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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group erossmantic 2017-12-07

Rumors spread the last few days throughout the prestigious law offices of Jacobson and Cox. Like a slow moving contagion, everyone within the firm was infected with the growing fear of losing their jobs. "Beginning tomorrow," she said making one final pass to deflate her opponent, "it will be my job every day to take his firm in my hands and find ways to make it grow." Sonja smiled at the cleverness of her double entendre and the obvious success of her assault. Natasha loved her job and career and Jacobson and Cox. Even in the best of economic times, her loyalty and fit with the firm's legal culture would keep her here.


Across Rooftops - Compromised

group misterwho 2017-12-07

Sheila had gone and bought those gowns made specially for breast-feeding mothers very matter of factly, knowing the needs arising from having taken on a young lover. Just a while ago as he peeped in on them he had seen Sheila aunty with her head thrown back and her breasts pointing up toward the ceiling. Convincing Sham to let him join him at Sheila aunty's on chance had been a bigger challenge for Manoj. But Sheila wasn't looking there and Sham was not sure this timing was right. Even as Sheila continued to hold Sham's head to her bosom though a bit listlessly Manoj grabbed her other hand and roughly pulled it to his crotch. "Sham, stop your friend," yelped Sheila as Manoj ducked between her legs.


Our Holiday - Part 1

group Exclamation_Mark 2017-12-07

I smile and Claire giggles as I resume kissing Kel's neck and nibble her ear as my hands massage her hips and thighs, taking hold of the bottom of her little silky nightie, i slowly lift it up, gradually exposing Kel's shaven pussy and big round breasts to Claire, lifting her nightie up over her head and let it drop to the floor. I then hear Kel saying she is going to cum soon, so at that point I lift my head from Claire and see Kel gripping Claire's hair tightly with one hand whilst the other grips the side of the mattress as her pleasure intensifies with Claire bringing her closer and closer to orgasm, I see one of Claire's hands move up Kel's body and begin to massage her breasts, squeezing and pulling Kel's nipples which are erect like little bullets.

Fantasies Do Become Realities

group sanityisgone4eva 2017-12-07

I asked him if he had ever done it before, he smiled and said yea a few times, but with you it will be a new experience because the girl he had done it with didn't like anal at all. A very attractive auburn haired women walked up and said her name was Mandy, and asked us if we needed any help. I smiled and said yes that I needed help carrying all the clothes Dan was putting in my arms to the dressing room. We went to walk out and Mandy came out from behind the counter and said it was nice meeting you and shook my hand as she did she slipped a piece of paper in my hand and whispered call me.


A Night of Surprises

group dark_entries 2017-12-07

"Eric, meet my roommate Steve," she said, and dropped to her knees, unbuttoning my pants and starting to pull out my cock and balls. I started to protest, "I thought you said he was just going to watch!" when Carmilla slapped me full across the face and said, "Shut up and keep fucking me." Stunned, I heard Steve grunt and then Carmilla winced, and I felt it through the walls of her vagina: Steve's dick, sliding in and out of Carmilla's ass. As I tasted the thick, hot, salty goo, Carmilla sat up — still riding my dick — and began rubbing Steve's cum into her face, neck, and chest.

The Start of a Holiday

group NDW76 2017-12-07

The last thing Anna wanted was for Jacinta to tell anyone that she had been found naked in another person's house, fingering her pussy, while watching porn. Being a state of arousal from her own attention before Norm and Jacinta came home, and now having Norm's cock in her mouth Anna felt herself edging closer to orgasm. Bobbing her head up and down on Norm's cock each time getting him deeper and deeper into her throat, Anna realized that it wasn't going to be long before she came. "If you want to feel his cock in your tight little pussy you will have to lick my pussy of me." Jacinta told Anna.

Asian receptionist rented to hotel guests

group 2017-12-06

His friend back home laughs too and says "Take the top of that little bitch...want to see how those tiny titted whores wear bras." In one rough jerk, my work blouse is ripped open and one button springs off and lands on the floor. My soft white panties with tiny little pink hearts printed on the fabric shows and the men start shouting new degrading comments about how skinny my body is and how pathetic slim waist I have. As my small breasts are all messy with long lines of pre-cum and saliva that keeps drooling out of my mouth, the other guy grabs my tiny little panties with both hands.

The Entertainment

group julietta 2017-12-06

"Well, party boy, you'll just have to watch us party then." Max unzipped her dress and let it fall, showing her whole perfect back and ass, then turned and shimmied a little, letting me watch her tits jiggle while Jenny stroked her ass. Max moaned and ground her hips into the intruding hand, then found Jenny's breast and rolled the nipple between her fingers. Jenny dipped her finger several times in Max's slit, then began to work on her puckered little asshole. Jenny fingered Max's asshole until it was spread and glistening, and finally slowly inserted the paddle end between her perfect red cheeks. Both the girls came hard, grabbing at each others' tits and Jenny's ass trying to milk my cock as hard as it could.

Anne's Story Ch. 05

group p3seven 2017-12-06

Grace from her vantage point in the floor well, grasped Dan's cock placing the pink tip just inside the mouth of Anne's pulsing vagina. Grace stopped rubbing and placed an index finger alongside Dan's cock allowing both to be swallowed by Anne's pussy. Grace leaned forward, bending her shapely legs and allowed Dan's cock to bed home in her sweet pussy. Grace bent lower rotating her arse allowing her labia to rub over her swollen clit as the men feeling the intensity of the pussy contractions increase, pushed their cocks in hard and deep. Dan stayed anchored inside Anne's clasping pussy as the lovers watched Grace explode on the end of John's rod.


St. Patrick's Day

group beaverhunter76 2017-12-06

Then I feel two delicate hands groping my ass, and my dick is getting a powerful suck job, and I look down to see Robyn, yet another friend from school. Robyn giggled as she got up and leaned over the bed to Cindy, kissing her and letting the red head clean her face. I alternated between kissing her ass hole and licking her pussy, while my dick plunged further into Cindy as my hips pressed harder into hers. Kelly used this moment to turn her head around Robyn's hips and kiss her ass hole, sticking her tongue deep inside. "Give him a minute to get his energy back Robyn." Kelly said, as she ran her hands over the smooth ass.


Bad Penny Ch. 03

group MVPrimetime 2017-12-06

I want to watch the girl suck my come juice off your cock." She patted the seat beside her on the sofa, and lay back with her legs open beckoning to Mike "Now Boy, lick your Mistress clean." Beside me Tara had her hand on Mike's head as he licked her, and she reached her other hand to take my cock and wank me slowly into Penny's mouth. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes, saying "Penny darling, you like sucking Sean's cock don't you? Tara ordered another kiss, and Penny had to barely move her mouth away from my cock to find Mike's lips.


Welcome to London

group lasslorn30 2017-12-06

"Don't look at me, sweetie." "It is mine, " Samira said with a blush, "I forgot my lunch tonight when I left for work, and I did not feel like facing the vending machines in the staff room. "C'mon, Sarah will be home soon and she's bringing dinner." Samira thought of her cold apartment and pondered how long it would take to warm up, cause she turned the heat way down whenever she left. She pressed her lips to her clit as James knelt behind her, running his hard cock up her thigh and teasing at her clit He was stroking her slit with his cock head as she lifted Sarah's clit in the tip of her tongue and suckled it.

My wife with many cucks

group besy 2017-12-06

Pulled on his big dick plan and begin the processing of my wife needed. First, it is one of them starts to lick the first then the second broad Lending and very wet hole, while the other two push dick in her mouth, first alternately and then also with both at once, while she has a very deep sighs, almost jail, it is first pockets deep into her hairy pussy and her coarse pockets of his cock hit the fashion that its broad Lending ass which invites the next cock.

Evening with Friends

group tedsgirl 2017-12-06

"Come on hon, you know you like my cock." Jack tells her, Kate sighs and gets down on the floor in front of Jack and I look over and she shyly takes his cock into her mouth. "Kate I want to watch you suck Ted's cock." Jack tells her. "You like sucking Jack's cock baby, is it good??" you ask me as you start thrusting in and out of her mouth, fucking her. You fuck my mouth, "Loved watching you eat pussy baby, and sucking his cock and getting fucked by another man was so hot." You tell me, giving me every inch of your cock, I can see Kate taking his cock.

Vacation Young Couple Part II

group bufffreak 2017-12-06

They both enjoyed laying around naked and having sex iwith Cindi and I while we were all in the room I couldn't wait to fuck Sandy again, she reminded me of my first girl, except this time I got to have sex I lead Sandy to the bed and entered her moist, bald, tight kitty. Cindi and Sandy get ready to go shopping for the eveing. Cindi had grabbed an ID of her s****rs for SAndy and I grabbed one form my buddy for Dan I slid down and began licking her again as Dan and Cindi showered aftrer Sandy shuttered I rolled her over and fucked her from behind again as Cindi sucked Dan

Heather's Working Holiday

group angelfeathers 2017-12-06

Paulo proved useful in getting Heather clients, and very soon Heather was going upstairs with her next customer, an English boy who paid me £20 and as they shut the bedroom door I slipped into the next room and sat down opposite the mirror to watch. One of the Australians suggested that they take turns and fuck Heather in the wet bathroom so I got to see those iron bars in action, not to mention two of the Australians who took a fancy to fucking Heather whilst she lay splayed out on the bed, one giving it to her between her legs, the other sitting on her face his cock thrusting in and out her spasming mouth whilst she clutched at his bare buttocks with two eager hands that was practically pulling him down her throat.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 23

group SteveWallace 2017-12-06

Somebody came by the gallery, liked all my paintings that were there, and they bought allof them." She waved the check I'd scrawled my name on the night before. Melanie and Sheila both bought things for the condo with their own money that improved the look of the various rooms -- small statues, table top books in areas I found interesting, or decorator pillows, for example. The act got repeated a few minutes later with Cindy and Sheila, while Melanie sat on my face. Wednesday morning over breakfast, Mark heard Cindy and I planning a shopping trip that evening to JC Penney's and Kohl's to get some new sporty clothes to take on the trip to Mexico.


The Retreat at Sharon's Ch. 09

group PenLightStories 2017-12-06

"Like this!" Mikela pulled Carla's panties down and then lifted her skirt with one hand, exposing her butt room and then slammed the yardstick across her bare butt, causing Carla to jump forward, rocking the desk. "You think it's funny, Carla?" Max heard the snap of the stick against skin and felt small shift of the desk beneath his chest. "Now I want to see you caress her like you do when you give her back rubs when you think I'm not looking." Max obliged and slid his hands slowly down the front of her legs and then around her thighs and back up until they were massaging her butt.


The 30 Minute Gangbang

group Friskee_cpl 2017-12-06

Peter and Nick were still in the kitchen fart arseing about and Sam and Joel were munching down on a sausage sandwich on the lounge. "It's dinner time Pete, dinner time." Dan patted the lounge next to him and called out to Kat, "Come sit here darling and let the minnions bring us food and alcohol while I educate you on the greatest game of all." Forgetting that all she had on was her thin black sports knickers, Kat crawled across the lounge to Dan and when she sat down, Joel and Sam quickly looked away from her, glanced at each other and smiled. Kat hopped off the stool and went into the kitchen and stood next to Nick who immediately slid his hand down onto her firm arse.


Touch Class Ch. 13

group Uzi_Johnson 2017-12-06

"Gretchen, I'm so glad you feel that way." I boldly put my right arm around her waist, and she didn't resist. Our hands started moving on each other's back, as Gretchen had put her arms around me as well. I undid her blouse, button by button, revealing her luscious cleavage, and stuck my face in there, kissing and licking the sides of her breasts where they protruded from her bra. The nipple tips were hard and I bent down and started licking and sucking them as I manipulated her tits with my hands. It felt so good to be fucking Gretchen. I licked it up and this caused Gretchen to convulse with pleasure, moaning and coming even more tit and pussy juice.

Doing a Co-workers wife at the Office party

group Flyded 2017-12-06

My cock in my pants gets hard and stiff I wanted to fuck her so bad ..I yank her dress up around her waist and slide my left hand down into her panties, quickly finding my finger into her pussy and start to finger bang her still with my tongue deep in her mouth. He wasted no time getting a couple of fingers deep in her pussy figuring her from behind I took the opportunity to open my pants reach down and pull out my hard fucking cock I asked the guy to bend her forward as he continue figuring her.

bound and spitroasted

group 2017-12-06

I got to his house and we went upstairs,we talked for a bit and he asked me how i felt about being hog tied i told him id like to try, he had a sex swing in his guest room that he wanted to tie me too to i said ok couldnt hurt to try. so after i got all dressed up i let him tie me legs were spread straight up like a v bound to the ropes and my arms were tied to the bar at the front of the swing seat witch made my hands only able to be used to spread my ass cheeks he lubed me up and rimmed me a little and sroked my cock, it turned me on.

Dancefloor Flirtation

group Vixen77 2017-12-06

You're incredibly hard inside me and I want you to spunk all over my arse, I tell you how much I want you to cover me in cum and you pull out but instead of wanking over me you turn me to face you. I'm in the middle of a second orgasm when the cock in my pussy erupts, I feel his hot cum flooding into me as you both shoot your spunk into my mouth. You smile at me naughtily and push me back against the wall, you slide three fingers into my cum soaked pussy and I moan softly as you finger fuck me slowly, you whisper filth into my ear as you feel the spunk inside me.


group Flory 2017-12-06

I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants and felt him put the head of his dick on my lips and I knew he would get me again as soon as he pushed his way in. The doctor told me we would call me when he had other patients that needed help with my product. My boss said as long as I kept getting results to keep up the good work as we pulled into his garage. She was about 45 years old and in good shape and my boss just kept telling her how well I had done with Dr. Fleming. She lead me in the bed room and started kissing me and pulling off my cloths.