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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Double Teamed

group HockeyCH9 2017-12-02

I wanted to switch things up a bit, so I stood up while Robin had her mouth around his big hard cock and pulled her ass up bent over so she was now standing but her mouth never left Tyler's pole. Against my original plans I pulled my now sore but still fully erect cock out of Robin's steaming pussy and walked over to the loveseat where Tyler was sitting and tapped him on the shoulder because his eyes were closed and mouthed, "Go fuck her" and pointed to the back end of her body that was now kneeling.

My First Bi Threesome Part 2

group Facedances 2017-12-02

He knelt down and began licking and chewing on my nipples as I reached to stroke his obviously hard cock through his pants. She glanced up at her husband who was engrossed in the vision of his hard cock being sucked whilst his beautiful wife sucked another, relative stranger’s cock. ‘Come and have a taste darling’ she said and in an instant he was down there, his mouth clamped to the end of my cock while his wife smiled and toyed with her ample breasts. ‘Eat my cunt baby’ she said and stood up with legs either side of me as her husband continued to suck and lick my cock occasionally sliding his fingers towards my asshole.

'Research' Project

group DreamerKitty 2017-12-02

Alexis pointed out the queen sized bed, mentioning it would be a sufficient size if she wanted to stay there, as it's more comfortable than the futon. Alexis dropped her towel and slid under the covers, holding the other side up for Emily to climb right in. Emily took a deep breath and slid between the sheets on her way to the magic garden that waited for her to explore. Alexis took Emily's hand and placed it on her cunt. Just as they settled out of it, they began another approach to try new ways of knowing what was going to work when Emily got back to her man. By the time the fifth orgasm ended, Emily was ready for another round with a long hard penetrating cock.

Cheater's Due Ch. 01

group LenoreLee 2017-12-02

Mila, dear, ball you right hand if you want to be our little sex slave for the rest of the night." Brett was still crouched behind me, his finger slowly sliding in and out of my tight, virgin pussy. A rustling around the room told me that men and women were raising their hands and I felt a rush of fluids soak Brett's fingers at the prospect of what was coming to me. Brett worked a little of his cock into my pussy, pausing to grip both my hips tightly before he slammed his entire length into my virgin cunt. My hands ached in their restraints, because I wanted little more than to bury my fingers in her sopping cunt and suck her clit into my mouth.



group Kaishaku 2017-12-02

They all settled into the living room with Julie sitting on the couch next to John while Harry sat in a nearby chair. John gently squeezed Julie's breast and then pulled his hand away. Unable to simply sit back and watch, Harry began working on his wife's pants as she worked on John's pants. By the time she was sliding John's pants down over his thighs, Harry had her pants off and John, turning his attention from her breasts was slipping his hands under the elastic of her panties. Harry quickly helped John pull her panties off but then turned away as he heard something that sounded like the front door opening.


when I was 18 part 3

group Gush4u 2017-12-02

I did this for about 2 minutes and knew he was getting close so I stopped and turned onto my back He went down between my legs and took my panties off and started eating me ! Mike was sitting on the bed drinking a glass of champaign He told me how unbelievably hot sexy and beautiful I looked ! I still had my feet behind my head when he took his 8" of cock and replaced the vibrator Wow he went slow and soon he was all the way in my ass! That's all that happened with me but I know that at least Bill went with Sam and Cindy to their room Joe and Mark left and then Mike took very good care of me for another hour.

Now who is the slut? (II)

group soab 2017-12-02

We had agreed to meet at 8, and five minutes later, the doorbell rang and Emma rushed to the door and flung it open and gave Sally a hug and a kiss on the cheek to welcome her, while I fetched some more crisps and poured the girls a glass of wine, placing it on the bedroom drawer. Not needing a second invitation after having watched events unfold, I took off my pants, moved behind Emma and slapped the opening of her pussy with my hard cock a couple of times, every time, she would wince slightly and moan wildly.

Learning From Her Inner Slut

group claire4u 2017-12-02

As Colin unclasped my bra and pulled it away from my luscious breasts, Jack reach up and started to fondle my pussy with his fingers. Colin pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood up on the bed to hold my legs open for Jack. Your not going anywhere you fucking whore,” he said as he reached his hand down to my soaking wet cunt, dipped a finger in and forced it into my mouth. The room got very quiet and I figured Colin was preparing to fuck me, but instead, Jack placed a blindfold over my eyes and Colin began to spank my ass. Colin gently eased his cock back into my ass, and as though him and Jack had done this before, they both began to penetrate my holes simultaneously.

Bukkake plus a little extra

group FunChatman 2017-12-02

You feel one hand lift a breast by its nipple while at least two others take turns slapping it. For one of the boys, the sight has got too exciting and he has emptied his load in a wide spray across your lips, chin, neck and breasts. You feel the warmth of the cum, taste the sweet saltiness on your lips, smell the unmistakable scent. And patches of cum are sprayed all over your thighs, warm and sensual, sliding down between your legs to where your pussy, wet and eager awaits. And then you feel it - finally, the moment you've been waiting for. I don't need any encouragement, and it doesn't take much driving of my rigid cock into you before I feel the sensation building.

I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing...3

group d4david 2017-12-02

Questioningly I looked at Bruce, Bruce shook his head and said 'David I'm sorry, but Daniel is right, your ass is ours and when ever one of us can get it we have to share with each other'. Bruce answered and said 'for another week at least', 'good', said Daniel after I hit this ass we'll let David call his folks and tell them he's spending the night here'. No', said Daniel 'I just know that every piece of ass we get they all seem to like letting you fuck them. Daniel snickered and said to Bruce 'you done fuck the bitch raw or you just tickled this ass/pussy'. Bruce and Daniel both laughed as Daniel pressed his cock head against my extremely tender anal opening.

Ex Gets Revenge

group shocktop82 2017-12-02

As I awkwardly walked out of the bar with my raging hard-on all I could think of was seeing Liz face down in a cleanly shaven pussy. "I can live with the very least I will get to fuck you with another girl in the room." Obviously I wanted more, but my thinking was that once things got going there would be no boundaries and Liz would be down for some of the dirtiest sex of our lives. I want you all tied up when our guest gets here so we can have our way with you." Liz said. As soon as the dick left my lips Liz jumped at me and began kissing me.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 05

group Lei Feng 2017-12-02

"Oh yes,'' she moaned, squeezing and rubbing her tits and nipples, her right hand moving rapidly between her legs as she thrust her hips forward, and then she came, noisily. I was sucking the big tits of the blonde, while the short haired brunette licked and sucked my very hard cock, watching my lover playing with two cocks, when I realized that I was getting over excited, pumping myself vigorously and close to the edge. I stood close to her, and she sucked me, and rubbed her nipples on my thighs, as she moved on the big hard cock pumping deep into her pussy.


group diver1uk2003 2017-12-02

New years eve took off like i´ve never know with all the women in the kitchen sorting food out for hours then the guys all sorting out the bbq ready for the meat. The party didn´t take long to start when they found my new hot tub now fully funtioning along with the pool now fully heated. As the night wore on food now cooked eaten and long forgotten it was down to wine beer and people disapearing all over the house and grounds. At one point viv the 50 year old who had come alone was greadily sucking my cock in the hottub whilst being taken from behind.

Cat's Got Your Tongue Ch. 03

group BigHotMama 2017-12-02

She could feel mouths on both of her breast, her arm pits, on her stomach dueling in and around her navel; she felt a tongue on her clit and one sliding in and out of her pussy and around her asshole, and some one was sucking on her fingers and toes. Rico rested his head between Jake's shoulder blades as he felt Janet's cock exit his ass. Lisa impaled herself on Sean's willing tongue while Janet licked and sucked at her clit. Janet leaned forward and sucked the peach slice in and out of Linda's pussy fucking her hole with it and then ate it. When all the peaches and cream was gone, Janet licked Linda's pussy and ass until she erupted with more cream.


Lori Snores

group Red_Writer 2017-12-02

For instance, very soon after Gail arrives at our house for the weekend Lori will have her sprawled on our bed with Gail’s head propped up with pillows and my wife astride her. Lori doesn’t even wear panties when she knows Gail is coming over. After the ritual, which usually included several climaxes for Lori and one intense, gut-stirring cum from Gail, the two girls would relax in each others arms and catch up on their lives. It was five years before Gail quit flinching away when my hand brushed her soft, alabaster skin. By timing our copulation to Lori’s breathing, neither of us built to that quick, hard-thrusting orgasm that I’ve always enjoyed since I was a lad.

Goan Holiday

group indiajones 2017-12-02

"I'm not going to cum in the pool sweetheart we're going to have to finish on the lounger," I said, after pumping my wife's pussy for what seemed like an eternity. "Amazing villa Raj," said Mark as he took a tour of the villa, "So well planned and with your own pool area and loungers." Putting on a straight face I proceeded to pour out the Margaritas but my dick started getting hard again, I cursed myself for not having put on a pair of lounging shorts like Mark had on. "Sure," replied Priya, smearing her hands with the tanning lotion she began to rub Fiona's back. Fiona moaned as Priya's fingers closed around her nipples and massaged the little nubs until they stood erect.


My Crazy College Years

group smj54ap 2017-12-02

Suzy saw what was happening and commented in a sexy voice, "Looks like somebody's getting excited" Craig looked too but I thought if he wants to look, what the hell. Suzy had a hungry look in her eyes and with my back against the sofa, she stood over me and slowly lowered her blonde bush to my mouth. I sat on the floor facing the sofa and watched as Craig sucked Suzy's hot tits. Well, my night was ruined so I listened to Suzy tell me that she and Craig had broken up. They spend the night on Jay's bed and occasionally I wake up to see Suzy and Tracy are still at it. Apparently, Tracy wanted the same thing all along and Suzy thought my excellent pot would accelerate the proceedings.


group RedHairedandFriendly 2017-12-02

He opened the screen door and leaned against the frame, crossed his arms across his naked chest, and said, "Well purty lady, I reckon it has it's moments, but it needs a good swift kick in the ass to get it a-movin', just like the rest of us do. As Mandy read, her eyes sometimes looked at Debra, and then over at Deak. Debra hadn't heard the whisper, but she had looked at the firm ass that had been on display for her, and she could still remember the hard cock that had been facing her earlier. Debra heard a moan from Mandy, and she looked up at the young woman, seeing her eyes half closed. Deak looked at her and saw the lust in her eyes, "How long has it been, Deb?" He asked, his hand still fucking his cock.


The Test

group fearlessandnaked 2017-12-02

When Emily cries out and comes in a magnificent gush on Mikes's face Stacy moves in on him to lick it off while I move up to kiss Emily deeply and slide my own fingers into her hot, wet cunt, drawing a few final shudders out of her as I fold her open to slide my fingers in as deep as they will go. Feeling a little spiteful for Stacy merciless teasing of me earlier I show her no mercy; fucking her cunt harder and deeper, pulling her head back by her hair, spanking her ass pink, grinding down on the dildo cleverly hidden in the lining of my strap on, fucking myself as I fuck my best friend.

Sassy's Superbowl

group 8inchblake 2017-12-02

I had invited my good buddies Brad and Tyler over to watch the big game, not telling them my intentions. They didn’t think it would be a big deal to bring along someone else to watch the game even though it was but Ryan was a good looking athletic guy so I knew Sassy wouldn’t be shy in front of a stranger. I told her Brad was waiting and without thinking, she crawled over and began sucking my best friend. She then moved over onto Brad lap and eased herself up and down his cock while taking turns sucking Ryan and Tyler. They stroked their cocks getting ready for the 2nd half as they enjoyed watching me pounding my girl during the half time show.

Voluptuous Cici

group tankengine123 2017-12-02

Cici and Danny were living in his dad’s big mansion and he was working for his dad during the day. Cici told Bobby that Danny knew she was with him and that the two of them needed help to open her ass for loving. Danny guided Bobby to Cici by tugging on Bobby’s cock. Danny felt his wife was ready; he grabbed Bobby’s cock again and guided the head close to the protruding black dildo. Bobby’s suggested that he open her bottom as before and when Danny takes over her ass, Bobby would slide into Cici’s pussy. It went as before but after Danny was deep in Cici’s butt, the couple turned on their sides and Bobby slid between Cici’s plump thighs and entered her pussy.

The Education of Lisa Ch. 10

group Christian Black 2017-12-02

We had ordered two light dinners and a plate of strawberries and whipped cream for dessert (which we of course planned on eating off each other's bodies.) But when I pulled on my robe and looked through the little peep-hole, I saw instead that it was Carrie. He could stay hard for hours without coming, but even he began to lose it when we both went at him at once, me sucking his bulbous head while Carrie licked his balls and went down between his legs. I sucked on the little gold clit ring and Carrie cried out, writhing beneath my lips and tongue, bucking her hips up to bring herself fully into my mouth.


The Game

group rayvyn 2017-12-02

I look at Mark and realize that even though he is talking to my third friend, Kim, he has left hand on my right thigh and is slowly raising the hem of my skirt until he felt skin and started to rub in small, gentle circles with this thumb. Oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum, whore, I'm gonna cum." I feel his cock explode in my pussy the same time my orgasm rocks my body and we both are grunting and moaning out loud, all the while Mark continues to lick and suck at my clit, tasting my juices as I explode on his face.

Hung Jury Ch. 02

group jallen944 2017-12-02

"Thanks," Ethan said, and handed the phone back to Rick. "Looks like I'm gonna get pizza for dinner," he said, and closed the door. Michelle laughed and looked back at the tables, where Michelle and the other girls were passing out slices of pizza. "I think I'll buy some pizza," Ethan said. "Hey. Do you mind?" Ethan said, and covered the front of his jeans with his hands. "If you're like most guys I know, you won't last long enough to get your dick through that hole," she said. Then, later, you know, maybe you can come back to Rod's place with me and Michelle and we can, you know, finish what we started?" Tanya said.