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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Devilish Good Time

group AverageGary 2017-12-03

Brittany pulled down the top of her lingerie, moved a hand to Kevin's lap, licked her lips and asked him if he liked what he saw. Once Kara sucked him hard, the girls assumed their new positions - Nicole sucking his balls, Brittany riding his cock and Kara straddling his face. Although Brittany was moaning loudly in pleasure and Kara was squealing a little, Nicole had Kevin's full attention and her tongue and lips had him shooting quickly, much to Brittany's disappointment. She started running her tongue up and down the length of Mike's cock and licked his balls before lowering her mouth over the entire length again. With Julie's moaning proclamation, Kevin took his mouth off Nicole's breast and his fingers out of her pussy.


The Après-Ski Trip

group christianlig 2017-12-03

Tim started giggling with my wife Brenda, making fun of how his boss looked everyday at my wife's nice breasts. Tim was free now, and he started to caress Larry's bottom with one hand, and my wife's breasts with the other, and tongue kissing her. I felt I had to free the goddess Tracy, as she was too concentrated in tongue licking young Linda and holding her tits, and I stopped fucking her. I relaxed watching how my wife and the goddess started drinking milk out of the young girl's mouth, and how they started licking each other again. Larry started then fucking Tim when Linda joined them and started sucking Tim. The goddess and my wife were in a 69, near to the end.

A Beautiful Partnership

group English Bob 2017-12-03

She heard Victoria hum softly and saw her adjust the angle of her head as she dropped lower onto Mark’s cock; the woman’s legs were splayed open and, whilst she was still wearing the thin, silky panties, Francesca could see a damp stain of lust appear at the crotch. It seemed to Francesca that young Victoria, or Vikki as she had been repeatedly called by her husband, had little say in whether she was to get fucked or not, but from the look on the girl’s face she reckoned that if the men didn’t leap on her in the next few seconds she would haul them on top and do it herself!


Least Likely to Intercede

group jongleur 2017-12-03

Soon after I started dating Julie I'd come over to the house where she still lived with her younger sister May and their parents. After we watched a few shows, Julie's mother got up and went over to the cabinet where the movies were stored and started browsing through the titles. While Julie continued to stroke me, Irene looked into my eyes and said "I want to see you cum. Irene went to the bathroom to wash her hands, then came back and teased us guys about interrupting her enjoyment the movie, could we please start over? Nancy and Rob cleaned up a little with our help, then told Julie and myself that we could stay as long as we wanted, but to please lock the door when we left.

got my wife into prostitution

group harvin007 2017-12-03

Rittu did not have any inch of an idea that muskan was taking her for fucking with a client.muskan and rittu took lift and when she rang the doorbell of the room one young guy by name of ravi opened the door.He was a mascular man and had a good height.His eyes gleamed in excitement on seening a newly married girl in tight short skirt.Muskan introduced ravi to rittu and told her that he is her old friend and soon ravi gave a tight hug to rittu.Ravi then ordered drinks in the room with snacks and rittu too was feeling relaxed in the atomphere thinking that she was totally safe with muskan and when ravi gave her the drink she was hesitant but again she was in command of muskan and she gladly took the drinks.Muskan now tok out cigratte from her purse and rittu was surprised to see muskan smoking.Ravi now put on some slow music and soon muskan came near ravi and both started kissing and rittu was little bit of jealous in seeing both kissing each other as she wanted to have muskan for herself.

Cock Lust

group Hungforyou 2017-12-03

I pull my eyes off of his beautiful cock which is now half hard and still much bigger than me to look at Sarah for the first time and notice that there is still saliva all over her chin and chest from sucking Matt's huge pole. Matt starts moaning load and the first and second ropes fly out of his cock like they were coming out of a water hose and fly past my head barely catching my ear as it went by. One I stopped getting rained on Sarah pulls my by the head and starts kissing me like crazy and then starts licking up all of the cum off of my face.

Room 214: What Cums Next

group EastTennessee 2017-12-03

Mimicking Laura, Lisa began with slow, slow bottom to top tongue strokes, but soon had her tongue buried inside her lover as far as she could get it. Within seconds I was rhythmically fucking Lisa's face and Laura's pussy, but stopped almost as quickly as I had begun. My wife's response to my powerful strokes and her girlfriend's new efforts was nothing short of amazing, as she yelled out her second orgasm as loudly as any I had ever heard in our almost 19 years of knowing each other. "Suck my dick, Lisa!" Laura demanded, pushing her strap-on equipped hips forward while grabbing a handful of tawny blonde hair with one hand and administering a stinging slap on Her Lisa's ass with the other.

On the Beach

group soroborn 2017-12-03

The day of the party came, and I went home from work to shower and change, pulling on the shorts and t-shirt and putting on a pair of sandals. We went in to the flat, and Beth said, "Make yourselves comfortable – I'll get drinks." I broke the kiss with Beth as Jo pulled my shirt off over my head, then pressed herself against my bare back so that I could feel her hard nipples through her t-shirt. "This time," I said, taking hold of the hem of Beth's dress and lifting it over her head. "Let me," I said to Jo. She shifted her hand from between Beth's legs so she was touching both her breasts, and I slid a finger inside Beth as I continued to tongue her.

Two to One

group Bakeboss 2017-12-03

When Judy asked me which one of her friends I fantasized about sleeping with I always told her it was Veronica. Both ladies agreed and I went to the kitchen to work on our drinks as Judy took Veronica's things to our spare bedroom. Both girls were out of control now and laughing Veronica said, "Let me see, let me see." Before I knew what was happening Judy had my jeans unbuttoned and was trying to pull them off me. That made both girls start laughing again, then when I started to pull up my pants Judy stopped me, That night I tried to talk to my wife about it and she put her fingers to my lips and said just to think of it as one of our role-playing games.

Weird Fantasies 13: Group Sex

group TessMackenzie 2017-12-03

I lick her leg, then she turns me around and licks my face, then we're about to do the last guy when she says, hey, someone should come inside me, too. The last guy fucks me, and comes inside me, and then she licks me out, and it is nice, and sexy, feeling a tongue lapping it out of me. It's probably just the idea of it, really, and I'm not sure I can actually feel much different to normally being licked, but the idea is sexy, and I really like it. Either way, we do stuff, and then we go back to the crowd, and watch the actual porn stars, and clap and everything, and know we have our own little secret.

Insatiable at Work Ch. 03: Robin

group insatiablerob8 2017-12-03

I thought everybody at work knew we had something going, didn't really matter...its cool to tell Tom about things. I fucked her for a long time before moving over to Tom. He gave it a couple strokes and licked it clean of all her girl juice. Look, you gave me a blowjob and we had a threesome with Robin...two things that I would probably like to keep between us." Tom, I had a great time and feel like I need to explore some things further." "We both need to sleep with Robin, if we are going to do this threesome properly." With a big smile, I said, "I think we should all wake up together; there is no telling what could happen."

High Lives in the City

group owenlystrup2020 2017-12-03

I'm sure that what you've seen here tonight has made a large impact upon you." While he was speaking, Adrian couldn't help but think that this particular chief reminded him of a municipal judge. This case started much like the case of Kyle Galliard and his band of murdering porno producers, but Adrian didn't realize that until the very end. When two more girls showed up around the city, Officer Taylor began to think he had a serial killer on his hands. He had a hard time swallowing that it was related to the same case he was currently on, but he does remember Meyer talking about a murder case he was working that looked like a serial killing just before his death.


Trucker Fucker Ch. 02

group Master_Supercock 2017-12-03

Burying your head in my crotch again for support, as he continues to pound your well fucked holes, I hear him grunt and can see him start to pump his cum deep inside you, pulling out quickly to spray the rest over your ass. Coming round and begging us now to stop, to please fill your ass and cunt with cum and let you rest, we quicken our pace building towards filling your willing holes, we both explode inside you, pushing you over the edge one last time, and again you pass out, partially with pleasure, and also partly through sheer exhaustion.

Speeding Ticket Ch. 02

group sophia jane 2017-12-03

Quinn pulls my head up to kiss me again, barely touching his mouth to mine. Ryan rises and stands next to Quinn, taking my other breast in his mouth. Quinn looks at Ryan, "I think it's your turn to watch." I turn my head and see that Ryan is watching us, his hand lazily stroking his erection, a slight smile on his face. The taste of his mouth and the feel of his lips is completely different that Quinn's. I lap at Quinn's cock, lightly nipping my teeth at the head and opening my mouth around him. Knowing that I brought Ryan and Quinn to orgasm at the same time increases my arousal.

Fight For It

group Erotic neurotic 2017-12-03

We walked up the hallway, holding hands, stopping once when she pressed me against the wall and kissed me hard, her hands roaming my body, my fingers tangled in the incredible mass of her black hair, pulling her mouth against mine. "Lisa, finger her cunt." "Meg, fuck yourself with her hand." "Bite her nipples, Lise." "Both of you, pinch you own nipples hard." At one point I almost won it; I had her on her knees, her head pulled back hard by her hair, kneeling on her calves and reaching around her to finger her cunt and rub her clit... He had his cock in her throat in three seconds, holding her face against him, thrusting into her mouth as he looked at me, his eyes dark and hot.

A Fucking Investment Ch. 10

group Contrasting 2017-12-03

I sat holding Jennifer Simpson's chain in my hand, nonplussed and thrilled and confused by the obviousness of the action in light of what I was asking. I did not hear the door open and after a moment, turned to look in the direction where Jeff had disappeared. I looked slowly over at Jennifer and she appeared to be swelling with pride, her hands clasped before her, right over her pussy, blending perfectly against the brilliant white skirt. We need the money but...but she wants this, to be this to you, for you." He shook his head and in that moment his shoulders relaxed, dropping a few inches and he wiped his eyes with thumb and forefinger.


Ladies Looking for Gents

group dsoul 2017-12-03

"Girls, the boys are here." She introduced everyone and then selected Tyrone for her mate while Elsa had Booker and Amber had Baby D. Mona and Elsa wasted no time unbuckling their men's jeans to get at what awaited them while Amber performed a sexual striptease dance over Baby D's thighs, rubbing her over his crotch while Baby opened her dress and began sucking on her breasts one at a time. Her ass came down hard on Tyrone's cock like it hadn't gotten the taste of being fucked in a long while, which was true for all three wives. Along the line, the men swapped women: Mona went to Booker, Amber went to Tyrone, and Elsa became Baby's slut.

Wild Oats - Florida Lobster

group twistedgraygoat 2017-12-03

As we were sitting listening to Nick tell about his boat, Jason was casually teasing my breasts. Jason kept teasing my breasts and nipples with his mouth and tongue as his hand moved down and began stroking my thigh. I lay down on the sofa with my head on Nick's lap and nodded to Jason as I opened my legs for him. Jason raised my legs to his shoulders as he positioned his cock at my love opening and, because I was so well lubricated with Nick's cum, slid in all the way with one single thrust. Jason said he would be okay in the bunk so I joined Nick in the Master cabin for a night of continued loving.

Birthday Girl

group Marcothegod 2017-12-03

I think the three of us came together, me deeply inside the shaking screaming tied and helpless Annie, her own orgasm lasting for ages, rolling and peaking as she twitched and shuddered, Rose with that deep throaty groan of the truly satisfied, the end of the vibrator jammed hard against her arse as her fingers swirled remorselessly around her clit. "Ok Marco, just fuck her hard now, fill her full of spunk for me to lick out, I'm getting thirsty." I wasted no time in doing just that, the feeling of the rubber cock against mine was unusual in a good way and I was soon pumping deep within her, Roses busy fingers had by now found Annie's clit and she came at about the same time as I did.

aZiaN PLaYa Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-03

Of course, just because I was getting regular pussy from my girlfriend didn't mean I couldn't fuck the pretty maid I'd grown up with, Pei-Hua. Many a night I would talk with Jenny on the phone and do my best to arrange a get-together between our two bodies. The two girls quickly got undressed, and screen-Tina stepped behind Jessica's naked body to profile Jessica to the camera, rubbing hands across round tits and flat stomachs to direct my attention. When she turned back to the TV, I followed her gaze just in time to see screen-Tina rotate Jessica's body, baring a beautifully formed ass right into the camera.


And Ghost Makes Three.

group small-works 2017-12-03

Her imagination reminded her of the incredible feeling of her ghostly lover’s meaty cock filling her pussy, and it soon became obvious to Jo as she felt herself becoming deliciously moist that she actually wanted it to happen again, and soon. Turning onto his back and opening his legs John enjoyed the feeling of his wife’s hands as they stroked and massaged his shaft. Bracing her upper body by placing her hands on John’s chest, Jo lowered her pussy down onto his stiffness and began to gently slide back and forth along the length of his cock. “Oh god, oh fuck yeah!” Jo squealed as she felt her pussy filling with a huge hard cock.

How Porno Movies Start

group CuteCouple 2017-12-03

"'Cause I never pictured you as bisexual, Krystal" I answered and the conversation went on for a while until my brother and sister in law were daring us to fuck each other in front of them, meanwhile we were smoking yet another big fat joint. I said, "See I told you this is how pornos start." After a while I started caressing Moniques's breasts through her shirt and kissing her passionately. I was sucking her clit and fingering her, and David and Krystal came around so they could get a better view of me eating my wife's pussy. After David shot his load deep in her, I needed to cum to so I asked them to watch as Monique sucked me off.

Mrs. sent naked down the hall to the guest bedroom

group gdhubby 2017-12-03

Then I sent her nervous skinny naked body down the hall, after assuring her that I would wait until she got back from fucking him.As soon as I heard her entering the guestroom I tiptoed down the hall,and heard their whispered conversation her explaining that I had sent her. She got it in both ends and she finally relaxed enough to really get off good a few times in a row for Al and me it was like the old days when he would pickup a waitress and we'd make her just dizzy from getting so much sex at once.It was great to see my very good wife getting fucked silly. I had to work late, instead of gong home early in the fantasy idea of catching them at it.All I could think about all day was what they might be doing.

Another Night in a Strange City

group blueyedsenior 2017-12-03

"My name's Dotty" the older woman said, extending her hand and shaking mine "And this is my daughter Silk" And, we just thought we would see if we could find a little excitement." Dotty smiled at me and continued "And right off the bat, Marc, we found you." She winked, and then flashed a smile to Silk, who smiled as her cheeks seem to turn a little pink. "Nice rear end, don't you think Marc" Dotty said as she squeezed my hand "I like yours too" she said "Can't wait to see it out of the package." She slid over next to me, and said "Give Mama a kiss Marc." The light in the parking lot glinted in her eyes as she looked up at me, her lips parting very sensually.