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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Building Sarah a Workout Room

group mikey_5055 2017-12-05

She looked at me with a smile, "get out of those clothes and make me feel good John." She watched me as I pulled down my jeans and took off my shirt; a smile came to her lips as I dropped my briefs showing my hard cock. We got on and Sarah pushed us slowly, I could feel my hard cock deep inside Lisa's tight pussy. We cuddled together on the big king sized bed and played with each other longer, we got into some serious oral sex and I enjoyed watching Lisa make Sarah cumm while she licked and sucked my hard cock.


Don Finds Out

group toffy 2017-12-05

Strangely, knowing that my beautiful wife may well be seducing one of my friends only made me more horny, as I had imagined Kay sucking him and fucking him many times before, as well as Sandy's pretty lips around my cock, and me tasting her pussy. Don, Don, look she's going to make him come, oh it's so beautiful." Both Don and I came at almost the same time, with Sandy beside herself with desire, and Kay making slurping sounds as I slid in and almost out of her mouth, and as I felt Don's cock pulse I cupped my hand around it and let loose my own stream of love juice.

First Time Feeling Like a Slut

group handcuffsr4me81 2017-12-05

It felt so amazing to have Rick fucking my pussy, Bryan fucking my mouth and Chris finger fucking my ass. I was getting close to orgasming already and started fucking Rick harder and bucking back against Chris' fingers but Bryan wouldn't let me go to far from his cock and held my head close and I was in absolute awe at how good it felt. Bryan kept fucking my pussy deep and hard thrusting his body forcefully into me, he clenched onto my hair and pulled my mouth off of Chris' cock and became more aggressive with the fucking, smacking my ass, pulling my hair and ramming his cock deep inside me and I knew it wasn't going to be much longer until I was about to cum.

Daughter Mine Ch. 04

group Jim McKay 2017-12-05

I slammed my cock into her – forcing my mushroom cap past the mouth of her womb until my pubic bone was fully against Roxy's beautiful ass. Just then, I felt Gina's mouth sucking in my balls – deep into her mouth as she tongued my little almonds – sucking on them – forcing my cum to surge up that little tube and out the eye hole of my cock head. My sleep was disturbed about 3 a.m. Roxy had the mushroom cap of my cock in her mouth and was very gently sucking on it – tonguing the little pee hole with the tip of her tongue – then sucking my cock head gently again.

The Massage and More Pt. 04

group Ingrid11B 2017-12-05

It was Mary who said she'd like to swim in the beautiful pool if everyone else was interested, and after they saw Tommy and Ray's bedrooms with queen-sized beds they decided to skinny dip together. When Doris saw that Tommy was unshaved, she asked Mary to clean him up and make him look like his brother while they all watched her skillfully remove this long blond hair from his raging cock and scrotum as she sat on the floor in the bathroom with her blue eyes level with his hairy groin. Joe wasn't so sure he liked the idea, but he knew if he wanted to reap the prizes that night he would need to endure the shave just like Ray and Tommy already did the previous week.

Drinking is Harmful...

group d4david 2017-12-05

I think it was Taylor or Bryant that suggested 'let's take him inside my place and have some fun?' Benny said 'we shouldn't take advantage of him like this.' 'Hey he wanted to come out and get d***k so I say we let him have some real fun.' I tried to shake my head no, a huge cock was pushed into my lips and again some said 'suck this.' The voice said 'I told you to suck on this, it wouldn't hut so bad if you did.' My lips locked around the neck of the huge member in my oral cavity as the gigantic piece of man meat begin to slid back and forth in my anal canal.

First Date Ch. 03

group Jake4000 2017-12-05

As Kevin & Ginny entered the room, they saw Ann's pussy gush her cum on my face and mouth. In the dim light Ann could make out the kids, and saw Ginny riding reverse cowgirl on Kevin at the foot of the bed, bucking away on her son's hard body. I looked at her cum-filled, pregnant cunt and realized that my dessert was served, as my tongue dived into my wife's pussy, licking and eating her as my soft dick was sucked completely into Ann's mouth. Ginny's pussy exploded -- her vaginal muscles spasmed in waves from deep within outward, shooting Kevin's cum up from the depths of her newly stretched cunt like the flow of a volcano, pouring over her swollen vaginal lips, and running down both her ass and her tummy.


Memories of Miss Bobby

group TxRad 2017-12-05

Bobby gave me a quick kiss and said, "Blue Bird's boyfriend tossed her out this afternoon, and she's going to stay with me for a few days." Bobby got the door open and I ushered Blue Bird inside saying, "Don't worry about it, we've all been there and done that. Her eyes moved to my right, so I turned my head to see Blue Bird over by the edge of the pool, one hand on her right breast and the other inside the front of the little bikini. With a grin, Bobby put her arm around Blue Bird and got her moving in my direction. Blue Bird gave me a shy grin as Bobby said, "Ron, why don't you see if you have room for another treat.


Charting New Territory Ch. 02

group stago 2017-12-05

Rob shoved in between Kim's thighs and replaced Tina's fingers with the swollen head of his cock: nudging it in between pale ass cheeks. "Babe," Rob said, "Untie her legs -- I can't get in." That was followed by fumbling on the bed, and then Kim felt feminine fingers brush against her ankles and the bonds slacken. As she watched, it felt like a river of cum was dribbling from Kim's freshly fucked asshole; it was cold and wet, and she pulled her legs together to trap it. When Tina finally untied Kim and pulled the gag free it was to share a kiss that filled both their mouths with the taste of cock, and cum and asshole.

Reading Thoughts

group OLDER AND BETTER 2017-12-05

Laura seems to enjoy sex but at times it seems she doesn't want me to fuck her hard. I really enjoy a good fuck but lately Jim has been so hard that when he drives his huge cock into me it hurts slightly and takes some of the pleasure away. Damn, Goldie is a hot woman and she talks like her sex with Harold leaves something to desire. I need a good fuck and his short cock might be quite a nice feeling in me. I think that Harold would jump at the chance to fuck Laura and Goldie has been flirting with me lately. I want to fuck her but I am not sure how to go about it with Jim and Goldie here.

The Bookstore Ch. 1

group Kimber37 2017-12-05

He said "how much," and I told him $10 if he'd let me pull the condom off to feel his cum when he came. I spread the lips open so he could see my pink wetness and ordered him to rub his cock and tell me when he was going to cum. I stuck my face through the hole and told him, without flinching, that he could have my sweet white ass for $20.He said "Pass me a rubber, baby." Then he thought a minute and asked, "Can I come over there and fuck you? He made a long, groaning sound, and I felt the hot stream of cum splash over my back--so sticky and wet, running down the crack of my ass.

The Department Store

group Jena121 2017-12-05

I knew then that I could talk this lovely lady in joining Jean and myself at home, maybe to christen the new bed?? When I got back to Jean, she suggested I meet Karen when she came out of the bathroom and take her to see the new bed set that had arrived that day. Karen asked if Jean would join us on the bed, and I replied that I am sure she would. Jean continued to lick and suck her nipples, going from one to the other and keeping Karen at a high peak of sensuality. My cock was totally immersed in that wondrous piece of womanhood, and Jean now had her hand and was working on Karen's clit, rubbing it and keeping her on a high.

My 4sum with my Mom, Grandmom and Aunt

group dr-d 2017-12-05

So after the hug I told her my mom and grandmom were in the kitchen so I sat back down on the couch and as my aunt walked past I caught I glimpse of her ass…it wasn’t bigger than my moms or my grandmom’s it was still nice but her tits were very nice…nicer then my moms and my grandmom’s… Then grandmom got the strap-on on real quick and bent my mom over the table and proceed to fuck her pussy slow with nice deep strokes… Then I pushed my aunt over the table and fucked her hard and deep in her pussy causing her pain and pleasure while my grandmom just gave my mom pleasure… Then I went over to my mom and started fucking her pussy hard and deep while my grandmom fucked her other daughter nice and slow…

Role Playing: The Game That Never Ends!

group anthony93033093 2017-12-05

I can see in his eyes that the smell of Tuy’s juices are still on my lips so I lean in as close as I can without touching and looked back at Peter and say to the bartender in a slightly musky voice “please take my friend one more drink it’s her last so make it the largest that you have in whatever she chooses and tell her it looks like it’s going to be a dry week.” Looking directly at the bartender this time a quietly say I want 2 shot of apple juice and one double shot of tequila on the rocks.” I look beside me toward Mike and Tom and casually say” When I first walked in the bar I was turned on by your friend Sean, but now it’s just not enough that I have this throbbing desire to fuck your friend until he can’t move his legs.


group 2017-12-05

I silently went to get Sophia and took her into the garage and told her to play along. She was very surprised at seeing our college age neighbor, a big coal-black youth with his pants down and his long, deflated cock hanging between his legs. I told Sophia what he had been doing and then asked him if he would like to get a better look. She was watching fascinated as he held his cock with his hand and rubbed up and down, pushing aside her pussy lips and making his cock wet. Sophia leaned back as he let go and then lay back on the washer, breathing quickly. Sophia just sat there legs wide, looking used.

The Hairem Ch. 3

group belab 2017-12-05

He pushed his donkey cock and most of the 13 inches slowly into Shama's hairy asshole as she bounced away on his stiff rod. She then stopped riding Samiullah and sucked on my cock some more to ensure it was good and hard, and smeared some of the lubricant on the head of my shaft. Everyone needed to feel his large cock and she quickly stroked him to semi hardness and sat on him rode up and down on his magnificent shaft, I noticed that she was able to take more of it than Shama was. After a few minutes, she got off and took Sami's cock in her hand and she and Shama licked him up and down.

The Hunting Trip Part III

group 2017-12-05

I then hear a familiar grunt as I look up and see John still on the lounging chair, stroking himself with vigor as cum squirts from his cock, running down his hand, his back arched as he spasms. After Darryl and Chris leave, Mike, John and I go into the hot tub, relaxing from the heat and massage of the jets against our aching muscles. Her weight holds me down as I try to arch my back to react from the vibrating sensation on my clit and the cold glass dildo being pulled in and out of my throbbing pussy. Bending my knees in the air, grabbing a pillow above my head, I pulsated and screamed as the vibrations on my pussy became stronger as Mike turned up the speed.

The Hairley Street Doctor Ch. 3

group belab 2017-12-05

When I came back Becky was being fucked by Jeff her arms were stretched out wet and inviting and I rejoined by pressing my unfulfilled monster dick into her armpit forests. She was so hot and slick and her pussy gripped his cock with such delicious pressure that he almost couldn't keep from cumming on the first stroke. Becky and Jeff were naked and having a drink and she was slowly wanking his cock while Brad and Liz were petting each other his mouth lost in her underarm forest. He started fucking her asshole hard and fast causing her pussy to squeeze against me as it slid up and down my cock.

Swing-ers Experiences

group jasmine7 2017-12-05

Rachel really had a good look at Stew's dick and started to feel a little horny, hoping that Andrew and her would have a chance to be in private soon, she couldn't wait to get her slit plowed by him. As they approached, Andrew took off his swim trunk and slid in the tub..Rachel was dumfounded, but looking at the area, she felt it was right to do, she undressed and noticed Andrew lingering his sights on her body. The girls felt the guys presence near them, but did not want to leave what they were doing..Jean made a motion to Andrew to approach her from the back..Andrew understood, he started using his saliva and lubricated his dick.

A Beginner's Guide to FFM

group pandsal 2017-12-05

At one point Julian actually said, "Well, I'll get the camera if you two want to get going with each other." Valerie and I just looked at each other, eager to make it work but not knowing whether to laugh or cry because we just weren't turned on. In fact, I thought, the only person getting any kind of sexual charge would be David, masturbating at home with a pair of knickers I had left him to use while he was picturing the ffm in full swing. Julian couldn't hide his disappointment but Valerie tried to be light-hearted when I said I was sorry it hadn't been a success.


my firstcock part 2

group 2017-12-05

Don’t stop playing with your sweet cunt Brian said, I want you nice and wet when I take that cherry of yours. I’m going to cum in you he said and your going to beg me not to stop, he was fucking me so hard I thought I was going to split open, I wanted him to fuck me so hard and I was begging him, the other two guys were playing with my nipples pinching and pulling them, suddenly I felt myself go stiff and it felt like I had wet myself my b*****r gave one last hard thrust and came in me.

Jane's Diary - Valentine's Day

group janehart000 2017-12-05

When we got home from the coffee house we had crazy awesome sex, and talked about the things we wanted to do with our new couple friend. I noticed he was a nice size and thick, I put my mouth over the tip and looked up at him as he looked at me with adoration as I kissed and sucked his cock, going up and down the long shaft. I pulled down his pants and boxer s and Sarah came over and we both licked and sucked her husband's big cock. Bill started touching my pussy, then he licked and put his whole mouth over my pussy, he glided two fingers inside and it was hard to concentrate on Sarah when I was getting close to cumming from Bill's touch and kissing.


A Party + a Hot Tub equals Neighbor

group BarbandMe1955 2017-12-05

Adi suggested that our cul-de-sac neighbors would be great guests with all but Gail looking as if they enjoyed a good party. So the party had turned sexual Troy was openly fondling Adi, licking her nipples and she started to grind on his lap under the water so no one was sure if he was in her or not. Phil began kissing Kerri and soon they got out of the tub and started to make out on the deck. On the other side of the tub Troy was now fucking Jo while Charles and Steve were double penetrating Taylor. Steve fucked Kerri and Adi and Jo both fucked and sucked Charles.


My Night with Two Strippers

group StrongMaster7 2017-12-05

But here to warm things up is our own, Shanuuuuu!" The bartender did the announcement as if there was a full house instead of me, moving to a seat at the rear of the stage, and the three half-comatose old boozers arranged at the bar facing no particular direction. I knew that sometimes, some dancers would give you a bit more attention than the law, or the house, would allow if you were at this table because it was the only place in the bar that the mirrors didn't give the bartender a view of. As outsized as Shanu's tits were for an athletic woman her size, Marlena's were out of any human proportion, each bigger than her head.