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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Dance

group Tainted_Innosence 2017-12-03

His strong hand held her tiny waist and he began to grind on her, pulling her long brown hair to his face. The Irish man kept pounding her and Savannah's breath seemed to be lost between her orgasm and the black stranger's cum running down her face. The woman under her moaned and it seemed had an orgasm from her own fingers, vibrating the tiny bone in Savannah's wetness. He started to swell and he finally blew his thick, gooey load deep inside of her sopping, begging pussy. The song changed and she started to dance again, with strangers' cum on her face, in front of her and running down her legs.

New Beginnings

group sex4u4647 2017-12-03

Mike's favorite tales of Sue's was of her sucking various cocks and how much she loved the feel and taste of fresh cum. I'd love to watch you suck a strange cock, watch you swallow some cum and then maybe get fucked by another man." "He even said that he wanted to watch me while I suck some mans hard cock." Jean you ready?" By this time her tits were also on display covered with several love bites and her hand was holding Walt's hard, stiff cock in her hand slowly jacking him. Sue led her soon to be lover to the couch, laid back, spread her legs and grasping the first new hard cock in years, guided it to her waiting hungry cunt.

An Accidental Dogger

group di1006 2017-12-03

It was then that another guy appeared at my window and without delay dropped his trousers to his thighs and thrust forward what can only be described as the most perfect erect cock I have ever seen: hard, smooth and straight, about 8 or 9 inches with a shiny purple head. I could tell both guys that I was sucking off were getting very close now so, with one cock in my mouth, I pulled the other to a couple of inches of my face and rubbed it with my hand as fast as I could. In second, I felt the cock in my hand swell followed quickly by a hot jet of cum hitting my eye, making me wince.

Chance Meeting Ch. 1

group majka 2017-12-03

Noticing my drink is empty, she puts her hand on my inner knee, just midway between knee and thigh, leans closely into me and asks, "What are you having?" I tell her, "A Cosmopolitan." She orders 2 and before excusing herself to the bathroom, she asks me, "Truth or Dare?" I’m not confused by this question - I’m female after all, and have played this game a million times as a young girl. But it’s just SO very adventurous to be sitting at the bar, your hand up our dresses, all the while I’m starting to get wetter and wetter with excitement.

Fuck Buddy Expands Play

group whatabt 2017-12-03

Anthony prepares my ass with lube and I feel the large guy rub his raw cock along my crack and hole. He was not very good looking but I wanted that cock. I wanted him and it I could feel Anthony guiding his cock to my hole. My mind was spinning at the thought of these two good looking hunks pounding their raw cocks into me. He lubed him up and Anthony let him try but kept saying “Ouch, ouch.” That ended with the guy laying at the head of the bed next to me with a disappointed look. I have jacked off more times than I can remember with the thought of Anthony setting up the double fuck and me wanting it harder.

Riya Pt. 01

group acmsrk 2017-12-03

He fucked me real slow and deep at first, his 8-inch cock moving all inside my pussy while his balls are hitting against my clit. My pussy juice made it sloppy, for the cock inside me and he increased his speed and started to fuck hard. I could feel a medium size cock in my ass, so Mark was fucking my ass and Steve started to spank my pussy. A man took the flogger from Steve and started to whip my boobs while another man climbed onto the bed and got ready to enter my pussy. Mark handed over those clamps to John, and he was pulling them while pushing his cock into my ass. Steve was hard again, and he wanted to fuck my pussy while two cocks fucking my ass.

Anal Birthday Surprise

group rooster34 2017-12-03

After draining my heavy balls of its sticky spunk, Melissa slid off my lap, turning her but to me while Janice bent double with her ass in the air and sucked my half hard cock into her mouth. You like getting that cute ass of yours fucked, huh?" Melissa was beyond answering, pumping her round ass onto my hand, my middle finger disappearing into her secret passage. I couldn't believe it, my cock was rock hard again as Janice's sweet mouth pumped away. I dove in like a thirsty man into an oasis, lashing my long tongue around each tight little bulls-eye and juicy clit before sinking my rock hard cock into each velvet-walled asshole.

Wild point in my life

group iVixen 2017-12-03

His wet moist tongue felt like heaven on my throbbing clit he suck my wet pussy until I started to tremble and right as I was at the edge he stopped. it hurt but it felt soooo good he then pulled out and starting rubbing the tip of his cock on my clit. I start and it felt so different from solo masturbating but It was a naughty good feeling I was getting wetter as I made circular motions on my clit with my index "Hmmmmmimgoingtocum" I said I started contracting on his shaft "Ohhhhhhhgod' I cried as as nutted I felt a squirt inside me and he pulled out and started cumming on my stomach.

The Fruits of Their Labor

group SultryCitizenne 2017-12-03

Matt threaded his fingers through Kat's dark red hair and tilted her head up, tearing her mouth away from Nate's. Both Matt and Nate lay down on either side of her, their strong hands tracing up and down her body, their soft lips brushing her neck and face, soothing her as her pulse stopped racing. Kat concentrated on deep, relaxing breaths; Matt's fingers tweaked her clit as Nate pressed determinedly into her ass, pulling himself almost out only to plunge in slightly deeper with the next thrust. She began to roll her hips in time with his thrusts, pressing her clit against Matt's hand while her ass simultaneously clenched around Nate's rock hard dick and softened to accommodate it.


The Dark Room

group Ardentplayer 2017-12-03

To my delight, she raised her bottom higher off the carpet to allow me to scoot my face underneath her pussy and ass, letting me lick both her cunt and her asshole as she continued to suck Long Cock's dick. I was still playing with Ample Lady's tits as I felt a warm wet pussy settle and engulf my cock - some woman was sitting on my hard dick, taking it up her cunt. Moving my hand back and forth between the two ladies, feeling their pussies with their partners' cocks banging away inside them, I got so aroused that I started cumming in Number One's mouth.

Office Escapades Ch. 01

group AriesAscendant 2017-12-03

Besides, I've got the meeting as good as wrapped up." Justin grinned at her and gave that smile he had sealed so many business deals with. Justin walked around the living room looking over the place and admiring the view they had of the common area below where some nubile young people were playing volleyball or swimming in the pool. Good thing too, since I don't know if I could afford this place on my own now." Justin nodded, looking out the window. I'm surprised he would leave you." Justin walked over to an end table and picked up a photograph showing Angela and another woman (her roommate?) at a beach somewhere.


wife fucked in bus

group 2017-12-03

I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams, my wife semi-naked like this, in a bus and being fingered by a stranger, an ugly mean looking stranger and also having her breasts squeezed by a second man. He now caught her hips with both his hands, bent her a bit towards the man in front and began to plunge his mammoth and heavy cock, in and out of my wife Nirmala's tight cunt. My lovely wife Nirmala, kept looking at me, vulnerably and sorrowfully, straight into my eyes, as the ugly man's gigantic cock was energetically shooting his semen deep into her now stretched-out cunt !

Captain Jack Ch. 02

group Captain Jack 2017-12-03

She was rubbing her pussy on my cock, dry fucking me.I could feel her hand around the shaft, they were moving up and down. “Please fuck me”, she smiled, “ I need you in my honey pot”.I moved up between her legs and lay my cock on her mound and started sucking and licking her nipples. Sandra was sucking my cock like a vacuuming cleaner, and Sheree was mauling my balls. I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks one in each hand and lifted off the deck and could feel my cock head moving down to her mound. I started sucking and licking her pussy and I could feel my cock sinking deep into her ravenous mouth.


The New Car Ch. 04

group bdrew86 2017-12-03

We sat in the car waiting for Gurnam's friend, occasionally making small talk. After a good twenty minutes, Gurnam slowed down the car and took a right turn onto a smaller road. Gurnam told Pappu about all the damages the car had suffered. Let's take it to the platform then." Pappu said as he sat inside the car and started it. "The car is pretty badly damaged; needs a lot of work." Pappu said as he stood a few feet away from me. I and Gurnam will work on the car and then sleep in the tool shed over there."Pappu said as he provided me an option. We will go and work on your car." Gurnam said and they both walked out of the room.


Janie's Goodbye Gift

group divergirlxoxo 2017-12-03

I was easily distracted though, as thoughts of Traci and Max would pop into my head frequently. I did not feel completely satisfied, but I didn't want to keep Traci and Max waiting. When I opened my eyes, Max was looking at me as if he wanted to kiss me. My dress was pushed up to my waist and both Traci and Max smiled when they saw my black panties were soaking wet. Traci continued to work my pussy lips, but then held them open as Max leaned forward into me. Max pushed Traci's dress above her waist and admired her tanned round butt. Traci ground her clit in little circles against my own and then started biting my lower lip.

The Big Tease

group gingerstarr 2017-12-03

I could feel Jack's hands on my hips as he slowly lifted me and turned me around to face Rick and his huge cock. I didn't have to wait very long, as I felt Jack's hands lift me off of Rick's cock, and felt him tearing away at my clothes. The man grunting like an animal thrust his rock hard cock into me several times, with such force that I felt as though I was being ripped apart, but I loved it. I felt the handcuffs being removed and my body being positioned on top of one of the men, as he slid his cock inside my pussy so deep it felt like I was going to cum again soon.

Maya Liberated Ch. 03

group enup 2017-12-03

The music changed to a slow beat, allowing the dancers to exchange hot kisses and then continued with the male dancers' mouths latched to the nipples of the female dancers, first one tit, then the other. She turned her backside to the video camera and danced to the music beat, shaking her booty at it. The females moved back, allowing Maya to move between the male dancers. Dancing and moving slowly apart they embraced the male dancers from the back, on either side. Slowly, the females caressed the sides of their partners in front with their palms and moving downwards untied the knots of their thongs, pulling them behind and out.

Pool Boy Ch. 07

group BigZeke13 2017-12-03

Most days she would suck my cock pool side until I cummed in her mouth or face or tits, or wherever she desired and then I would fuck her in her favorite position until she 'squirted'. Olivia was concerned that she would deny her sister a hard cock, but she knew better and she wanted my cum and by God she was going to have it. I've never cum from a cock in my life and I'm not going to start with you." She bent lower and placed her lips on mine. When Olivia burst into the room, her eyes went wide as her sister was kneeling on the bed slapping my cock. I said, "Olivia, I love you dearly, but your sister is a demented little fuck.


Sure, Money Helps

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-03

"I don't know if I'd gamble any money I had," Noel said. I let the thought of their imaginary purchases ferment for a minute, and then asked, "I'm curious, just asking, mind you, but what would a girl, you know, someone like yourselves, do for that kind of money?" I waited for Noel to moan, and on hearing it, sent my hand between her legs to rub against her white shorts and the pussy that hid behind them. I returned my attention to Whitney who was stepping out of her panties when she saw me looking at her and slowly brought her right leg up brushing me with her inner thigh. I kissed Whitney's neck, sucked long enough to leave a formidable hickey, and then did the same with Noel.


Forbidden City

group No Panty Girl 2017-12-03

Tommy looked after the alcohol part of the operation while Robert managed the dining room. They were held in a private room off the restaurant and half-a-dozen girls were invited to dress the affair up. "Don't bother with panties under you kimono Friday." Tommy said when I agreed. "Our friends would like to honor you with bukkake." Tommy announced. "Time to see how many cocks you can get in her?" Tommy announced. It felt weird, each cock moving independently inside my body. He was only on top of me a few minutes before he started grunting like an animal and I felt is sperm flowing into my cum-laden cunt.


The Meeting (Eva & Kyle Part 2)

group Irishqt1980 2017-12-03

You’re such a dirty little slut letting me fuck your ass in my office,” I laced my free hand into her hair and pulled her head back, kissing her hard on the mouth, the buzzer to the front door rang and she whimpered softly, “I’ll get the door, you get dressed, we’ll finish later. “Just fine my dear,” he said walking closer to her, “Kyle here says you’re a good little office slut,” he slid his hand to the back of her neck and pressed a kiss to her mouth, she moaned as he slid four fingers easily into her, “he’s already got you slick and wet, doesn’t he?

Raquel Ch. 03

group valexander 2017-12-03

As I began to recede from my orgasm and Claudia finished licking the last of my juices; I watched as Robert pulled Jackson's cock from his mouth. They all knew I was dating Adam; in fact Jackson liked to tease me that I was falling in love with him. Jackson called me two hours before our date and informed me we were going to a sort of masquerade party his friends were throwing. I felt him pull my panties down and rub the head of his cock up and down the length of my pussy, getting it wet before he slowly eased between my lips and entered me. Jackson saw me gawking and began telling me about our host Todd, the house and the party.


A Proposal Most Indecent 01

group Robin_Maxwell 2017-12-03

Francine looked away, unable to meet Cleo's eye. "Not since I got pregnant with Tilly." Francine felt Cleo's shock and turned away. No man past puberty wouldn't want you." Cleo started on the button again and this time Francine let her. It takes me forever to look as good as I do, then you smile and I'm the ugly duckling again." Cleo gave Francine a peck on the cheek then backed up. Francine didn't like the way Cleo said "putting everything on display," as she eyed the dress. You liked her looking at you." Cleo grinned at Francine in the mirror. Now it's time for the dress." Cleo held up the red dress and once again Francine thought it looked too small.


A Day of Fishing Ch. 02

group drsalt 2017-12-03

Charlotte turned away from Jeremy and toward Dan. Leaning forward to pour his wine, she leaned farther than was absolutely necessary. She wants to feel a different cock in her pussy.” Jeremy pulled out of her mouth and replaced his friend between Charlotte’s thighs. When Jeremy thrust into her come dripping cunt, however, she realized that he was longer, though slimmer, than Dan. It felt wonderful to have the very back of her cunt touched by a hot cock. Dan felt Jeremy’s strokes telegraphed through Charlotte’s mouth on his cock. A couple of times, Jeremy’s lips brushed the side of Dan’s cock when he kissed Charlotte. When Jeremy’s lips came close to Charlotte’s, she would pull Dan’s cock from her mouth, holding it with her hand.