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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 40

group Reindeer58 2017-12-01

"I just told Mary Claire to call me either, but I think I'd like to be called Amy Anne by this lovely family." Just as the girls were pouring themselves coffee, Carol came down the stairs and a brief look passed between her and Amy Anne as she entered the dining room that Veronica caught but didn't react to. As soon as they were out the door Veronica turned to Carol, "How do you know Amy Anne?" she asked. As Cheryl and Lauren became acquainted over breakfast, Carol continued, "Ask Amy Anne about her life when she gets back.


Leaving the Navy Ch. 02

group Scorpio44 2017-12-01

Sandra had a cousin who lived in Pensacola and she hadn't seen her cousin in fifteen years, so that's where we went to get married and visit Carol. Mike took me aside and asked if I knew about the family, or was I thinking I could take Sandra away from her sisters. As long as I had the razor in my hand I went to Sandra and shaved her while she talked to Margie. "Sandra, do you want me to wait or can I eat you now?" She put the phone back to her ear and said, "Eat me now, Nick. Sandra turned to me and said, "Go to housekeeping and get shampoo, soap and two bottles of lotion, would you Honey?"


Parkinglot slut

group MyraFoil 2017-12-01

The hands of the man I was sucking grabbed my head to push his cuck deeper inside my hungry mouth. Suddenly the other guy pulled my ass up and f***ed me into a bowed down position with my legs stretched and felt his cock pushing against my sensitive pussylips. I threw my head in my neck and let out a loud moan when he pushed his cock inside me all the way and started fucking my fuckhole. The cock in my mouth was rammed in my throat and he started also to bang my face hard. One of the guys, I lost track on who was who, pulled my head up and rammed his cock inside my throat while the other filled my cunt again.

Don't Go On The Wrong side of Town...

group d4david 2017-12-01

Whoever, whatever was riding my ass, finally shot a load of spunk into my bowels and grind in to me for five more minute before roughly pulling from my ravage butt hole. He gripped me by the neck pulling my head back and rammed deep into butt hole. The dick in my mouth and the one in my ass exploded about the same time, flooding my ass and mouth with copious amounts of man spunk. Another dick rammed into my ass hole the pain unbearable...I slipped off into peaceful oblivion again. When I finally woke again, I was laying on my side naked, extreme amounts of come leaking from my anus and my mouth caked with lots of man spunk all over my face, chin and chest.

Subway Seduction Ch. 03

group shez 2017-12-01

Rayne felt disgusted with herself for letting Tyson fuck her while Tiger and Jinx watched, but the thrill was just as great as her disgust. Tiger pulled his cock out of Rayne's pussy and Tyson pulled his out of Jinx's ass. Rayne began to lap up Jinx's juices whilst Tyson and Tiger watched and masturbated. Rayne watched Tiger thrust his cock deep into Jinx's throat, and made a slapping sound with his balls as the whipped against her chin. Tiger pulled his cock out of Jinx's mouth and walked over to Tyson and Rayne. When Jinx had finished cleaning up Rayne's pussy and ass, Tiger pulled her up to her feet and kissed her passionately, tasting their mixed juices in her mouth.

Strip Dice!

group BradentonLarry 2017-12-01

Shooting a sidelong glance in Ron's general direction, and ignoring Nick entirely, Gem got up and kneeled in front of Cal. She picked up his left foot and put it up on her thigh as she reached slowly up his leg and then rolled the sock down and pulled it off. As he sat down, both Nick and Ron turned to see Gem, her cheeks reddened, reluctantly taking her eyes off Cal's hard cock, which was not quite as long as she'd ... "Hmmm," Nick sat back and thought for a long moment, looking back and forth between Ron and Gem. Then, as an evil smile crept along his face, he said, "Hand me that watch, Cal."


It Just Is

group HarryC 2017-12-01

His shaft was thick – Michael has huge hands, and the one he had clasped and moving slowly up and down his cock was well short of being able to close – and the monster was crowned with an even wider bulbous head. On the TV, Michael placed his hands behind his head and the blond girl fell greedily on his cock, sucking as much of it down her throat as she could. On the tape, the blonde and brunette hand switched places, and unconsciously Melissa matched her pace to that of Michael and Ashley. "I know," I said, "it's a real problem." Melissa looked sad for a moment, and I felt her stiffen against me as she tried to hide her feelings.

Kelly's First Group

group WildinPA 2017-12-01

Don looks like he is about to cum as soon as he enters your warm mouth and I want to make sure that this goes according to my fantasy, so I quickly take control and direct Don to lay on the bed. I can see Mark's dick glistening with your juices every time he pulls it almost all the way out before ramming it back in. Mark, feeling left out, stands on the bed and you reach for his cock and pull it hungrily to your mouth. Don immediately begins jack hammering into you and as you open your mouth to continue moaning, Mark puts his cock to your lips. You pull Mark's dick from your mouth and begin jacking it.

A Close Friend Ch. 2

group WeJaySal 2017-12-01

" Terry's fist held Jerry tight and slid up and down his long shaft slickly from the cum that still coated it. She released me and taking my hand put it back around my cock and moved over between Jerry's thighs. Getting up onto her knees she took his cock in her hands and beginning with his balls licked up the underside of his shaft until holding the tip towards her took it between her lips. I looked past Terry's bobbing head and saw that Jerry was looking at my fist stroking my hard cock, glancing up at me he smiled and nodded. Jerry's tongue licked her clit and as my cum pushed out the edges of her cunt he took it also and swallowed my load.

Carnal Cruise

group Libertine 2017-12-01

Have a good time and take care with that six shooter," she whispered putting my hands on her ass cheeks for a short while. In the far end of the deck was a faint light on something that looked like a stage. Suddenly she took her hands away but when the bra fell to the floor the light went out. Come on, I give you a minute or two." The light went out on stage but somehow the chains and straps still shone brightly telling where she was. When Nina had lost her bra giving Eric access to her ample boobs to kiss and suck Paula pushed my hands up to cup her breast.


Suburban Wife Ch. 05

group qm2x1798 2017-12-01

The questions were specific, as John was hoping to start a conversation with his wife about fucking the servants and having a lesbian romp with the other women. It seemed to work just fine last night as you were rimming my asshole!" Kelly added a more forceful squeeze to her husband's cock which was slowly growing in her hand. As they ate breakfast, Anne discussed the need to send Julie off shopping today and wondered if Kelly and John might be interested in helping her with the various errands. Kelly wondered why Anne would have come up to the room to tell them that they were late for breakfast when it wasn't time to eat.


Gang Banging my Ex

group michaelalwayshorny 2017-12-01

We told rachel to lay on the floor and took turns pounding her pussy as hard and fast as we could only stopping when we made her cum, and then the next guy would start thrusting in hard and deep till her made her cum to, by the time she had the fifth guy fucking her her hole body was trembling with pleasure. We all just lay there totally spent rachel with a smile on her cum cover face loving what we had just done, I thought to myself she may want this again which was just fine with me, I wondered if she would do the hole team next time, cant hurt to ask right.

The forgotten (Florida) beach

group bufffreak 2017-12-01

About 20 minutes later we were rewarded as the young couple moved into a 69 and then fucked on the blanket I was a bit surprised as Cindi moved in for a clser view as Susan licked, stroked and sucked Dan I kept this going while Dan and Susan watched, close A few minutes later she grabbed Cindi's head and pulled her close Dan and I grinned and watched as Cindi and Susan kissed liek high schoolers Dan and I watched as Susan gave Cindi a lickkg nearly as good as mine Cindi came, loudly and pushed Susan away I looked own at Susan's mily white butt and tried not to come right then

Jenny and Jack Pt. 06

group loveking 2017-12-01

Finally, feeling like I could not bear any more I watched the girl bend forward and take Jin's erection into her mouth as the man that I thought loved me and had told me he could not visit for a while, looked at the camera with a huge self satisfied grin, entered her from behind and fucked her. The pictures were all in black and white and the clothes looked something like I remembered seeing my great grandmother wearing in old family pictures of her as a young woman although my great grandmother would have never worn such a revealing blouse.


An Affair to Remember Revisited Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-12-01

Walt fucked hard into my ass as I orgasmed again and again against his fingers and Suzette's fiery tongue. Walt got behind Suzette and began sucking her cunt and ass. "Suzette, give me your pussy so I can lick it while Walt fuck's my ass," I told her. Suzette had a good view of Walt's cock as he skewered my ass while she ate my pussy. My body humped back at Walt's cock still buried in my ass as I drenched Suzette's mouth with my female nectar. Suzette could feel the dildo in her pussy rubbing against the butt plug in her ass and she then realized what it must feel like to be fucked by two cocks at once.


Skinny dip in own pool with husband and his mate

group shirls 2017-12-01

Still naked we sat on the floor and I felt that the next move was up to me so I moved next to Rob, said 'I think we should carry on from where we left off' and took his cock in my mouth again, he then lifted me up and I opened my legs around his waist as he slipped his hard cock deep inside of me it was so exciting with my hubby watching 'Is he in you?" he asked, I nodded 'certainly is' I said as Rob's cock was pumping in and out of me.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 38

group SteveWallace 2017-12-01

My love life – my sex life – had taken a whole different turn for the better, and all because I befriended some pretty girl who was being a wallflower at a party I hadn't even been invited to, but went anyway with some friends; that was Elsa. After Sean left my desk area, I texted my sisters and Mark about having a Saturday night party. Pam again found me and hung out for a little while, getting her sea legs as I circulated and got her more involved with the people she been quickly introduced to earlier. "Do you want a total slut that fucks everyone, or more of a romantic girl that has intimate relations with a few select people – men and women?"


The Circle Ch. 29

group SteveWallace 2017-12-01

They kissed and made out for a minute and then Monica got up, and went to find Bob or Matt. Let's slide by each of them, love them up a little, and say 'You have that special glow' or 'I think I know a secret' or something like that. After the buzz settled down, Jim walked down the table and knelt beside Matt and Bob. They had a brief discussion, and then he went back to finish his meal. Renee turned and peeled the dress from her body, making sure that Bob watched every second of her strip. At a second party six weeks later, Renee went out of her way to prove to Bob that she could have as good a time having sex as anyone else there.


What Happens in Vegas...

group cuninglinguist61 2017-12-01

I kept the camera there for a while, watching up close as Maria lovingly caressed Toni's wet, steamy pussy with her tongue .As I panned back, without my prompting, Maria then reached up and took Toni's big tits in her hand and started to squeeze them. As she opened her mouth and took me in, Maria straightened up and rubbed Toni's pussy and slid a couple of fingers into her wet pussy as she watched Toni start to suck on my cock. Toni, on her knees on the bed, big tits pressed firmly against the mattress, with my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, and occasionally teasing her tight little asshole, while Maria was on her knees in front of me, sucking my cock, getting it ready to replace my fingers deep inside her best friend.


He Shoots, He Scores

group Radioboy 2017-12-01

Myra looked up and said, "Mmmmm, I'm gonna enjoy fucking that." Brianna turned her head, grabbed my cock and began sucking it into her mouth. Brianna must have sensed it was going to be the real thing this time as she positioned herself more comfortably and said, "Put that big cock in my ass and fuck me!" As I rubbed the swollen head of my dick against the outside of her shitter, Myra took up a new position in front of Brianna with her legs spread and wet pussy ready to be licked and sucked. As I began to get a rhythm going, thrusting my cock inside her, she put her head between Myra's legs and began sucking on her wet pussy and licking her clit.

The Couples Club Ch. 01

group Rodwarrior 2017-12-01

When Mercy was away on business I would look at the ads on the internet, go to BDSM chat rooms, and play in the virtual Red Light district of Amsterdam, hooking up with other women. Their were pictures of couples playing tennis, golf, cards, going to shows together, and things like that. I gave her my credit card number from a special card I now only used only for things like this, my contact information, and a basic schedule for Mercy so their operative could make contact with her. A couple of days later Mercy told me that we had a tennis date with Cindy and her husband Dave on Saturday morning.


Coming For Carla

group c_a_m313 2017-12-01

Carla wanted me to come up to her room to join her and a friend, Melissa for the sexy conversation they were having. With her eyes remaining closed, Melissa let out a "shhhhhh" noise and Carla looked up at me and gave a little nod. Melissa let out a little "ow." Carla reassured her that it would hurt, but then it would start to feel really good. Laughing slightly Carla told me this is the sound Melissa said she makes when she is going to come. I started hammering away on Carla like I didn't want to do to Melissa for her first time.

The Genius of Mardi Gras

group CarolinaPeach 2017-12-01

Her feathered headpiece must have weighed almost as much, similarly decorated. She walked so smoothly and gracefully, as if her costume was feather light. A pretty brunette. "It was pretty obvious. Want to join us?" I saw just behind her a tall guy, maybe 20 or so. They bought me another drink (a virgin daiquiri for me, I'd had plenty enough already) and we leaned against a wall watching the crowds of costumed and masked revelers. There was music, light bells and a flute. Then they were both cumming, Jim with one deep low groan, and Kerri crying out a sharp strangled, drawn out "Ah." I sat leaning against the sofa, looking at them as they disentangled them selves.

Carmen's Fantasies Ch. 2

group nawty48 2017-12-01

"What a sweetie pie," the blonde says, flashing her green eyes at the redhead and leaning over the counter to inspect the dildos, asking, "Which is your favorite?" Mind if I take a hit?" Before Sandy can say it's not hers, the blonde takes a big swig, shivers, and says, "Yeah!" Then she offers some to the redhead. The blonde doesn't like to drink alone, however, and after taking another hit, she grabs the redhead by her hair and pulls her close for a long syrupy kiss. "It looks like a stacked redhead is going to get fisted by a sluttish blonde," Jean replies, watching Wendy tug up Sandy's skirt to get at her pussy. Wendy watches Jean play with Sandy's tits, roughly, then she eagerly goes after the redhead's bush.