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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Club Paradise Ch. 06

group dutchpantyraider 2017-11-30

Where Paul is asked to act as an extra, and the game in the Mirrored Room gets a little bit more kinky this time. The legs of the girls were gripped in strong hands and forced even wider than they already were, allowing the first men enough room to take position at the vagina's. I later found out Shaun was the tall guy standing next to me in the circle, with his rather thin but for sure 8-plus inches long cock standing proudly perpendicular from the mirrored wall. As Sheila stepped down from her fuck cock she came over to my position, smiled at herself in the mirror - smiled at me on the other side of the one-way mirror - and started stroking my member.


Napa Valley Wedding Trip

group ghammer88 2017-11-30

"He's a good kisser, it wasn't a bad time at all." Courtney bent down over the pool table again and I saw Jen looking at me in a curious way. I watched as they made out, and could hear a small moan escape from Jen. Courtney put one hand on her knee and started to rub her thigh as they kissed. She exhaled sharply and arched her neck as my fingers expertly found her nipples and pinched them slightly, then she bent back down to Jen. They resumed their kiss, Jen's hands wasting no time exploring Courtney's breasts. Courtney's fingers were rubbing Jen through her panties now I could see, while my hands explored her leg and slid up her shirt.


Sunday Breakfast

group Jay_Lloyd 2017-11-30

"Oh, by-the-way Rob, I don't want your payment in dollars baby," Dawn laughed out at him, before almost collapsing in shared giggles with Trista as his confused face turned red. As Trista continued working Rob's cock on her mouth, Dawn got back on the bed and sat on his broad chest. Trista had fresh love juice and the remnants of the earlier mixed pussy/cock cum all over her tongue, seeping back in her throat and spread on her lips and on her chin, forming a mass of beautiful, clinging, glistening jism. With a devilish flash in her green eyes, Dawn then knelt between Trist'a legs, licked her friend's hard clit and worked some fingers deep inside her pussy.


Bi-virgin No More Ch. 02

group fingers452 2017-11-30

At the same time, I reached over with my other hand and stroked Jerry's cock, which also sprang to life immediately. This went on for while (I lost track of time!) with our moans filling the air until Cynthia pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her sopping cunt. She crawled out from underneath and rolled off the bed while Jerry continue to fuck my ass. I want to feel your hot cum inside me when Jerry shoots his into you!” I did as I was told and lost no time in guiding my cock into her tight hole. As I collapsed onto her, I could feel Jerry's cock spasming in my tight hole.

In The Photo Shop

group Friskee_cpl 2017-11-30

The last thing I saw as I walked up the stairs was Sharon sitting on an old vinyl chair, with her halter neck pulled down exposing her tits, her dressed pulled up around her waist, her left hand down her knickers rubbing her pussy whilst pulling on Bruce's good sized cock. "I think that Bruce here has a few more goes in him this arvo." Sharon said and then began sucking on his cock some more. "Yeah baby." She said "Lick his cum out of my pussy." Jo was certainly enjoying it, she was really getting into sucking Sharon's cunt. "Let me suck that pussy now." Sharon said as she stood up off Jo, leaving Jo's face glistening with cum and cunt juice.


My Journey with Dana Ch. 04

group Olibauer 2017-11-30

As Shara arched her back and moaned, it became obvious that Tom had at least one finger inside her and I looked over to see Dana openly rubbing herself through her thong, and Pete pulling his trousers open to let his cock spring free. I wondered if Dana would notice and come over to join me but she wasn't paying attention, her eyes were fixed on the front of Shara's knickers as Tom's hand moved around inside them. Tom wasn't hurting Shara but he had moved one hand to her shoulder so he could pull back with more force as he thrust his hips. As Tom dropped her leg onto the bed and moved away from her, Dana got up and went to kneel by Shara's face.


The Day I Whored You Out

group seldomseen 2017-11-30

Knowing that he's going to want a wet cunt to stick his dick into, I lay on the floor, between your knees; you lower your pussy to my face. I pull my cock from your mouth; cum runs down your cheek, my friend wants more for his $100. he pulls out, keeping me inside you, you get on your knees; he grabs your head and rams his cock into your mouth. "Thanks" he says, "she was great, hope she's available next time I'm in town." He leaves, still laying on the floor, I come over to you, reaching down I rub my hand over your still wet pussy, grabbing a handful of juice I bring my fingers to your mouth, you suck the juice from each one.

Microkini Chronicles Ch. 04

group Sano 2017-11-30

Every few minutes one of them would look my way seeing me openly stroking my erection while watching them make love, obviously having no problem with it as he furiously finger fucked her shaved pussy, holding her legs down to afford me a better view. While I’d certainly never tried this before, I was so hot that I was game for almost anything and with a few small drops of pre-cum oozing from my cockhead, I somewhat hesitantly laid my cock against Dave’s and then pushed it inside of Tammi’s snug pussy. Her vaginal muscles tightened around our cocks as Dave came and the sensation caused me to cum almost immediately, semen streaming out of me and mixing together with Dave’s as we simultaneously ejaculated, filling Tammi to a point where our cum cocktail began to literally pour out of her and flood out around our balls.

Hot Tub Playtime

group teacherlady123 2017-11-30

I turn the hot tub jets on high and begin enjoying the water beating against my body. He climbs into the hot tub, and after watching the first friend for just a moment, begins mimicking his every move. I am in heaven with two mouths on my breasts, and I instinctively reach up and begin rubbing the second cock. As I'm enjoying my two new friends, I hear another person enter. Our first friend puts his hand under the water and takes over rubbing my clit. The second friend stands on the edge of the hot tub, pushing his rock hard cock into my mouth. I start stroking my two new friends as you watch, getting ready for round two.

My Coed Sex Slave

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-30

So, on Friday, I got home early after going in early so I would have time to get the place ready and Lori met me at the door naked and asked me to come to the bedroom to leave a nice, warm deposit of my semen inside her to carry around tonight as she served and entertained my friends. "I think it's time all of you guys got naked, come on," Lori said and she sat back down on the sofa, spread open and Troy, now naked, his cock trembling, knelt in front of her and pushed inside.

A threesome for Sophie

group BreastFriend99 2017-11-30

The simultaneous kisses and the wonder of feeling two erect cocks in her hands made her tummy tingle as her pussy began a slow pulsing clench that encouraged her love juices to flow freely. Alex softly lifted Sophie's head from his cock, bending down to lick and kiss her mouth before laying her back on the bed and positioning his face before her drenched pussy lips. Her moans of pleasure increased as Mark lifted her large breasts around his large very hot cock and slowly began to tit fuck her, squeezing her tits and caressing her nipple at the same time. Alex knelt in front of Sophie, his hands caressing her shoulders and squeezing her swaying tits as she began sucking on his cock and humped back against Marks now long slow deep thrusts.


group sexycharlene 2017-11-30

I felt something touch my back, just over the crack of my bum, and there was a pair of hands that went round my body after my breasts. Then I felt the other man move between my legs, and he pushed his cock between my pussy lips. I felt sooo sexy, with those two cocks inside of me, and the girl's tongue in my mouth... I moved my ass cheeks back and forth independently, and the cock in my pussy went hard as steel and then I felt his come spurt against my cervix. I don't know what it was, but it felt a little like the girl sucking my pussy but then harder.


The Origins of a Slut Ch. 00

group MistyHaze 2017-11-30

As my robe opened to reveal my heart pounding breasts, a shaky kind of feeling sweep over me and began taking control my senses. As he slowly spread my quivering legs apart, I heard him moan with delight at the sight of my naked exposure, and I felt my wet pussy open on its own accord. Pleasured cries of delight filled the room when my pussy burst forth a river of hot wet cooze all over my ass...and the already drenched sheets of our wedding bed! Pulling his sweat soaked body up to mine, he gently kissed away my wet tears of passion while whispering in my ear, "That's all you get tonight sweetheart.

Untill He Learns To Love It Ch.4

group Rust1 2017-11-30

Dominick was still hunched over when he, David, and I got over to the shower and I turned it on waited for the water to warm then shed my clothes and stepped in, he was still angry and nervous with the two of us there but that wasn’t going to just change with a shower, “this has gotta come off” David said tugging at Dominick’s shirt then pulled it right off of him and tossed it on the ground a lot of flakey dried cum fell off of Dominick when his shirt came off but there was still so much more still left, “where is it hurting?” I asked pulling his naked body into the shower with me; I wasn’t a doctor but soothing mild muscle pain didn’t seem too complicated, ”here” Dominick said waving his hand around his lower back, I started massaging his back as the warm water hit his back I admit it turned me on a bit

The Coach's Tradition - PART 5! Finally!

group Mark_Danson 2017-11-30

I could feel a hard-on beginning to form in my pants and I said "Fuck you guys, get the hell out of my room" "Fucking suck my cock coach, you're so fucking good" I said to him "Yeah fucking take it deep like the little bitch pig that you are" I stroked my cock a few final times and blew my load all over the Coaches face. "I'm going to fucking cum mark" he said to me "Fucking stroke it like that yeah, ohhhh fuck yeah, oh fuck, ahhh fuck shit yeahhhhh" and he blew his load all over his hairy chest, some of it landed on my back, as I was still sitting on his chest.

The New Neighbors Ch. 02

group walterio 2017-11-30

The sensation in Monique's ass felt as if the anal beads were still in her but she knew that Sherry had pulled them out of her nether hole. Monique came hard and her body thrashed all about as Vince continued to spurt into her and Sherry doused her face with female juices. Sherry returned to the bed with a double dildo in her hand and she pushed one end into Monique's pussy. Sherry and Vince got off the bed and watched as Monique grabbed the other end of the dildo and fucked her herself. Once again Sherry joined Monique in the bed and turned her to the side and slid the other end of the dildo into her own pussy.


Caught By Our Son - Chapter 4

group biguy52x 2017-11-30

I told him no in fact we have had only two others in our 25+ years of marriage your Uncle and the best man at our wedding. Mom laughed as he pulled out his cock. She had him lay down and started sucking his old cock as I fucked her. We were in the bedroom and I told your mom I was going in to talk with him again. As I was on my knees sucking his cock your mother walks in and I thought oh shit. Instead she pulled off robe and said when you guys quit fucking around maybe you can use those cocks for something useful. I told him we were pretty open and would welcome him into the bedroom.

My Four Sons Best Week Ever

group mspiggy545 2017-11-30

Two weeks ago my husband Kevin went on a business trip to San Fransisco. Their names were Daniel (oldest), Alex (2nd oldest), Brady (3rd oldest), and finally Harry (youngest). Well, the first night after Kevin left, I heard noises. It sounded like shuffling footsteps right outside my bedroom door. Iasked my sons if they had heard anything upstairs last night but they all shook their heads and stared down at their plates with a guilty look on their faces. My four sons shuffled into the bedroom. Daniel grabbed my pajamas and pulled them off so I was completely exposed, tits and all. The three oldest ones started rubbing me while Ron watched from the door with a scared face.

Hell of a MMF

group scmale2000 2017-11-30

Anyway, we made out a little and then he pulled away and told Carol to kiss me while he went to get a beer. I fucked Carol and we took turns sucking Frank until he said he was getting close. I didn't know it then but Carol fucks him with a strap-on (and I want to try that with them next time), so we were quickly fucking away. Frank's lubed fingers slowly explored my asshole and I had to pull my mouth away to say how good it felt. I was soon moaning and, after sucking and fucking for hours, shot a HUGE amount of cum into the air and passed my own nipples.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Ch. 04

group hotjavaguy 2017-11-30

The amazing sensation of having Jennifer moan as she sucks my cock obviously in response to Heathers work on her pussy, it is all I can do not to explode as the shivers of electric pleasure sizzle up my spine. The smell of sex in the room, the sounds of two women pleasuring each other, some where along the line a cock ring being put over my ravaged cock to keep me from ejaculating and the sensation of the largest object ever to fuck my ass are all part of these delicious memories that bring precum to the tip my raging hard on just remembering that moment.

The Circle Ch. 01

group SteveWallace 2017-11-30

I still love the constellation concept, but I wanted a higher goal, so I'm toying with 'Love and care for a circle of family and friends.' I like the word 'circle' because it implies enclosure and completeness. "I'd be overjoyed," Bob said, " but I suppose I'd be adequately satisfied when half my constellation is full, or maybe that there are nine people whom I love and care for in some significant way. Bob explained about goal setting, and Jim's quest for Sheila Parkinson's pussy. Bob said, "Ah, but you must believe in yourself and in your capabilities to overcome any challenge or adversity that stands in your way of accomplishing your goals." He stood and thumped his chest, "THAT is one of the key factors of success, happiness, and satisfaction with life.


Hot and Sweet Ch. 14

group errant_dreamer 2017-11-30

Dana turned around in my lap and began moving against me, sliding my cock up and down the crack of her tight little ass. "Don't stay too late," Dana said, "I don't want to wait any longer than I have to for you to fill my little pussy with your great big cock!" She took my cock in her hand, stroked it twice and then began rubbing it across her sister's wet little pussy. Once it was adequately lubricated with her sister's pussy juice, she said, "Take my boyfriend's big cock in her little pussy, Dana. She guided my cock into herself and said, "Dana, would you lick my clit and Jim's balls while I fuck him?" Dana accommodated her sister's request and it wasn't long before Jana was cumming.

Friends Swing for the First Time

group DevlinOO11 2017-11-30

Well all us guys were just sitting around on the patio drinking a couple a beers while the girls were in the living room drinking wine and watch a program on television. He just quiet for a moment then he goes," I know that this might sound somewhat strange but Katie was asking me if I ever thought about having sex with anyone else but her?" Following Friday came and like the usual routine we met up over at Jerry and Katie, the kids were at Ron's playing videos. After a few awkward minutes of just standing there Mandy goes " any of your guys have ever thought about - you know like swinging or something?"


Pam's March Madness

group kcamal 2017-11-30

Mick tilted Pam's head so he could get his entire cock in her mouth and fuck her face while he played with her nipples which by now were beet red and hard as rocks.She started to concentrate on the fat dick being shoved down her throat as I watched Claudio's purposely teasing my wife's now open love tunnel with the huge head of his cock. My wife's eyes bulged as she choked and jumped causing her to slid down just as Claudio grunted and lunged forward shoving his large cock head balls deep into her open cunt. Dwane grabbed my wife by the hair and pushed the whole head of his cock into her mouth and said "suck it, you white cunt".