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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Succubus Luvin

group Bucktooth22 2017-12-01

She smiled as she thought of all the ass slaps and the boob grabbing she got while working. He smiled and in one blinding moment he smashed all of his 9 inch long 2 inch across dick into her and then pulled back to shallow fucking. Marcus had her head turned to the side as he fucked her mouth with his 7 inch long 2 inch across dick. She moaned on Marcus's dick and he grabbed her by the hair and began fucking himself harder and faster with her mouth. Oliver, not wanting Jace to win, began fucking Sam as hard and as fast as he could.

My Girl and the Volleyball Party

group JEM1966 2017-12-01

She reached for it, giving it a pull or two, and his knees almost seemed to buckle right then but he pulled it together, and she did what I know she loves to dream of doing—guiding this virgin's cock to her beautiful cleft, rubbing its head up and down her slippery slit, bringing it to press hard against her clit, to which she responded with a throaty moan and squirm of her ass, something everyone watching took close observation of, before then moving that cock head down to her blossoming lips and pulled it into position.

The Gentlemen's Club Ch. 03

group david62 2017-12-01

In a mad, matchmaking moment, Julie had arranged a double date for Jen and Martin, one of her "Clients" at the club, with her and Geoff, for next week. "Oh stop whining, you know you love being the star." Katie dismissed her protests and Julie sighed, resigned to yet another hammering and this time, with her partner enjoying the show, charming. Two days later she was back at the club and she went through a few more of the sordid, humiliating details, the evening involved, with Katie. When the door was closed, Katie said, "You'll know the rules, Julie will be placed at the end of the table, her ankles strapped to the legs.


My First Threesome

group STEPHENA 2017-12-01

My cock was now pressed against my belly and as I unzipped Hannah's skirt I felt Kate's hand slip round my waist and took hold of my cock. Hannah stroked my chest and began to kiss me deeply as Kate wasted no time at all and wrapped her lips around my throbbing erection. They quickly remedied this and Hannah pushed me back on to the bed as Kate dangled her lovely breasts in my face. The girls shuffled down until their heads were level with my cock and as Kate began to lick my dick, Hannah sucked my balls. Hannah sucked me softly as Kate licked my balls, then they swapped round again and then they both slurped and kissed my knob all over.

Sharing His Student

group lovecraft68 2017-12-01

"Take that cock," I moaned, "You know you love it honey, now be a good girl and lick my pussy, make us both cum for you!" "Just me?" I said, turning to look at him, "They name streets after you pal." I laughed and turning around, so my ass was facing him, swung my leg over his head and lowered my pussy to his face, "Want my tongue baby? I held him deep in my mouth as I shoved my pussy hard into his face while my hips gyrated and my legs tightened around his head. They're either pros or sluts." He laughed, "Hell, some of the stories I hear coming out of these sororities initiations aren't about sucking cock through glory holes anymore, now it's licking the other girls pussies."


Join the Club Ch. 2

group PixieChick 2017-12-01

"Now honey," the vice president said as he stepped forward, his cock standing straight out and beginning to leak, "I know you want nothing more then to have someone finish off that hungry pussy of yours, but we have rules here, you see." He gave his cock a stroke as Miranda watched, her eyes feasting on the different cocks now exposed to her. She struggled then, but George leaned down and gave her cheek a little slap as he raised her arms over her head and said, "Behave or none of this for you," and brought his cock close enough to her mouth to allow her a quick lick of his balls.


s****r Sucks Best pt.9: Dp Finale!!

group 2017-12-01

"Ooooo, Tommy," Judy moaned as she wildly humped her hips. "Ooooo, God, Daddy," Judy gasped as she grabbed his prick. With Tommy finger-fucking her pussy, Judy pulled her father's Judy pulled her mouth off her father's cock and grabbed "Lemme get your ass ready," Dolores said as Judy writhed on "Oooo, Mommy," Judy gasped as she rode Tommy's prick. Judy screeched as her father's ass-splitting prick ripped Darin held her jerking ass and Tommy mangled her tits. While Tommy drilled his prick into her pussy, Darin eased his Darin drilled his prick in and out daughter's ass, his eyes Tommy plowed his cock into his s****r's pussy, the hot cream Tommy and Darin fed her quivering body their cocks.

Sam's Plan Ch. 02

group AoDes216 2017-12-01

Sam stifled a moan and rolled her eyes back, "I'm horny enough at the moment." She grabbed my cock and started stroking it, "You are too." She pulled away and tossed her skirt into her doorway, showing her blue panties as she skipped into my bedroom. Sabrina shortly exited Sammy's bedroom and planted her butt on a kitchen stool before asking, "What's for dinner Sam?" "Sammy, how long will it be?" Sabrina asked and turned her head towards Sam. Sabrina paused and looked at Sam for what seemed like a long time before asking, "Did you enjoy that?" Sam looked long and hard at Sabrina and told me, "Make her come, using only your tongue and when she does, push two fingers in her vagina until she stops."


s****rs by the pool

group aidan1995 2017-12-01

"I don't care, I need this cock" Danielle said, moaning and starting to bounce violently on my rod. "Oh fuck, fuck, I'm cumming!" Danielle said as she rubbed her clit and rode my cock hard. "Yeah, so let me off!" Danielle yelled as Hailey kept pushing her down deeper onto my cock. "Fuck you s*s," Hailey said evily as she f***ed Danielle deeper onto my cock. "Fuck he's cumming inside me!" Danielle said, but moaned at the same time as I filled her tight pussy. Exhausted, Danielle fell off of my cock, as my cum quickly started to drip out of her pussy. "Oh fuck you Danielle!" Hailey yelled but kept moaning as each spurt of cum oozed deep into her pussy.

Fancy Dress Suprise

group julesteve 2017-12-01

Andrea headed right over to us and as we made our way through the room I caught a couple guys checking me out, it was chilly outside and starting to rain so the short dash from the Taxi had left my nipples standing out against the thin fabric of my blouse and waist coat, perhaps it would not provide the cover I thought it would. Maria came over and joined Steve, Rachel and I, Mick was fixing drinks on the other side of the room with Andrea, there were several guys talking to Cindy, (a secretary from Mick's department) and several couples milling about


Stag Party

group SlutKathy 2017-12-01

Several men seemed to love to have me tit wank them until they shot their load over my neck and face, but most of them just took pleasure in fucking my holes or seeing how many cocks could be forced up my cunt and ass at once and in humiliating me. I told them my ass and cunt were on fire, so one of them said this will cool them down, and got out his cock and pissed all over me, everybody laughed and thought this was fun so several more took their turn pissing over my ass and cunt, onto my tits and face, and into my open mouth, making a large pool on the floor beneath me.

To the Days of Auld Lang Syne

group Jaded1 2017-12-01

John didn’t really believe Carl’s wife Jackie was going to let him out to play with the guys that night. No one wanted big brother on their ass on New Years Eve. John offered to cook up a meal of Buffalo wings before going out that night; a little something in the stomach before everyone started hammering down brewskis. Mike kept shouting back to Jackie ‘suck his cock baby make him cum.’ Jackie’s head kept bouncing up and down in Carl’s lap. Jackie stood up turning her back to John bending over and took Mike’s cock in her mouth. Jackie pushed Mike away and cried out ‘I’m cumming.’ John’s hands grabbed Jackie’s hips and pulled her down on his cock holding her there as he increased his tempo.

The House Guest

group HoserOmega 2017-12-01

Suzie took Joe's large cock into her mouth, slowly wrapping her tongue around his throbbing head. She let go of Joe's cock and instructed, " get behind me and fill my pussy." She turned and got on her hands and knees facing Max. She kept sucking away as Joe knelt behind her. Suzie took her mouth off Max's cock long enough to yell, "fuck my pussy as hard as you can, FUCKING HARD!!" Joe obliged and thrust as fast and deeply as he could. Suzie reached down with her free hand and played with her pussy and clit, adding to the pleasure she was receiving with the large cock thrusting deep into her tight asshole.

Pool Boy Ch. 43

group BigZeke13 2017-12-01

Olivia looked like an angel with her platinum blonde hair spread out on the bed around her beautiful face. Olivia's orgasm was much closer and in another minute she heaved up her torso and every ounce of air exploded from her lungs, "UUUNNGGGGAAAAHHHHHHH." Her eyes went wide as she sucked in a huge breath of air and it too was immediately expelled in force, "UUUNNNHHGGGGAHHH." Her fingers contorted and curled under. Then she looked up and she had a wicked little grin on her face as she started gyrating her hips around and up and down effectively renewing the fucking motion on my cock. Olivia's head was bobbing up and down on my cock when Alexis walked in and sat down on edge of the bed.


Saturday Night Sex Party

group azvalleyguy 2017-12-01

Mary began groaning and saying, “eat me, god don’t stop.” Tom was repeating her wishes, “eat her man, make her spill her juices into your mouth.” I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able last, my dick was rubbing against the bed while I was devouring her. I am dying to watch another man enter her.” Mary looked up and said, “oh please, I can’t wait to feel you inside me.” I told them I liked that thought, but didn’t know if I could do it this soon, or let alone even get hard again.


Cleveland Rocks! Ch. 01

group xaggothe 2017-12-01

“And, I don’t think its too early at all,” said Jodi as she buttoned her long green skirt around her waist. “But you’re not going anywhere right now,” said Jodi as she put on her watch and went back into the bathroom to comb her long black hair. “Yes,” said Jodi as she came back out to stand in front of Dan. “How do I look?” “Well, then you would just have to wait a little longer,” said Jodi, smiling and rubbing the front of her panties. Sorry.” Jodi walked over to Dan and stood in front of him, making sure that he saw just how wet her pussy was. Jodi naked on the bed with a fully clothes Stacey licking her pussy!

The Present Ch. 02

group Rickypillow 2017-12-01

As we eat our torchon I notice the action at few of the other tables...a woman sucking a waiters cock while her husband watches, a man fucking a waitress on the table while his wife licks and sucks on her nipples, two young girls blowing a very well hung waiter. I lift your blindfold and let you watch for a few while I rub your pink spanked ass, kissing your neck and slipping my fingers inside you. I slide the blindfold over your eyes and I lead you around the room allowing anyone to spank your fine ass or pinch your nipples or pull you hair. He is rock hard and puts his cock in your mouth and you start on him like a good little slave girl.


The Band Practice

group Malinov 2017-12-01

Stacey had only appeared for a moment in the doorway, but that quick flash of feminine presence had been enough to stop the entire band in its tracks. The swish of her loosely flowing skirt brought the clatter of moving instruments to a sudden eerie silence, like a breath held from the swing of disappearing hips in an extended pause. Stacey began to swing her hips promisingly and the rest of the guys took the opportunity to vocalize their parts in the classic stripper tune. "Wow, wow wow wow" said the drummer in rhythm with the bob of her red haired head as she began to play the sturdy instrument. Stacey played instrument and the band practiced on her.

Any Chance We Could Ch. 41

group Reindeer58 2017-12-01

I need selections today because I must order them by noon Monday to guarantee they'll be here when you return." The lists were being read when she continued, "Veronica, I have a good idea of what you want for the master suite but I want to run some ideas past you. All paint colors will be approved by Mary Claire and me." Hearing her name used in conjunction with a significant item of the remodel, Mary Claire brightly smiled as Veronica looked at me and asked, "Cindy for the Katrina's old bedroom?" As I looked out the door to the pool I heard two pair of feet going down the basement stairs, assuming that it was Keith and Max I went out the door and spied Dave at the furthest corner of the batter boards making some notes.


Poker Night

group rougechapeau 2017-12-01

And so on the first Friday of every month, John acted as dealer and bartender for Cassie and her girlfriends as they enjoyed their monthly poker night. Over the months that the ladies had enjoyed their First Friday ritual, John had come to know more about these women and he genuinely liked them. Cassie and Teresa walked arm in arm back into the dining room as John tried to adjust the budge in his pants so the ladies wouldn't notice when he joined them. John settled himself into the dealer position at the table as the ladies continued to discuss a second game.


Ultimate Football Championship Game Ch. 02

group erossmantic 2017-12-01

Brittany's zealous overconfidence during the game boldly dared Eric to wager the loser's submission to the winner for an entire week, including at work. "This is going to be fun owning you at office," Eric whispered into her ear as he enjoyed one more passionate post-game fuck in the shower Monday morning before he'd have to hurry back to his condo to change for work. Twice during the day, Eric whispered to her it was 'inspection time.' Brittany followed him to a back room where she quickly exposed herself to show she was not wearing any panties. "I'll let you leave those on." Eric admired her beautiful body again, as she stood before him wearing only her three-inch blue heels, her white thong and two nipple clamps.


My Gift From Missy

group PoeDali 2017-12-01

After dinner, we came back to our apartment for a while, then suddenly, Missy and Alex were leaving. About 20 minutes later, Missy called back, apologizing like crazy, and said she fell asleep at Alex's house after putting my presents together, and that I should come over there to get them. I got dressed first, and when I came out, Missy and Alex were engaged in a deep kiss on the couch, his hand up her shirt, her hands clenched tightly in his hair. Missy stroked Alex's cock with one hand, the other pulling his nipple rings and scratching his chest. I continued stroking as Missy released Alex's dick and started kissing up his stomach and chest.

Long Weekend Ch. 03

group suelove58 2017-12-01

"I don't know about you, Sue, but I think Joe's getting the best part of this deal," Lisa remarked, pulling her pert tit from his sucking mouth and getting to her knees. Lisa lifted her mouth from my pussy and I heard her say "Now you can fuck me, Joe, but make it good because I haven't cum yet!" "Oh, yes, I love it!" Joe groaned hotly, driving his hard cock deeper into Lisa's cunt and fucking her with an intense fury I don't think I had ever seen before, especially not from this angle. I moved my mouth from Joe's balls and placed the tip of my tongue against Lisa's dripping pussy, loving the taste of her juices as I lapped at it.


ships in dock and wife's horny, part 2

group dusty48180 2017-12-01

Peggy mentioned the ship tour and Cerome said we might, but he didn't know. Peggy got the k**s in the van and we headed to the dock. We knew we were on a homerun now and as soon as Cerome was coming down the ramp, Peggy said out loud..he is so small but so cute. Peggy filled Cerome in and then we let them know our plans for the day which included a party at a close friends house (one that has enjoyed peggy's pleasures in the past). after a lot of driving around it was around 3 in the afternoon when we were near the party, I called to see if we could bring anything. Robbie said why not bring some good shot material.