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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Amy's Last Night of Freedom

group rosebud_6 2017-12-03

Isn't that Darren?" Amy scanned the group and saw the familiar looking mop of hair on the head that she had come to love about 10 years ago. You don't look too bad yourself." Amy ran her eyes over Darren's tight shirt. She couldn't believe she was standing here talking to Darren like they were old friends. Amy was still sitting at the bar with Darren talking about old times when Emma, Jane and Megan came over and announced that they were leaving. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming." Amy wondered what she would tell her fiance when she got home. "I've got a surprise for you Amy." Emma said walking over to a box that was sitting on the bed in the middle of her room.


Fun With A Friend

group 2017-12-03

My husband leaned over my back and started playing with my breasts with one hand while holding onto my hip with the other, still rubbing his cock on my dripping wet pussy. I kissed my way up to her neck right behind her ear and whispered into her ear, “Do you want to feel my husband’s hard cock inside your tight, wet pussy, Baby?,” to which she responded by having anther orgasm. I sat up more, wanting to watch how hard she would cum and reached down to play with her clit and feel my husband’s cock slide in and out of her tight pussy.

The Road to Norwich Ch. 2

group Violet 2017-12-03

Subconsciously Asha followed her lead and felt a sense of promise as her hand searched anxiously beneath her cloak, soon finding the luscious outskirts of her own velvety depths which dripped with wetness. Asha's own breath quickened as she peered back into the hole and saw that no longer was Kara's face buried near the man's strong pelvis, but instead, their hips were pressed together, as one! It appeared as if that enormous appendage thrusting forth from the young man's pelvis, was somehow, inside of Kara's body, entering between her legs! Feeling her breath quicken in response to the pleasures shooting throughout her body, she continued as if possessed by some internal sense of purpose.

The Addict Ch. 02

group lustyladyluscious 2017-12-03

"She was about Jenny's age, which is a little younger than me, Brittany had wild blue eyes and dark hair, she was the only single girl there, so it made sense that she would hit on me while the other guys were getting hard to warcraft." Jenny watched as Brittany looked a little nervous but licked me lightly up and down my shaft and swirled her tongue over my head like a good girl. I couldn't take it anymore watching Jenny starting to push Brittany's head into her clit so I pushed myself into Brittany's hot wet and tight and it seemed to be twitching a little as I pushed deeper and deeper into her.

Jamie's Pool Party Ch. 03

group Lillian2Yung 2017-12-03

"Calm down and relax baby," Sonja said, pulling Jamie into her arms, "If you keep this up you'll be dead tired by the time the party starts". a vibrator for all I care, just sit still for a few moments!" Sonja said, grabbing Jamie's arm again and guiding her onto her bed. "Now let's strap me in and I'll fuck you silly," Jamie said smiling as she pulled out the strap-on harness that Sonja's brother had bought for them. "Jamie and Jason must be having a good time at La Lune," Sonja said as she came in with a towel wrapped around her head and wearing one of my bathrobes.


Reena and Gangaram: A Twist of Fate

group sajit 2017-12-03

The manager sucked on her boobs through the cloth of the 'kurta' and in no time drenched and soaked in his watery mouthed saliva, Reena removed her clothes and fingered the pussy in all its glory right in front of his eyes and under his nose on the vast glass table. With Gangaram sitting and watching all that was going on, Raj removed the sheet from her back and began kissing her neck with kisses, nibbling on her ear lobes and she felt his chest press against her back and the warmth that emanated from her as his hardness fit between the cleft of her buttocks, made her gasp for more breath. Gangaram held his cock at mid-length and directed into the upward pointing mouth of Reena's cunt.

The Nanny and The Neighbor

group gabrielleprevot 2017-12-03

"I started working for him about eight months ago." Max said and the closed the door before heading back through the house. Sitting there, holding Max in my arms while our lips ran over each other's faces and necks, I almost couldn't believe what was happening. "Look at your nipples." Max leaned her head forward, stuck out her rough little tongue, and licked my left nipple. Max felt how close I was and licked harder, lapped at my gash from bottom to top, pressing her tongue inside me, sucking the little nub of my clit in between her teeth. Max pulled my head away from her neck and we started passionately kissing, our tongues fencing between our lips, our hips rocking back and forth, driving us toward out next climax.


Kitten, the Office Attraction

group HeyAll 2017-12-03

She had just been called into the office of Mr. Halper, a man who was highly regarded within the corporation, and who had a great deal of influence. She didn't want to look like a fool in front of the boss. With Katherine's feminine features, sharp eyes, a small mouth, and a slightly upturned little nose, she actually did kind of look like a kitten, in a cute way. Even while working in the office that morning, she thought about the offer. She grabbed her purse, said her goodbyes to everyone for the day, and took the elevator up to Mr. Halper's office. It was an exhibitionist and voyeuristic moment while she masturbated standing up, looking Mr. Halper directly in the eyes.


Laura's Story Ch. 02

group latesummernight 2017-12-03

Megan moved back to the bed, nude now, and positioned Tony diagonally on the bed and got between his legs and started to continue working he tongue on his dick. Tony let out a grunt and Megan instantly knew what was going on, 'I knew you wouldn't be able to resist.' she said as she slipped completely of his cock and moved into a sixty nine position. I then realized as we frenched, my hand was slowly moving up and Tony's cock which was soaked from Megan's pussy. He fucked us both two more times before we collapsed on the bed, Tony in between Megan and myself, our hands toying with his only now softening 10 inch cock, while we exchanged kisses.

Naughty at School Ch. 04

group ECHoney 2017-12-03

Two of the guys got up near my head and took turns pushing their cocks in my mouth, two more started sucking on my nipples and feeling me up and the other two grabbed my hands and had me jerk them off. I felt streams of cum hitting my tummy as one of the guys I was jerking off shot his load off in my hand.The guy fucking my pussy had my legs up on his shoulders as he pumped his cock into me and I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. One grabbed my head started fucking my mouth and I could taste his cum and the other grabbed my hips and filled my dripping pussy with his cock.

Tracy's Birthday Wish

group Adam Rightmann 2017-12-03

The Tracy rose up a little, and she grabbed my cock with her hand, and eased it into her pussy as she slowly lowered herself onto me. I started licking around Chad's cock, sliding my tongue into Tracy's pussy, feeling the tip brush against Chad's head, then slipping my tongue out and around Tracy's clit. I kept licking Tracy's clit, and sometimes flicking the head of Chad's cock with my tongue. Tracy giggled, "Oh, I though George might appreciate some head with his beer." She leaned towards Chad's cock, and started licking and caressing it. It felt strange and intense as I felt Chad's cock slide back and forth against mine as Tracy moved her hips.

One Dark Night

group biggles 2017-12-03

"Yes and she said that she wants a lot of you." They came in, David said, "I managed to round up a few more volunteers." "There are twelve plus me darling, where would you like them, oh well never mind, we will let them decide" One took up position with his mouth over her cunt and one on each tit. "Hold her legs open" commanded David and number six pushed his bulk into her cunt. There was a lot of it, especially number Six who seemed to keep on pumping as David held her head, Swallow" snapped David and he held her nose to compel her to drink their come and lick the remainder off their cocks.

Ladies Club Meeting

group victors_angel 2017-12-03

Gerard smirks, "I was talking over drinks last night at The Pub about making $50.00 for serving some women at a private meeting. Pearl said," Yes we are all set." Dave nodded his head and began mixing drinks. I nudged Ryan and told him to help Ron fuck them senseless I want to sit my pussy on Evelyn's face while Dave has her busy. The ladies departing smiling while the boys gave me a hand putting the dishes in the dishwasher and picking up the used condoms off the deck and then putting the rooms back in a tidy order. I can't stop smiling as I recall the ladies club meeting; I hope we have more afternoon delights.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 13

group SteveWallace 2017-12-03

I turned my creativity loose and to hear them talk about it, Elsa, Cindy, and Melanie were the happy beneficiaries. Mel violently shook her head and pleaded, "I want to work with you – like we've been doing. I explained, "Unless there is some compelling reason, you have a new dress code for my office." I reached under Mel's conservative and cute knee-length skirt and grasped the sides of her lacy thong and pulled it down her legs. An hour later, Sheila, my long-time aide, friend, and new Chief of Staff, came into my office with a sheaf of papers in her hand. I had my usual peeves with Cindy, but Melanie sometimes intervened in a soft way and kept things from getting out of hand.


She Bangs

group SexyJennaInk 2017-12-03

"Oh, shit," the bassist groaned as Trina went directly to her knees, taking the male's steadily stiffening cock into her mouth. Approaching the male as he sat playing a video game in the back lounge, Trina lowered her gaze, fluffed her hair, and double-checked that her top was showing ample cleavage. The singer watched the scene playing out, smiled, and turned back toward Trina. "It's a deal," the male clapped and grabbed Trina's hand, leading her out of the small back room and away from the place where she'd been caught-in-the-act only moments before. "Thank you," the blonde smiled as Trina walked toward the hotel room door and exited, never turning back.

Bonnes Vacances

group Abelard7 2017-12-03

We hurried, we were both incredibly turned on by events, and as soon as we were indoors I fucked Amy up against the kitchen wall, fully dressed. But Amy really was serious about it, we searched for ages looking for a suitable couple, not too close to home, but within reach. He seemed to hesitate, then placed both their drinks on the balcony table and removed his shorts, revealing a fine looking erection. It was midday by the time we emerged from our room, the hotel receptionist asked us to wait, the manager wanted to speak to us. The aforementioned boss came over to be introduced to Wendy's cousin and his lovely wife from England, just handshakes this time, but he lifted Amy's hand to his lips and kissed it.


The Idea Ch. 08

group niteowl2003 2017-12-03

On the day of the filming I arrived at her house with John, a 19 year old Security officer, no I was not in danger and therefore in need of a body guard. Agatha asked to be allowed to warm up first, with a twinkle in her eye she said "I would like to be filmed playing with my toy and have John here suddenly enter the room and ravish me" John nodded. With that Agatha and Tony left us, I asked john if he was ok with this and he eagerly answered yes. "Oh yes, Nan, it got like this when I saw your tits and you reaming your pussy with your toy" John replied.

Encyclopedia Erotica

group geostud 2017-12-03

She had a drink in one hand and her clothes, a threadbare long t-shirt and sweatpants, looked like she had been sleeping in them. It was apparently infectious, because soon, little smiley lines appeared on both Cynthia and Miranda's faces, and in a few seconds, we were all laughing our fool heads off. "Looks like you two had quite a party," she said, eying my coat, shirt and skivvies thrown about the room. When I glanced over at Cynthia, she was still in the chair smiling, but her hand had slipped under her t-shirt, and her mouth was twitching a little.

Fantasy to Reality

group Curioustolearn 2017-12-03

Molly sat in just her black and red lacy lingerie with Laura kissing the tips of her amazing full breasts, her fingers slowly tracing a line up and down the outside of her lacy panties that were visibly wet. Nick stroked his throbbing hard cock as they kissed and began to finger each other's soaked slits. Nick smiled and watched as Laura pushed Molly back into the middle Of the sofa and kissed down her breasts and stomach to where she spread Molly's legs. Nick watched in awe as his sub kissed Molly's soaked pussy before slipping her tongue inside. As Nick began driving into Laura faster and harder he felt her pussy clench around his cock gripping it right.

A Birthday I'll Remember

group cutandhorny 2017-12-03

"Sounds good, Sue." As she headed into the house to get naked, I told Steve "I know you've always wanted to fuck her. Boy, this hot tub is great on a snowy night like this" Sue said as she lowered herself into the steaming water. After you long-stroke her a couple times, my plan is to step around in front of her, shove Zeke into her face, and tell her 'Well, Sue, while Steve is busy using your pussy I think it'd be nice if you give me a birthday blow-job'." As soon as I hear your engine starting, I'm going to start a nice, slow balling of that bitch in the hot tub.

Bartender Ch. 01

group windwriter 2017-12-03

She grabbed his ass and pulled his cock deep into her pussy again while they continued fucking like crazy. John held his cock at her boyfriends mouth, "Suck it nice or we are going to hurt your girlfriend." At the same time John slipped a second finger in her boyfriend's ass, "Fuck, your fingers are bigger than your cock, I would almost rather have your cock in me!" I watched the exchange of looks between the boyfriend and girlfriend as they both had their asses fucked in a virginal sense. One of the guys sat on the edge of the table and had the girl sit on his cock while another fucked her ass at the same time.


Adult Theater Sex

group hotwifeandhubby 2017-12-03

With my free hand I started to rub my thighs moving higher, but before touching my clit and my pussy I reached up and grabbed my right tit and squeezed it, then pinched the nipple as I moaned a bit. I stood up, almost frightening a couple of the men who had been playing with me, but I quickly smiled at them as I stepped to my left and straddled the hunk of a man with the Axe aftershave on, his cock slide so easily into my cunt because of the multiple times I had already squirted. Suddenly though I knew he was as horny as I was as he pushed his head into my cleavage and began to tongue my tits working his way to my nipples and soon was both biting and sucking on them.

When I finally Knew pt 3

group shawn4u 2017-12-03

"Mmmmmh that's nice" said Dave as he started to open my jeans, he had unzipped me and his hand was reaching under my underwear, gently reaching down till I could feel his fingers around my growing cock. Dave started kissing me, holding me in place on top of him while Adam continued to push his hard cock in along side Daves, the guys were doing all the moving, I was trying to remain in the one position when I felt Adam resting himself on top of me, as I said it was a little uncomfortable and I was thinking this was ok, I can do this.

Sissy's New Friend

group emmadeevine 2017-12-03

I hopped in the shower and prepared myself, stroking my cocklet thinking of Dave and his b*****r Peter, picturing their hands scrubbing me, I picked up the lube that was a part of my wash kit and started to finger my ass imagining them doing it to me, warming my little pussy up for the main event. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and started to kiss me, he reached his hand behind the girls waist and pulled her close, I could feel her soft body against mine for the first time. Dave released his hold of me and started to kiss the girl their tongues clearly in each others mouths made me feel violated for a second and then turned on.