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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Willing Woman

group VeniVici 2017-12-02

She bucked on the rug and asked to suck Thomas's cock for him, which he very quickly got out and slipped into Shelia's open mouth. I thought it would be a quick wild fuck, but Thomas held out and rammed Shelia over and over making her start to talk dirty, which I love to hear, as she begged for his spunk. I didn't want her to have time to get her breath back and so I pulled Shelia up onto her knees and telling her suck on Thomas's semi spent cock, stuck my own, hard up her dripping cunt. Thomas was sitting up now on the rug and watching Shelia try to suck his cock as she shuddered with every smack of my body, and groaned with wanton lust, saying "Fuck...

Dr. Ruark's Problem Ch. 02

group Paris Waterman 2017-12-02

Lifting her eyes to Dutch's face, she reached forward and grasped his fat prick in her left hand, opened her mouth and dragged her tongue lasciviously up his shaft and ended the lick by swirling her tongue over his helmet shaped cock-head. Robert watched, tormented by the fact his cock was not responding as his sepia toned wife bent her head to engulf his friends prick and saw her face distended by the force of Dutch's cock filling her mouth as her head bobbed up and down. Alice groaned and sucked his cock with renewed enthusiasm, rocking her head up and down under him even as her hips bucked and writhed under Dutch's face.


Slumber Party

group WishFull 2017-12-02

Four of Alicia's high-school friends showed up that night: Kate, Irene, Ling, and Patti. When her contractions stop, Patti pulls her mouth off my dick, sits up to ride my slimly face like a rodeo cowgirl, and shouts, "You wouldn't give it to me last time, but you can't hold back now! Kate of course can plainly see that my right thumb is still wiggling in Patti, who is starting to moan and squirm yet again. Right about now, Patti pulls off my thumb, sensing the energy is now with Kate and me, and she sits up to watch with the others. All of sudden a blond head comes in from the right to kiss one of Kate's nipples.


The Circle Ch. 27

group SteveWallace 2017-12-02

At dinner a couple of weeks later, Bob and Tracy told The Circle members that they'd made contact with the second group that wanted some ideas and mentoring about their future as a loose-knit assembly of people. Kent stood with Bob and Tracy, and as he pointed out each person or couple he explained about how they fit into the swingers group: that couple was a banker and sold real estate; they were nice; another was a schoolteacher and engineer; yet another fireman and secretary. The women who hadn't had A-spot orgasms wanted to be with Bob, but he made sure they knew that Matt and Mike were just as competent in delivering severe pleasure – a point both men proved before ten o'clock.


Tina, Ash, & Toby

group Sweetcharade 2017-12-02

Toby took the initiative, and said "I was just talking to Tina about the three of us getting together for dinner sometime." Ash knew I had an affair with Toby and she said "If it's all right with Tina, sure" I shot Ash an almost dirty look, but she smiled and mouthed the words "It'll be fun to fuck with his head" and winked. Toby looked at us and said, "Would tonight at my place be good?" Ash smiled and I said "Sure thing, we'll be there at 7." Toby hugged me and kissed Ash on the cheek and said, "Great, see ya later" We nodded and said "Bye!" I then kissed down her neck, her breasts and I licked her nipples while my hand began to stroke her pussy.

The Truth Game

group unclehans 2017-12-02

A list was made of the order I should attend them in and I noted that the two girls who I knew to be of the saphistic sisterhood, room mates Jennifer and Penny were next to each other towards the top of the list, Evelyn and Louisa, who we all believed were still virgins, were probably going to be my most difficult challenges, whereas Rachel and Sharon, both of whom I had already been to bed with several times were towards the end of the list and Roanne, who was the youngest and a real sex-pot and who I suspect came up with the idea, was first on the list.


Kinky Kayla

group damonX 2017-12-02

"Like this?" I asked, sliding my fingers in and out, fucking Kayla's tight little cunt with my hand. "I was starting to feel really nasty, so I pulled his hand from my pussy and sucked his fingers off, making sure that Chad could see the whole thing. Parting her pussy lips, I pushed my cock inside her, finally enjoying the satisfying feeling of her hot wet little hole. I desperately wanted to fuck Kayla hard and fast but in my current condition I thought it best to start out nice and slow, so as to make it last as long as possible. At work, at home, at the store, all I could think about was my sweet little Kayla on her hands and knees taking it in both ends.


La Playa Ch. 16

group Fog43 2017-12-02

He had already gone through four towels dampened by women's pussy juice, and the huge nine-inch cobra cock that stayed rock hard as he painted it and the rest of the distinguished looking guest's body had dripped pre-cum with every brush stroke. The little redhead had cum twice under the shower, and they now had her pinned on a chaise lounge, John holding her hands above her head feeding her his cock while David restrained her legs and licked her clitoris. As John looked a question back over his shoulder David explained "I saw it on HBO!" He went back to fucking Judy to another orgasm and fought to keep his own self control.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 21

group SteveWallace 2017-12-02

Marge told me, "Jane had gone downstairs to Brady's office to ask him some questions about the strategic planning work. As he had a small heart attack, Jane explained she'd overheard him earlier, and that we'd both welcome an invitation to the party he'd been talking to his friend about, but that we didn't want to go if it was a 'closed' affair." Marge used her hand to make little quotation marks in midair. Jane got Marge to lower her pussy into her lips so she could suck TJ's cum from her body, but there wasn't much, a point Jane explained later no doubt due to the high frequency of orgasms the two women had extracted from TJ over the weekend.


She Cop

group 2017-12-02

She then grabbed her night stick and shoved it in Sam's ass and began to fuck his tight ass as she told Pete "I want you to eat my pussy and suck that cum out of my dripping cunt. I like it deep and rough." As Pete began to lick her ass she told Sam "Reach over here and finger fuck my cunt as he fucks my ass. I want to cum many times." As Sam shoved three fingers in her cunt and began rough fucking her wet cunt Pete now was pushing his cock deep in her ass.

Black-N-White Ecstasy Ch. 01

group kandie 2017-12-02

I fuck you slow, and hard then fast until I blow my first load of hot cum deep inside your wet cunt. She clamps down hard on her swollen nipple and pinches her clit hard, and screams, "Oooooooh fuck, John, I am cumming!" When Kandy is finished, she does not bother to even dress and start her reply to John. By this time, you are standing next to her asking, "Kandy, are you being naughty?” I look at you and wink, you tell the guy we have to go, and he can come with use. The black guy is mesmerized by the sight and starts talking dirty to me saying, “Oh god, suck my cock, white cunt! He moves and slides his big black cock into my wanting cunt, yelling, “Oh fuck yessss!

French Adventure Ch. 01

group Group-lover 2017-12-02

Simon shifted himself to better accommodate his own growing manhood, and found to his amazement that he was looking forward to seeing his friend's cock in Carla's expert hands. Looking up at the sound Carla spoke at last, 'Hey look Rob, the sight of your cock has got Anique a little hot and bothered!' They all looked over at the blonde and her hand froze in mid stroke. He looked incredulous at first at the thought that he was being asked to taste his friend's juices, but to encourage him Anique suddenly lifted her own fingers to Carla's lips. Coming up for air, Carla gasped 'You only have to taste, I won't make you suck!' Simon nodded and allowed the girl to guide his face towards Rob's throbbing member.


Penny and Beth Share It All

group Archer2050 2017-12-02

Quickly but reluctantly, Kevin zipped up, tucked in his shirt, gave Beth a quick little tongue kiss, then the two of them rushed out the bedroom door. That gave them about five minutes for Beth to suck her guy one more time, and, to show his appreciation for her help, allow Kevin to give Penny one final dose of the stuff she loved. When she sucked Kevin for the first time and he came in her mouth, Beth forcefully kissed Penny to swap the cum away, then licked the droplets off of Penny's face and breasts. When they were close enough to touch, Beth stuck out her tongue and licked Penny's cum-soaked cheek. This time Penny had no cum in her mouth, and Beth had swallowed all of hers.

Three Is My Lucky Number

group micheal442000 2017-12-02

Lilly was licking my ass hole exciting me to climax, while moving down to my hanging balls occasionally; taking them gently in her mouth, and sucking them, until she could feel my body begin to shake. In the mean time Sandy was straddled across my midsection lowing her wet steaming pussy onto the head of my dick. In the mean time Sandy was pounding her pussy on my dick, like pounding a hammer on an anvil. I began eating the maids pussy, while Sandy sucked my dick. I would spend the rest of the night fucking each one of these women over and over again; until their pussies were soaked and dripping with my cum.

Our Date with Melanie

group schoolgrrl 2017-12-02

I think Melanie's must've too, because she leaned in close to me and said, "I wonder if it still tastes like your pussy," right before she pulled my sweater over my head and exposed my tits. I pushed her back on the bed, pinning her wrists to the mattress, and started licking in circles around her tits, underneath them, lapping closer and closer to her tight little nipple until I caught it in my mouth and sucked hard. "Oh god, baby, now!" Rick pulled out of Melanie and stroked his wet cock hard, watching me moan and writhe on her face, soaking her mouth in my cum.


Coed Hostel Hospitality

group LaceyFlydown 2017-12-02

she didn't even know -- was pulling her shirt up to expose her left breast, and she felt soft lips grazing her nipple, which she suddenly realized was tightly, achingly hard. "Come on, Bianca!" A man's voice with a French accent broke her reverie, and the girl momentarily lifted her lips from her soaking wet pussy. She was gasping for air and grabbing hard at the sheets, and just as the feeling was reaching a head -- another man climbed onto the bed and pushed him off of her, laughing and speaking teasingly in French. In the bed next to them, Brittny could see that Marco and Matthieu's bodies were tangled like hers and Bianca's, and they seemed to be asleep.

As You Say Sir, and Yes Mistress

group SpikesNaughtyGirl 2017-12-02

I reached around his back, and slid my hands over his ass, pulling his jeans down with me. I stroked my hands down my body, outlining my breasts and hips with my fingers. His mouth dropped open at the sight of my breasts swinging so close to his hyper sensitive ass. Pet was still tied, panting hard from the exquisite pleasure my palm and brush had brought to his eager body. "Yes Mistress." He slid his fingers up my Pet's thighs, and wraps one hand around his very hard cock. Pet reached out and fisted one hand in my husbands short dark hair, and forced his mouth faster against his cock. Pet kneeled on the floor, grabbed my husbands ass, and drew him closer.


Vacation Young Couple Part III

group bufffreak 2017-12-02

Sandy and Dan be came regular partners for Cindi and I :ONce Dan got waxed, it reminded me of playing show and tell in the nighbor's garage" Cindi said I leaned Sandy on the table and took her doggy as Cindi and Dan ventured to the hot tub Cindi must have dozed off, Dan came in the room as Sandy returned. I think Cindi was more intruiged than me as she drew closer to watch Dan finger SAndy. I grew hard as I watch Sandy slide down and lick Cindi to a finish Our next surprise was Sandy taking DAn in her mouth and then they moved into a full fuck. Cindi told me in the morning I missed a 3 way with her, Dan and Sandy

Honey Trap Spy Ch. 03-06

group Cat5 2017-12-02

In a Paris hotel room Randy and Anne had exposed my body to a sexual assault that was far beyond any previous experience. When their questions were finally finished Randy said to Anne, “I think we set the hook really deep. As we were dressing after our latest workout, Anne looked at me and said, “Instead of going to a restaurant tonight, why don’t you come over to my place? We had not turned on any lights when we came in, so Anne was almost a shadow as she said, “My apartment is safe. Anne finally pulled my head up and my bra came off and we kissed again; I pulled her to me and our breasts were pushed against each other as we continued our sexual teasing.


Erotic Coupling of a Threesome

group SensualBeauty 2017-12-02

Her hands are outstretched and her voice is soft, velvety and beckons as she says, "Hello, beautiful sexy lady, you are an amazing sight for our weary eyes tonight my sweet." I could feel the butterflies commence and I hear his growl deep in his throat as I make my mind up to meet them half way. I feel her body start to tremble, shake and then she says in a breathless voice, "later my luscious one, later." Leaning down she sucks on my nipples and her hand draws away from my clit almost with a reluctance. My ass high in the air and her moans filled my mouth, I knew what she wanted and I felt compelled to move down her body then towards her breasts, taking my time to suck her hardened long nipples.


Truth or Dare Ch. 01

group siclos 2017-12-02

Kirk and I had dared John to constantly stroke his cock during the entire game. John slowly bent his head down and softly kissed Kirk's vacant nipple. Kirk then placed his hand on John's cheek and began to stroke it softly and they both smiled, looking longingly into each other eyes. "And I have always wanted to experience the feeling of a man inside of me." John stared at him and Kirk smiled. John also began to groan as his well-lubed cock slid in and out of Kirk's tight virgin ass. Kirk began to moan and started moving his hips back and forth, so John new he was ready to really be fucked.

Our Desires Ch. 03

group alovelyheather 2017-12-02

I moan into his mouth and then I look over and see you watching, an enormous hard on between your legs. I ease away from him a little and slowly sink to my knees kissing every inch of his body as I go, tasting him, until I reach his throbbing dick and lick off the drop of pre-cum waiting there for me. "I'll fuck you baby, just the way you want," you say to her and crush your mouth to hers once again pulling her down hard onto you. "Yea baby, suck it reeeeal good!" he moans, as he thrusts harder and faster into my mouth. You release her for a moment and kiss my lips, licking the juice from them then take her clit back in your mouth.


The Topless Tango Club Pt. 02

group Pimanko 2017-12-02

Alan and Cindy were relieved to see that Tom and Terri had not forsaken their friendship with them. As Terri began to pull on her arm, Cindy pretended to lose her balance and purposefully fell into the pool. To Tom's growing astonishment, Cindy grabbed Terri's shorts and panty and quickly yanked them both down at the same time. Meanwhile at the other end of the pool, Cindy was standing in the water facing Tom. Through the water and despite the waning light, she could see that his cock still stood at full attention. Now that his mouth were working on her breasts, Tom used his free hand to the hot spot between Cindy's legs.


The Beach House Ch. 08

group artiepuy 2017-12-02

Marly kept up her moaning, and Kyle his thrusting, each of the others telling how disappointed they were in me, blending into a single, confusing voice, while Freddy continued to ride me, raising her tight cunt up and down along me, finally crying out in release.... Looking into the parlor, I noticed that it wasn't just Curt and Kyle watching the video now, Janet and Shelley had joined in, sitting in between the two men on the sofa. "Marly," asked Shelley, "would you be so kind as to be our judge?" Marly looked at me, then shrugged her shoulders and agreed to assist in the contest, topping of her wine glass on her way out of the kitchen.