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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Walk with Lions

group bamboomoon 2017-12-02

Shifting the heavy caliber rifle to my left hand, I turn to Sam and kiss her on her open mouth, silencing her scream. Then James and I turned our attention to Sam. I started with her beautiful bouncy tits, her arms, down her flat tummy to the small patch of fluffy pussy down. Sam started to take my cock deep within her mouth when my naked wife, Janine, appeared from the kitchen, carrying our supplies for the morning. I ignore his satisfied ranting and turn my attention to Sam. I remove the canteen from my naked shoulders and pour it over Sam’s trembling legs, washing away the stickiness. To savor the moment, I slowly remove my boots, while watching Janine open Chantelle pussy lips with both hands.

Queen of sluts

group Hotsubwife 2017-12-02

i invite you to join me at the most debauched Friday afternoon sex club experiece for greedy girls in Manchester. You are already expected because the club have advertised your visit as a Slut Wife Greedy Girl who will attempt to fuck 50 guys in one session and you guarantee their ejaculation You intend to start by performing a lewd striptease and masturbation show which will be so slutty that half the guys will probably have lost their cum deposits within the first 30 minutes. Most guys are wanking by this time as you lay on the stage with legs wide open and ram your fingers up your cunt hole.

The Masturbatorium Ch. 02

group jehoram 2017-12-02

Kim was giving me the same expert hand-job I'd had before, while Rita was oiling up James's cock, teasing it until his pre-cum was flowing freely. She was deliberately keeping me from another orgasm, and I found myself glancing over to the other table, where Kim was doing the same thing with James's cock. Rita was showing James how she liked to masturbate, pinching her labia and clit through the mesh of the panties as she rubbed her belly with her free hand. I looked over at the other table, and saw that James had seen Kim's whole show, and his cock was responding to it.


Cuckold : Indi Hotwife First Adventure

group 2017-12-02

Even before meeting me in person, Nilanjan had mentioned to my husband a few time how lucky he was to have such a sexy wife that any guy would love to sl**p with. My husband asked me categorically to clean-shave my ***** for that special night – the wetness and smoothness could drive Nilanjan crazy and I would like the feeling too. You know, honestly speaking, first time in my life I started feeling like a complete woman. And most of all I loved helping my husband to fulfill his long-time dream of his sweet wife getting abused by some other man with a big adorable ****.

Retirement Travels Ch. 04

group Creekman 2017-12-02

She moaned "Oh fuck, feels good, shit, don't stop, harder, stuff that cock in me, deeper, TTTTOOOOOMMMM and came hard. We kissed, we laughed, she said, "Come on old man, fuck this hot pussy, make it cum, fill me up, harder, Harder, HARDER!!" I was fucking her hard, rubbing her clit, breathing hard. We only went out of the hotel about once every other day, the rest of the time we were naked, hugging, laughing, holding, touching, kissing, loving and simply enjoying each others company. More days of fishing, talking to Molly, and then Susan called. Some days, the weather was not conducive to fishing or working on the camper so I tied flies, visited some bars, a fly fishing shop, met locals and found ways to pass the time.


Rubbing People the Right Way Ch. 04

group walterio 2017-12-02

Carla and Rita weren't the only ones turned on by the action Dirk had fished his cock out of his white shorts and was stroking it as he watched his wife's hands glide over Rita's curvy ass. Carla moved herself slowly up Rita's body as she continued to finger fuck her pussy she kissed and licked her way to her tits. Carla got Rita's asshole wet with her tongue and then inserted a lubricated finger into the opening of her ass. She opened her mouth to run her tongue across the head of Dirk's hard cock, a cock she had sucked for the first time last week. Like an animal Dirk's hip movements continued to rapidly move his rigid cock in and out of Jenny's wetness causing her to cry out again.


Aunt Matilda

group mollycactus 2017-12-02

Aunt Matilda was pleased to see Sara's friends overcoming their fears and shyness, and the party was finally coming to life. As Sara and her friends made sounds like 'ooo' and 'aah' with breathy exhalations of longing, they watched Aunt Matilda hold her head still while the dancer's hip movements made his cock fuck her mouth. Stephanie was tentatively licking at a dab of whipped cream she'd placed on Mr. Coconut's black cock, as two friends encouraged her, when Aunt Matilda re-entered the room. Once Sara shrugged her blouse off, she reached behind herself, unhooked her bra, and tossed it, stating, "I declare this to be a topless birthday party!" These women were used to seeing and playing with each other from their time at the boarding school, so this unleashed an even louder 'whooohooo' from the rest as they began following suit, removing their party tops, including Aunt Matilda.


The Interview

group 2017-12-02

As her school friend went to work on her cunt, probing with her tongue inside her whilst simultaneously playing with her pussy lips with her fingers, Alison turned to Mark, who was playing with his hard cock once more, and said "You gonna just play with that thing or are you gonna fuck me with it?" Lisa quivered once again with excitement and Alison told her to lie on the table on her back and she carried out her actions without complaint holding her legs apart allowing Alison easy access to her hairy pussy.

Formal Dinner Delights

group kandie 2017-12-02

I would love to have my cock sucked like that." He began stroking his cock in unison of her head bobbing then ran his thumb hard across the tender head and trembled. The older man kissed her ear and uttered, "Oh baby, mind if I taste it before I fuck it?" When the older man ran his tongue the length of her hot cunt, she totally engulfed her dates cock. When the older man shoved three fingers in her hole and bit her clit gently, she trembled with her first earth-shattering climax, so hard she nearly lost her balance. He felt his cock stir to life again as he watched the older man fuck her. The older man felt her date's cock rub his through the thin membrane that separated her ass and cunt.

Summer 1971: Third Slice

group davidwatts 2017-12-02

"So this friend of yours, this Kenny, you know him a long time?" Dom asked. "So your friend Kenny, you say that now he has his dick between this woman's breasts right?" Dom asked as I tried my best to look out the window with a facial expression that didn't divulge that I was getting my cock sucked under the counter. "Your friend Kenny, he gotta big dick like you David?" Dom asked, his hand working under his apron. "No problem David" Dom said and then whispered toward me, "You think you and your friend like to come up to our place tomorrow afternoon for a picnic and...


A Beach Story Ch. 02

group Tommy50 2017-12-02

The she said "doesn't she taste sweet honey?" "She's so wet and you're making her cum." Lisa was on the edge by this time and her whole body was shaking as she reached the full climax, her legs stiffened and her toes curled as she let out this low long groan as she came. Mary then said with a false indignation "Hey, that's not fair you got it twice and I didn't get any." She swung her leg over me and slid down the bed and put her face into Lisa's pussy and started licking my cum out.

Shopping Mall Cock Slut

group Wifewhore 2017-12-02

They made me get on all fours and Marshall told one of the guys to put his finger up my ass, soon he had me moaning and my asshole open. Marshall then told the other guys watching that they could do anything they wanted to his whore. Guys jerked off on me, came on my ass, slapped my big hanging tits, slapped my ass until it was red and stinging and quite a few fucked my open asshole. After they had all had their fill of the whore tied down bent over the trunk, they brought me around and made me lean over the back seat of the car with my cum filled cunt and ass on display.

BBW Whore for Old Cock

group NYCbbwSUB 2017-12-02

"Bitch I'm going to fuck that hot wet hole, that tight fat ass, and that whore mouth of yours!" He stood up and grabbed my by the sides of my head and started fucking my mouth hard and fast, calling me names and making my pussy so wet. I had Jim's fingers deep in my wet hole, and Walter's cock fucking my mouth, and I was in heaven. I wanted to feel both their cocks deep inside my holes, taking turns on me, making me feel like a whore. He grabbed my nipple with his mouth and began sucking real hard, it felt so good I didn't realize Walter coming up behind me until I felt his cock at the opening of my still tight ass.

The Bi-way Life for Me

group TwoWayMan 2017-12-01

Without losing her grip on my cock, Linda worked her free hand into the crack of my ass and began rimming my hole. Linda slowly begins fucking my ass, grabbing onto my hips and sliding her cock out nearly to the tip before driving back deep into my ass. With Linda continuing her driving, pounding fucking of my ass Dan climbs onto the bed and crouches in front of me, his cock inches from my face. Just as Dan's cock touches my lips Linda gives my ass a big thrust and my forward lunge causes Dan's cock to slide halfway into my hot, wet, hungry mouth! As Linda continues to pound my ass, my lunges cause my mouth to slide up and down Dan's cock.

The Plant Whore Ch. 02

group brownsugar1976 2017-12-01

"Cum for me Terry!" I sucked the head of his cock into my mouth, while David continued to bang my ass hard. I'm gonna cum inside that sweet ass of yours." Terry pulled his hard shaft out of my mouth, and came all over my tits and neck, before collapsing on his back. I massaged Terry's cum into my nipples, while David pulled my head all the way back and tongue-fucked my mouth while filling my ass full of his hot cum. You can fuck this slut anytime." Luis, Ricky and Terry all left the office with me sprawled across the floor still wearing my high heels and now cum-stained garters.

Who Does Who? Ch. 01

group Lotusgirl 2017-12-01

Tamar turned her head away from Cam's penis, and her eyes widened as she saw Jared drop his pants to the carpeted floor. Tamar sucked frantically, her jaw aching, whimpering as she felt Jared push her breasts together with his big hands and ease his penis into the warm crevice created by them. Tamar barely caught a flash of breasts before Jared moved away from her and Cam abruptly rammed is cock as far down her throat as he could. Over the blond girl's shoulder she saw Heath move closer and kneel down, and, knowing what he wanted, she spread Rhia's legs wide. Jared stood over Tamar's head as Heath began to fuck Rhia slowly and first placed Tamar's hands on Rhia's breasts and then inserted his cock into the blond girl's mouth.


Fun at St. Andrews with Two Pt. 01

group Annatartywife 2017-12-01

The Hogmanay fun had been spontaneous, and whilst I had fully enjoyed my sexy cock sucking and finger fucking session with them both, the fact remained that they are both my sons best friends and I was now pre-arranging an evening of sex with them. After a few seconds delightful tit sucking Niall worked his left hand down onto my knicker covered cunt area. "Oh fuck yes, get your hands all over me," I said as Niall slowly rubbed around the see through front of my panties. As Niall began working away on my married, wet and wide open cunny, Connor had moved to my left hand side.


group Stiffy 2017-12-01

"Fuck him too," the black guy responded "you know how much you love my black cock." He thrust his hand between Lisa's legs and began poking and prodding to get a finger or two inside of her cunt. "I just want to check out a few things here to see if we are getting this on camera." He yelled to the guy with the video, "can you get all of this, cause I think Mr. Blandin is going to be very happy with Lisa and I want to be sure we get it all." With that he nonchalantly reached over and pushed the scarves aside and began squeezing Lisa's breasts and nipples. "Go for the emotion!" yelled the director, "The eyes babe, work the part" Lisa, looking indeed fearful opened her mouth as Mel pumped his cock only inches from her.


Gang Banged granny at the CHURCH

group GangBangGranny 2017-12-01

much cum but I would let boys play with my pussy and I would let them put their little cocks in my mouth. I said it was fine but if he knew how much I wanted to fuck and even suck his big young cock, he would have wrapped my legs around him, not wanting to let go as he thrust several more times, finally pulling his wet, cum covered cock from my pussy. I sat back down and watched them a few minutes with their young hard cocks and tight butts moving my boxes and stuff. I knew right away that he wanted to fuck my ass so I arched my back, giving him better access, reached around, grabbed his big cock

The Book of David Ch. 11

group bluedragonauthor 2017-12-01

I closed my eyes and sighed again, this time happily, as wonderful feelings shot up my spine before I thought to question why I was suddenly getting a neck massage. Two seconds later, I wondered who was touching me like this and my eyes shot open as I craned my head back to see Brianna's pretty face looming above me. I straddled Brianna's chest, and as soon as she felt my cock nestling between her breasts, she picked her head up off the pillow and gaped her mouth open wide in invitation. I was a really erotic sight for me, seeing a blindfolded Brianna beneath me, my wide shaft still stretching her mouth open while creamy droplets leaked out the corners of her lips.


Boxing Day

group Freakystyley 2017-12-01

Rach served as my bridesmaid three years earlier and despite her now living down South, she was back up North visiting her family for Christmas and she was more than happy to get out of the house for a few drinks on Boxing Day. Rach had an even greater idea, and while Jack was taking our picture, she started kissing me on the lips. Running my hands down my body to his head, I opened my eyes as I felt the long hair of Rach between my legs. I went down on her until she came as Jack caressed her body and kissed her, eventually returning to my side of the bed.

First Time with a Girl (and guy!)

group Cum4Areola 2017-12-01

This got us going faster, we went in a frenzy, my leg was pressed against her pussy as she pushed and rubbed into me and we were kissing and feeling and it was building, god it was incredible. She kept on going and finally I just couldn't take it any longer so I brought her face to mine and kissed deeply, I could taste myself on her lips as she was moaning. It was a different feeling to have my face in a pussy but it tasted incredible and I just kept licking for all I was worth and when I found her clit she screamed and so I focused on that.

Role Reversal

group BSBorgess 2017-12-01

The thought of Natalie's panties dripping with her pussy juice as she typed away at her desk filled my mind with devious thoughts and by the time we got back to my place the sex was so good that we both came over and over again. I had no idea how John was holding out from painting the inside of her throat with cum and just as he tilted his head back, Natalie stopped. Taking John's soaking wet cock in one hand she slammed it against his leg and stood up then looked me dead in the eye. I'm not sure if I was dreaming or not, but I remember hearing John and Natalie fucking and her abusing him with her naughty mouth and mind.

Young Couples and A black man 6

group cuteb0y25 2017-12-01

Monica gasped, then groaned and closed her eyes, reaching forward to put her right hand on the back of Elaine's head, pressing her older s****r's mouth closer still, feeling the tongue flicking quickly across her now engorged clitoris. Monica never hesitated, burying her face between Elaine's legs and eagerly licking the wet pussy while her s****r rode Tyler's cock. Elaine propped up Tyler's head with a pillow so he was close to his wife's bare pussy, held her s****r open, and guided Ron's big cock into her younger s****r's opening. The big man pushed forward, burying his length inside Monica, who groaned loudly as he did so as her husband began earnestly licking her clitoris from below, while the dark black cock pumped slowly in and out.