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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Long Dark Fantasy....

group vampy83 2017-12-06

I am single now, long story, just like i said been a lot of crap going on, and during this time, i have been on this awesome site, talking to these four ( yes four awesome guys on here). I took off my mask as i said " i flirted with you four, because it is me Ginger, and i am actually a stripper here, and wanted to surprise you guys". Guess they got tired of that, due to one of the four men grabbing a gag and putting it in my mouth, (before i get ahead of myself here, the guys names , so i do not keep saying the four guys lol, are Sir E, JD, Mr. K, and D'lion).

Bi Male

group wantabigone2suck 2017-12-06

More that anything, she wanted to see me suck a big, black cock, and possibly watch me getting fucked in the ass by one. I lifted Darrell's big cock out of the way, so I could suck on his balls. After a few minutes of some wet ball sucking, Darrell pulled back a little, and dropped his cock into my eager mouth. Darrell started fucking my white mouth good with his nice big, black cock. I told Darrell to let me know right before he is going to cum, because I want him to set the end of his cock on my tongue as it is stuck out. Penny said she wanted to see Darrell shoot a nice big load of cum in my mouth.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 14

group SteveWallace 2017-12-06

Jane said, "I just want to thank each of you for your discretion in handling the fact that Steve and I have a romantic thing going. Jane laughed and held her hands up, "Time out!" She went and kissed Pam. Pam gave Jane a peck, and said, "OK, but let's at least play around a little at the restaurant, unless there's someone we know there." Jane and Pam picked seats on either side of me that looked out on the restaurant, and I ended up between the two of them facing Bob and Pete. Jane's nearest hand immediately found its way to Pam's drippy pussy and started to finger fuck her friend and sapphic lover with her fingers.


The Picnic

group sr71plt 2017-12-06

Lord Thomas placed his hands under my knees and spread them wide and tipped my pelvis up on the cock he had staked up my arse hole, and Emma knelt down on her knees and placed her head between my parted thighs, parted my labia with her tongue, and fed on my inner sweetness while I gasped and moaned. And after the footman had leaned down and whispered something in Lady Emma's ear, she moved her lips away from my nether lips and sat back on her haunches, as the young footman went down on his knees between my spread legs, Lord Thomas tipped me back on his impaling pole.

My Renaissance Ch. 05

group Modern_Citizen 2017-12-06

Her boyfriend Ron was a bit stocky and he was having a good time taking in the sights and playing with both his girlfriend and flirting pretty overtly with the other girl at the table named Sandra. While we were waiting for the drinks, one of the dancers – an attractive blonde with cute little tits - came over to our table looking for tips and Brian and I put dollar bills in front of each of the girls. Ron was now kissing on Sandra and Rob on Tammy and they were pretty freely feeling up the girls. The crowd roared again at the simulated fellatio, coupled with Tammy obviously licking the stripper's pussy through the material of her thong and fondling her tits at the same time.


A Night Out with Teresa

group litterpres 2017-12-06

The video started with a good looking couple entering an adult video store and heading directly back to the private rooms. I asked Teresa if she enjoyed showing her breasts to the man looking through the peep hole and she nodded her head and then started softly playing with her nipples. I could hear a low moan from behind the wall as Teresa cupped her small hand and started slowly stroking the cock more forcefully. As Teresa continued to work her head up and down on the strangers cock I heard a sound to the left and could see that someone was looking through the glory hole on the left side of the room.

Dark Desire

group Sascha_I 2017-12-06

He leaned forward, his mouth brushing lightly over her ear, "I think a better quality scotch would help that cold, Miss Raven." "Good to see you," Romyn turned Raven in his hand to face Alex. Both men kept their eyes facing the outward dancing crowd but their hands remained on her. Eyes facing forward, she watched various people dressed in semi sheer to almost see through clothing, body parts hanging out with the obvious exceptions for men. Raven never turned down a good fuck, especially if the two men were as powerful and capable as Romyn and Alex. Setting her glass down on the table, she took Alex's hand and slid it higher up her thigh. Alex's hands crawling up her thighs and Romyn's lips pressed against her neck.

Swing Chronicles Ch. 10

group LuckyGuy96 2017-12-06

Outside of the shock, I also felt that you were keeping something important from me and I couldn't take things further with someone who lived like that," she said. Lisa went on to explain that while our time in the bedroom had previously been "atomic" - that, on top of it all, after she had found the porn - she immediately felt inadequate due to her lack of sexual experience. She continued by telling me that, at first, she had viewed the women in the movies as "sluts", but even when she was shopping, she couldn't get the images of "lesbian businesswomen" out of her head, and as a result, purchased some business suits, stockings, and stiletto heels, and she bought some sex toys and rented her own movies from the internet.


The First FFM Threesome Pt. 01

group StackedAction 2017-12-06

She asked if I had ever fucked a woman with a strap on, and I said no, not with a strap on, just a hand held dildo, and I could see Polly's nipples start to poke out of her t-shirt as they got hard. She was wearing some cute little French cut panties that I took a nice long time pulling down as I worked my way down, licking her nipples and running my tongue down her smooth skin from her tits to her crotch. Jack pressed his hard cock against my ass and told me how hot I looked and said "Fuck her good baby, make me proud!" Jack moved around and leaned down and started tonguing her ass and Polly said "Oh god, fuck yeah!" and reached back and grabbed Jacks head and pulled him against her ass.

It's Not Gay If Its A Three Way Ch. 02

group GreyHamAndEggs 2017-12-06

I was indeed ready and as I sat back on Tasha's sofa stroking my hard smoothly shaven cock picturing the three way fun that I was about to embark on, including some anal by the sound of it, I saw Tash re-enter the room with her big tits swaying under her top, followed by a tall, dark, bearded black man dressed in simple jeans and T-shirt. Looking up at Tasha laying prone with her big tits sagging either side of her plump belly I leaned forward and started to lick my own cum out of her fat pussy, and as I did so I felt Sam's hard cock nudging against my arse.

What's for Dessert?

group greygotskills 2017-12-06

He kept pumping and humping like a man possessed and when Jennifer was starting to feel nice and good down there he decided to pull out. "You got it babe." On his way to the bedroom he grabbed and squeezed Dawn's ample ass and said he was starved and was looking forward to a little sugar for dessert afterwards. If Jennifer says she's okay then leave it at that." Tyrone was clearly horny as hell and wanted to pound the shit out of his girl at this very moment and was ready to have little Jen be on her way. Dawn gave it a smack for good measure causing Jennifer to let out a little chuckle.


All 4 One Ch. 01

group timewarp69 2017-12-06

Anyway I'm at home talking to my roommate and bi fuck buddy, Rod (5'7,black hair, brown eyes, slim, 7 1/2 in., really thick cock) one night and we both agreed it would be fun to find 2 girls to have over for a little group action. Jackie was about 5'10 red ponytail, green eyes, slim, with an almost unreal set of all natural tits and full lips that looked like they were made for sucking. After a few minutes I look over and see Rod's tight fine ass clenching as he is pounding away and simultaneously working Bella's sweet back door much to her loud approval. When Rod stops for a minute, Bella says "Now the fun starts." She gives Jackie a half sneer, half smile as they slowly put the entire 10 in.

My Best Friend's Wife Ch. 6

group oddone 2017-12-06

She pulled away from Paul's cock and yelled out "I need you to fuck me now!!!" As they switched positions I could see her nipples were rock hard and her juices were running down the insides of her thighs. I could see that Steve moved over behind Linda and reaching around her back started to play with her long sensitive nipples as she ground her cunt onto Kim's tongue. Watching all of this go on at the same time I was fucking this fantastic pussy, I knew that I wouldn't last much longer, so I moved my hands from Kim's tits to grab her ass and began to fuck her without mercy feeling the cum bubbling up inside me.

Wes Stops by for a Little - Get a LOT! Part I

group korpus1957 2017-12-06

My wife was at work.but Suk said he could spend the night at her place and save the expense of a motel room. Suk called my wife and told her he was in town and ask if she wanted to spend the night as well. When the soap was rinshed Suk and my wife knelt down in the tub and their mouths and tongues reminded his cock of what he had left behind. Since Suk was the first to want to meet him my wife watched as she bent over and took his cock deep into her pussy. With my wife rubbing his ass and reaching between his legs to fondle his balls he soon began to grunt then his cock exploded.

The Taking of Jean Ch. 02

group Xamphos 2017-12-06

Jean was suddenly aware that Steve was staring at the front of her white blouse, and the lace edge of the camisole she wore to cover the outline of her bra underneath She drew her jacket across her breasts. He put his hand inside the open fly and pulled out his stiff sticky eight inch cock, he slowly stroked the shaft as he looked into Jean's face. His hand continuing to dance up and down his shaft, Jean was mesmorised she watched the full swollen purple head waiting for Steve to stop.' Steve's hand snatched at the back of Jean's head pulled her face to within inches of his cock.


Der Taxifahrer

group Stutenreiter 2017-12-06

Mehr heimlich und ich wusste gar nicht warum, nahm ich über eine Flirt-App immer Kontakt zu älteren Männern auf, die weit über 40 waren. Als ich auf dem Beifahrersitz saß fiel mir irgendwie nur beiläufig auf, dass mein Rock, weit nach oben gerutscht war und man mein Höschen sehen konnte. „Nicht in die Disko, heute Süsse?“ fragte sagte er völlig emotionslos und ich keuchte wieder nur ein „Nein, das darf ich noch nicht“ heraus.“Na, so ein geiles kleines Mäuschen muß doch raus und mit den Jungens spielen“ sagte er einfach. Der erste fing auch schon an mich hart zu ficken, während der zweite gerade seine Hose offen hatte und mir seinen Schwanz in den Mund schob.

87% mich

Friendly BBQ Surprise

group 2429youngins 2017-12-06

After a minute or so your orgasm stopped you quickly before either one of us can react slip off the couch to the floor pulling the blanket off both of us exposing both our hard cocks to the cool air, Steve tries to cover his cock but you lean over and take the head of it in your mouth as your fingers wrap around my shaft again and you gently pull the foreskin up and down, you lick around the head of Steve's cock he moans "oh Fuck" as you suck on just the bell end firmly till it pops out your mouth before forcing half its length down in to your throat then gently running your teeth back along it, then start bobbing up and down on it.

Sandra Ch. 01

group Shady_Lady 2017-12-06

More than one willing applicant stepped forward and Sandra felt herself alternating between two stiff cocks with her warm wet mouth as the 8th guy came deep in her ass. Holding her hand up to stop Sandra said in a husky voice, "On your back big boy I want to ride you." With cheers from the watching crowd they manoeuvred themselves so that the guy was lying on his back embedded in Sandra's ass with her facing away and smiling to the crowd. It felt like it was going to come out the top of her head but despite the pain Sandra began to slowly ride Jackson.

My gf seducing my buddy

group Xgrunt227 2017-12-06

She begins to tell me how she is sitting on the other couch from him in her nighty that barely covers her amazing fake titts. And tells me she was even drippin thru the thin thong material she said she was having so much fun watching him squirm on the couch and hide his cock in his board shorts. And he said ur panties and the fact I can see a wet spot on them. He goes slow then stretches the material around his 7 in shaved cock then vegans moaning My gf said omg baby the amount of cum was enormous. She said the look on his face was priceless and reached for my hand placing it between her legs saying wanna taste baby.

Games SOME People Play! Ch. 03

group EllenMelville 2017-12-06

BUT, Susan SAID I could come over, right about this time, to have a glass of wine and wish Tommy happy birthday. "Okay," said Stephanie breezily, "but obviously when Susan comes back, she's going to feel really badly that you disapprove. Sandra took a quick sip, and said, with a touch of hauteur in her voice, "Maybe I'll ask for this for my birthday..." "Let me," said helpful Stephanie, her fingers cool on the pulsing heat of my hard-on, and she pulled it aside—as far as a rigid bar of flesh moves sideways. Sandra was saying, with a glance toward the door, "I hope Susan gets back soon, so we know where this is going.

Chloe's Fantasy

group TheEroticPencil 2017-12-06

Reaching an arm around Anna's waist, Chloe pulled their bodies closer together, their mouths devouring one another in a hot, wet feasting of urgency as, up front, Nik struggled to keep his eyes on the road ahead. "You have a great touch..." Chloe breathed, as she lifted her mouth from Anna's breast, before pushing her ass down further onto Nik's hand, forcing his finger even closer to her juicy little asshole. Knowing the warm water would help open her up, Nik took the next step and slid his finger just inside Chloe's asshole, her sphincter squeezing tightly in reaction to the invasion.


Unequal Exchange

group rogue01 2017-12-06

Her ministrations were expert, and with continuous motion she gently stroked and tickled me all over, from the base of the ball-sack to the tip of the bell-end, which she circled delicately with her finger tips, all the while oscillating her gaze from my cock to my eyes, a smile of faintly enraptured wonder playing across her face. Meanwhile Rebecca continued to buck and sway rhythmically, backwards and forwards along James' long penis, closing her eyes occasionally and biting her lip, and murmuring as her pleasure mounted.

Katie Gets a Pussy Full Ch. 2

group chocoate_ice 2017-12-06

“Oh Chris” she said “this is so wrong and against my principles that I love it” She had just stepped out of the shower in her office and was watching Chris stroke his cock slowly. Kevin adjusted his head next to Devon near her pussy and with the tip of his tongue flicked her clit, while Chris sucked her tits and Devon fucked her hole with his tongue. Kevin started to lick and suck her clit foriously while Devon poked in and out tongue fucking her, and Chris pinched and squeezed her tits. “Motherfuckersssssss” she screamed “ahhhhhhhh fucccccck, fucccccck, fuccccckkkkk, I’m fucking cumming” she yelled and came her pussy juices flooding Kevin and Devon’s mouths as Chris moved down to lick up his share too.

So Much More Than An Innocent Dance

group Nabba 2017-12-06

Your other friend has gone back to nailing my ass and is pulling on my hair and leash, fucking me hard but you can't hear me because of the gag. Since I'm so wet he has no trouble getting inside of me and your other friend tells him to stop messing around and "fuck the whore already, make sure the bitch bleeds!" While he fucks me, he grabs my hands. You pull away from my mouth and let your other friend ravage me, telling him how to grab my hair and fuck my mouth, making sure he's happy with the job I'm doing.