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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Old Girl, New Trick Ch. 01

group RoseWood35 2017-12-06

Then I am going to let him fuck me and then I am going to suck him hard again so he can fuck me again." She returned to sucking his cock a few more times and then she looked up and said "Well Rose are you just going to watch or are you going to join in and give Danny some head too?" I felt the bed shake and with great difficulty I opened my eyes to see Wilda kneeling between Danny's legs with his limped cock in her mouth. Any thing I can do for you in the mean time?" Sam said as he took his cock in hand and shook it awake.



group 2017-12-06

Dani stripped down (except for her heels - hooray!) then gave me the look that said "why are you still dressed?" We moved to the bed and commenced. Dani was very willing to please as we moved through a number of actions and positions. She asked to stop and change positions in mid doggie, as she was worried the neighbors might complain about the bed banging. She was very accommodating trying other things to get me going again, more CBJCovered Blow Job, fellatio with a condom., switching condoms, and eventually just finishing me with a HJHand Job, stimulation of the penis using hand and fingers - hand job - a manual / hand release (she had to work pretty hard for that too).

Wife's First Time

group missbliss101 2017-12-06

She said that was fine and she loved the idea of Steve fucking her and her watching me wanking and she wanted me to cum over her face and tits as he was fucking her. Cindy was now rubbing Steve’s cock in slow deliberate movements, she didn’t want him to cum too soon she wanted to enjoy it so much that he would come back for more. Cindy was hoping that I hadn’t cum either as she knew that as soon as Steve left, we were going indoors to fuck. Cindy took Steve’s hand and put it inside her skirt and straight onto her pussy and then grabbed his already hardening cock and said,


Anya Ch. 16

group Simplton 2017-12-06

As Anya and I walked towards the house I considered telling her that we had just been watched by Joanne, whilst we were fucking on the beach. Emily had very nice long legs, and as she turned away (towards Chloe who was another servant girl standing against the wall), I could see her ass cheeks creeping below her dress. As Emily bent over, Joanne spread her ass cheeks apart with one hand and started to stroke Emily's exposed pussy with the other. OH FUCK!" Joanne exploded in to screaming orgasm, always pushing harder on Emily's head. I pushed Joanne's head down so each time she lowered her boobs around my cock, it poked her lips.

Stripper Confessions-gangbang #2

group 2017-12-06

Soon one of the guys came up and introduced himself as Mark, we got to chatting and he said that he and his friends were visiting from LA, they had come to see their buddy who lived in my complex but who was at work, soon the other guys came up when they saw I didn't bite and I started talking to all of them, they asked what I did and I told then I was a dancer, then about ten seconds later they asked if I wanted a beer. One of the new guys was hard again and roughly grabbed me from behind, pinning my arms behind me with one hand then started to fuck my ass again as he pushed my head down onto the glass coffee table, he told the guys to come on top of the table and I watched as three big loads got sprayed into pile in front of me.

Chrissy Attempts to be a Slut

group Hope1868 2017-12-06

(I had also left an extra button undone and discarded my bra altogether, not that anyone had noticed.) Danny stood behind me, his hands resting gently on my hips; his thumbs rubbing slowly on my bare skin. "Liam, how could you miss your little girlfriend's attempts to show you what a slut she'd like to be." His right hand joined his left and he pulled my collar open to display my deep cleavage. But I was lost to the pleasure of Danny's hands, and the eroticism of having Liam and Mark's eyes glued to us. Danny's hands moved to my shoulders and slowly turned me so I faced him, my ass to the couch, where Liam and Mark sat.


Doing Shelley's Dishes

group Belegon 2017-12-06

She let her fingers trail over my ear, slid her hand to the back of my neck and tilted my head down for a kiss, slipping her tongue gently in between my lips. Her lips bled their unsettled twitch into mine as I reached out and pulled Jane into a three-way embrace, my right arm around the waist of my wife, my left around her best friend. Jane's hands moved out of the way as I began to slide the cotton up over Shelley's skin, but she never stopped kissing her. When I got past Shelley's knees and started working my way along her thighs, Jane's hand came down to tousle my hair.


A Special Nooner

group fancyface1 2017-12-06

Val concentrated hard on sucking his dick, wanting him to cum for her, but being distracted by the intense pleasure she was feeling herself. While she was sucking on the mystery mans dick, her lover lay behind her lightly fucking her pussy with his fingers. Her lover boldly told the Mystery man not to hold back and to fuck her mouth like it is her ass or pussy. This is all new and exciting for Val. She feels him pull her legs back and realizes her lover is now holding them back over his shoulders so the mystery man can fuck her. Val starts to feel comforted by his words as the mystery man rams his hard as steel cock into her pussy.


A Great Time Had By All

group zibbles 2017-12-06

You wasted no time in licking the girl juice from my cock and bringing me close to orgasm, I told you to slow down and suck me gently, The two gentlemen worked both your holes expertly one fucking in as the other fucked out, soon a perfect rhythm was set up but I reminded the gentlemen no one was to cum inside you, I wanted to see you covered in their cum, Steve's wife nearly came on the spot when I said that, she said that it was a fetish of hers to eat cum and she would love nothing better than to lick you clean!

My Wildest Night

group BACarter 2017-12-06

"Who's the kid?" She gave him a quick kiss and walked right past him saying over her shoulder, "He's going to party with us tonight." He checked me out and said, "Come on in." She looked at my throbbing erection and said, "Not yet...but soon." Then she glanced at Bill and Tom saying, "Better yet...I think we should all get naked. Gina pulled her thong off and made her way over to Rob and started dancing in front of him as she faced us. Rob grabbed her knees and pulled them back so that she was completely suspended on that monster cock, which made it look like she had sprouted a pair of balls because that was all you could see.


I'm Watching Sure...

group 2017-12-06

It was probably awkward for him because he spends a lot of time with ya’ll and , add to the fact that I know you suck a mean dick, Mike probably would’ve caught feelings and tried to keep you. Her skin started shining with sweat and I thought she looked like milk chocolate. Her husband approached her from behind and started fucking her again, but this time for all his thrusting he only got muffled moans. I noticed he was getting red = pissed, but in my passion I reached out and grabbed his dick and pulled/pushed him into her ass. But the second he felt her asshole tighten around his dick, her husband obeyed and started pummeling her from behind.

Carolyn, A Past, Present, & Future

group mdiver 2017-12-06

I love playing with my wife's tits but there were times when I fantasized about holding, licking, and sucking tits as large as Carolyn's. I kissed her and whispered, "I've wanted to touch you like that for a long time." I then removed my wet finger from her cunt and put it into my mouth. She took my hard cock and circled her swollen clit with it a couple of times before sliding it up and down her pussy lips and finally stopping at the entrance to her love hole. When she would greet me in that tee shirt I would give her a long kiss and doing a bit of "inventory" by fondling her breast and cupping her pussy and she responds by giving my dick a nice squeeze.


Hotel Tag-Team

group cubfordaddybear 2017-12-06

Now the other guy was kneeling in front of me and had aggressively grabbed my head with both hands and was shoving his still hard cock into my mouth without mercy or concern for me--and I loved it! I was going to look around but, to my (happy) surprise, the guy in front pulled his cock out, grabbed the top of my head f***efully and started to unload his cum all over my face. As the final cum was drained out of the guy inside me, the BBC in front was wiping his work all around my face as I licked at his cock and balls.

April Fools Suprise

group Iona_of_st_kitts 2017-12-06

Maria hurried over to to her car, the rain whirling around her, the side of her car offered no real protection and she soon was soaking wet from the her head down, she fumbling with her keys, thus, she soon got thoroughly soaked; she quickly got into her car and feeling like something the cat dragged in, she sighed to herself with a bit of a shiver; Bill whispered, "You mean you want me to jerk off into your glass right here in the middle of this place?" looking at the partially crowed bar, his face flushed for a moment. Bill looked at her nervously and removed the glass from the table placing it between his legs, slowly stroking his member with his right hand, capping the tip with the empty glass.

Tina and Donna...

group Peterspleasures 2017-12-06

It was a very great site as all three of us in this position came at the very same time, with Donna tonguing Tina's cunt as good as she could and with me driving my cock as deep as I could into Donna when I blew another load and filled her up with semen. We screwed again that morning and the one thing I remembered the most about this one was that Tina moaned and screamed as loud as she could when I fucked her that morning, to make up for the silence she had to exercise at the Bar. About an hour later, I finally started to dress as I felt it was time to go home.

The Breeder

group OX2 2017-12-06

They traced her hips and gently caressed her thighs; her loins began to loosen, like when Edna touched her there. I slid my hand down between her legs, good she was already becoming wet, and I found the soft lump of her clit and gently pressed it, swirling in circles. Her pussy lips sucked at the fingers I’d pushed up into her like a new calf. She raised up in her arms and began to buck back at the soft tongue inside of her and all around her, wanting more of it, bitting back on the cries and moans that were fighting to get out. I slammed hard into her, my hands gripping her hips, pulling lightly at her big belly.


Win Lottery twice Part 1

group bufffreak 2017-12-06

About three in the morning she came towards me and told me it was time to head to our room. Soon, Traci sat Toni on the edge and went in between her legs Traci took her hand and we all slid over tot eh bed. Traci Slid on top of Toni and I watched as she got licked. We went back to the bed and I watched Toni and Traci do it again. I fucked Toni one more time from behind as Traci slid under her and played with her titties. A couple of hours later Traci said it was time to go the pool. Traci went right to the adults pool and asked for a cabana.

Getting The Decorators In

group English Bob 2017-12-06

“Mmmm, that’s nice, baby.” Mr. Short murmured as he rocked his hips slowly back and forth, thus pushing more of his erect tool into my wife’s mouth, “But don’t forget to give my brother some hot lovin’ too, okay?” Lying back on the floor with his rock hard cock protruding obscenely from his body, he encouraged my wife to spread her long legs and straddle his face. I don’t think that Mr. Short found it any less exciting either because, with a broad smile, he kneeled over my slut-wife’s face and – as she had so colourfully suggested – forced the head of his throbbing tool back down her throat.

Guess Who Game

group Fritz 2017-12-06

Each of us took turns letting blindfolded Sandy taste things like fruit, grain sugar, and butter. Both girls riding my mouth and cock, I ripped off the blindfold and moved my hands up Barb's back. Barb started to cum, and bore down hard on my lips, as my tongue darted in and out of her hot pussy. I grabbed my cock with my left hand and Barb's head with my right. Barb is generally not one to swallow, but I looked up at Sandy fingering herself like crazy and I couldn't stop now. I regained my hard on and as Sandy pounded her pussy into my tongue, I felt Barb mount me and put my cock inside her wet pussy.

Sexual Healing

group Zombiecest 2017-12-06

Amanda pulls her hand out of my pants long enough to push me down on the bed, glancing at Erica for a moment before straddling my lap, the blonde girl already beginning to work on her own clothing, peeling her shirt off. Amanda pulls back from the kiss, murmuring something against her best friend's mouth, and Erica looks at me for a moment before nodding, moving away from Amanda and sliding her hand up my chest, fiddling with the buttons on my polo shirt. Amanda smiles and continues on, pressing her mouth to the blonde girl's clit all the way and sucking, tongue working over the sensitive nerve bundle as her fingers caress the inside of Erica's thigh slowly.

Teasing Terri Ch. 3

group Mark Singer 2017-12-06

"Anyway...I'd never done anything like that before, but I couldn't believe I was watching Wayne jerking his cock while you talked about sucking him off...and drinking his come..." Her eyes closed and her fingers continued to play with her pussy. "And it was so fucking hot...I came as soon as I saw it...and kept on cumming as he began to stroke it up and down..." Her eyes focused on Wayne's hand. "I told him how much I've wanted to suck him taste his feel his come in my mouth..." She heard Wayne groan, but kept her eyes focused on Jenny. Focusing her eyes on Jenny's cum-covered fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, Terri crawled slowly over to her chair.


The Saga of Nick and Gio Pt. 01

group biwifeplaying 2017-12-06

I hoped no one would come across that picture and recognize my long hair or hat, but if they did I could always ask what they were doing looking. In another picture, it looked like they were having cocktails in a night club. I wrapped up my conversation with Gio and before we hung up, a new email was in my inbox from Nick with the lounge link as we'd discussed. I went to the gym, came home, showered, ran some errands and took a cat nap in anticipation of staying up much later that night, potentially. "Nick baby, come meet Ana!" She said as he made his way closer to us.


Dawn reborn

group edgiver83 2017-12-06

He held up a hand and said, “Please, don’t get up, and may I say, I’m very pleased to meet you, Dawn.” God, she was so aware of his eyes treating her cleavage and bare shoulders to an appreciative stare. Jack quietly said, “While you two get acquainted I’ll take a quick shower.” He gave Dawn a quick reassuring glance before adding, “I’ll be back.” He moved away into the en-suite Strange, Dawn thought, not ‘touch’ but ‘feel’, yet in spite of that she said, ”Of course.” Her passion started the moment their tongues mingled and his hand roamed over both breasts, squeezing gently at the nipples. Dawn soon found herself gasping around Jack’s hardness as Paul, in reaction to her movements, increased his own thrusts, setting her insides aflame, while his fingers pampered her clit unmercifully.

Thanks for the Memories

group RomanCEisdead2 2017-12-06

Holding the clothes up to look at them, Julia was upset to see that there was a little tear just under one sleeve and some dirty marks on the back. Later that day, Dr. White rang Julia on her mobile and told her that John Reynolds had agreed to see her that evening at 7pm. "How do you feel Julia?" John asked gently. Julia left work on time and went home to make herself a meal prior to her appointment. John wasn't sure if he should allow Julia to continue, but she pressed on with her story. He wants me to squat right down." Both of Julia's knees were raised now, her heels close to her ass cheeks.