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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Night of Firsts

group marleywasone 2017-12-06

I only nodded as my friend reached out and placed her hand on Rob’s thigh saying, “I am, but could you dim the lights a little?” “Aren’t you going to take off your underwear?” she said reaching for Rob’s cock, which she eagerly put in her mouth. I pulled my cock from her mouth feeling it rub along Rob’s length and knelt between her legs. What a sensation to be eating her pussy while she was sucking Rob. I spread her legs and began to run my tongue up her pussy lips letting it dip inside of her. I began to suck Rob long and hard wanting nothing more than to taste his cum in my mouth.


The World of Swing - The Promotion

group TryAnything 2017-12-06

It had taken almost an hour before Sean had been able to relax at that initial dinner date, he remembered as Jill lustily began to suck his cock, slowly but surely stretching her mouth and taking more and more of him in, but finally he had relaxed and found that she was fun, smart (she had a degree in economics and worked as an analyst at a major stock broker), and seemingly unaware of the effect she had on him and everyone else who came in contact with her. "Of course not," Jill replied with a laugh, getting to her feet and letting her sun dress drop to the floor, then climbing up on the sofa and planting her sopping pussy right on Sean's mouth, "not knowing whose pussy it is you really love," she said, running her fingers through his hair as he enthusiastically began to slurp on her hot, wet pussy.


Mandy Loves to Fuck Ch. 02

group philipmitchellstein 2017-12-06

Right at the end, while we were waiting for a taxi to take us home, Hayley came up to me and grabbed my head with both hands, and kissed me, full on the mouth—we really went for it, letting our hands roam over each other as we kissed, but both of us were trying to catch Simon's attention, watching him from the corner of our eyes, making sure he was taking in every second of the performance we were putting on for him. Hayley nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, it feels fucking amazing when it's buried in your pussy," but as soon as the words were out of her mouth she took a firm hold of Simon's cock and wrapped her lips around the knob.


Full Circle Halloween

group SEVERUSMAX 2017-12-06

"Yes, and don't think that I'm unaware that Jared and you both fucked the stripper during his bachelor party. "You think that you know your best friends, and then they still surprise you!" I said as Jamie put on her devil costume, complete with horns, tail, and pitchfork. Maybe even fuck Jared as well," Jamie told me mischievously, "I agree with you. And, yes, I do want to get it on with Jamie and Jared tonight, after the party. "Honey, stick around, let's have some fun, and if you want to hop on Jared's dick, I'm sure that he'll help out, just as he is helping some lucky bitch out right now with her needs.


In the Spirit of Things

group bitslinger 2017-12-05

A moment later he looked at me and added "Actually, I was thinking that it might be fun if you two came to our ghost dance." His eyes darted to Peg and back. "Actually, Sam is very good looking and I would love to fuck him." Then I reluctantly added, "But, he'll probably want to put his thing in my mouth." I'd heard about these college guys! Sam called out as though addressing a group of intrepid Amazon explorers about to follow him on the expedition of a lifetime, "Men map out the hills and mountain peaks of your journey above the waist." Bob's hands trembled as he moved them over my tummy, sides, and finally my breasts.


The Sorority House Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-05

Aika had apparently launched herself through the open door wearing a little blue Japanese schoolgirl outfit, and once Tim dropped her onto Daphne's bed and buried his face in her cunt, I noticed that she wasn't wearing any panties underneath the short skirt. With her hands on my hips, Daphne led me to the floor, my feet facing back at the soft armchair by the front door where Trinh reclined, still in the same black outfit I'd seen her in this afternoon, her feet propped up on a large footrest. A sly grin spread across her face as Daphne, still wrapped around my cock, leaned forwards to Trinh and reached her tongue out to taste her friend.


Let Me In!

group Dancing Sprite 2017-12-05

"Hey, I worked hard to make that spot!" Julie protested as she spread her legs wide and pushed her hips forward. She wrapped her arms around Marc and kissed him briefly before he found the strength to pull his spent dick out of her pussy and moved aside to make room for his friend. Just when the first jet of cum shot out of his dick, Julie let out an earsplitting scream and wrapped her legs around him, holding him like a vise. He crouched down above her hips, careful not to touch Marc's legs, and maneuvered his dick around until it finally slipped into her pussy.


Flames in the Desert

group Jayc57 2017-12-05

Although he could not see it himself, all his friends said he looked like a poor man's version of Burt Reynolds. "Oh man," Bush sighed, "I hope she is with a group of women," as they watched the big mobile home back in. In no time at all, they joined in the fun and were soon dancing with two lovely young ladies, wearing only bikini bottoms and brown sandals. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Bush, caressing the body of his partner as well, but he had taken it a step further and was in the Brunette's bikini bottoms fingering her. Burt looked and saw a massive, tall, brown swirling wall, coming out of the darkness as the wind began to roar.


Triad Ch. 02

group BogartsBoss 2017-12-05

She sat quietly for several minutes; finally drawing her eyes back from the hills and scanning Frank's face. By the time you dropped me off that day, you know, when I hit your car. I wasn't sure at first, but that Saturday I came to invite you to my place -- seeing you standing there, so liking what you were doing; it hit me then. On the drive back to Seattle both were involved in their own thoughts: Frank puzzling how he felt sharing Aurora, She running a decision back and forth. Her hands played with the muscles of his thighs; forcing them open so she could lay another line of kisses, this time across his scrotum.


D'Orgasmic Chronicles Ch. 12

group Liquor69 2017-12-05

They chatted for a bit and Carmen told Gary and Mark that Jill was looking for them. "Jill is looking for you darling," Cherry said as she kissed him again. "Jill, what did Jeremy mean when he said you'd be gobbling Frank's cock tonight?" Suzie giggled. Gary put his arm around Suzie and Mark put his around Dorothy. Haven't you met Gary's ladies yet?" Mark said to Dorothy "Don't worry, if you haven't yet, you will before this night is over," Gary said as he took Suzie in his arms and turned her face to his. Suzie turned and saw his lovely face smiling and she went off like a Roman candle. Gary walked to Suzie, tilted her face upwards and their eyes met.


Watching Her Take It Again

group Sexaddict209 2017-12-05

She turned towards him and started to undo his pants-unbuttoning the top button, unzipping the fly, and then pulling them down until his big thick cock flopped out slapping his stomach. I quickly got up-feeling somehow inadequate-grabbed a towel to wipe my cum off of her, and sat back to watch what happened next. She kept just riding the first couple of inches of his thick cock, but soon her pain seemed to change into pleasure and her pace quickened as she started to moan. As she started riding up and down on my friend's cock, I could clearly see a white ring of her cum around his dick-clearly indicating how much of it she able to take.

First Time at a Party

group bluefire445 2017-12-05

Roxy and Tom had been experimenting and talking about new things to try for a while now, but recently they had been corresponding to a girl a little bit older than themselves. Tom and Roxy sat, drinking their wine, when suddenly another girl came up. "Oh, I see," Dana said with a smile that neither Roxy nor Tom could trust. Then, greedily, Roxy grabbed Tom's booty and brought him and his thick cock right towards her. Tom lay on his back on the couch, and Dana slid onto his cock. Dana began to orgasm, and she too dripped but on Tom's cock. Tom moved his cock to Roxy's lips, and she licked it clean of Dana's juices.

The Story of O Ch. 02

group jim313 2017-12-05

She told Bianca to keep sucking and lay down between Odile's legs and started kissing and licking her ass cheeks slowly working her tongue and mouth to those irresistible labia lips. I told O to assume the position and as soon as she presented her gorgeous ass to me, I fed the head inside her vagina and started moving it around as Odile and Bianca sucked her nipples. Since we both had busy days coming up during the week, we decided to go to bed and get some sleep but wound up discussing Odile and Bianca and the events of the evening and as soon as she saw my penis get hard, she wanted it inside her.


The Bookstore Ch. 01

group jim313 2017-12-05

One of the women mentioned something about having to buy two of them and Martha immediately realized that they probably lived together and each wanted to pleasure the other at the same time so she asked them to wait a moment and went back into the store and brought back another much larger package. They showed him into the living room and made him comfortable with a drink while they discussed how they became acquainted with Tom of Holland's work and Paul excused himself and told them that he couldn't wait to show them the art and got up and took it out of the tube and spread out the 22"x30" drawings, paintings and prints and as he showed them each work, they would gasp in ecstasy as one was better than the other.


Adventures With Portia & Jill

group BobbyCoxwell 2017-12-05

When I found them, the two girls were lying on the bed kissing, and Portia had slipped her hand up her friend's shirt and was gently rubbing Jill's breasts. Jill eyes were closed and she gently rocking her hips as Portia's tongue and my fingers pushed her towards a quick orgasm. Portia started directing the scene, She told me to put one foot up on the bed and she told Jill to use her wet vagina to lube up two fingers so she could shove them up my ass. Once Jill had her fingers in my ass, Portia told her to start sucking me off with slow deep strokes.

d***k sex with the wino's

group Aimie-Leigh 2017-12-05

As I walked in the smell of piss filled my nostrils, i felt so dirty it was a turn on. The then yanked my knickers down and stared at my shaven slit for a moment, before their hands dived in and felt and fingered my by now wet pussy. I could feel the others guy fingering my pussy, before pushing his cock deep into my eighteen year old cunt. I then felt the other guy about to cum and braced myself for a mouthfull of spunk. As I left the toilets I got dirty looks from the crowd opposite, then I looked behind me and one of the wino's was waving my knickers above his head.

Holiday Cuckold

group 2017-12-05

I don't think I have ever been able to make her cum by only using my penis, although we do try very hard with Helen yelling at me during our fucking to stuff my little prick up her, and on several occasions bemoaning, quite loudly, the fact that my cock is too small for her to feel and that she wished I had a big one. Ben moved his legs further apart as my wife rubbed the sun lotion at the tops of his thighs and I'm sure that a few times her fingers grazed against his bollocks. Helen had her mouth open now and her tongue was running along her top lip as Ben slid his hands further down, pushing the top of her costume as he went.

A Very Handy Handyman

group WayneGibbous 2017-12-05

And I got it, "UUNH, UUNH, uuh, uuh, uh, mmm, mmm, oh, that was wonderful, Lisa, you are so good, so sexy, I knew when I first saw you that you would be the best," and he leaned forward and kissed me long and hard, our tongues fucking each other's mouths, his cock soaking in his cum lining my throbbing vagina. Well, that seemed fine, I love my pussy eaten and I'd been fucked by my nice handyman a while earlier so Denise had Walt lay down and she got between his legs, facing away, and slid back down on his cock to begin rocking back and forth as his hands rubbed her butt and along her pussy as it went up and down on him.


Friday night pt 1

group 2017-12-05

I don’t know what the two twenty something’s were expecting to see but from the look of surprise on their faces I’m guessing it wasn’t me with my cock still hanging out and dripping. I was still flaccid as she started but after a couple of strokes in and out plus the fact that Sara has pulled up Rachel’s t-shirt and is playing with her tits means I’m fully hard. “Let’s change positions.” Rachel likes being in control and since she’s already got Sara to suck me once I’m happy to let her. I stay motionless through her first orgasm thrust deep inside her, on the second I don’t stop the feeling are building in my cock and I know I’m going to cum soon.

Back to Mowing Lawns

group luvjuice43 2017-12-05

When the last button was undone, her dress fell open; she was only wearing a pair of French cut, off white, lace panties, a matching garter belt and stockings I watched as her fingers continued to move over the small pink nipples of her "C" cup sized breasts. I took Helen in my arms and felt her warm, bare breasts against my chest; my hands glided over her body as we kissed for several minutes. I carefully sat down in her husband's breakfast chair and pulled her close to me for a delicious kiss; Helen squeezed my cock with the muscles of her cunt.


Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 2

group Tawny T 2017-12-05

Joanne moved over Diane and kissed her breasts and licked her body for a long time before she moved down to her spread pussy. It's been so long since I was able to make love to this sweet juicy pussy of yours." Joanne cooed, punctuating her words with kisses, and licks. I wished you could have been there." Joanne said between long pauses to kiss and suck my lovely wife's pussy. I wondered why, till Joanne cried out in ecstasy and I saw a stream of her pussy juice shoot out into the waiting mouth of my wife, while her finger stroked her clit outside, and her g-spot inside.


Bad Penny Ch. 09

group MVPrimetime 2017-12-05

I pulled her around a little so that she would be more exposed to the window, and she followed my lead, stepping off the bed and turning me round to put my back to it, making me sit down and then straddling me, lifting my cock to her pussy lips, rubbing me across her wetness and finding the angle to guide me in. Her eyes had closed and she seemed trance-like as her hands began to wander from her head to her thighs, via breasts and buttocks, through the hair on her mons and across her stomach to tip the other nipple before returning to the start.


The Dream

group necouple69xxx 2017-12-05

His heart hammered as he watched Karl slip two fingers into his wife's wet pussy, her mouth emitting a low moan as they worked their way slowly in and out. He watched his wife fucking another man not three feet away, their bodies moving together as one; Karl penetrating her as deeply as he could, Julia thrusting her pelvis at him as his cock drove at her womb. Looking down across her shoulder she said to Jake, "I think we can match them don't you?" As if someone hard turned a switch, she began bouncing on his lap, driving his cock deep within her. Michelle looked at Karl and mouthed, "I love you." Glancing to her right she saw Candice bobbing her head in Ray's lap as he watched them fucking.

A New Experience

group handyman169 2017-12-05

After a couple hours and countless rounds of drinks, the guys hadn't moved very far, but Katie and my friends girlfriend, Jenny seemed to be dancing a little differently. It got to be around 1:00 in the morning and friends were starting to leave a couple at a time. My wife went down and immediately started sucking Jenny's tits. Katie and Jenny would break their kiss long enough to walk over and grab our hands. Jenny couldn't hold it any longer, she came with my wife's finger in her ass. Me and my friend laid on our backs, and Jenny grabbed my cock, and Katie his cock, and started sucking. Just like the night before Katie went down on Jenny and told us to suck her tits.