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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Close Up & Personal

group tonysnow 2017-12-05

From time to time our eyes would meet and we would hold each other's stare, until she would break off as result of the pounding her pussy was getting. This time I allowed her to stroke my cock through my pants. Even drawing it nearer to her mouth, where upon she licked her red lipsticked lips with her tongue; burning to suck on it. Her mouth was as hungry for cock as her pussy had been. I continued to study her face closely. She would lick the sides of my shaft, circle my cock head with her tongue and then suddenly shove it all in her mouth. She frantically licked my cock, with her hand milking the cum that oozed out.

A Freaky Fuck pt1

group d4david 2017-12-05

Harry said 'Hi David, you know Shelia, you both go to the same high school.' Shelia answered 'I know David he's in my fourth hour math class, don't look like either of us are going to be there today,' we laughed at the subtle joke. She must have read my mind for she said 'Harry I'm going to let David have first lick of my breast while you get rid of those stupid pants.' Shelia lifted both her breast to her chin and begin to lick them. Shelia looked at me and took hold of my cock with her other hand and said 'you know how Charlie likes to brag about what you and him do so don't play like you ain't never fucked David.

Modelling Shoot

group erotica49 2017-12-05

They were doing an office scene and were both in business suits, both wearing shirts, Kim a white one and Mary a blue, tight black mini skirts, and "fuck me" heels, Kim's a little higher than Mary's. Kim went off camera to pretend to lock the door and then crawled onto and over Mary's desk, rucking up her skirt far enough so that the gussett of her white knickers was clearly visible through the slit in her skirt. After kissing in this position for a little while, making sure I got enough shots and footage, Kim slinked off the desk and stood in front of Mary, who nervously looked up at her.


Stepdaughter loving 4.

group 2017-12-05

After a few minutes Jess was groaning and cursing loudly as my cock fucked her little bald pussy and then Kim got up on the rock and started to really play with her clit. Before I could pull out though Kim suddenly reached up pulled my ass cheeks apart and stuck her little tongue up my asshole, the sensation was an indescribable feeling, having my stepdaughter probe my back passage with her little wet tongue and with a groan I uncontrollably began to shoot my load into Jess's pussy. I then stepped up on the rock and Jess took hold of my cock and started to suck my cum and her juices off of it as Kim continued to lick her pussy clean.

Giving My Husband To The Babysitter (mff)

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-12-05

One Friday evening, Jeff came home from work complaining of a bad headache and fever, I rushed to put him to bed and make him comfortable while completely forgetting about Julie’s imminent arrival. “Think fast,” I said to myself, “what should I do.” Jeff was going to be coming in the door any moment and I needed time to think. I could tell from her eyes that she wasn’t catching my meaning—that I was offering to let that tight little pussy of hers fuck Jeff from time to time. Julie had turned slightly in Jeff’s embrace so that both she and Jeff were looking in my direction. I slowly slid my hand from between their bodies and shifted myself around behind Julie so as to look at Jeff’s balls and cock.

Threesome Amongst Friends

group iggyspear 2017-12-05

However, I was still feeling much to bashful to even lay a hand on Lauren, although I could tell she was starting to really enjoy rubbing her tongue over Melanie's hot lips. Instead of sucking the little guy with gusto like Melanie, she methodically licked and kissed my lucky, lucky penis making sure every last inch of my cock got to feel the sensations of her sexy, Asian mouth. While Lauren licked the pre-cum out of my slit Melanie whispered in my ear, "Do you like the way your dick feels in her mouth?" Melanie got down right on her hands and knees next to Lauren, and the two of them started kissing.


A Simple Plan

group Bettybod10 2017-12-04

She slid her way down pulling his cock from me and sucking it into her mouth tasting my juices from it then sliding him back inside. Cassie slid between my legs and began licking my pussy and clit, by this time Rob was ready to go again and fed his fat cock into my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Cassie smile at the site of Rob's cock disappearing into my mouth. Rob took the dildo from my hand and began shoving it in Cassie's ass I slid down moved Cassie into position and guided Rob's cock into her pussy. Rob's balls slapped against my forehead as he pounded Cassie, her hips bucked and she came dripping more of her juices onto my face.

Going All the Way, Again

group bamboomoon 2017-12-04

Her tits are squashed against my belly as her face is stuck to my pussy; her hands snaked beneath my legs to open my cuntlips wide for the camera. By now, Melanie is used to my insatiable desire for fucking and quickly slides her hand over my soft thighs to my naked pussy. “It will soften the glare and still give you enough fill light to get quality pictures.” Their mouths drop open as they stare at my shaved pussy, naked breasts and long red hair. As on cue, we break our connection, and Harry moves me around to sit on Tom. He bends down, takes Tom’s cock in his hand, lubricates it with saliva and pushes it gently in my wet backdoor.


Swing Club Virgins

group fantasyfulfiller 2017-12-04

So now I am looking at myself in the mirror and thinking that in about an hour I will be walking through the door of an on premise club and looking for me and my husband to have sex with a woman. I pull my head up and run my hands over his chest, feeling his erect nipples under my fingers. I pull away from her mouth, take a detour to suck and lick a breast and then head back to let my mouth work some more on the cock. I can't believe I'm able to talk so nicely to the woman I just watched my husband fuck, but I find I really like her and I had such a good time that I wasn't jealous in the least.

The Indian Prince Ch. 06

group sr71plt 2017-12-04

Upon further scrutiny, the figure looked like Prince Bhadur Khan, but that's hardly the position I'd ever have thought to see him in. the lady-in-waiting I had first seen coming out of Roger Allard office at the station, was standing on the other side of the throne dais and, if anything, looking saucy and rather amused. I had to get back to the palace and use the miniature satellite radio to let Allard know both that the terrorist unit was where he thought it was and that Mir Yusaf Adil wasn't who Allard thought he was. As I approached the door, the lady-in-waiting, or possibly the prince's new mistress or Roger Allard's agent—or, most likely, all three—emerged from the shadows and put her hand on my sleeve.

Neighbour Fantasies....Part 16

group Croozer 2017-12-04

There was an uneasy silence in the room for a bit until Lillian broke it by saying, "She told me "stroking but no poking." I could feel my face light up crimson red, and she asked, "Do you enjoy masturbating?...because I certainly do." I was dumbstruck, and couldn't even stammer a reply or defense. Lillian sat back on the sofa and said, "Yes...look at me, tell me what you like, and stroke it." She began rubbing herself at the same time, and asking if I liked her bra and her panty, and where I wanted to shoot my load.

Birthday Blindfold Ganbang

group MrsCanyon 2017-12-04

Victor and three of his friends got out of the car and walked up to Tracy, who was still tied and blindfolded. One guy would fuck her pussy while another would be using her mouth, and the other two would have her hand wrapped around their dicks keeping them hard. The second thing was that the guy fucking my wife, dismounted, pulled his condom off his dick, told my wife to open her mouth wide, and then squeezed the cum out of the condom into her mouth. By this time Tracy was out of control, moaning loudly and urging the guys on, telling them to fuck her harder, to come in her cunt and her mouth.

While John is Away Ch. 01

group P3Driver 2017-12-04

John likes the way I dress and he loves it when he knows some stranger just got a flash of my panties or even my bare pussy when getting out of a car or sliding off a bar stool. "John, I don't know," I mewed, although I have been fantasizing lately about Avery's huge cock filling my tight pussy. I am holding myself up with my left arm and using my right hand to pump my pussy with the big vibrating cock which I slide against my clit with each stroke. "No, I'm just thinking about how much I miss John and remembering how good this big cock feels in my mouth and how it fills up my pussy."


One Big Happy Family

group arghjac 2017-12-04

Greg had rarely fucked her at this period, which she really regretted, as firstly, he would have prepared her body for the assault that was to follow, and secondly, because she knew he was not the father of Duncan, or his brothers. Unlike Jennifer, Elaine had been completely unprepared until just before the night of approval, when Greg's mother Isabella had explained what her future life was going to entail. 'Nay my love, you're a woman now and the pain will soon be over, at least for today, tomorrow is another matter.' Greg allowed her to get her breath back and slowly began to slide his huge cock in and out of her.


Donna's Innocent Mistake

group exec1101 2017-12-04

"I know" replied Wendy, "Just wait until I fasten the straps on your legs, you will love how it feels!" "No" whimpered Donna, "please let me go." Wendy smiled at her friend, "Relax, I am just getting you prepared for the party tomorrow night." Wendy opened the belt and pulled down the zipper on Donna's white shorts. Wendy would like Donna's clit back and forth six or seven times and then stop to look up at her victim and say, "You dirty little whore, you love me eating your nasty pussy! Donna only let Andrew's cock out of her mouth for a second to cry out, "EAT MY PUSSY YOU NASTY FUCKING SLUT!" Wendy loved hearing Donna call her dirty names, knowing that her corruption of her young neighbor was complete.

Anna's Inspiration

group flirtyskirt 2017-12-04

"Well I have to say Anna," "I hope this doesn't sound too crass, but whatever you're doing, keep it up." "You look great in that pink suit." "I thought seeing you in a cute flirty skirt and blouse at the office was one thing , but that suit." "Man oh man!" "Your smooth skin compliments it so much." His voice trailed off...I think he said a little more than he intended. Between leaning against Rays strong chest as his hands slipped under my pink tankini top gently tweaking my nipples and MG's amazing lips doing mind altering things between my legs, it was only moments before I couldn't contain myself any longer and ,like she had promised, had the most intense, loud orgasm ever.


Caught wife playing

group boom8997 2017-12-04

As I pulled I seen there was a car I did not know I walked in and no one was around I started to walk out the back when I hared some people talking I looked out the window and seen Kim ,My wife and 2 other men the women was on the edge of the and the men in he pool as I watched I seen that they where naked I wanted as I seen that my wife was getting up I went in to the next room as she came in the house and the gay come with her they went into the kitchen made some drinks I could not see munch but I can here them I came around the comer to see more her was touching her pussy and she was playing with his dick things heated up I was getting hard my self she dropped to her knees and started given him a BJ I have to say he was bigger then me after a few she got up and went out side I came back out of the room where got undressed I wanted to more I now if I went out there she would not do nothing or smoothing would go wrong as I was at list 3 to 4 hrs early on getting home


Bound Breasts, Office Toy

group HeyAll 2017-12-04

When the Chief Lending Officer's door closed, Sean Williams stood and made his way around the massive desk to brush his lips against Shannon's, pushing his strong fingers through her hair and giving it a firm tug in greeting. After some days had passed, however, she began to realize their reactions were going to remain limited to looks and whispers; she was still their boss, after all, and no one wanted to risk losing their job--let alone the chance of sleeping with her. Things were going so well that at the end of the quarter, Shannon was once again scheduled to meet Williams in his office.


Celebrating the Miracle of Life

group Rembacher 2017-12-04

I turned her head to kiss her from behind and Meghan slowly ran her mouth down Ashley's front, stopping to nibble on each of her beautiful breasts before dropping lower. As I slid my hard cock over her opening, lubricating it for the coming action, I took one last look at Ashley, and then, with a smirk, thrust hard into Meghan. I could see the look on Meghan's face, and could tell from her breathing that she was getting close, and soon she let out a loud moan as Ashley took her over the edge. Doggy style is great in general, but especially with Ashley I knew it would be good because I was able to run my hands along her back, drawing her excitement to a new level as I thrust my cock deep inside her.

Enjoying Her

group noisymother 2017-12-04

I slid my tongue in, feeling her muscles gripping hard and making her moan louder. Raising my eyes above those beautiful cheeks of hers, I saw you stroking your hard cock as you watched. Without removing my tongue, I reached a hand underneath her arse and slid my finger straight into her cunt, so hot and wet. I saw you watching us, rapt: your cock still hard in your hand, and before she'd drunk all the juices from my mouth, I took my lips away from hers. I took your head in my hands and kissed you hard and deep, so you could taste your cum and her juices mingled in my mouth.

JFT Tales - Adult Store Ch. 02

group jenyes 2017-12-04

Tara's eyes bright as she watches the men leave, facing us once they disappear back inside the store proper, "I think he just got his dick sucked!" Fingers locking full of Tara's locks, she's pulled off and away; the cock angry and purple sways in the opening. My tongue swirls around and around the wrinkled flesh, fingers gripping her firm butt-cheeks and pulling them open so I can have it closer. Then with one of your hands holding the plug, the other caresses her face as you whisper in her ear, "Do you want this Tara? His eyes widen and I look back; your hand gripping Tara's shoulder firmly as you slide the plug ever deeper in her tight ass.

Ms. Marca Ch. 37

group Ms. Marca 2017-12-04

I now said, "I'm going to put your cock in my throat now, when I get to my gag-point pull my head down on it until I bottom out on this fucker." Then before I went down I said, "Quit being so nice and gentle, I want to be fucked in the mouth like the slut whore that I am tonight!" He looked down at me and said, "Yeah, that's it, suck my cock slut, swallow that fucking meat you big tit cunt." I pulled off his cock and slid my tongue out the bottom of my stretched out mouth and licked his balls; a steady stream of saliva ran out the bottom of my mouth.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 03

group jim313 2017-12-04

When the two of us came down, Dianne lifted herself off my face and told Judy to roll off me and spread her legs as she wanted to eat my juices out of her pussy and as soon as Judy did what she asked, she buried her tongue deep inside her vagina and began sucking out my cum. I felt Brad's body tense and he reached down and held my head to his cock as it started spurting cum onto my tongue and I swallowed it with gusto as he fed me each delicious load until he sank back down with a long sigh and Cory lifted her pussy off his face so he could take some deep breaths and recover from his orgasm.


Kelsey's World Ch. 05

group riverboy 2017-12-04

"Sharron, this is Kay, my mom," Kelsey said. "I'm so glad we found you again." Sharron put her hand on Kelsey's as they walked, looking like she might cry. "I hope you don't mind," Kay said, "but Kelsey told me your husband has been physical in ways he shouldn't, and...not in the ways that he should. "Kelsey, you shouldn't be talking about those things without Sharron's permission," Kay said. "It's all good though, right Sharron?" Kelsey said. "It's really nice to meet you, Bobby." Sharron suddenly had a vision of him fucking other women, friends of Kay's and others from their swinger group. "I must admit," Sharron said, "being on the beach those two times with Kelsey, it felt so good to be...bare."