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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Visit to a Sex Club

group Bothbihants 2017-12-03

Word had got around that there was this beautiful woman there were soon 6 or 8 men in the room trying to act normally as they gazed at Dee's wonderful body. As I moved away the hand stroking me let go and I turned over to lie on my back next to Dee. We looked around and saw that our show had aroused all in the steam room. Erections were being rubbed and one of the men leaned across and took my cock into his mouth, and Dee grinned at me in delight as she watched this, she loves to see mm sex and it was turning her on.


Julia Meets A New Guard

group FeelsADeepHunger 2017-12-03

Embarrassed now that I could see their faces again, I saw Max's eyes go from my face back down to my tightening nipples as one hand slowly came up to brush them softly. My eyes adjusted to the moonlight again, and I looked up at Jorge standing over me and saw Max's bulge just as Jorge took one nipple in his fingers and slowly applied pressure. I didn't need any further encouragement to know what he wanted, and I was crazy for cock by now, unable to stay still as they both touched me and Max's tongue mastered by pussy. I sucked Jorge's hard cock into my hot mouth and felt his hand land on my head in approval.

Daydreaming On The Train

group just_alex 2017-12-03

At the touch of her hand, John turned to kiss Laura, but one of his hands started to caress Sue-Ann's hair. "What trea...?" Sue-Ann asked, but before she could speak, Laura's hands cupped her face as she leant forward and started to gently kiss her. As she sat astride his lap, watching them kiss and probe each other with their tongues, while at the same time being fondled and petted, Sue-Ann felt is was the most sexually intensive feeling she thought she had ever had. As she kissed him, she could feel Laura's hand moving down further to end up stroking John's now rock-hard cock through his jeans. John was gently cupping and squeezing Sue-Ann's tits from behind, rolling the hard nipples with his fingers, while kissing her neck.


At the Villa Ch. 06

group uvlas45 2017-12-03

As I fucked her ass like crazy, Padme was teaching the young ladies how to pleasure their bodies, not only by massage but also by other means and ways. 'This was the best experience which had ever happened to me, Sam. I had never enjoyed myself so much and felt as satisfied as at this very moment.' Olympia answered with n air of satisfaction. Does that satisfy your curiosity?' Olympia asked, rather nosily as she gave my hard dick a couple of interesting moves and her lips locked back against mine. I hope that you will keep this friendship until you graduate, and maybe even after.' I recommended as I pulled my lips away breaking the connection as I felt her pussy pushing harder trying to get more inside her hot vagina.



group Euphalicity 2017-12-03

Reggie slid a hand around my waist and began feeling my stomach, then my ribs, then my breast. Reggie began kissing where my neck met my shoulder and again cupping my breasts while Alex's tongue invaded my mouth. I started to gently grip his shaft, feeling the silky, soft skin as I slid my hand up and down. I could feel every inch of him moving in and out of my cunt, the long smooth shaft, and the thrilling surprise at the end of each stroke as the head of his dick pulled out of my opening and then back in. I loved the way that as his body slapped up against mine, my face was pushed into Alex's lap and his cock thrust deeper into my throat.

One MILF and three teens

group Eagle100 2017-12-03

Steve and Max left to get some snacks and stuff, and Jim thought he’d take advantage of his alone time and jerk his cock. She took the wand and turned it on and put it against her clit and encouraged the boys to keep jerking and she wanted them to cum on her tits and pussy as she watched. Steve and Max moved to each side of the bed where they could cum right on her tits. Jim then said he was going to cum, as she came again with the wand, and Jim moved right up to her pussy and squirted his jizz on her clit as she held it open for him.

Cate's Gift Ch. 02

group erossmantic 2017-12-03

I couldn't wait for the first opportunity to unleash my pent-up arousal on Mark after being lusted after by the ten new college men all day long. "Well Chris, it looks like that impressive dick of yours needs to be fucked," I said, as I leaned down wearing only a smile. Somehow Carlos and Maria found a way to extend the playful debauchery of college by making a living running this remote Costa Rican resort. "Maria's not here so a MILF Hidden Cave Tour is impossible; however Cate IS here, making you the lucky ones to be able to sign up for the never-before-offered CILF cave tour!" Mark answered with a broad smile.


i like it on my husband

group gaby007 2017-12-03

Whenever I want to kiss him after I blowers, he pulls his head away. I lay down on Daniel, and while it continued to kiss prilepih his body to his and pressed it tight small tits. Daniel continued to push my head down until his wet member stood on my lips. Again osmukah head, felt his balls tighten in my hand and the next moment his semen came into my mouth. I took it in his mouth and slowly sucked, licked his head and my hand worked faster. Suck it and fuck your finger, until finally he trembled all, his ass tightened around my finger and kurat began to empty into my mouth.

The Gift

group Flashlight7.5 2017-12-03

One cut later, she opened the box to find a velvet sleep mask, a pair of handcuffs, several empty sex toy packets – dildos, vibrators, anal beads, lubes, and more – and a note. She thought she heard a man say, "That is a sweet ass," but she couldn't be sure over the cacophony of the party. The hand in her hair pushed her head forward and between a woman's breasts. Another cock fought for space in her mouth as the tongue, a woman's, she was sure of it, plunged inside her. Her feet lifted from the floor and her waist, bent over the back of the couch, held her entire weight as she screamed for the woman to not stop fucking her ass.

5 The 18th Party

group SidTheSexist 2017-12-03

He slid straight into Liz’s pussy and the double stimulation sent her wild as she bucked up & down, coming at least twice in the space of a minute or so before pushing Rob off and lifting off my cock “I can’t take anymore” she wailed “It’s just too intense” “Are you guys ready to cum now” asked Lisa “Well I am” I said “and me too” added Rob. “The girls both got on all-fours and invited us to help ourselves – I slipped easily into Lisa and Rob likewise into Liz. Started with the long slow strokes that I knew Lisa loved and gradually picked up the pace, The girls were kissing which rather muffled the usual moans but both were getting close to orgasm Liz was the first to show and her orgasm prompted Rob to fill her full of his sperm.

Joel and Carrie Ch. 06

group JoeDreamer 2017-12-03

"Don't forget to tell Tara's mom that I want copies of all the pictures she takes of the group!" Carrie's mother cried after us. "Try and keep the party down to a dull roar," Mrs. Capanna said as she joined us and handed the keys to Carrie. There was supposed to be a stretch limo at Tara's to drive us to the prom and then to Carrie's parents' beach house afterward. "Away on a business trip?" Carrie asked, knowing Tara's father. "Tony didn't come with Maria?" Carrie asked in surprise. She looked at me oddly for a moment before adding, "I don't know if I ever thanked you and Carrie for inviting me that time at the hotel.


The Day After Ch. 2

group Visitor35A 2017-12-03

“Is he ready, Zoey” Nicola asked “I want his thick cock inside me now and you had better have him ready, or I am not going to let you lick me out afterwards.” I could see Zoey licking her lips in anticipation of cleaning Nicola’s pussy after I’d cum. Yes, Zoey was definitely a cum addict and she sucked the last of my seed from my slick, slimy cock as she watched Nicola’s pussy convulse in post-orgasmic joy. If we didn’t want the mare in foal, I’d love to watch him cum.” She stood beside us and blazonly rubbed her pussy through her jeans right in front of her parents.


Two Days on the Road

group ohnudeone 2017-12-03

It is not like she and Jim are strangers you know." Kay reminded as we drove to see our friends for a New Years' Eve party. Marti grabbed me as Kay went to Jim. She pulled me close to her for a slow dance. I am so glad we are here" Kay purred, taking Marti's place against my hard cock, still concealed in my dress pants. Kay pulled herself off of Jim, came over and began to caress Marti's breasts, kneading her nipples as her orgasm built. Jim said you need to take it back with you before I break his cock off each time we fuck." laughed Marti as she waved the glass phallic.

Wife shared me with a friend

group Jmuncut 2017-12-03

Pat lean down and took my cock in her mouth rolling the skin back and sucking my knob then rolling the skin over and tonguing inside my foreskin nibbling the end and tugging it with her teeth. Asked “You want my cock?” “Oh yes fuck me!” I slipped my cock inside her pussy pushing it in deep, feeling her cervix touch the tip of my cock, pulled it back up and plunged in deep again, slowly pumping my cock in her pussy each time pushing deeper. Jess sat next to me and we kissed and fondled her pussy, asked “What to fuck?” with that she stood and slipped her shorts down and straddle me and rubbed my cock on her pussy slipping it inside.

Our First FFM - Part 2 - From Fantasy to Fact!

group markd40 2017-12-03

Sue's tongue was flicking around Sandy's hard clit and with two fingers pumping in and out of her drenched cunt she was close to cumming, eyes wide open, biting her lip and panting hard she was in ecstasy. A stream of hot cum shot from her swollen pussy as Sue, still teasing her clitty, withdrew her fingers from Sandy's pulsing cunt and took the squirt on her lips and in her mouth, gasping as she tried to swallow as much as possible. Much to my relief she very soon brought me to a very hard and satisfying orgasm, fueled by her dirty talk of how much she had enjoyed the experience huskily telling me how much she loved going down on Sandy, especially when I finger fucked her.

Bi-Curiosity Done Right

group __misty__ 2017-12-03

I was so ready to just start eating pussy, but I wanted this to last so I took a breathe and slid the bra straps off her shoulders pulling the cups down, one at a time, I kissed each breast. Good." Maura moved up and kissed me moving her fingers deeper into me and back out, bringing them to her mouth and licking. I couldn't wait to get my fingers and face in her, but Maura pushed off me, kissing my tits and then down to my tummy, positioning herself between my legs. Kissing, playing with my tits and finger fucking me was one thing, but putting her mouth on my pussy was the line, in my mind anyway.


Feeling Kind of Lucky

group Hornyman69WithU 2017-12-03

I knew the downtown section of this city very well, and was able to provide some short-cuts to the parking area, but still had just enough time to make a date for that evening--without little miss dirty-look--as we walked to our cars. Zoe had changed into a very simple though incredibly alluring outfit: a very short black leather skirt and a tight, white tee-shirt nearly punctured by her pencil-eraser nipples atop extra-firm medium-sized breasts. I figured this would be a good time to give him a little show, so we began to peel off our "bed clothes." My roomie's long half-erect penis was flailing about as he bumped butts with Zoe and I tweaked her big nipples and played with my own fully erect penis.


Morning Train Ride, my Dirty Mind

group 2017-12-03

As I travel from my home to my place of work, I study people, men in particular, as each innocent glance, becomes a lecherous leer, 'He wants to fuck me', courses through my mind, and this triggers a response throughout my being, and I feel my thighs involuntary squeeze together, and my eyes drop to the offenders crotch, to see if he is hard. He watched me as I watched them, his smile said it all, and as I watched her short skirt move with incongruous motion to the train, a sure sign he was feeling her, I moved closer, in fact I stood in front of them, she looked me in the eye, but I smiled, a little wrinkling of my nose, letting them both know I was shielding their indecent act, and as both our eyes cast around for safely, she showed signs of losing it, she was fighting it, her lower abdomen brushing into mine.

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 02

group SpartanWitherby 2017-12-03

Danny kneaded her tits while Brian reached one hand back between her legs and another around her ass. She put her hands around the boys' asses and pulled them close enough so that she could make a figure 8, her tongue looping over one cock's head before sliding over to the other. Brian stepped back a foot and Gloria bent over at the waist, moving her mouth to just in front of his hard cock and putting her hands on his hips. Brian watched eagerly as Danny squeezed her tits and as Gloria began to coat his dick with the lube. She put one hand behind Danny's neck, keeping his cock deep in her ass as she rode Brian's.


Captive and On Display

group Ubasti 2017-12-03

Michael says he wants to experiment trying anal intercourse, seeing what sucking a cock is like and watching his wife with another man. I smile; watching her restrained body wiggling and yearning for a good fuck makes me want to have sex with Lisa too but I gather that's a very premature thought for our first night together. I watch Michael slowly tease Lisa's whole body with feathers, finger-sized vibrators and even the heal of her high heel shoes, forcing her to concentrate on every little touch and sensation.


The Present

group doones 2017-12-03

I took a moment to look you up and down, from your hair, worn short and bouncy, to the high heels on the bottom of the black leather boots, and just stepped forward, my lips locking onto yours, tasting you, and feeling your tongue probe my mouth. I saw you unzip your skirt, slowly pulling it down, showing off your perfectly shaved pussy, the little stripe of hair just above your clit was already showing signs of wetness. I slid my hand down Tina's stomach, feeling her warm flesh, and lifted the bottom of her black dress, showing her pussy to you. I watched you kiss it into Tina's mouth, and stepped forward, wanting to feel you both.


A Billionaire's Life Ch. 01

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-02

Meanwhile, I began pumping my cock in and out of Taylor's ass once again, and before I knew it, a completely naked Cassandra was sliding onto the bed, her industrial-strength bra the last article of clothing to be tossed away, freeing her magnificently large, round tits. Then, after squeezing out the last drop, I pulled back from Taylor's ass and hunched over the bed, planting my hands down to support myself while my wife flipped onto her back and allowed Cassandra to pull her into a tender snuggle. Taylor, the slender dark brunette with the deep blue/violet eyes and big tits, sighed as Cassandra, the taller blonde with the sky blue eyes and bigger tits, wrapped their bodies together in a warm embrace.


The Shower Ch. 04

group MungoParkIII 2017-12-02

Looking over at Jean, she watched the woman grab her husband's balls, with his cock in her mouth while twisting her head in a circular motion, her cheeks sucked in with the heavy suction she was applying to Jason's cock. Alicia wanted to watch what Jean was doing more intently so she could try it with her husband later, but she could feel Bob beginning to tense up, so she focused her attention on his cock as she stroked harder and moved her tongue all over his head. Still holding Bob's cock she looked over and watched Jean, with her twirling head, bring Jason to orgasm.

Do Women Enjoy Watching Two Men Have Sex as Much a

group daviea9 2017-12-02

Anne said that when she was undressing Mary she found herself getting very aroused by the sight of her voluptuous breasts and when the doctor turned Mary over and inserted a gloved finger up Mary’s arse (feeling around for the appendix which is easier to locate by that route) Anne almost came in her pants. As the injection took effect Mary got a bit “high” and giggly but she allowed Anne to take her to the bathroom where she was to be bathed and have her pubic region shaved ready for the operation. That done Mary got onto the table and said that now Anne had to pleasure her pussy as she shaved it and from what I was told Anne did exactly that.