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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A 3 some with s*s and her son

group griffen1 2017-12-04

cock into Megan's waiting ass. Todd grabbed her ass with both hands and started to Megan's tongue grazed the tip of my cock and I thought Todd got in front of Megan and started to jack Megan took hold of his cock and slowly buried it into Megan let Todd's cock out of her mouth and pulled down Todd lowered his body and started to slap his cock "Cum on my tits too David," demanded Megan. Todd a few times checking out her ass, which looked feeling of Todd's cock against mine but I felt like I up Todd, reached under her and inserted her son's cock Megan's ass and cunt she began to speak, "Now slowly on

The Circle Ch. 14

group SteveWallace 2017-12-04

Sitting around one evening in April after some of The Circle had made love together in the family room, Alex enthusiastically suggested, "Hey, we need to have a blowout graduation party for our grads. The picture again indicated a pull away from the house, and a third window was selected; this time is was one of the windows for Tracy and Ellie's room. Monica gently pulled Sandy into an embrace, and the two women kissed in a way that raised the temperature in the room by a thousand degrees and left both of them panting and wanting more. She thought that Sandy definitely wanted to be a player with the group, but she wasn't certain and sure didn't want to compromise Jim by asking what her wishes or fantasies were, or what her husband might think.


Battle of Mont St. Jean

group arghjac 2017-12-04

Encouraged, Murdoe started to withdraw and my first thought was that he was finished with me and that this wonderful feeling was over but as I was about to plead with him not to stop, and with the cockhead at my very entrance, he thrust back inside me driving my breath from my body and propelling me forward onto the cock that filled my mouth, the head of which I had to allow to pass down my throat in order to ensure I wasn't hurt. "I'm so sorry madame but I just had to enjoy that sensation again." Susanne pushed the girl's fingers away from her cunt and instructed her to lie back onto the pillow where she began to wash her.


The Ice Cream Cone

group SlickTony 2017-12-04

I started to lick at the ice cream, but Mario said, "Hold it! While I worked on the ice cream, Mario and Jon took turns working the camera. I swept the very tip of my tongue around the top of the tower of ice cream, starting pretty close to the top on one side, and slanting it down so that it was maybe an inch and a half away from the top on the other. I looked from the tanned hand he had clamped around the end of his cock, up to his face, turned half away in an effort not to pay too much attention to what I was doing to Mario.


Birthday Treat: My Own Wench Ch. 02

group LucyCanyon 2017-12-04

Trudy stood to one side and spanked hard onto these cheeks, twelve times swiping her hand down as Vanessa took each one silently. Lifting it up again, Trudy wasted no time in diving back in and drinking her fill, licking around the engorged and well used lips as she sucked another mans cum from Vanessa's cunt. She took it, and continued to work away at Trudy's lips, bringing one hand up to play with her clit as I rained blows down on her unprotected bare ass. As Vanessa and Trudy came, I looked up to see one approach each side of Vanessa and spray their second load of cum onto her waiting ass cheeks, burning with the spanking they had just received.

Sexual Olympics

group WerewolfatNight 2017-12-04

John had by far the biggest cock on the team and in the room- Billy figured it had to be well over a foot long, but it drooped slightly downwards, so the girls on the team had a hard time sticking a ringer around it until Bonita crawled over and held it up at an angle, despite the good natured boo's and cries of protests of the other teams. Billy leaned in and opened Carol's cunt lips with his hands and poised the dildo head and began to push with his neck and shoulders. Billy was necessarily crouched on his hands and knees, positioning himself for leverage, and someone reached underneath and started fondling his cock and balls at about the third stroke, and he yelped and nearly yanked the dildo out.


Jenn's New Job Ch. 06

group marquisdeslut 2017-12-04

"And HIS friend." My cock was already hard and she pulled me over to Susan, who barely acknowledged us, too busy slamming her strapon into Yuni's pussy. I was still fucking Susan but her strapon popped out of Yuni, who was set upon by Mel -- their bodies twined together beside Jenn's on the big bed. "Gimme this hot bitch," Jenn said, pulling Susan down onto the bed, so that my cock popped out of her. Mel and Yuni looked over at my hard cock, lonely all of a sudden, but Jenn slapped their asses to grab their attention. While Susan arced her hips to slide the strapon back into Jenn, I pushed my cock into her tight asshole. Yuni and Mel giggled while Susan slammed into Jenn.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 08

group JimBob44 2017-12-04

"And he was driving up and down, looking for Teddy and Elizabeth," Elaine said in a voice so low that Marie had to ask her to repeat herself. "You really want me to tell them?" Elaine asked, facing Bill Baggett for the first time since coming into the conference room. He smiled as he heard the Toyota pull up to the garage, then heard the squealing and giggling and laughing as Cindy, Candy, and Pam spilled out of the car. In this dark building, both Cindy and Pam had been able to find Paul right away, while Candy looked everywhere else. Paul tried to maneuver the A-frame over to the car; Pam and Candy and Cindy trying to help, but hampering him more than helping him.


A Man of Appetite

group christo 2017-12-04

She told Erica this and her friend said, "You need to find someone who appreciates how special you are." There was an awkward silence, Carrie filled her wineglass and set the bottle on the coffee table, hoping Erica would say something to ease the tension, but when she turned Erica's face was right there, inches away, her lips so close Carrie couldn't help but lean forward and touch them with her own. She saw the big man look at Erica, his hungry eyes eating her up bit by bit, and Erica standing with her hands on her hips, a sly smile on her lips, the same smile she showed Carrie just before she starting sucking on the blonde girl's nipples.


Another Week on the Lake Ch. 03

group Megamuffin 2017-12-04

I watched her rinse her hair and work shampoo in, then I helped her soap up the rest of her body, spending a good deal of time rubbing soap over her ass and tits while she held on to my now fully erect cock. Maggie pushed her hair back from her face and opened her eyes and smiled at me standing there, feeling a bit goofy with my cock in my hand watching her. Jack and Sophie made sure to let them all know they were welcome, possibly worried that the invitation from Roger this morning might have caused some offense, but Maggie told them not to worry and that they really did have plans to go visit some friends; although she wasn't particularly forthcoming with details.


Two's Company

group Styxx5 2017-12-04

Jenni had a burgundy and black bustier, pushing her gorgeous tits up and together, over a very short leather skirt, under that was a spider-web body stocking that was more than open at the crotch. My wandering attention got snapped back into place when I noticed Sally's hand on Jenni's leg. Her sky-blue long coat had opened to reveal the spider-web body stocking and Sally had her hand resting about an inch from Jenni's snatch. Jenni took Sally and Trevor's coats and hung them in the hall. Trevor had stopped rubbing Jenni's twat I noticed and had been watching the interaction between Sally and I.


Noodles Ch. 07

group Azuldrgon 2017-12-04

Marsha's moans were more audible now as the feeling of Jacob finally in her mouth was driving her close. As George began slowly pounding into a helpless Marsha, Sue's legs were now straddled over Jacob's face, his tongue working her clit like a musical instrument being tuned. It was then that Marsha took her mouth off again and began to stroke Jacob with her hands, daring him to cum on her face. Sue leapt off of Jacob and began kissing Marsha, licking whatever cum she could from her as George watched. Her eyes were shocked as George wrapped the tresses around his hand and slowly began to gyrate his hips, fucking Marsha's mouth in the progress.

Start of a Beautiful Threesome

group suaveliso 2017-12-04

“You look good,” said Jean-Louis, “don’t you think so, Sweetheart?” She leaned back against the wall of the sauna and put her hand on her husband’s thigh, occasionally rubbing her little finger along his awesome dong, which didn’t seem to react. Sometimes you sound English-speaking and at others a bit Spanish,” said Jean-Louis. “Well, it’s getting hot in here,” she said, putting her hand on my thigh dangerously close to my cock, “how about a few minutes in the hot tub, as we have to leave soon.” Then I felt her left hand take my semi-erect penis, give it a little squeeze and rub her thumb over the head.

My friend and I visit my girlfriend and her best f

group middleman4eva 2017-12-04

Before long we were all doing lines and watching tv when my girlfriend suggested i do a line off her ass like the dealer said. It was at this point my vision get blurry I remember my girlfriend and her friend locking me in a closet, not for long, but when i came out I could definitely tell there was some coke missing and an odd sense of anxiety. Next both girls lined up against the wall and bent over and slowly pulled down their thongs, we both got a good look at their shaved pussies and tight asses.

Wednesday Surprise

group Luvtofuck123 2017-12-04

The text was a photo of my wife Nikki on our couch with a double ended dildo half way into her pussy and a caption that read "I needed a new playmate". Beth kissed her and then wrapped her hand around Nikki's and pushed her ass to the tip of my cock. She wasn't sure if anything like this would ever happen again and neither was I but I was hoping to get the chance to find out.Nikki and I continued to drink and we screwed a few more times, later when Nikki was asleep I lay awake in bed wondering about Beth. I pulled my cock out of Nikki's ass and moved up to cum all over her face.

Possessing Bella Ch. 03

group xelliebabex 2017-12-03

"Good," Charles said, "Now Sara has been dancing back and forth in front of that doorway the whole time so go and let her show you the surprise, and we will work out the logistics between Billy and Stephen." He helped her to her feet and patted her bottom sending her on her way. "Now we have had our turn to make sure you are healing, go and reassure Daddy and Stephen, they worry too much," she grinned, "Any monkey with half a brain can see you are starting to live again; we just need to get you your own happily ever after." She released Bella, "In time, not just yet, you still have a lot of frogs to kiss on the way to finding prince charming.


The Broussard Sisters Ch. 12

group JimBob44 2017-12-03

She didn't need to worry about Deonia; Miss Daphne had come by bright and early and begged to take both three year olds to see Santa, then back to the condo afterward for lunch, so Nadia had until at least one o'clock to clean the house. "Granddaughter's in my car; she's fine, there were two bullets in the car seat, but thank God, she didn't get hit," Orville said quietly as Dick knelt down by the door of the minivan, looking at the blood soaked driver's seat. "Elizabeth, nothing is going on that can't be fixed, okay?" Daphne said, remaining cheerful for the sake of the two children in the back seat of the car.


Road Work

group CRWestminster 2017-12-03

The girl with the dark hair said, "I'm Luani and this is Jennifer," pointing to the other girl with her drink cup. "You've got a nice one, don't you think so Luani?" Jenn said as she moved closer to have a better look. Slowly she returned to her senses and smile up at me, "My turn, only I want this." She waved my hard wet cock back and forth like a pendulum in front of her face. "You like that cock fucking your sweet pussy...can you feel it deep inside and hard, I teased?" Turning to look at me, Luani's face took on that far away look, eyes dark, glassy and staring, trying to sympathetically feel my climax.

Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam

group DirtyCouple011 2017-12-03

Occasionally, after a couple of post-shopping drinks, I’ve found myself wondering what it would be like to kiss her and let my hands roam freely over that god-given stack, but I wasn’t going to tell Donald that. Putting my fingers between his legs and giving his narbles a teasing squeeze, I looked up into his semi-shocked eyes and whispered, “I think I’d really like to suck your cock now.” While I was not averse to swallowing a righteous load of Sam’s little swimmers at a future entertainment (if Donald didn’t go demonically apoplectic at some point during the evening’s festivities and smash our skulls in with his one and only bowling trophy), tonight I felt like takin’ that nine inches of his for a joyride ride before I released his troops.

I Became A Slut

group ownu 2017-12-03

I started to suck the head of his cock and fingering my pussy, as a result it was making me so hot. Alex pulled me to him and started sucking my nipple though the shirt while Olivia began pinching my other nipple. Alex got between my legs, at this time Peter and Frank took each of my legs and pulled far apart! I never stopped screaming: “Fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me!” when he was ready to cum, Peter shot his load all over my belly and breast and there was so much of his semen! Now Olivia took her panties off and started fucking herself with that beer bottle. I know what he wanted so I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking the big head while Peter started fucking me doggie style.

Friends Reinvigorate

group lisaplays 2017-12-03

Steve was standing behind me and I felt his hands reach round and he started softly stroking my bare midriff above my bikini bottoms. "You look wonderful and very moist already Lisa; I'm sure your going to taste good." I had not been in a position like this for a long time and I suddenly felt his tongue as it licked the full length of my slit. Lisa you're certainly enjoying yourself today, but I think it's time for you to take Steve's 'fuck milk'," Claire said from her chair. Now tip your head back and open your mouth." I did as required and above me I could see Steve's gorgeous dick with Claire's hand jacking along its length.


Brief sex 07 Two guys in my hotel room

group 2017-12-03

We had barely entered my room as Marc mug me by the arm, made me kneel, he released his cock and slaps me with. Olivier is time for me holding hands in the back. "Go is a bitch since you submitted any food my tail" said Marc Returns you look at me, "says Marc. "Come on I'll make you suck fuck him up the ass!" Says Marc Olivier Mark pushes my head and makes me swallow tail thoroughly. Mark me screwing her ass, Olivier me apart throat .. This discovery excites me to death and planting his cock fully in the ass, enjoy it in me. Marc vicious looking, I finger myself because I still want to splash out.

Dean and his best mate

group lexislut 2017-12-03

'Morning babe', he'd say winking at me as I looked up with a mouthful of dick, 'How's my favourite slut today?' I wouldnt stop sucking but would moan into his balls in response. I was groaning loud into his cock as Rick started finger fucking me whilst licking and sucking at my cunt and my own juices. We kissed as Dean fucked his dick in and out of me just as he had told Rick, occassionally slapping the head of his cock against the lips of my cunt making me horny for more. This made sucking Rick off much easier as he sat in front of me on the bed and fed me his cock, his hands grabbiing my hair and shoving as much of his hard dick past my lips as he could.

Upon the Midnight Beach

group mrPIT 2017-12-03

I was hoping to restore enough calm and control to pleasure her slowly, but the girl moved her hips up, pushing me even deeper into her as her arms reached up and pulled my lips back to hers. I was losing myself to the orgy as the girl on my face came and moved away, but before I could see who was riding me, a small, tight beauty with shoulder-length hair moved over and pulled my hand to her dripping cunt. I felt the pussy on my cock clench, but I was warmed up now, and managed to hold my own orgasm in check, riding the waves of pleasure like a surfer, without drowning in them yet.