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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Great Evening With Friends

group 2017-11-30

I got up from the table to help Liv and she turned and planted a huge kiss on me right in front of Ted and Pam. She explored my mouth with her tongue and my hands went straight to her ass to pull her into me. I lost and Ted won, hell I knew the pants were gone so I just stood and faced Pam and said "you remove them." Ted stood and faced Pam and asked Honey you do the honors." She reached up and just pulled his underwear down exposing his erect cock. Pam just took Teds hand and placed it underneath and at Liv's pussy and he began to finger fuck Liv as she sucked me.

My New Favorite Crowd

group SpeedoTwink 2017-11-29

I drop my hands to your thighs and run them slowly up your body, feeling your smooth, inner thighs, then the neatly trimmed hair and soft, swollen lips of your pussy, your strong hipbones, the inviting velvetiness of your belly, the luscious underside of your breasts. As they look at us, their hands slide across their own and each other's bodies, tracing the smooth lines of the muscular legs, the entrancing curves of breasts and butts, some stopping at the hot hardness of aroused nipples and stimulated cocks and moistening pussies.

Spring Break Trio

group SecretHowl 2017-11-29

I could feel Dans cock rubbing against my neck, and I reached back, taking him in my hand, slowly stroking his dick as I opened my mouth and took Mark's cock in my mouth. I stroked Mark's dick, turning around to look at Dan, "Fuck me...please..." Dan's hands gripped my hips as he slammed into me in one hard, deep thrust causing me to scream around the cock I had again buried in my mouth. I was gripping Dan's ass as I whimpered and groaned around Marks cock still fucking my mouth. Mark pulled me into his lap, and I grabbed his cock and placed it at the entrance to my well fucked pussy.

Second Chances

group oneiria 2017-11-29

Alice could feel Milton's body convulse as he came, exploding in her mouth, his hands grasping her long silky brown hair before his arms finally relaxed against the sheets. She walked over to the easy chair she had been sitting in those many years ago before going up to indulge in the threesome with Milton and Ellen Dantoni. "Come join us," Ellen whispered, her brown breasts heaving in the darkness, her arms raised to receive Alice. "Come join us," Ellen whispered, her brown breasts heaving in the darkness, her arms raised to receive Alice. As Alice drank Ellen's sweet juices, she felt Milton enter her from behind. As Ellen so astutely observed one night not so long ago, stroking Alice's hair as they lay in bed together, "Men are nothing but pigs."

The Tales of Andrea & Dean Ch. 11

group thewhitestripe 2017-11-29

Dean had only met Steven Hawksburn a handful of times, the latest occasion being when he was treated to a celebratory evening out with some of the higher-ups at the company as thanks for securing a large, lucrative contract with a long-pursued high profile client. He murmured something and looked away quickly, then Andrea and Dean took their seats across the table from the board members. Dean and Andrea's presentation gave me confidence that they would be able to deliver on their promises," John said, glancing at Andrea as she carried the tray of glasses around the table. Once her skirt reached her waist, Andrea stuck her sexy ass out and wiggled it, teasing the men with her toned cheeks, smooth, lean thighs, and the hint of her mound concealed by the material of her thong.


The First FFM Threesome Pt. 02

group StackedAction 2017-11-29

Jack moved nice and slow...pausing to let Polly adjust to him. I saw Polly open her eyes wide when she felt Jack shoot his load in her ass. With Jack no longer in her ass, she fucked me and the dildo good and hard was soon having her own orgasm. I let his cock pop out of my mouth and she gave it a nice lick and sucked on the head for bit. Polly rolled off and grabbed her glass of wine and took a swig while continued working on Jack with my mouth. Jack wasted no time got up behind me on the bed and began rubbing cock along my pussy lips from behind.

Shanti -Voluptuous Desirable Ch. 02

group shanti2010 2017-11-29

Shanti pulled her pussy up her paramour's rampant cock and cunt-cream poured down lavishly, washing over his balls and running on down his thighs as he jolted in, jarring her pelvis as his prick plunged into the steaming depths of her pussy, Shanti felt as if she was melting and Kamesh's prick was fucking into her cunt like a jackhammer as she clung to him for dear life, grinding her hips down over his prick with every thrust, she felt her clit mashing against his up thrust pubic bone, pushing her closer and closer to the orgasm she craved.


Cathy Turns a New Leaf

group Bryce Schafft 2017-11-29

Still facing Warren, Cathy nervously wrapped her hand around his hardened cock, her fingers closing slowly, first against the veins, then onto the smooth flesh and finally they squeezed firmly into the taught shaft causing the head to grow and darken to a painful looking purple. When she rounded the door way she was faced with Cathy, up on the counter, eyes closed in blissful pre-orgasm concentrating hard on cumming and a strange man between her legs pumping what looked like a very shiny hard shaft of cock in and out of the young woman's cunt. Warren opened his eyes and turned his head towards Janice, his cock head still inside Cathy's snatch and just starting to shoot cum.


Kim Lazenby's Resumé Ch. 02

group PrimalRoots 2017-11-29

Hannah, Yazmine, Whitney, Ivana, Gina, Francesca, Julia, Jillian, Nicki, Lauren, Caitlyn, Bailey, Elena, Alexis, Valerie, Nessa, Taylor, Emily, Haleigh, and Eva. Half of them would not make it to the end. So we'll go down the line and ask each of you which one of us two you want to fuck, me or Kim. You go first," she said, pointing to Yazmine. Helena stepped directly to Yazmine, looking up at the tall girl yet still retaining her authoritative and intimidating demeanor. "You," Helena spat at Hannah, the next girl in line, "who would you fuck, me or Kim?" Helena then walked down each line asking questions about Delta Gamma history while Valerie and I stood and waited, neither of us knowing what would come next.


The Neglected Housewife Ch. 02

group Neverjudge 2017-11-29

I didn't have to be told twice, as Rex patted the spot on the bed on the other side of him and I sat down to watch as Karen stroked his cock up and down until he was fully aroused. Karen laughed and said, "I told you she was a horny bitch." She got that right as I slipped my hand down over Rex's warm hard shaft and started helping Karen jack her young stud off. It was like a dream come true with Karen setting me up with a guy who was a fuck machine who could give me as much cock as my starved cunt could handle.

Milwaukee Cuckold and the Cleaning Lady

group toothmedic 2017-11-29

Finally I got an email and Judy said she was going to surprise me with a video but this one took a turn and I should spend the time watching it but not until everyone was gone. Judy finally stopped playing and said, “I am sorry you saw me doing that.” Samantha said, “oh don’t worry, I found it very sexy, but about 30 minutes ago I knocked and no one answered and I heard you moaning and opened the door.” Judy looked and said, “oh what did you see?” Samantha said I saw you cumming and the person making you do it wasn’t your husband.” With that we went back to my private office and Judy and Samantha got undressed.

Island Fever Ch. 37

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-29

"Did you have a good time during your picnic up at the lava beds with Trish and Amy earlier?" I asked Devon a few moments later, after she had become quite winded and decided that swinging a baseball bat no longer interested her. "I would like to one day look at and think of Trish and Amy the same way I do Krissy," Devon mused. She patted my leg with an open hand and swooned, "Rumor is that you had some fun with Krissy and Lindsay while the rest of us were having our picnic at the lava beds a couple of hours ago." Devon giggled again, then clarified, "Lindsay finally got the opportunity to properly thank you for helping her family out the way you have?


Aunt Ellen Ch. 5

group Alex De Kok 2017-11-29

As my fingers tipped me over the edge, inducing a gut-wrenching orgasm that left me spent and panting, I heard Kathy begin to keen beside me until suddenly she gasped, then screamed tightly as she came, Matt's suddenly spasmodic thrusting counterpoint to my own moan of pleasure. Kathy sat up for a moment, wriggled down the bed a little, then lay with her head propped up, her free hand idly playing with Matt's prick. Kathy winked at me and signalled with her eyes, indicating Matt's prick, noticeably stiff as she gently fondled it, gripping it lightly, sliding her hand up and down. "How do you wish to perform the trial, Miss Tranter?" Kathy asked demurely, her fingers still teasing at Matt's prick.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 09

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-29

Trish was vacationing here on the island with all of us, of course, but at this precise moment in time the 32-year-old Canadian princess was putting her body through its standard routine of exercise and fitness in the home gymnasium. I love you, Lindsay told me time and time again, and I want us to be together." Trish motioned toward the weight bench again. "I remember when I was little - maybe five, six years old - my mom and dad would take me and all three of my sisters to the big park near Harrison, Miami Whitewater Forest, nearly every week in the summertime to hang out and pick blackberries.



group nasstygirl 2017-11-29

Betsy looked alarmed and Dave said, "Don't worry hon, he knows what he's doing." Chuck continued raising Betsy's skirt until her pussy came into view. And before Betsy could catch her breath, she felt the other man's finger slide into her ass...his finger fucked her like that, causing her to rock and rock...and scream and beg...and rock more...until she felt that long, hot cock enter her dark tunnel, causing her to scream out and convincing Chuck she needed something to keep her mouth busy, so he came around and stuffed her mouth with his cock...

A Day At Work, Then The Cabin! Ch. 02

group TongueDocAtWork 2017-11-29

I knew that Sally, Angel and George didn’t know I was out there so I figured I would sneak up on them. George slipped his cock out of Sally’s pussy and moved it up to her waiting asshole. George reached down and ran his hand up between Sally’s pussy lips grabbing as much pussy juice as he could and coated her asshole with it. I started to think on how I could turn the tide on George and get him to let me suck his cock, but George’s voice brought me back to my senses. Have you ever thought about sticking your hard cock in to my wife’s mouth or pussy?” He asked again. While Sally sucked my cock Angel lowered her hands to my balls.


Sun, Sea, & Mmm

group Clansmansco 2017-11-29

On the way up in the elevator Shonagh kissed Eric on the mouth and thanked him for a lovely evening and not to be outdone Fiona done the same. Eric got up and moved over to where the women were laying on the floor and put his cock head at the entrance to Shonagh's cunt. By now Shonagh was just about at the edge of another orgasm and as Eric ran a finger over her cunt lips and then pushed it to the knuckle into her ass, which sent her over the edge and into another shuddering climax as she flopped off Fiona and onto the floor. "Come on Eric fuck me, I want to feel you cum inside my pussy!" she screamed at him.

Island Fever 3: Matrimony Ch. 04

group Jeremydcp 2017-11-29

Relaxing next to me and idly stroking my cock through the pair of shorts that I had on, Kristanna glanced up at Devon and wondered, "Do you like my outfit, baby?" I sat back and idly watched them for several seconds, but eventually reached out with my right hand and stroked one of Kristanna's exquisite legs as she and Devon shared a warm, loving embrace. When I moved closer to them upon the bed and latched onto her with my right hand, Kristanna offered no resistance as I pulled her away from Devon. Once the sensations in Kristanna had finally settled down and Devon was finished licking her pussy completely dry, the 28-year-old withdrew her face from the joining of her thighs and smiled at her.


Ice Breaking Session At Office

group NotepadAura 2017-11-29

Being the senior most, Ishrat said, "thanks everyone for coming on a weekend!" I replied, "sure, anytime." The others started to grin. This is where you have to do everything as we say." I was confused and blurted out, "That means no work for today??" Ishrat looked at me and told me," don't you worry dear; you have a lot to do!" Ishrat said, "not to worry, it should grow more," and ordered Anika to give it a nice wet suck. In the meantime, Riya unbuttoned my shirt and started to pinch and twist my nipples, with the most senior department colleague was giving me the best hand job ever.

A CUCK's wife tells all

group 2017-11-29

I stood in the bathroom admiring my figure, my nudity and curves, my fertile imagination building and my sexual desires awakening, I was in the arousal state, no clothes to shield my naked flesh, now firm and taught, my curves dipping between my legs, my swelling clitoris now peeking between the twin folds of flesh that served as my vaginal lips, heavily moistened by the secretions flowing from within, sex was on my mind, and as I turned side on to the full length mirror, I probed between my buttocks and felt my finger ease inside my firm but open vagina, I craved as I looked, a heavy mist overcoming my eyes, I wanted to fuck and I wanted the men on the other side of the door, so I moved freely around the room, it was just to open the door and let them in, open my legs and let them in, yes I was going to let them in.

Lucky Man Ch. 12

group Mentalcase 2017-11-29

She turned and headed for the door, stopping just short and looking back. A minute later, she knocked on his door again and Duncan let both her and Mark in. "Oh, you know what could be fun," she said, drawing a backward glance from Mark and a knowing smile from Duncan. He smiled back and began to lift the top off, sliding it over her head and pulling it through her hair. "I never said I can't touch you." She smiled wickedly and turned, beckoning Duncan in with a finger and a wink. The two men stood close to each other, watching as Kara opened the door to a rather large shower and turned on the water. "So you did want to join us," she said, smiling and sauntering over.


The Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 4 (Dave's Story)

group irish626 2017-11-29

Miranda was going to tell Ray, Kim, and Mia all about how she met you and Greg on the beach two days ago and everything you had done with each other up until now. I was stting next to Kim, Greg was to my left, then Miranda, Ray, and at Ray's left was Mia. The three guys had their big stiff cocks in their fists, stroking like madmen at the story Miranda was telling. Ray and Greg couldn't take their eyes off of Miranda fingering her cunt, especially when she picked up the dildo you had been sucking on earlier and used it to pump her pussy while she worked on her clit.

Laundry Day

group nust8ofmind 2017-11-29

But she wanted to make sure John was good and primed first, so she took her finger out of her pants and returned her hand to his cock, stroking it just in front of her mouth. She gave it all the attention she had given John's and more, taking it in deeply and massaging his balls with her right hand as she pumped his rod with whole mouth, working her tongue along his shaft, her cheeks caving in because of the suction she was creating. She switched positions and had begun grinding into Ron that way when she felt John's wet index finger start working on her back door.


My Sub's Fanstasy No.1

group WierdyBeard 2017-11-29

We start dancing and making out with each other and I start grinding you and after about 3 minutes you grab my hair and f***e me to the floor and tell me to get on my knees and you f***e you dick inside my mouth. At one point you tell me to take off my shirt nice and slowly and start biting my breast hard while fingering both of us. Then you tell us to get on the bed asses up, and you sit there and debate who you want to fuck first. You lube up and start fucking my ass while she licks my clit and slams my dildo in my pussy.