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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cross Country Road Trip Ch. 02

group fantac64 2017-12-01

That would spoil all the surprise." He leaned toward me to whisper, "Hell, I beat my cock to a pulp last night watching what you went through. Sex hadn't come up even once but we talked about the scenery and the history of the area, (Dale was very knowledgeable about that.) A couple of times we stopped to watch some antelope kick their way across the scrub covered hills of Wyoming, only to disappear over a small rise. We ate while Dale gave me some more history lessons, and June said she had to pee so she headed off to my right, watching for snakes the whole time. It was the first time I'd seen Dale's cock and June was right.

Fetish sex

group opusdragon 2017-12-01

The club manager spotted and called to her asking are you ready for my show. No she said her uncle will as he likes to test the cock before it is ready. My girl will be placed in a special sling with her gorgeous little cunt over my face but just out of reach. Once all is ready they will invite audience members to fuck her pussy one after the other every tenth cock she will be released and allowed to sit on my face and clean her out. She was strapped in and I was ready for round 2 I asked if her pussy was sore and she said no. A long story short, I extended my leave another 2 weeks.

Ellie's Work Night Away

group EnglishKane 2017-12-01

You watch them fuck to climax – think he is cumming, Hannah definitely is – and he then climbs off, big wet cock gleaming in the light of the hotel room, right near your face as he retrieves his flute from your bedside table. Hannah is filming the whole thing with her phone as he places his glass back on the bedside table and then climbs onto the bed, you staring, focusing on his hard cock the whole time. You are indeed inviting your fuck for the night to take you from behind and he doesn't waste any time pulling your bum upwards, pushing your head down, pausing to admire the view and wiping his wet cock tantalisingly against your waxed arsehole before finding his way down to your cunt and slipping inside to pound you again.

Sandy Ch. 08

group leBonhomme 2017-12-01

I'm going to kiss Viv somewhere else," I murmured and starting kissing Sandy, who immediately sucked my tongue in her mouth and suggested what she would do to my cock, circling it and sucking, and then finding the tip of mine with hers, both of us chuckling slightly at the idea that she was thinking about his little hole. They both snorted at seeing him standing out as Sandy dropped to her knees in front of me, smiling up at me and then turning and smiling at Vivienne, whose mouth was open, looking a little surprised as I took her hand, still looking at Sandy, who had reached out and found my balls, as though she couldn't take her eyes off what Sandy was doing, while I drew her closer.


The Violation of Lena Giovanni Ch. 1

group kiya4men 2017-12-01

"Goddamn she's tight!" she heard the guy exclaim, "This is gonna be some good ass shit!" She turned to see who it was & it was Rusty, he was naked from the waist down & his long cock was getting harder by the minute. Lena then felt Rusty's smooth hard cock starting to force it's way into her tiny pussy. "Put your dick back in her mouth man!" Scott said to Ty, "This bitch is going to scream like shit when I start fucking her ass." he laughed. At first she thought he was going to shove his big black dick into her little pussy but instead he squeezed the head of his shaft into her ass as he slowly pulled her back.


A Friendly Touch

group DdysAngelFace 2017-12-01

Tongue fuck me hard!" Kerry screamed out that she was coming and I rammed a finger in her ass, keeping a tight lip lock sucking her clit and my thumb was banging her little twat when she started gushing. "I say let's torture her pleasure for a bit." Laying on the bed next to Kerry I whispered in her ear how I wanted to see Frankie suck Carl's cock loudly, and she said, "Ohhhh yes what a wonderful thought." We knew this was going to be tricky, because both were straight as arrow, but I had seen Carl and Frankie watching each other when jacking off.


Radhika's Sexual Awakening

group The Archer 2017-12-01

As he listened to the lustful sound in my voice, and felt my hot flesh beneath my clothes, I could feel he was getting hot, I felt his tool growing large and hard, touching my legs, and instead of removing his hand he pulled me tighter to him. Samir looks at me for a minute and exclaims, what a sexy figure, then says that Dipak told us that you are wanting to get fucked by us. Dipak inserts his finger in my ass hole, moving in and out while jitu pulls my head toward his cock and force me to take his cock in my mouth.

Great Neighbors Ch. 04

group vrt123 2017-12-01

The sex over the last two days had left Jon very satisfied and for the first time in years he didn't look at internet porn and jerk off. Jon pulled Linda to him and hugged her for a very long time, finally saying, "The money is great, but having you home earlier every day is better than anything!" Jon was then expecting Linda to suck his dick again and give him the sensation that burned him with pleasure/pain, but Linda rose to her feet, jerking his cock, she pulled him to her and licked his face. John then admitted that for a couple of years he had jerked off to internet porn as many as four times a day while Linda was at work.



group Odink 2017-12-01

Her hands cupped my ass and she moved her mouth over the head of my cock. She came out of the shower, watched my tongue lashing of Judy's pussy and joined in. I sucked on Judy's hard nipples and Jenny laid down next to us and gently curled her hand around my cock mimicking a pussy. I slowly moved my hips to slide my cock in and out of her hands while I licked Judy's tits. Jenny reached over the Judy's shoulders and moved her pussy back and forth over my mouth and nose and moaned with pleasure. She used my cum to moisten my cock again and Jenny took some that had sprayed up to her arms and rubbed the juice on Judy's tits.


group Lovefreely1993 2017-12-01

"Well I was dropping my sisters off at school and was about to take my brothers home for the day when my tire went out," I said. "Since I got out of high school, my dad wanted me to go into his law business, but I really couldn't take all that paperwork, he still has my little sisters and brother to put it on though," he said. When the work day was done I went home; the girls only spent three hours a day at school so it was usually dad who picked them up, but I had Jared doing it instead. "Make sure the girls don't go flying out the door; Lily and Rose discovered their venom today so it's only a matter of time before one of them gets the fire," I said.



group Words2014 2017-12-01

Next thing I know I felt a warm mouth on the head of my cock and realized it was John. John had pulled his cock out of my mouth and moved behind patti. We been in the position for a few minutes so when John went behind Patti I once again felt his hands. Eventually my wife and I got into the lifestyle but she still doesn't know about John and Patti even though we all get together sometimes. Patti even found a perfect size softer strap on to enjoy my ass with when John wasn't around. After the first time I also had a rare opportunity to make love to Patti's ass.


Good Girl vs. Slut Ch. 09

group HiddenDevil_ 2017-12-01

Trisha was petite and slender, barely over five feet, and her cute smile, wavy brown hair, and innocent looks could have passed her off as the sweet girl next door any day. "Oooh...yeah...there you go..." Trisha's entire body shuddered in pleasure as her pussy finally got what it wanted – the hard dick pushing inside of her, stretching her and filling her needs. YES!" Trisha planted her hands back on the filthy toilet seat, pumping her petite body against George's dick, slamming her hips into a powerful collision with his, her hair and her tits flopping.


Ibiza Holiday Ch. 02

group RonClarkeson 2017-12-01

I had to drive the Limo today and Jennifer and Rebecca would still be showing the signs of what had happened the evening before. The other bedroom door opened and two naked women came into the room. "Michael you need to oil up let me do it." Said Shelley and I found my naked body being anointed with sun tan oil. "You want me to video you all of you in sexual acts and keep the men/women in control while your husbands fuck some poor whore." With no arrangement for tourist activities, I went to the pool, about ten o'clock and Amanda Shelley and Kelly were there, I was soon dragged in to applying suntan oils to their bodies.


Man in the Middle

group danielblue 2017-11-30

Although shoving your arse in another man's face seemed like the strangest thing in the world - I hadn't ever even kissed Cheryl there - wild horses could not have kept me from his tongue. I looked at Cheryl, who was just inches away from me, and she was lost in her own little world, teasing her nipples as Dave stroked that big rod up into her dripping snatch. Who would ever have guessed that big old macho man me was about to get my arse fucked by the biggest cock I've ever seen on a little guy. It was just amazing: Dave's big cock in my virgin ass, my own hand on my hard cock, and my tongue munching Cheryl's cum sodden beaver all combined to deliver the most intense sexual sensation that I had ever had.


Diary of a Menage a Trois-Saturday

group Tomcatfive 2017-11-30

Kitty pulls my bottoms down over my cock, holding it so Nikki can watch, as she strokes me slowly. She runs her hand over Kitty's hair and says, "I want him, baby." Then she pulls the halter top over her head, helps me slip out of the satin vest, walks to the bed, and pulls the covers down. She slides to the center of the smooth satin sheets, puts two pillows under her head, and one under her ass, and lies back, watching Kitty slurping down my cock. But Nikki, who is lying next to us, whispers to her, "Watch him baby, this is for you!" Kitty opens her eyes and smiles at me, and Nikki helps adjust the pillows under her head.


The Date

group mdgsparks 2017-11-30

Completely disorientated I have no idea which way I'm facing but I feel his finger tease my little brown hole. I stare at her, beautiful, blond hair, good shape and think to myself how I'd love to lick her pussy as that throbbing cock thrusts into her. I watch the woman chest and hands slamming against the wall; hear her moan of pleasure and excitement with every thrust. She took Dan's cock deep into her mouth and swallowed every drop save the few that left when he pulled out but even that small amount she scoops up hungrily from her chest with a finger. I felt his hips slam against me and his balls slap the other woman's lips every time he thrust the full length.

6 O'Clock Sex

group English Bob 2017-11-30

You see, Kelly wasn't the sharpest knife in the rack, but she made up for it in the looks department; long brown hair that fell in curls down her back, a great figure with large breasts that jiggled excitedly when she moved and a cute little ass. Working in this temperature, none of us wore much clothing, but Kelly being Kelly, only wore a pair of tiny bikini panties and these were now clearly visible under the wet overalls that stuck to her full body like a second skin. "Looks like I'm gonna need another hose down." Laughed Kelly as she began to look for her discarded panties and wet overall.

Betty Ch. 03: A Wild Threesome

group diamondph 2017-11-30

As Betty watched from inches away while licking her pussy, I began to finger Sue's arsehole and apply plenty of lube. As I looked over Sue's shoulder, I could see Betty's lower body writhing with the combination of the mouth on her pussy and fingers up her arse. I lay face down on the bed as Sue helped Betty to put on the monster twelve inch cock and both women used their fingers to apply lube to my arsehole. As Betty began to fuck me, Sue was licking and sucking my cock whilst enjoying the close up view of Betty going in and out of my arse. "Fuck the whore's face," she said to me and I obliged by grabbing Sue's head and thrusting my cock into her throat as Betty reamed her arse.

Inviting Her Best Friend

group thenotoriousgig 2017-11-30

As my hands worked over her back and stroked her hair gently, she let out little moans of anticipation, waiting for the time when either my mouth or my fingers moved over to her breasts or down into her moist welcoming pussy. My fingers worked her right breast as my other hands ran through her fluffed up bush and burrowed into her pussy, as it discovered her clitoris which stood erect and hard and became slippery as I focused my attention this spot. My girlfriend and her friend kissed each other as they clenched and held each other tightly as she piece by piece removed each item of clothing that her friend wore, until the both were on the bed next to me writhing in pleasure as they both worked on each others body.

an inturepted night with me and my man

group winky419 2017-11-30

Drinking and smoking but in comes our friend Nicole. Eddie slid my panties down as he was kissing my legs, butt and all over my lower body while Nicole rubbed my breasts and we kissed deeply. Eddie left to lock the door as Nicole pleasured me. He ate me as Nicole played with my breasts then sat on my face and I licked her. Eddie kept fucking me till he came inside me. Eddie just watched for a bit before Nicole started jerking him off as she licked me. Eddie moved up to my face and I took over sucking him off while Nicole kept licking and fingering me to multiple orgasms.

Simplicity (v2)

group coldsteel 2017-11-30

Pat pulled on them, first alternating and then together as Kat's pussy clamped down hard on his cock. Kat pushed the vibe close to Pat's balls, which started to pulsate cum deep into her cunt. Pat held her by shoulders, pulling Kat hard onto his still rigid prick until she stopped quivering. Kat had introduced them after breaking off her affair with Pat, and Terri had fallen hard for the amazing surgeon. Kat said,"We've known each other a long time, Terri. She had to introduce herself, since wasn't wearing a name tag-- she was as naked as Kat--took their information and handed Terri a map of the property and shiny brass keys on two plastic bracelets.


Sara on Spring Break Ch. 02

group Aaronnw 2017-11-30

"I told you I was going to be a good girl on this trip." Sara started grinning and continued, "I did give him a blowjob though, he looked so sad." Patsy laughed and gave her a hand slap. Bob started running after them, not to be outdone, as Sara looked on with Phil and Pete. Sara pulled Phil away and Bob and Tabby followed. She had never gotten into group action before; her threesome with Phil and Jack was the closest she ever came, but after watching Tabby's exhibition, she was too far gone to stop now. This time Phil approached Sara and Pete took Tabby. Sara reached for Phil's big cock and Tabby just opened wide and let Pete stick it in.


group __Lisa__ 2017-11-30

Sending a glance over her shoulder, I notice Lucas is standing with some of the other guys, tipping his beer bottle and taking a long drink as he listens to the conversation going on around him. It's as if he feels my gaze on him because his dark eyes shift to me and his lips form a smile around the mouth of the bottle. She lets out a laughing breath, the challenging look in her eyes making me forget all about Lucas for a moment. I remember being mesmerised by the scene and unable to look away, watching as Lucas smiled at me just before he dipped his head and took one of her nipples into his mouth.


Animal Instinct Ch. 02

group riverboy 2017-11-30

The boys walked in as a group, smiling and joking with each other as boys do, but the quiet of the big room and Mr. Black's serious expression silenced them and they stood off to the side of Mrs. Higgs, also looking unsure of the situation. "These experiments are confidential, Mrs. Higgs," Mr. Black said, and he gave her the quiet time she needed to gather her thoughts. "Mrs. Higgs, we're looking into instincts here, so would you please describe what you're feeling, with regard to those type of thoughts," Mr. Black said. That looks hot!" Number Three said, and he knelt beside her so she could work his long black cock with her hand.