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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Wagner Park Ch. 05

group charlessmythe 2017-12-05

Austin must have been watching for me, because when I slipped in the gate his back door opened before I even got to his back porch. Austin muttered, "Oh yes," as the head passed between my lips and into my mouth. Not wanting to end my fun too fast I pulled my mouth off Austin's cock and lowered my face even lower. Austin started moving his hips against my face, letting his cock trail across my lips with my tongue dragging along the underside of his shaft. Twirling my tongue around the base, Austin watched as I parted my lips and slipped my mouth back over his cock and deep-throated him.

Dear Jim Ch. 02

group Atrampboy 2017-12-05

I tell you Jim, it was as if a signal went off, each of the several women in the tub moved to Lori's side and began to rub and stroke her body, one kissed her deeply as another joined the first at her other tit. Well between the several near cums and all the sucking and fucking I finally got to where I couldn't take much more so when Red came hard on my cock and her very talented pussy damn near sheared me off I started to cum too, filling her with the first couple of shots before Lori could get me out of her and suck the rest of my load down.

Starting the Year Off with a Bang

group Gindrinker 2017-12-05

As her body writhed in spasms of pleasure Trevor released the grip on her hair and slid his cock out, the thin string of pre-cum connecting her mouth to the end of his penis was quickly washed away by the shower of warm water. She had forgotten all about Micky until she suddenly felt Kyle stretch her arse cheeks apart and fingers began to circle her bum hole. Once again three pairs of hands pulled her arse cheeks apart exposing her bum hole, pushing her cunt down hard onto Kyle's rod. She stopped at the statue on top of the hill and looked out over London and smiled at the thought of how Adam had led her to one of the changing room benches, pushed her onto her back then instructed his friends to lift her legs right back over her head.

Just Her And The Guys

group Elenia26 2017-12-05

Dimitri lifted Kitsune and bodily handed her over to Alan, who settled her gently on his lap. Kitsune looked bashfully up into Alan's face, aware of the ticking of the clock, aware of the others' eyes on her, aware that for the first time in her life she was sitting in another man's arms. "I think, Dimitri, that you could probably just pass the timer on, too, each time, as long as Kitsune wishes to keep playing." He kissed her mouth first, again, and then stroked her face with his hand, letting his finger run across her lips, her cheek, over her eyelids, nose, and then over her hair.


Husband Shares Me For The First Time

group Funjane 2017-12-05

I kiss you on the neck as you slide your hand down and into my pants, to feel just how wet I am. I slide my toungue back and forth, feeling his veins and head of his dick and he thrusts harder and harder in my mouth. You quickly fill my mouth as you watch him throw my leg over his shoulder and spread my pussy wide with his swollen dick. I can see the excitement in his eyes as he pulls his big cock out of my pussy and presses it against my ass hole. You watch between my legs as his cock stretches my ass hole and he keeps thrusting in and out. He rubs his hand back and forth over his cock as I open my mouth waiting.

Heather's Best Man

group legionlion 2017-12-05

I looked at Jamie but kept swaying my hips, running my hands down my body. I felt Andrew's hands grope down hard on my boobs, and I ground my crotch up against his as I stroked one of his friends. Andrew walked behind me, and I heard Jamie say something like: "It's only fair that the stag gets first dibs." I had to take my mouth off of Jamie and gasp, for Andrew wasted no time in getting started. As Andrew pumped away behind me, I groaned onto Jamie's cock and felt it twitch in ecstasy. Jamie thrust slightly whilst I jiggled up and down on him, taking Andrew and the stranger in my hands.


Webcam Wife Ch. 05

group thick7in1972 2017-12-05

"Chelsea Zinn is my stage name when I'm on screen getting fucked to high heaven by the biggest cocks in the world. Tim, Larry, Eric, and Brad (me) you guys will be the one fucking Chelsea. Now I realized that not only was I going to be filmed fucking Chelsea, but I was now stripping naked in front of three other guys. About ten minutes later, Chelsea (Cindy) entered the room with Johnny and the three other guys that were to do the filming. Since Eric was behind her, he grabbed a condom and began to fuck her from behind as she sucked Larry, Tim and me. After I got it on, Larry positioned Chelsea's ass over my cock and lowered her down.


The Room

group MissSenses 2017-12-05

"Hey. You made it." a rough looking man walked up, standing next to her husband, shaking his hand. Once her hands are bound, he grabs them, pulling her away from her husband, taking her down a long hallway as she took one last look at him. Katie glances back at Liz, she stands looking over her shoulder watching them leave. Walking down the long hallway, Katie's husband stands with his arms folded, waiting for her as they suddenly stop just before reaching him. "Stand here, don't move." he says, looking at Katie as he grabs Sarah, taking her into another room, then reappears, locking her in. Katie's hand still on top of his, hearing a card slide as a door opens and they walk inside.


Girlfriend Teaches Me to be Bi

group sunny77777 2017-12-05

After most of the day, we went back to Sue's apartment with plans to meet Ron and Carla at their place after dinner. He wasted no time in sliding what looked like about nine inches of firm cock into Carla and from her sounds I knew she was enjoying it. I wasn't about to be left out so I quickly got out of my clothes and helped myself to Sue's pussy for a second time that day. I was able to quickly get hard again with Carla's gifted mouth on my cock and we soon were pounding away next to Ron and Sue on the floor. The only thing I knew was that Ron's cock was going to spend a lot more time in my mouth and up my ass!

Prankster Ch. 08

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-05

Tony's primary job was to lure some of the drunker girls and not so drunk guys to the van and then to the warehouse where several different stages were set up from which to record the actual sex acts they hoped to get out of the girls. And when Tony's Girls Gone Wild van pulled to the curb, everyone jumped out and headed into the warehouse, Johnson swore. After letting the girls out of the van and escorting them into the warehouse, Tony made a couple of calls to old acquaintances he trusted, asking them if they were willing to get laid while on camera.


Dr. Feelgood

group SparkApCider 2017-12-05

I don't even like him!" Peyton grumbled, angry at herself for going this way in conversation about a man who she liked more than she wanted to admit, but knew was a mistake, an even worse one than the one she made marrying Joel. Mía Rodarté the wedding planner came strolling into the dining room arm in arm with Jonathan Charles and this sight nearly made Peyton hurl. Jonathan wanted her so bad he had tried using the bubbly Mía Rodarté, the wedding coordinator's infectious personality to blind him of his attraction for Peyton. She wanted him too and yet she kicked the feelings aside, pulling Joel into the picture for the convenience of throwing Jonathan off the scent of her.


My Angie

group parts guy 2017-12-05

Her name was Angie, and she hardly said two words to me, preferring to talk with her girl friends on the phone, or hide up in her room. After feeling how hard her nipples were getting, I slowly worked my hands all over her body under the shirt. As the waiter, and the busboy, and every male employee in the place stopped by our table, each would ask if we needed anything, but never spoke to me, just Angie. Angie looked right into his eyes as he continued to gaze at her, as she reached up and slowly unfastened the remaining buttons on her blouse. "Think about the glamour shots." he said to Angie, as we walked him to the door.


Sexual Diversions Ch. 05

group sammican1 2017-12-05

The combination of Kumah pressing her tits through the silk against his back, her tummy against his bare bum, her hands sliding up and down his legs and all over his chest, Simoo stroking his cock through his boxers and, now her pressing her lips against its outline, was heady stuff indeed. Kumah came from behind Mike, her robe was open, although he could only see her from behind, so he couldn't see what he wanted to see, her tits and pussy. He tried to caress them, but each time his hand got near to a breast or nipple, the girl would shake her head, smile and slither away across the huge bath.

The Cock-tail Party

group neargraduate 2017-12-05

I began moaning softly as I felt the two hands on my head again and the cock being forced into my mouth harder. Someone must have read my thoughts because as a third cock began fucking my mouth I felt a tongue on my clit. With G's cock in my pussy and the tongue in my ass it was too much to take and I came again hard, shuddering as I felt G explode inside me as well. After several minutes of fucking my ass he pulled his cock out of me and I felt his hot come shoot up my back.


Gym Buddies Ch. 01

group jasliz 2017-12-05

With both of them to either side of me and as Rob started backing out to leave, I used both hands and grabbed their cocks at the same time. This must have got his attention because no sooner did I start sucking Eric again, Rob was sawing his head up and down my wet sex until finally feeding his long cock into me. Eric fondled my breasts as I sucked him and Rob started getting into it. Not long after I started riding Rob like a pro, Eric walked to the side of the bed and presented his cock to me. Eric's wide cock sprayed first, almost hitting Rob across my body and leaving a long line of white semen across both breasts.


The Lunch Break Girls

group Archer2050 2017-12-05

Penny pulled back and watched Beth pucker her lips, then bow her head and let a long, thick string of cum drop out and onto her right tit, actually coating the hard, red nipple entirely and nearly all of the crimson areola as well. But there was still cum left on Penny's body, and Beth went for it, sucking the big breasts while pushing them together with her hands. Penny was considering going down on the muff before her slowly, with some teasing licks on those tight little thighs, but Beth dove in between Penny's legs fast and hard, rubbing the clit with her chin while burrowing her tongue deep into the cum-splattered cunt.


Tracy's Limo Ride

group BadDrBob 2017-12-05

She pulled out her matching black spaghetti strap high heels, which made her look and feel so bare all the way from her soft smooth thighs down to her cute little toes, but which also accentuated the sleek line of her fantastic, sexy legs, making them absolutely to die for. This is Tracy: 5'6" -- as he spoke she felt them all rise and begin to trace the curves and lines of her body with their fingers -- "long blonde hair" -- they began to play with her hair, hands dropping it over her breasts, then throwing it back over her naked shoulders for a better view -- "34B" -- all the hands were on her breasts now, taking turns, running down from her underarms then circling around and pulling on her nipples -- God!

Submission to Andre Ch. 06

group Dragonlipz 2017-12-05

"Girl, Lymon Brooks is an old man and you're telling me that he was putting it on that pussy? If that old man could rock her like he was poundin' on Chloe I'd have some more time to devote to Andre. "Hi, lover, Lymon is going to be showing up this morning around 10 or 10:30 to check the plumbing, the drains are slow is what I told him." It doesn't work, I can't even get hard if the best looking white or black girl sucks me. By appealing to her primal needs, I've been able to reach you, Paul Anderson, I love you, I crave your sweet pink lips around my hard cock.


My first job

group trindriver121 2017-12-05

Finally my orgasm began to subside, my senses started to return, the pins and needles sensation that had gripped my body was disappearing, my eyes began to focus, the cheering outside had reached a crescendo, and then I could hear daddy and the guys voices, they were getting closer. My third orgasm was beginning when Toby pulled his cock out of my mouth, I reached out, my hand covering the glistening head, as his cum shot from the tip, coating my palm in his hot sticky goo. As my body began to rock, I heard a loud gasp from Brett, then I felt a hot salty wad of cum hit the back of my throat, he tried to pull out of me, but I reached around and held him in my mouth.

My S1ster And I And The Lesbians Next Door

group crystalwaters69 2017-12-05

Amanda got up and stood next to Sarah at the foot of the bed as Ruby and I watched as they both kissed each other pulling each other’s pants and panties off until they were both naked. Sarah nodded and kissed Ruby as they switched places as Sarah began eating out Amanda and I watched Ruby look at me with a grin before her head lowered and felt her tiny mouth on me. Sarah helped Ruby put it on as I got onto the bed on all fours and began licking Amanda's pussy when suddenly I felt the dildo slide into me.

Seven, Eight and Nine

group Millsy 2017-12-05

"I don't know if I can last another hour." Melanie whispered, reaching out to gently caress Marcia's cheek with the hand that had just been pressed against her ass. Marcy considered forcing the smaller woman away, but the soft, wet tongue foraging in her mouth was taking her back fifteen years to rooming at university with Wendy Halliday, a shy little redhead nymphomaniac bisexual who had given her repeated multiple orgasms almost every night for more than a year when either of them had been between boyfriends before they graduated and had to go their separate ways.


The Computer Repairman Ch. 4

group Sean Devon 2017-12-05

"What about those hot little titties of yours, momma?" I said, "They look like they could use a good cock rubbin'." She sat up in her chair, stuck her chest out, and seriously went to work on her soft, white tits with Ole James' special tool. "OK, momma, that's enough playing with your own self." I said, "My cock needs you pretty little mouth around it right now!" She looks up at me sorta' fraid, so I smiled and took a handful of her soft hair, gently pulling her to me. Then as he licked her juices off his fingers, James said, "Well, Rob my man, this bitch's pussy is ready to be fucked!" Looking at Ms. Taylor, he said "Ain't that right, Baby?"

Karolina,dirty anal whore pt2

group mickyr11 2017-12-05

I entered the bedroom just as she was putting her choker on, I helped her with it, then told her I want her hand's handcuffed at the back, she smiled & called me kinky. I pulled her onto the couch face down, chin on the arm, me sat on her back holding her head up as the boy's took turns face fucking her hard. I held her head on the table as James removed the love egg's & pushed his cock deep inside Karolina. After 2 hrs I told the boys to bukkake her, Karolina got to her knee's, 4 hard young cocks wanking around her face, her tongue licking them in turn, all the time asking for cum on her face, in her mouth.

Haunted House Ch. 01

group LeNana 2017-12-05

"That's not all," Mandy added, pouring herself another drink, "The frat guys will be there too, spend the night together, in a haunted house..." Our laughs sounded off the walls, a fun game of bets. "Frat guys should be here soon, ready to satisfy that hungry lil' pussy of yours." Kasey said, giving me a wink. "Don't worry, it'll be filmed," Kasey added, moving to me, "So the world will know how much of a little slut you really are." Her hands wrapped around my body, slipping under my bra. "Oh, Nana, are you gonna cum for me, dear?" Kasey asked, "I don't think so, bitch!" She turned down the vibrator, and resumed sucking my clit.