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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Breaking the Bridesmaids Ch. 02

group hotmann 2017-12-07

"Hot. Yeah, she does look hot." I turned from Bonnie to Amanda, and slipped my hand up under her skirt, cupping her ass. I stepped through our doorway to find Amanda, my beautiful wife, locked in the embrace of Bonnie, her best friend. I saw Bonnie's panties slip off and fly across the room, but even with Amanda's hair pulled back, which it was, I could not see too much of what was going on. Despite the fact that she had just cum in front of me, because my wife ate her out, Bonnie still seemed nervous, but Amanda reached out a hand and guided the nubile young woman into position.


The Party

group falcon29 2017-12-07

I played my hand through the clouds of dark hair as I answered Ted's tongue thrusting with mine into his mouth. Ted groaned into my mouth and his hand found my cock. I was planning on waiting, but you're gonna help me out with more than just a hand job." I'm not really a tough guy, but I sensed Ted would need some incentive to let himself go. But Ted's free hand cupping my balls (and his finger stroking that sensitive little stretch of skin from my balls to my ass hole) brought me back to the present. That night I dreamed of fucking Ted's tight ass while he plunged into Gerri's juicy pussy.

Property Inspection

group tmartin96007 2017-12-07

After the two men got done looking around inside the house, Joe went to the backyard to look around outside and Mark came back to the living room to talk to Cindy. "I don't have it yet." Cindy replied, "My husband just started his new job this week, as soon as he gets his first paycheck, I'll bring you a check for at least one month's rent." Cindy got up on the couch on her hands and knees and continued sucking Joe's cock while offering Mark her pussy in the doggy style position. Mark didn't take any time getting behind Cindy on the couch and burying his cock deep into her hairless pussy. All of a sudden Cindy started to realize how good it felt to have dick in her mouth and pussy at the same time.

Everything All At Once

group DJ LaSexy 2017-12-07

Julia’s Boyfriend (James): 24, brown/brown, buff physique, almost totally hairless Angela’s Other best Friend (Emily): 24, blonde/green, former Mormon, tall, lithe, long legs. When I pull out I can feel Emily’s tongue on my shaft, licking the length of it as it disappears again into Julia’s wet pussy. My girlfriend Angela, in a somewhat acrobatic feat, is straddling her best friend Julia’s face so that Julia can eat her pussy while I fuck her cunt and Emily licks us both. As Stephen pulls out of James’ ass James pulls out of Emily’s pussy and then they both pump it back in. Julia meanwhile laps at Angela’s pussy, first licking the length of it, from her clit to her asshole, then tongue fucking her, sticking her tongue as far as she can into my girlfriend’s pussy.

The Party

group sexyisabelle 2017-12-07

Placing my hand on the back of Lucille's head, I bent forward, and kissed her aggressively, passing the wine from my mouth to hers. With my tongue and lips I explored her belly and thighs, getting closer to her sex with each lick and kiss, As I brought my tongue closer to tasting her wet pussy, Lisa continued stroking my legs and ass with one hand, and reach under me to finger me through my panties with her other. I did my best to focus on getting her off while being distracted by Lisa who now slid her hand down my panties, pressing her middle finger between the outer lips of my pussy.


Hot Tub Out Back

group Bigr1856 2017-12-07

I opened my eyes and Susie was looking square at me and I felt her foot slide up against the underside of my hard cock. As I came down from the wave of orgasm that had washed over me, Susie picked Donna up by her tiny waist, placed her on the side of the hot tub and went down on her, sucking and licking my fresh load from Donna’s little snatch. I watched in awe as Donna balled her small hand into a fist and began pushing it between Susie’s legs. Before I knew what was happening, Donna had her little hand up inside Susie’s pussy and began fisting her.

Four for a Shower

group WorkFred 2017-12-07

Pat suggested that Dave jump in the shower to warm up while I help set up the tree, under the guidance of the ladies. With Dave still in the shower Nancy suggested that she and Pat find out what was taking him so long. Looking to where all the noise was coming from I found that Nancy and Pat had joined Dave in the shower. Seeing me he said, “I was just standing here when these two walked in.” Both Pat and Nancy stopped and looked at me. Nancy suggested that I join them and Pat started to grab at my shirt. Nancy was as quickly heating up with Dave massaging her breasts; yes he finally finished getting her blouse off.

A Promise Ch. 02

group Mistermister 2017-12-07

I couldn't wait any longer as I needed relief my self so I turned her around, lifted her ass, aimed my throbbing dick at her wet pussy and proceeded to insert it slowly until I came to the barrier. Slowly at first then picked up the pace, Liz in the mean time was sucking and licking my balls and in short order I was blowing my load in Connie's mouth. Connie went into labor first and after twenty two hours she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom we named Maggie after her mom. A week later Liz went into labor and after eighteen hours she also gave birth to a baby girl whom we named Mary after her mom.

Swingers Party

group 2017-12-07

The owner of the property pulled his cock out and pushed it into the wife's mouth she sucked him nice and hard while she was on her back giving her a good pounding. Time to change positions the wife bent over and while he fucked her hard she sucked my cock moaning like the whore she is with a cunt and mouth full of cock. The wife starts sucking my cock again and after a while a guy who we have seen before and has fucked the wife numerous times before came into the room with a lady friend. I pushed my cock deep inside my whore wife and pounded her fuck hole like it was the last fuck I was ever going to have.

The Circle Ch. 22

group SteveWallace 2017-12-07

Jim came home from work one day and much to his surprise he found Kyle's mother, Lynn Broadhurst, sitting on the sofa making ga-ga and cooing sounds at both Ariana and Marshall, who she'd propped up against the back of the sofa amid pillows and baby blankets. The first result of that brief discussion came the next day when Jim got home and again found Lynn playing with two of the babies; this time Ariana and Teddy - Alice's baby. She fell into the abyss of pleasure for many minutes, her body jerking and twitching as Jim kissed his way back to her lips, spending time at her breasts as he passed by. Zoey rose, and made a show of sharing the fluids with Jim. She then turned to Lynn, and the pair French kissed.


Fantasy Massage

group wilsuccox 2017-12-07

First I'd feel the hard nipple of one of Linda's tits, then I feel Alan's cock, or maybe his balls. "Alan is going to adjust the legs of the table," Linda's soft voice explained. Just as I was getting comfortable in this position, with Alan now simultaneously working both hands on my ass, Linda leaned down to my ear. Alan's hands were working magic on my ass and upper thighs, still occasionally dropping down beneath me to rub my hard cock. The firmness of his hands was relaxing, or as relaxing as could be expected since Alan had moved between my legs and was sucking my cock while Linda licked my nipples. By the time the table stopped the swelled head of his hardening cock was pressed against my lips.


Two Dirty Schoolgirls

group scarlettshea86 2017-12-07

I loved how deeply into the roles we all got, and in an effort to instigate some punishment, I spread my legs under my desk and pulled my skirt up so Matt could see my pink, hairless pussy. After several minutes of eating her ass, Matt stopped and had her turn around to sit on the desk facing me with her feet up and legs spread so he could then eat her pussy. Having to watch your boyfriend eat your girlfriend's pussy and ass and never getting even the slightest taste?" Matt asked as Amanda recovered, her skin beautifully flushed from her orgasm. Once Matt was finished feeding his cum to her, Amanda climbed off the desk and dropped to her knees like she had been taught to clean his cock up with her mouth.

Deep Woods Debauchery

group BuckyDuckman 2017-12-07

Thinking back to last year, he remembered how hot it was to see Ruben, Grant, or Dylan standing naked beneath the showerhead. Compact and muscular like Grant, Logan couldn't watch Dylan taking a shower without having more problems. Needing to warm up another pot of water for the girls, Logan watched Ruben's shower from the far side of the fire pit. Both women turned around, watching the showers with glee while Dylan and Grant stole glances over their shoulders at Ruben and other glances at each other. When Logan added Mallory's comment about tacos stuffed with sausage, all four of them started laughing, but the laughter stopped with two naked women walked out of the tent wearing towels around their necks and holding hands


Mountain Storm

group pornaholic63 2017-12-07

I watched as Alice's hand caressed Wendy's lower belly just above her pubic area, her fingers began exploring the soft blonde hair just above that place of ultimate pleasure, Wendy, waiting in anticipation, beckoning those bright red fingernails to slip down between her very wet and engorged lips. Almost at the same time the Vicar started to tremble and I saw just a trickle of cum at first, then a huge eruption landing on Wendy's neck and breasts, I saw beads of cum on Alice's face and arm, as he now totally lost control, his body was pumping out incredible amounts of pure white, thick semen over both of them.


group alibodge 2017-12-07

I had barely enough time to suck his cock dry when he pulled it out of my mouth, the first man grabbed my hair and turning me back towards him, rammed his cock back into my mouth, "Suck me you fuckin' little whore" and once again I was being pumped until he too came with a load of cum in my mouth. It was then that dad now came over to the side of my head and pulling on my hair, turned my head towards him and seeing his hard cock, "Suck my cock you filthy little whore" as he rammed his stiff cock into my mouth.

Holy Orders

group Mikro 2017-12-07

Instead, I just said, "I think it's time you were back at work." I tried to inject Graham's authority into my voice but they just laughed. I have done as you asked now will you please go back to work." I said, closing my legs but too afraid to walk past them I turned and walked into the garden. I felt a little easier as they walked into the kitchen knowing they couldn't see anything and as I had moved the chairs back around the table I knew I would not be stuck by the door. I felt his hand on my leg and Pete had moved in close behind me, I could feel his hardness pushing into my bottom and the picture of his willy came into my head.


Late Night Coffee Ch. 01

group Estcher 2017-12-07

They froze like that for an instant staring at one another and then Ethan quickly moved his hand to take the latte by holding the rim. Brigitte, or Breeg as Amber called her, came round from behind the counter and pulled up a chair beside Ethan and smiled at seeing Amber holding his hand. Amber released his hand and pulled her chair in closer to sit just inside Ethan's knees. "Ethan," he said and looked down at Amber's hands. Amber licked her lips again and then without hesitation popped the head of his cock in her mouth and sucked hard on it. Breeg immediately wrapped her mouth around his cock and rapidly started bopping her head up and down his shaft.


Condominium Ch. 09

group SteveWallace 2017-12-07

Mike and Amber must have come to watch us, seen what I was doing to Nikki and Dawn, and then decided to couple and keep watching. Between Mike and Amber, and then Dawn and Nikki, I was a 'ten' on my ten-point cock hardness scale. Mike did move and made a couple of dozen strokes of his cock inside Dawn, bringing her to an orgasm, before returning to Amber. Nikki, you can help me; I want you to start to play and suck on Dawn's breasts." "Nikki, I want you to start to kiss Dawn. Nikki leaned in to start the kisses, and as she did I started to drag the knuckles of the hand inside Dawn across her G-spot.


Tucker's Studio Ch. 23

group riverboy 2017-12-07

Kay took off her clothes just moments after walking through the front door, and the beautiful picture of home that Kelsey carried in her minds-eye was complete. "So, some nice group lovin' on your first night in Vegas," Kay said, like it was the most natural thing in the world for her daughter to have done. "Kelsey tells me you guys had fun in Vegas," Kay said. Looks like you need a little cover today," Kay said, glancing at the way his hard cock was tenting his suit. The similarities were almost uncanny, and Raymond couldn't help but wonder if Kay's pussy, which looked so much like her daughter's on the outside, would feel the same on the inside as Kelsey's gloriously velvety tunnel of magic.


The Wedding Present

group JadeJames 2017-12-07

I lapped up your warm cum as you clutched the table trying hard not to moan in orgasmic pleasure. I was fueled by the need to share your cock and see it enter her tight pink pussy. In the quietness of the hotel room however, it was all three of us that began the 'dance'; the menage of limbs, skin, sensations, and pleasures. Turning our attention to her almost immediately, you pressed up behind her allowing her to feel your rock hard cock against her ass while I explored her lips and mouth with my tongue, slipping her out of her clothes. She writhed in delicious euphoria, begging to have your cock thrust deep into her and desperately wanting to return the pleasures to my pussy.

Girls Nite Out part 2

group oohmick69 2017-12-07

She goes down on me now --- fuck her tongue feels so good --- i know she is getting the best part of mine and Micks love making ---- she is drinking me down like there is no tomorrow --- i feel an orgasm building -- Mick knows all the signs --- He places my one leg over the back of the sofa and the other on the floor --- spreading me even wider -- he kneels at my side so i can take him into my mouth ---- my moans are stiffled as i suck hard on him --- Jens also working my bum now opening me and closing me --- Micks cum is still leaking out of my bum and i'm still gapping wide --- she f***es 3 fingers deep into my bum ---- the first wave of orgasm hits -- i thrust up into her face ---- her teeth bang against my clit ---- again and again i do this until no longer can i hold back -- finally my first gush hits her in the mouth -- the second and stronger hits her full in the face --- she dives right back in for more --- her fingers are working hard inside my bum hole----- Mick takes his cock out of my mouth --- i say why ???


Gary's Dinner Party

group JeanieOfUDreams 2017-12-07

I reach my finger into your pussy and start to kiss your lips with one hand on you ass. It feels so good, one hand is fingering you pussy and the other is massaging your ass. I go to the next one tells me to turn around I know when he finished I will be naked in a room with five men with hard cocks. I am standing at your head stroking your hair and rubbing my hands gently on your face and cheeks, you try to kiss them as my fingers get close to your lips. Your eyes are closed, but occasionally you sneak a peek and you see naked men all around you, hands and fingers probing you cocks everywhere, standing at attention and pointing at you.

The Phone Call

group JayTheWriter 2017-12-07

Lisa did as I said and began kissing and tonguing Cat's pussy. They did as I said once again and I continued my masturbation as I watched Cat passionately burry her face between her friend’s legs. After a few minutes I said, "Why don't you lay on the bed Lisa, and spread your legs really wide so Cat and I can lick you together." As Lisa relaxed, I pushed Cats hand to my dick and she began to squeeze it. Cat giggled and scooted down in the bed where she began to give my dick small wet kisses. When Cats orgasm subsided, she fell to the bed next to me and I watched Lisa's face as she bucked her hips wildly back and forth.

Journey Onward Ch. 02

group csb1971 2017-12-07

Jake stood up and took a drink out of the cup he brought down to the pool, looked down at Kate and said, "Well, we may as well get this party started" and undid his robe and placed it on the chair. There was no doubt that the foursome across the way was having a good time, and it caused Jake's cock to stir a little bit. After a minute or two, the group got up and left the hot tub area to rest a bit before continuing their fun for the night. While Kate continued her work on him, Jake looked over and saw an older couple make their way towards the hot tub.