouth yet and planned to remedy that before he blew his load this time. Jake fucked Meg's tits almost right up to the point where it was too late to stop, despite his desire to enjoy her oral skills for a bit before he shot his load down her throat. Byron was enjoying fondling Deb's tits as he enjoyed fucking her hot, slippery pussy, but he was also well aware of how close he was to cumming.

Triad Ch. 03: Surrender

group aluisa 2017-12-07

I lingered there, at that moment in the shower with Milo's hands around my waist feeling warm and protected and sure in all the decisions I had made in my life leading up this experience. He called the manager and stumbled through an explanation and then after a few silent moments he pulled the phone away from his ear in shock. He smiled, pointing his fingers at me like a gun and tried to wink, I think, but instead blinked dramatically. I imagined Milo in that stall with me, pressing me against the wall, one hand in my pussy and the other on my neck, holding me steady. I opened my eyes and looked down to a hand holding out my phone under the stall door.


Student Turned to Slut

group DragonGirl3 2017-12-07

I had noticed a couple of my professors starting at my tits during class, and I enjoyed the attention. Eventually I became brave enough to spread my legs while wearing a skirt to show my professors my shaved pussy. Classes had been going well, I had been getting good grades, until I got one midterm back that had a 40 on it. I walked into the chemistry lab with my test in hand. And if you want to keep your A average in our classes, then you're going to please all of us for the rest of the semester." "Since you've been a good little slut, I'll change your grade Julia.

Effect of alcohol to shy wife

group 2017-12-07

I ask "Where is Dict?" Bert replied "C.R." The C.R. is located after the kitchen so I know Dict will see my wife preparing food in her nighties, that makes me excited. After a few hot scene from the flick, Bert gave my wife a massage on the neck, then down to her shoulder and carefully pulling down the strap of her nighties while Dict and Jerry still caressing her thighs while her nighties was at the upper part of her thigh just enough to cover her panty. Jerry then sucks her nipples hard and Dict licks her pussy hard too, Bert unzipped his pants and exposed his huge dick.

Full Moon Beach Party Ch. 03

group i_would 2017-12-07

The blonde stud went to get a new bracelet, and when he got one he walked straight back to Ashley with a big grin on his face. Ashley let out a deep sigh when she took him in her pussy, and started moving up and down, only to be stopped by the man. A good-looking man in his mid-thirties matched up with both Ashley and another woman waiting for her next bracelet. The men Phoebe took back each found a new match in the waiting girls, but Ashley was left out again. Another couple returned, and moments later while walking away with her match, Ashley heard Phoebe's enthusiastic voice, indicating she got herself yet another man.


Lez Be Friends

group Irish Moss 2017-12-07

Christa had started humping my face as I ate her so I moved a hand off of her ass and slipped a finger into her pussy while focusing on licking and sucking her clit. I could feel both of their pussies becoming hotter and wetter the longer I enjoyed them, but Christa started to shake while letting out a cry before Wendy. I watched her tits bouncing so my hands eventually ended up caressing them and stroking her hard nipples while she got closer and closer to cumming. I squeezed Christa's tits around my tool and brushed my thumbs over her nipples as I started to slowly slide my cock against the soft, smooth flesh.

My Roommate...

group Oriheme 2017-12-07

I couldn't believe my eyes, what was before me was a room, the walls painted black, with candles light on each corner of the room, a giant four post bed sitting to one side, a cabinet opened showing many different whips, canes, and even handcuffs. She spread her legs wider giving me a good look at her gushing pussy. that's when I bent down and kissed her beautiful pussy, then I slowly stuck my tongue and swept up her clit, making her shiver at the contact, she tasted so good. I made my way back up to her mouth and she gladly licked her pussy juices off my mouth before we looked over at him, his eyes wide with shock at what he just saw.