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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My First Bi Threesome

group Thor2 2017-11-30

OK, so she gets turned on by watching, I am going to give her a "really big show." I positioned myself so she had a clear view of what I was going to do and as soon as I slowly put my hand on his cock, she started moaning. Another moan from her when, while I am slowly sucking this beautiful cock, I place my left hand on her leg. I went straight down on his very hard cock and I let him know I wanted him to cum. I slowed my pace down and knowing how good it feels to stay in a warm place (pussy or mouth) after you cum, just let him rest in there and gently but firmly sucked out all that he had.

Heather Rules Ch. 13

group mgablea 2017-11-30

Heather stops at the door and give Jason a hard passionate kiss, a prelude of things to come and waves a final goodbye. Indeed, far too soon for me, the familiar feelings come over me and my balls under Jeannie's shoe beginning pumping my cream out the end of my cock head. Now a few short days later, Heather is a hooker, harlot, whore and me, me, I am a cum eating submissive who enjoys having his cock and balls tortured and abused, not to mention that a certain brand of ladies white canvas shoe turns me on. Heather turns and presents her ass to her suitor; spreading her cheeks open so he gets a clear look at what his cock has done to her anus.


Uncovered Desires

group Dakota Ryan 2017-11-30

Paula and Frank moved close to them, Kelly slipped off Eric's cock and moved her pussy up to his eager mouth. He looked to see Eric sucking his cock like a mad man, the feeling of a mans mouth was different, some how it excited him beyond the sight of his wife's sexual exploits with Paula. Frank groaned loudly as his cock entered him, the look on Eric's face was strange to Paula, he was so excited that he was lost to the fact that his wife was watching him fuck a man! Paula took the key and moved in front of him, he pulled his cock out and she leaned down taking it into her hot mouth sucking until she had gobbled down every drop of his cum.

The Violation Of Lena Final Chapter

group kiya4men 2017-11-30

Rusty turned the plug so that her pussy was exposed & jammed his dick into her dripping wet cunt & pumped hard. She waited in the car as Rusty told the cops about his "business" & paid them to inform other cops to "look the other way" when it came to any issues concerning Lena's address. Lena felt her cherry slowly pop & tear as Alan's thick, long cock forced it's way into her tiny pussy hole. Finally, he backed out all the way & rammed his throbbing shaft hard & deep into Lena's new virgin pussy, slashing away any leftover resistance it had. But then he pressed hard & soon his massive dick was powerfully inching it's way into Lena's asshole as she writhed in pain.

Hot Babe Romi Ch. 04

group MONALISALEE 2017-11-30

From the bar Tim watched as they got a table and were just chatting Romi looked so good while she kept laughing at whatever Steve kept saying to her. Then Tim said it "Do you think you might want to ask Gary (the name of the client) to go back up to the room?" Romi just looked at him like you can't be serious. Gary slowly reached a hand out and touched her tit Romi jumped a little but then moaned and kept her eyes closed. As Gary moved into position Romi opened her eyes and looked at Tim and said "Are you sure this is what you want to see? After a few minutes Steve and Gary got dressed said their goodbyes and kissed Romi as they left.


The Tall Man Cometh Ch. 3

group leftenant_yankee 2017-11-30

Cami then stopped the hand-job altogether as she started moaning through another orgasm, courtesy of Andrea. Andrea then moved onto the bed and started kissing her way up Cami's body, from her calves all the way up her legs and back and to her face. The girls both ignored me for a moment while they kissed, but then Cami started stroking my cock again. Cami started stroking the base slowly, so as not to move it while Andrea was doing her thing to the head. Then Cami moved her face in towards my prick as well, and both girls were giving me head, both licking and kissing. "Cami's getting close," Andrea said and moved towards the other girl.

Fantasies Fulfilled Ch. 3

group silvertongued69 2017-11-30

Reaching back, I ran my hand through Linda’s hair, pulling her up so I could kiss her and taste Julie on her lips and tongue. She paused for a second when she realized another woman had been making love to her, then the passion of the moment took over and she began to feast upon Linda as Linda began to play with Julie's pussy, dipping her fingers in then slowly licking the juices off. Tiny Julie, barely 5' with her small breasts and almost little girl body, a thin patch of light brown fuzz above her pussy, and Linda, almost a head taller with dark hair and a figure like a Playboy Bunny, pleasuring each other.

Crystals Big Mistake

group Andi_200621 2017-11-30

I felt like something was wrong with me but at the same time, I knew my ultimate fantasy would come true, thousands of men, taking my body, planting their seed and they would all concentrate on me. After all the men had left their last seed in my ass, and pussy, a butt plus was inserted in each hole to ensure I could not make the cum drain out, they left me like that for 18 hours suspended and plugged, while they took turns face fucking me and shoving 12 to 18 inch cocks down my throat, making me black out from lack of oxygen.

Mid-Life Crisis Ch. 01

group Saxman 2017-11-30

Well about 2 years ago one of one of my co-workers, Jessie, whom I considered a pretty good friend asked me if I had ever thought about swinging. Brenda said she didn't know anything about him, but he had to be attractive to have a wife like Jessie. Paul has actually taken out his cock, and Tom is getting slow and sensuous blow job from Jessie. I watched Brenda stick her tongue out and just tasted the head of Paul's cock and lick a little of the pre-cum from the slit.

V - Marcus & Patty - The Hot Tub

group shakenmartini55 2017-11-30

Then she gave Marcus's impressive cock a quick squeeze as she said, "Looks like everybody's been getting to know each other better. Patty floated across the tub and looked right at Sonia's pussy and said, "I've never seen a piercing like that this close up. Marcus pushed himself toward Patty and moved between Sonia's legs so he could see her pussy. Patty hesitated a second and then reached forward, lightly touching Sonia's pussy as she grasped the ring with her fingers. Patty got comfortable playing with the jewelry and started moving the ring in circles like Sonia had done. Patty pulled her head away, looked into Sonia's eyes said, "I'm glad you enjoy my tongue.

The Director's Wife

group archilochus 2017-11-30

Dave went to work, spreading and rubbing Susan's upper back and neck and shoulders and arms up to the elbows. But two days later, after Dave and I and the hired man had been working in the woods trimming and clearing and came back at five soaked with sweat, Susan took us to the pond again, with Tom's blessing. She looked around as she said it, with open eyes, right at Dave's swollen, purple cock, then quickly turned away. Dave later told me that Susan was asking him never to say anything to Tom about the bikini or skinny-dipping or anything that might make her husband (and our boss) jealous or suspicious.


The Impressionist Ch. 03

group jim313 2017-11-30

He could only imagine its size when hard so he asked if Camille could show him what it looks like when fully erect and, without hesitation, she reached out and ran her fingers over his balls and thick penis and Francois’ cock started to grow before our eyes. JC covered the beautiful cockhead with his lips and started nursing on it just as Camille was doing to him and suddenly, without warning, a wonderful feeling washed over him and his penis exploded and began filling Camille’s mouth with hot cum in one spurt after another until his spasms ended. When he let the beautiful penis slip from between his lips and lifted his head, he saw Francois withdrawing his cock from Thomas and turned to see that it was Jean-Paul who had just cum in his ass.


I've Got Your Number

group Slutterfly 2017-11-30

Now she was stuck in a hotel room far from campus and neither Alexis, Kim, nor Shawna would let her anywhere near the door and things had already progressed way too far. Jenny liked to suck her partner's balls when she was giving head, but when she tried she realized too late the strap-on was a dildo only, and her tongue landed squarely on Kim's pussy instead. As Kim penetrated Jenny, Alexis and Shawna each took a breast, licking and sucking her sensitive nipples. As Kim lifted her up and down, fucking Jenny's ass for only the second time ever, Alexis climbed on top, while Shawna stood above Jenny and fed her her strap-on.

It's Just Sex Ch. 03

group showbizcard1 2017-11-30

Moments later, Erika joined them and the clothing began to come off and soon Dan and I were watching three beautiful naked women kiss and rub each other's body. Neither woman had touched her yet, but then Erika slowly began to place little nibbles on Allison's inner thighs and then gave a long lick on the crease between her legs and pussy lips. At the same time, Erika began to work on Allison's pussy in earnest, her head moving up and down as she licked between the folds of her pussy lips; pulling them apart and shoving her tongue deeper and deeper.


Miss Julie Ch. 5

group jack_straw 2017-11-30

Some were close-ups showing her face in lustful ecstasy, with her mouth disgustingly full of men’s hard erections, others were close-ups of her very wet crotch being stuffed front and back with a variety of men’s penises and there were several of her having sex with women, including a couple of a woman putting a long rubber penis in her ass. Damn straight, she thought determinedly, there’s a new Julie coming to town, and all the women in Dallas had better keep a close rein on their men, because she was out to make up for all the sex and fun that she had missed along the way. But all Julie saw was a statuesque beauty with large tits, a wide ass, looks that could kill, long brown hair that cascaded in ringlets to the middle of her back, dressed in white thigh-high stockings and high heels.


New Neighbor (cuckold)

group Mrbigdick2014 2017-11-30

As Brendan pulled his Black Shelby into one of the open spots at his complex and right next to a silver Liberty Jeep, he noticed that there was a somewhat tall dark haired lady speaking with a casually dressed man. “No, I thought that we might face time it so I could prime you a little bit,” was her response as she walked closer to the bed where Brendan was lying. She looked at Jeff and said, “Watch this you little shit.” As she turned the phone and opened her mouth, cum was spewing out Brendan’s cock that had been stored for more than a year.

Spring Awakening

group rogtom_69 2017-11-30

“What I wouldn’t give for a woman to come in here right now feeling as horny as I am.” His hand worked faster stroking his cock so hard it was making a wet kissing noise in time with the strokes. Peggy felt his newly hardened cock thrusting into the valley between her legs and she gasped slightly as his thick knob pushed into her wet pussy, sliding in deeper and deeper as he pressed against her. Her pussy reacted with a flood of cum of her own, sucking rhythmically, clinging tightly to his pulsing hot cock while it emptied its load so deep inside her she felt the heat in her belly.


A Couple's New Playmate

group Scotch_Drinker 2017-11-30

In the elevator on the way up to their room Nancy couldn't help noticing that Jeff was struggling to keep his eyes off Natalie's cleavage. As he sat there looking at both women showing off their stocking-clad legs, Jeff couldn't help letting his hand start to stroke himself. At the same time Nancy shuddered with excitement as she felt Natalie's free hand tracing its way up her stockings and slid around to her front. Natalie needed no further encouragement and started to suck while Nancy continued stoking and kissing Jeff's balls. Natalie moved herself to straddle Jeff's legs, then reached round to caress Nancy's breasts with one hand and stroke her clit with the other.

First Groupsex

group xxxshacoxxx 2017-11-30

We'd drank a little over two of those before Paul and Amber started making out on the mat right beside Mark and I, leaving us to talk as best we could. The right thing to do as a buddy would have been for us to leave them to it, but I was feeling a little jealous that Paul was getting with this girl, not me, so I decided to be spiteful and stick around to put a crimp on their fun. I was so tempted to stroke myself off, but I seriously wanted to get into Amber after seeing Paul pin her, and I was aflame with lust and curiosity to see if she'd follow through. "Sure baby, that's a nice penis, let's do it." Amber beckoned Mark with a finger.


Martha, June and Me

group fabfables 2017-11-30

Martha sat back on her heels and gently parted June's pussy lips before leaning forward again and blowing across the clearly engorged clitoris. Waiting no longer I seized June's buttocks as they swung in front of me before thrusting my own swollen cock hard into her soft moist pussy, feeling the labia rings rubbing against my highly sensitised shaft. I lay there for another half hour or so, June's hand idly playing with my cock, my hand gently teasing her ring or slipping into her pussy as Martha snored gently on my chest. Martha had slipped onto her back, so I turned gently towards June, reaching out and cupping her backside in my hands, pulling her towards me.

The Palms Ch. 01

group ofloveandlust 2017-11-30

She was well worth a couple hours spent in the room, or they could make his way to the pool and sip on the cold bottles of beer he'd been told to stow away in a cooler. When you take a normal place, like your local hotel pool, and sprinkle the lounging couples with a slight dose of folks like Dex, Lynn, Jolene, and the like, you are going to inspire looks. I think it went on for like an hour but it could have been 10 minutes or so, fuck if I know, but I heard you and Jolene. You and Jolene were just kind of cuddling and when you saw me look you just moved right over and gave me your dick to suck on.

first time meeting with a couple (true)

group lovelong 2017-11-30

She licks her lips as she grabs hold of my cock midway along the shaft and lightly stokes it down to the bace, her bf said "she likes it, not seen her smile like this in a long time, I like seeing her like this" I smile back saying "I'm pleased to hear it" then turning my gaze to her, she's looking intently at my cock growing harder with her soft but warm touch which is replacing the cold air and I say "I love a good blowjob" she looks up at me into my eyes as she leans in taking the head of my cock into her warm wet mouth and starts to work her hand up along the shaft as her mouth stays clamped over the head, her tongue sliding over it.

Sheena & Leena

group varun 2017-11-30

Now i turned to my real self - cold and dangerous with a sly grin which had send shivers in my college days i said "then we have to celebrate, right dear?" she caught my voice and turned "you are angry" "no, i feel like a fool' i smiled and continued sitting down" perhaps you better give me something 2 remember u" by this time i had a collection of her love letters.

Game night

group slapnuts69 2017-11-30

The rounds went by and soon we were nearing the "Chicken point" Mary was down to her Cami, bra and jeans, Jennie was down to t-shirt (No bra, no need), jeans and panties. As they kissed hand roamed a bit and Mary was stroked Tom's cock gently while he played with her big tits. The next hand Jennie won and Mary lost. Jennie thought a bit and then she said that Mary should suck Tom's cock for 3 minutes. Tom lost the next round and I won, knowing he couldn't get up that quick I had him eat Jennie's pussy. It was new for me as well, the feeling of Tom's cock and her pussy soon had me cumming in her pussy and that sent Jennie off as well.