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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 13

group R_U_Romantic 2017-11-30

"Larry I know very little about human resources and the knowledge I was able to gain the past few days is most likely rudimentary compared to three men who have worked in the field for a long time." Ian and Frank sat back in their chairs with wide smiles on their lips but Larry looked a bit confused as I took a second sip from my cocktail. Up front, Larry turned in the passenger seat and watched as I stroked Frank's rock hard cock. I moved slowly and very seductively down each step until I reached the last one where I stopped smiling first at Frank, then looking toward Larry and finally Ian who continued stroking his rock hard cock.


Emily and Jo Ch. 03

group JELB_42 2017-11-30

The guy couldn't believe this, two very sexy girls invited him to there room after he just witnessed one of them cumming. Jo laid down and spread her legs so Emily could eat the guy's cum out of her pussy. He moved in behind Emily and started to push his cock into her pussy. Until she came one after another with shuddering delight, he pounded into her a couple more times then he pulled out shooting his load all over the Emily and Jo. They tried catching it in their mouths they got a couple shots but most of it went on their tits and face.

Hot Teens in a Cool Climate

group EllenBerryhill 2017-11-30

Anyway, back to my plan to lose my virginity, I wanted my first time going all the way to be with a sweet, caring boy, but one whom I wouldn't be able to see during the year. Claude played with my small firm tits and I bobbed on his cock taking it into my throat until he was in my mouth all the way with his balls against my chin and my nose on his tummy. I know you think I'm making the moves on you too fast so I suggest our first date be in the daytime so you won't be worried that I just want to get in your pants."


After Hours Alicia Ch. 16

group NewAgeErotica 2017-11-30

On the dirty television screen, she watched Tommy and Mark talk with Ian and Rex who had just got there when Greg finished with her. You want Ian to fuck your little pussy?" Tommy spat. "Yeah, bitch, that's right, everybody is going to see me fuck your pussy raw," Ian said. "Babe, how's it feel to be filmed fucking my friends?" Tommy asked, pointing the lens directly at her face. Tommy pushed two fingers inside of Alicia's wet pussy. Alicia saw Ian and Rex on her left and Mark on her right. After a quick push, Tommy's hand was now completely inside of Alicia's sopping wet snatch. Rex pointed the camera at Alicia's pussy, which was now invaded by Tommy's entire right hand.


Cum Party

group 15inches 2017-11-30

Once we were on the dance floor the 3 girls got wild, grabbing my ass and Sam started to pull and pinch on Carrie's inch long nipples. "That's it Sam, suck my huge balls and lick her cum of my dick while I fuck her," I said. After I sucked on Carrie's big tits and huge inch long nipples, I instructed her to sit on my face. Then I asked Tanya to help guide my huge cock inside Sam's tight pussy and to help her slam herself down on it. Carrie's cum oozed out of her snatch and covered Sam's face when I pulled my huge cock out, leaving her swollen pussy lips gaping open.

Out With The Old, In...

group delectable30 2017-11-30

Howie's eyes widened in horror at the sight of Cassie as did Kevin's at the sight of Meg." Cassie!"she bounced from her spot in the booth and wrapped her arms around her. She swung the door open to find two very stunned gentlemen." Cassie?" Howie's eyes widened as did Kevin's." You both act like you've never seen me this way before," she responded innocently." I heard another voice in here too. The taste of Howie still lingered upon Meg's lips as Kevin's thrusts violently jerked her attention toward him once again. As the new year approached, their unrelentless pursuit of pleasure continued well into the new year as Kevin and Meg sat in the front room nuzzling to the sounds of Dick Clark's New Year's Eve show as Cassie's vocals rang throughout the house.

Adult theaters

group jcomerford 2017-11-30

After my wife was real comfortable going to adult theaters she asked me if I was okay with her sitting alone after we got in I said yes she was kinda happy about that situation. Before she even had a chance to sit down they were a few men following her men so they gather around her I knew she was going to be in for a real good time. When they all went to the balcony I followed them up my wife is on her back her legs spread is widely get him one man was fucking her about a dozen or so waiting in line to have their turn she stayed that way for a couple hours I sit out a way so not to disturb anything these guys not you just a whore looking to get fucked which is what she was anyway.

Remember When Ch. 02

group PaulStevens 2017-11-30

"Did I know about Missy?" Katy asked, "Brandon, Mel and I have been together for seventeen years, you didn't think in all that time I didn't find out about her little secret?" Brandon just stared stunned and Ashley giggled a bit. Then directing her attention to the others he said, "Missy, I'd like you to meet my wife Ashley and Mel's wife Katy, girls this is Missy." They acknowledged each other and Brandon asked, "Now who am I Missy?" "Yes Master." Missy said without hesitation and got up and proceeded to give a long striptease while giving Ashley and Katy a lap dance each in the process. Despite her promise Katy was a little upset at Mel and Brandon for not revealing the nature of Missy.

Gang Banged By Members Of The Football Team

group 2017-11-30

"Jordan you're mouth is great for fucking, get ready for a huge load slut." Ryan said as he blew his load, filling my mouth with his warm cum. "Normally I would pull out, but I can tell you really love getting filled slut." Nick said on the verge of cumming. "Whatever you want, here it comes slut!" Nick yelled as he shoved his cock right up to my cervix and exploded, flooding my already filled womb. "Now remember slut, we own you now, so we'll be fucking you a lot, and recording every second, as I know sluts like you love being recorded." Jim said, as they left me alone to clean up, which I did and then I slowly made my way back home.

It's My Life: Seven

group RebeccaBrowning 2017-11-30

"Careful big boy," Randi said as she reached over with her hand and brushed the damp spot, which happened to be directly over my left breast. "See where the hair stops?" Randi asked Mike, and he started laughing like a hyena, as if they were sharing a private joke. I heard cackling and yelling down at the foot of the bed while I came, and when I looked down at my elevated lower torso, Randi pulled her stump out of me, and my pussy became Old Faithful, with fluids squirting out of me like a fountain. "I love you at times like these," Mike said, and I thought that was a nice thing for him to say, but then again I was stoned.


Secret Chili Recipe

group Winemaker 2017-11-30

"You need to be able to rub in the aloe everywhere, and the suit is in the way." The brunette asked me to please hurry, as she was still waiting her turn. And, actually, it's kind of a turn-on, too." I said that I'd be happy to oblige them, but as I reached for the aloe bottle, the redhead said, "But you have to take off your clothes, too." I wasn't going to argue with that suggestion, so pulled off my T-shirt and jeans, and moved closer to apply the lotion. They were a bit surprised at my orgasm, but laughed, and rubbed my cum into their skin, just like the aloe cream.


Warming up Debby

group NiceGuyJoey93 2017-11-30

I continue to thrust deep inside Debby when Susan slowly comes over to the bed and plants a deep kiss on Debby which immediately stuns her as her eyes open. Susan then takes a palm full of the lube, strokes Nicks cock and then another handful and slowly plays with Debby's ass. Susan: " Don't worry Dee it takes a minute or so to get used to it but ohh is it good!" As Susan gets Debby's hole nice and ready, Nick is stroking his hard cock and I'm so close to cumming as Debby's pussy clenches with the movement of Susan's fingers in her ass.

Shanghai Surprise

group PenStand 2017-11-30

Sarah, who had agreed excitedly to the plan arrived first on the chosen evening and looked very sexy with a short skirt showing off her small round ass and a tight jumper, showing that her tits were just beginning to develop. As Dave gave Natalie what she loves her shouts of joy and the noise of her slurping cunt got louder and louder, my cock got even bigger inside Sarah who came very loudly. Later we swapped places and Dave spent the night finally screwing the ass off Sarah while I enjoyed my hot wife, who admitted that the combination of seeing me shag her sister and having Dave's big cock in her from the back was the best sex she had ever had.

Anniversary Adventure

group fourthmonth 2017-11-30

Usually I take this moment to slide up and push my hot cock into you, feeling your velvet walls form around it and suck it inside. Your mouth is warm on my shaft, your tongue dances along the head of my cock, twisting circles like a gymnast turning cartwheels. "God...OH FUCKING GOD!" I try to pull away, but you latch down and suck my cock all the way into your mouth. It feels like I've got an entire plum in my mouth, but I slowly relax and start moving my head like you moved yours on my cock. He feels it too, because right then he starts sliding his cock in and out, two, three inches at a time.


Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 14

group SteveWallace 2017-11-30

Melanie blurted out, "Carter asked me out, but he doesn't know I'm living with you, Cindy, and Elsa." All that on a pint sized girl wearing five-inch fuck-me heels and with long brunette tresses and a sultry expression that signaled, 'I want to get laid tonight.' Melanie's sumptuous breast line made whole ensemble highly sexy. I happened to be dancing with Melanie at the time, and she'd left herself little margin for error in the dress in either the ass or pussy department. She moved Mel into her place, and then held Carter's cock as she led it to the gaping hole I'd left in Melanie's pussy. As Cindy ate her new sister's pussy, she reached over and started to toy with Carter's half-hard cock.


Hell No, We're Not Cops

group Bazzza 2017-11-30

We just want a bit of grass to help us party." Cara reached over, took my hand in hers and gave a cheeky little grin, "He likes it because it helps turn me on if you know what I mean." She looked me in the eye as she wiped her mouth with her hand and then turned away leaving me in full splendour of a grinning Bobby and Horse. Horse quickly knelt on the floor between Cara's spread thighs, I watched as she moved her buttocks closer to the edge to give his cock better access to her pussy. Horse rolled onto his hands and knees, Cara parted her thighs as he moved over her, reaching down she guided his cock into her.


Memories of a Holiday Slut Ch. 03

group SimonSays1 2017-11-30

Their hands moved across my back, then up onto my shoulders and neck, then downwards to my waist, then confidently across the top of my ass and onto my cheeks where they lay exposed by my bikini, and then finally back up the sides of my body, their fingertips playing lightly across the outside of my breasts. I thought they would stay in the sea a bit longer, but as soon as sat back down I saw Tom heading my way, Matt a few seconds behind him. I tried to read, but my mind kept wandering back to Pete and Tony, then forward to Matt and Tom. I found my hands easing my towel apart, then drifting down over my body, over my breasts and belly, then lower onto my mound.


Me and Three Cocks

group Wildslut1987 2017-11-30

Once I'm inside you, you'll feel so good that you wouldn't notice ten guys in the room," Rick said. While Andy and Michael sat on the floor, Rick pulled off my panties and began to lick me. Andy's cock was bigger, but Rick's cum helped lube up the situation so that he slid in with no problem. Andy was ramming away at my pussy, I was sucking Michael as if my life depended on it, and Rick was easing his pussy-wet cock into Michael's ass. Do her like a dirty whore!" Rick directed at Andy as he began thrusting into Michael's ass faster and faster. Andy rolled onto his back and I began riding him while Michael lubed up his cock with lotion Rick gave him.

Soccer World Cup 2010

group Hotrod84001 2017-11-30

We went to a pub one night and got chatting to a few guys that came to watch some of the matches. I put my hands in between her legs she was WET cause she new what she had did and knew they where looking and that was a turn on. The match was almost over I was sitting with the guys chatting as it wasn't an interesting game nobody was actually watching. soon we were all naked and having turns with her, until we joined forces on her she had one in her pleasure spot on in the back door one in the mouth and one in each hand.


Friendly Neighbors

group Masakarius 2017-11-30

Kim continued rubbing Gwen's panty-clad pussy as she took one of Gwen's nipples into her mouth. Kim switched nipples, and Gwen plunged her hand, along with Kim's into her panties where they circled her clit. She removed her hand from Gwen's pussy and straddled one of her legs. Gwen kept her hand busy on her clit while Kim ground her own pussy into Gwen's leg. Kim continued to kiss and lick Gwen's pussy. I pounded in an out of her Gwen's pussy while Kim below licked and bit at her hard clit. Occasionally, Kim would stop her licking of Gwen to kiss and suck my testicles into her mouth. Gwen and I kissed deeply and I could taste Kim's love juices all over her face.

Wrong Club, but what a night.

group wetchin54 2017-11-30

A guy from behind grabbed my hair pulled back hard and nipple clamps were attached to my nipples. My ass cheeks were being repeatedly slapped by many different hands, the sting, burn and expectation of what might be coming brought me to a wonderfully strong orgasm. One hand grabbed my hair, the other slapped my ass, and his cock jack hammered my pussy. I was dragged up, Hand cuffs placed on my wrist, a hook and chain attached to them, and I felt myself being pulled toward the ceiling. A guy lie on the floor, his huge cock pointing straight up, I was lowered onto it and he started bucking up into my pelvis like a machine.

A Walk in the Forest

group cknthisout 2017-11-30

When she got to where Jack was seated she reached out and let him help her up on the rock as well as get a good look at her tits and her nicely trimmed pussy. She said that there was something about this group that told her that this was the chance for her to get fucked by a variety of dicks and have her pussy eaten by multiple men while I watched. Tom then stood up and she took his engorged member into her mouth and began to lick an suck it with an eagerness that I hadn't seen in a long time.


Ann: A Love Story Ch. 64

group mimaster 2017-11-30

Ann had wanted me to wear my white gym shorts for a reason, and while I was sure she had no idea that Penny and Garrett would be there, she didn't seem to care that I would be showing off my growing cock in front of them. Penny let out a little giggle, and as I got down into the water, she said, "I think Neil's as excited as you are about seeing Ann in that cute little bikini, Garrett. Ann looked across the water at Penny sitting on the other side of the tub, and said, "Excuse me?" Penny smirked again and said, "I was thinking more about where it counts," her eyes shifting towards the water and my crotch, not that she could see through the foam, or Ann's body.


My Girlfriend's Surprise Threesome

group flh88 2017-11-30

The build up, the tension, the urgency when you kissed on the stairs, the way you pulled on each others clothes to get to the flesh underneath, the hardness of cock in your mouth, the wetness of your pussy and the feeling of his cum hitting your chest....... Between the thought of being set upon by two guys and the feelings they are both causing you to experience - the shooting sensations from your pussy, your arse to your nipples your orgasm begins to build again. It is all too much and once gain your legs stiffen and rise from the floor, your pussy begins to spasm and your arse contracts even tighter around the guys fingers.