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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Camping Trip Ch. 3

group Skeptisaurus 2017-12-04

She let his cock slip from her mouth, still dribbling, and began to lick the cum from his thighs, Pat still sliding in and out of her, head thrown back, ready to take the flag the finish line. Gerry's heart began to pound, his cock began to lengthen, wanting to get up off the bed but at the same time wanting to feel Pat's touch; the thought of forbidden fruit overcoming the chorus of voices placed in his head by the holier than thou, spirit ransacking, make your life betterites that spent their lives judging; living to control the actions of others. Gerry reached for him, wrapped both hands around his shaft and flicked his tongue across the head, tasting for the second time that morning a mixture of cum and Laura's pussy.

Teacher's Tech Conference Ch. 02

group Paddy2887 2017-12-04

She broke the kiss and ran her hand over my hardening cock saying, "You look pretty good yourself." She placed us in a circular booth in the corner, pulled out the table for us to slide in and said with a sexy smile, "Jessica will be your waitress." I looked at Jessica as I brought my finger to Laura's lips. I opened the message to reveal a picture of laura sitting on the ladies room sink table. A second message opened to an image of Laura passionately kissing our waitress while reaching her hand between her legs. Jessica plunged her tongue into Laura's mouth and she closed her lips upon it. Jessica suddenly pulled Laura's head up and said, "Wait."

My new boss fucked my brains out pt 1

group craigfucksshearer 2017-12-04

On the first night I stayed at Jim's he let me screw him, and loved it, and to my surprise said he loved being fucked and regularly fingered his hole when he was showering or sl**ping alone, or out cruising. He got hard and then got self conscious and left." "We are going to a pub somewhere for lunch, me and Dave and Kevin" I said and Jim said "When you know where let me know. Dave saw Jim wanking in front of him this morning and told me he nearly shot his wad when he saw Jim's massive bellend get rock hard." He then put his right hand on my trousers to feel me up and then unzipped me and put his big hairy hand inside Jim's pants and squeezed my balls until I wailed in pain.

The Book of David Ch. 09

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-04

But it wouldn't. When it came time for breakfast, Danielle came down and puttered around with the rest of our roommates in a chipper mood. "Ohmigod, sweetie. "If I hadn't broken up with you, you wouldn't have even been there. "Please, sweetie. Amber strained her ears for a few seconds and then exclaimed, "Ohmigod, it's my PARENTS!" True, I'd never swung a golf club other than those cheap putters playing mini-golf. After the round, I massaged out the calluses forming on my hands from gripping the clubs too tightly while Amber's father and I hung out in the lounge with a couple of cocktails. Amber tells me that you've just graduated from University?" It's downtown, not too far from the University isn't it?" Was this my sister come to play a prank on me?


Every Guy at the Party

group strickland83 2017-12-04

I moved onto the bed, between Linda's legs, and looked down. When he finished, he moved aside and Linda looked down to see who was fucking her this time. She smiled when she recognized me and said happily, "Hi, Sean." It would have been perfect except that when she spoke I could see she still hadn't swallowed the cum from the last guy. I thrust hard against her legs and held myself inside her as deeply as I could, feeling each pulse of my cum leave my cock. As I finished, the guy in her mouth moaned and added to the cum in her body, a sizeable quantity by now, and she swallowed.

1st Gang Bang

group TeX_T_C 2017-12-04

I think I felt Steve squeeze my hand again. In spite of myself my hands tightened their grip (Steve on one side, the couch on the other) and I came with this nameless guy. His cock felt a little bigger than the last guy. I guess I wasn't too wet because when I felt my pussy tighten again to come, he looked surprised for a second and blew his load. I couldn't feel his cock as well- my pussy was like an oil slick. My eyes couldn't stop following his big brown cock. I must feel like a tight little virgin to this guy, I thought. Steve started to leave- then on his way out shook hands with Chris!

The Dancer Ch. 2

group Evesdemise 2017-12-04

As I returned from the dressing room, in my black shiny bra top, the cups sheer black, allowing my tits to peek from under the line of black fringe, as I moved, with matching thong of black wet look leather, the same type of fringe concealing my bare pussy, at least until I started to sway, I was met by a strong brown hand around my slender arm, which pulled me quickly around to face its owner. I guess, in a way, and I am sure this would be considered bad business practice with most other exotic dancers out there, I considered it a compliment that my customers would ask for some private, let's say 'quality time' with me, and were willing to fork over a pretty penny to both me and the club for the opportunity.


When We Met Paul

group MADDRAPPER 2017-12-04

It's good to see you." Said Alison as she came in, giving Mark and Vicki a kiss. Vicki said angrily."My freak of a boyfriend wanted Alison to come over and watch us have sex while she got off with a dildo." "Not me." Mark said "I'd love to see Vicki with a hard dick in her mouth." Vicki couldn't believe her eyes as she saw Mark begin to lick Paul's hard prick up and down. Mark watched as Alison moved Vicki's hand away from her cunt and put the vibrator against her clit. Vicki could only look at Mark in disbelief as Paul's cock penetrated her cunt. She gently rubbed some of Paul's cum still on Vicki's ass with some of Mark's into her tits.


The Club Ch. 03

group Fog43 2017-12-04

"Good, you can put yours in Steve, and Bud can put his in me, then you can eat it back out of me," said Deana, leaning back to savor the feeling of the men's hands on her breasts and the cock in her pussy. Roger, Bud, and Walter were standing by the bed, idly pulling on their cocks and watching Steve and Deana fuck. Deana felt Steve's cock twitch against her thigh and marveled at how her husband could be getting hard yet again so soon after orgasm. But this bath is so relaxing, and I think I want to just take a nap for a bit to catch my breath." With that Deana kissed Julie and Steve and rose up out of the water.


Valentine Threesome

group Comixgrl 2017-12-04

Meanwhile, Val worked her tongue, licking the folds of Kat's clit and lips; she stuck her tongue deep inside her pussy and wiggled it back and forth. Kat moaned loudly at the pleasure of Val's tiny finger in her tight, puckered ass. Tom grabbed the lube and butt plug and got to work on Val. He lubed the plug then began rubbing it on her tight hole. He moved to the side of the bed to watch Val finish finger fucking Kat's pussy. The girls both looked at Tom at the same time and Val said, "Your turn Baby," They laid him down on the bed on his back. Val had stationed herself over Tom's face and had him licking, sucking and finger fucking her to ecstasy.

A Complete Surprise Ch. 2

group Debbie 2017-12-04

Stacey felt the woman's hand on her inner thigh, stroking her, going higher, across her taut stomach, moving slowly, a very light touch. Even though she was repulsed by the man's hands on her body, she was excited by the woman's fingers slipping inside her tight welcoming pussy. Stacey moaned as their hands roamed all over her body, liking it when his rough hands, stroked her tender nipples, tweaking them, pinching her, nipping at her with his teeth, he was a little rough but it felt good. Sandy continued licking and sucking on Stacey's clit as Nick moved his finger inside her. Nick put his hands on Sandy's slender waist and lifted her a little as she squeezed her pussy muscles on his prick.

And Three Makes Company

group LuciousBi-Writes4U 2017-12-04

And not just by me…" Terry heard her husband saying as she watched his best friend making his way across the pool towards them. Jason could see the want and need in Terry's eyes as she watched Rick stroking his own dick, she wanted to stroke it for him, lick it, kiss it suck it, and finally feel it penetrate her soul for the first time. Her husband Jason picked up the rhythm that Rick sat and began to stroke in and out of her mouth, shoving his raging member as far down her throat as he could.


group jjcolejr 2017-12-04

Her girlfriend and business partner who owned a blueprint company two doors down walked in and said, "You look like you need your pussy eaten." Three orgasms later Sofia quit the pussy and kissed her way up Antonia's body as she lifted her t-shirt off. Antonia sat Sofia on the table directly in front of her and began to kiss her pussy. Sofia went off like a firecracker and continued to do so until Antonia kissed her way up to her tits then her lips. In their neighborhood the couple kissing was usually Antonia and Sofia. Antonia kissed her neck then got her shopping bag and her clean clothes and went home.


A Clear View Ch. 03

group orie 2017-12-04

Bryan took Linda's hand and pulled her up the incline until they stood with their feet in warm sand and felt the afternoon sun on their bodies. Bryan closed his eyes and was falling asleep until he felt a chill as Linda rested her wet hair on his chest. As his senses came to full life, Bryan felt Linda's soft breast pushing into his chest. Bryan looked at her short hair plastered to her head, her beach cover up turned transparent with wetness and her legs covered with large goose bumps. Many times coming down from his loft after hours of writing, Bryan would find Judy working with a naked man or woman. Bryan thought Gerry was indeed going to be surprised when many of his friends looked at his naked wife.



group Malinov 2017-12-04

Bondage (them) please specify. Bondage (them) please specify. Verbal abuse. Verbal adoration. Costume other, please specify. With a gentle swipe, she turned him from side to side. "The party will last about an hour. I would call us kinky but the word has been stolen by people who wear full body rubber suits with gas masks and flail each other with long strips of beaded leather. "There's a place," he said, "where they'll pay you good money to participate in a gangbang." It's like a male stripper gig, but with an audience of one and we don't waste any time shaking booty." "Stop trying to freak the new guy," said Otto, one of the team leaders with a light smack to the back of the story-teller's head.


Stalking My Wife.

group 2017-12-04

The screens for other booths were up, so there were other men watching my wife at the same time I was. Just as I was getting close to cumming, the screen for another booth went up and the guy inside dropped a huge tip through the window. Furious and surprised at the same time I stood up, my pants dropping to my ankles, and yelled at the glass, “Stop that!" There was no response from my wife or the two men fucking her. As he shut the door, the panel slid down over the glass, and I got one last glimpse of my wife impaled on the cocks of the two men.

What Wet Dreams May Cum

group Anopheles 2017-12-04

The mind bending secret drug that their owner gave them assisted, although Natasha knew very well that Dasha was masterful at pleasing both men and women without any aid. Natasha felt what seemed like a thousand hands ranging over her body, fingers entering her mouth, pussy, and ass. Natasha had little time to think about Dasha, because two other men were roughly pawing at her, pinching her nipples, as some stranger pounded her from behind. After countless minutes and several more men inside her pussy and her mouth, Natasha heard Rafale’s voice. If they were allowed to remain in each other’s company later, Natasha thought, she would love to pleasure Dasha with her mouth, tasting the cum of all of those men inside of her….

My Threesome

group Kelisha 2017-12-04

Pushing your cock into my mouth she then place herself behind me, giving me a slap on my ass before she starts playing with my wet pussy with her fingers and tongue. I'm moaning loudly over the feeling of your hard cock fucking my mouth while she's licking my pussy and feel how I'm already about to cum. I feel how she presses a finger into my ass and hear how she tells you to take a firm hold of my hair and fuck my mouth harder. You feel how she starts playing with her tongue while you run your cock in me and feel how she grabs your hand, lick your fingers and then place your hand against my anus.

Twins Cum Best with Twins Ch. 02

group machiavelliwriter0 2017-12-04

Thomas raised an eyebrow and his face took on a thoughtful pose for a few seconds, "Assuming traffic is fair, the 'scenic route' would take about almost forty minutes more than normal, are you sure you want to ride that long." He looked back at the young men and then to Hallie, "Don't get me wrong the night is paid for and I don't mind, just making sure you actually want to take longer to get there."


In Confidence

group irishblackgirl 2017-12-04

You clear the back of your throat loudly, while reaching for the back of my head with one hand to hold me in place, and using the fingers of the other to open my mouth. I can hear the groans of pleasure as you stroke my throat and I swirl my tongue over you the way I know you like it. Taking your hand from my crotch you break our kiss to shove your fingers into my mouth right in front of his face. I feel the bed shift as you come up behind me and the scents of my pussy and ass fill my nostrils as one of your hands covers my mouth.


Prankster Ch. 03

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-04

Grab some of them t-shirts, Tony," Pruett said, as he climbed out of the Girls Gone Wild van. "Uh, yeah," Pruett groaned, "Mornin'," as Tony joined him, leaving the van parked at the hotel's entrance. "I'm Gail." She turned back toward the others, and said, "And, left to right are Mimi, Cassandra, Deidre, and Leea. But it was enough to get both Pruett and Tony to check her out, for her own dark brown nipples were readily obvious in her white bikini, her areoles twice the size of Mimi's. "Ten minutes, give or take," Tony replied, stealing another look back at Mimi and Pruett.


Fantasies Cum True Ch. 03

group sex4u4647 2017-12-04

Jan had packed several outfits but she chose a white lace gown that was so thin that you could almost read through it, her dark pussy hair was visable and she applied lipstick to her big nipples then went to the bar to meet Candy and to get started earning her money. First she knelt down to face her first cock of the evening, it was starting to get hard, raiseing its head to meet her waiting mouth as she blew hot breath on it. Jan finally allowed him to pound his cock into her and she fucked back as fast as she could, taking his final load of cum deep in her pussy.

The de-flowering of Jenny

group vickyvixen 2017-12-04

On top of her was Vicky, also naked, touching her body, her hands roaming everywhere, her mouth working on Jenny's tits, licking them all over, sucking the nipples until they were as erect as thimbles and bursting from Jenny's body. Alan lapped up the juice before he went to work on Vicky's pussy, licking and sucking up and down the lips before he pushed his tongue inside her and began tongue fucking her. Jenny also opened her mouth and as Vicky sucked Alan's cock up and down, she ran her tongue over his balls in long slow strokes before taking them in her mouth and sucking them gently. Vicky sucked every last drop of cum from Alans cock before she kissed Jenny long and hard, pushing the cum into Jenny's mouth with her tongue.

The Heat of a Mexican Sun

group NakedNeighbor 2017-12-04

Bill and I mostly sat in the water at the swim-up bar, while Silvia and Robin reclined on the concrete deck surrounding the pool. Tuesday morning, when Silvia walked out to make coffee, I was already up, sitting naked in a chair perusing literature on things to do. This morning, Silvia came out to make coffee while I was making love to Robin under the sheet. Friday morning, Robin invited Bill to join Silvia as she watched us fuck once again. Walking down the hall, Silvia stopped, reached up under her skirt, pulled her panties off, and tossed them to me saying she wanted to get the full experience before we leave.