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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Celebration Ch. 02

group Brazen_Woman 2017-11-29

You snake your hand up under my dress in an attempt to squeeze my ass, but before you can get very far, the elevator door opens and a large party of people begins to exit. As the elevator zooms up to the top level of the hotel, you watch in amazement as I turn to our driver and kiss her again, pressing her sensuous body between mine and the wall of the elevator. As she continues to ride you this way, I take a handful of her hair and pull her head back, kissing her hotly as our tongues intertwine. Now, I tell you it's your turn to sit in one of the chairs, and she and I get on the couch and continue to explore each other.

A Cheating Wife?

group TheDarkCloud 2017-11-29

Perhaps if Cheryl was not so wrapt in sucking his cock she might have wondered about that, I mean, that was hardly even enough time to make it from the hotel's bar up to the room never mind from anywhere else. Within seconds Devon started to shudder and felt that he was going to explode too and literally ripped his throbbing cock from Cheryl's mouth and made sure to drench her pretty face with his load. Cheryl swept up the beds duvet and pressed it to her body and bawled at them to get out, which they hurriedly did to gossip about seeing this young woman in that state of undress and it being obvious what kind of party had been going on in the room the night before.


A Brief Lesson in Passion

group innocentangel 2017-11-29

Never did they touch their clits, but they stroked and tongue fucked each other in the pussy and the ass, raising their hips to meet each stroke, stoking the passion that had been theirs briefly for a brief, animal second. She matched her position and coming together with an odd sort of suction sound, they began to crab fuck, humping each other, slapping their pussies together with their clits exposed to the air, their breasts jumping and heaving with the exertion. She groaned at the feel of the dildo's stimulator against her clit, reaching around her body to tease her nipples, holding her to herself.

The stripper

group youngsex 2017-11-29

This got the crowd wild and they chanted "More, more." Another man then took the place between her legs and licked and sucked her clit. "LIck her pussy and suck her clit then put your tongue in her cunt and tongue fuck her till she cums on your tongue." he ordered the young girl. The man pushed the young girls face tight to the strippers cunt and told her "put that tongue in her deep. The man then pulled the girl away and laid her on the bench with her legs spread for the whore to eat her pussy. The young girl put her fingers in the mans ass and soon he was filling the cunt of the slut with his cum.

Friend wanks over my naked wife

group maxum 2017-11-29

After I took the pic in the bathroom, nothing more was said until a few days later we I were mucking around playing with each other and she asked if it was true that a friend wanted to see her. ‘Use me as you would a piece of porn’ she said, ‘wank over me and enjoy yourself.’ Justin stood and started wanking hard, looking at her and grabbing her boobs, he slowly rubbed his now pre-cum covered cock over her face and across her lips, she went to move and I said ‘can I hold your hands behind your back?’ She nodded and I restrained her which pushed her boobs out towards him.

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 05

group FinalStand 2017-11-29

"Eleanor, your Jackhammer is here!" Followed by looking back to me and said "Come on in Craig." Before the conversation could continue Eleanor came racing to the top of the stairs, wearing my shirt I'd left for her and drying her hair. From my experiences with my first girl, Jamie, Eleanor would be sore and uncomfortable with sex. "Emily will be back with me and Jamie is coming back on Friday," I told her. Jamie and I were going over out midterm scores when Emily and Amber came walking up. "Emily's family is going to want her to hang around until game time so I guess it is you and me for now.


After Hours Alicia Ch. 04

group NewAgeErotica 2017-11-29

While she had Jimmy in her mouth, the two men beside her - Manny and Roger, took her hands and placed them on their cocks. Here she was, on an old, dirty mattress, sucking on one guy's cock, jerking off her father's two best friends, while the pizza guy was fucking her from behind. Roger took a spot along the wall and two more guys stepped up beside Alicia - Jarod Lewis and Danny Arnold. Manny moved away from her mouth and stood next to Jimmy, waiting his turn to fuck her. Tim shoved Jarod out of the way and moved in front of Alicia, who eagerly put his long cock in her mouth.


A Whole Lotta Penis Goin' On Ch. 01

group yowser 2017-11-29

He could get you laughing over his stories of life down there, faster than you imagine, and lots of nights after a few beers, he would get us falling out of our chairs with some bizarre tale from his past, like the time he noticed a couple making out on the subway, who got so involved that the woman's panties had dropped down to her ankles, while her guy worked his hand up her dress and over her vulva. "A good fuck on a hot night, a cold beer, some food and conversation, and another cockstand a-coming." Coleen had abandoned any pretensions of keeping her robe fastened, and it was hard to keep our eyes from staring as more and more of her body got revealed.

Dazzled by December: Honolulu

group RedHairedandFriendly 2017-11-29

Once she reached the office of the gentleman her company was interested in doing business with, December found herself thinking more of Lily, wondering if it would be okay to assume she could spend most of her time with the young woman. In time Benny pulled his cock free and took Lily's face and fingers from December's pussy. He felt her press against him and smiled, kissed his wife's come-soaked pussy and waited for her to leave his face before he rolled onto his side and turned his body to cover December's. December swallowed ropes of pearly white seed and covered Benny's tongue, finger, face with juice as well as Lily's that had moved to join her husband in the servicing of their new friend.


Three Guys, A Girl and a Strap-on

group Nyissa 2017-11-29

I looked over to Gary's cock and watched it slide deep into Ricky's mouth. There we were, Gary's fingers pulling my nipple as Peter's tongue fucked my pussy and Ricky sucked Gary's cock like a jawbreaker. Gary eagerly sucked Ricky's cock with each thrust causing Ricky to suck harder on Gary, and Gary to push back onto the strap-on forcing the dildo to drive into my soaking pussy and the vibrator to push against my clit. At that point Ricky drove his cock deep into Gary's mouth and emptied himself into him. With a hard spent cock still in my arse, and the strap-on still vibrating, Gary pushed back onto me increasing the sensations to my pussy and clit.

Plain Jane & Nerd Jim Grow Up Ch. 09

group maxicue 2017-11-29

Kristen and Jim had journeyed up to Woodstock Saturday and Sunday the week before the grand opening to give approval of the four new massage tables Don, the big burly carpenter had completed. Kristen and Vic were lying in bed wearing long t-shirts and nothing else, sipping red wine, while Jim and Connie sat nearby naked under their robes, all of them finally relaxing. Blow by delicious blow," said Jim, smiling and nodding at Kristen before beginning, his hand gently stroking Connie's inner thigh. Jim paused as Kristen and Vic squeezed their pussies together, flung off their shirts and rubbed and hugged each other's bodies, nipples caressing nipples, kissing and sighing into each other's mouths.


Paid for Pleasure - MILF

group marriedpervs 2017-11-29

In fact, after dancing, then chatting with them, she made her way to the rear door, and smiled as Tony let her through into what I now knew was the fucking rooms! "I had a chat with some of the girls the other day, and I want to know more about the fucking rooms, and how it all works." Barbie Girl wasn't my idea of a stripping song, but her best customers loved the way she put on the young girl act, and I wondered if it wasn't just a little alarming that most of the guys wanted to fuck her because she looked so young!


Morning Swim

group juggled 2017-11-29

After a few moments his hand returns to your hip and then you feel the tip of his cock sliding over your arse and pushing. He slides inside your pussy stretching your lips to their very maximum, another slightly painful experience initially but then waves of pleasure flood over your body. The first man explodes inside you and slides out and backs away breathing heavily, you could feel his warm cum run out and trickle down your leg. Your legs tighten round him, bolts of electricity shoot through your body and you come again as he too explodes inside you. The wax stings as the heat hits your sensitive nipple, but then after the pain comes the tightening and it feels amazing.

The Birthday Present

group penncd 2017-11-29

“Diana, this is my friend, Copper.” Diana extended her hand and looked into Copper’s beautiful eyes. Copper took Diana in her arms and held her very tenderly, stroking her hair and her back and whispering something that Andre couldn’t hear. She felt Copper’s body tensing and her legs closing around her and knew that Copper was on the verge of cumming – and so was she. The women knew what they wanted without a word and Copper moved ever the top of Andre’s delicious cock. The women fondled each other and kissed deep kisses as Andre’s cock moved in and out of Copper’s pussy and his tongue fucked Diana’s.

rob's wife

group 2017-11-29

Except for Jim. His cock stuck straight out, a long, fat, uncircumcised monster that angled toward my face, the purple head still partially hidden by the foreskin. "Come over here and shake our dicks, just like you're greeting guests," said Rob. I handed Jim his beer and got on my knees, my face in Hal's crotch. "Hal's gonna fuck you in the cunt, while I fuck you in the ass, and you're going to suck Jim's big, fat dick," Rob said. It didn't peel itself all the way back --- I reached up and pulled it backward, running my fingers to the base of his big fat cock, copping a feel of his big, hairy balls. I could feel Hal's throbbing cock in my cunt, and Rob's dick way up my ass.

When Four's Not a Crowd

group Brandii 2017-11-29

Elise turns her head in Kyle's direction, locking eyes with him, begging him to intervene and looking for a way, any way, to put an end to this rapturous torture she is experiencing at the hands of these three men: at the same time as her eyes plead with Kyle, Alex inserts 2 fingers up inside of her and she damn nearly collapsed on the spot. When she feels the muscular slide of his tongue on her sensitive flesh and near to where Michael's finger is lightly dancing around, she closes her eyes, spreads her legs further apart and groans a guttural, totally unfeminine sound. Michael and David step back away from her and begin their own self pleasuring session, as they watch Alex take Elise over the edge.

Morning Lust: More!

group antonia363636 2017-11-29

At first Helen had refused, saying that she had to drive, but when Lisa had reminded her that she had a spare bedroom, and that she and Colin were more than welcome to 'use' it, she took her hand away from the top of her glass that had prevented Mike of filling it up with Rioja and said, "What the fuck! Lisa simply nodded once more in a sort of apologetic way, "I'm afraid so," she confessed, "but," she added, "It was unplanned, it well sort of just happened; we and Mike had a naughty night to look forward to when Colin just turned up out of the blue.


A Night Worth Remembering Ch. 02

group kandie 2017-11-29

Erin stopped sucking and said, "Cum in my mouth baby!" Then she went back to sucking his cock deep and hard. Jeff then said, "Well, why don't you call Kandy and the two of you plan the next party." He continued fucking Erin until the both fell asleep exhausted. Jeff stopped for a moment to watch then winked at Erin and resumed eating Kandy's hot pussy. Erin said, "MMM, I'm ready for round two, is anyone else?" She then went over and took Jeff's cock in her mouth lathering it up good. When he was rock hard she stopped sucking and said, "Erin are you still ready for round two, get over here and slid that cunt down on John's cock."

Pakistani Bride Group Fuck Pt. 01

group Nobodyfamous 2017-11-29

A few days went by with my husband going to work and me left in the house and then the guys started to make lewd comments towards me. My jaw was still open with awe and my eyes fixed forward when riaz held my hair hand pushed his rock hard meat straight into my mouth. He paused as well almost questioning 'are you sure?' I thought about my husband, I thought about my wedding day, my parents, my religion, what my family would say and slowly lifted myself off and away from his tip stopping when I was about an inch or two off it. Then Amin's patience went - he held my hips and started to shove forward really hard.

Hotel Californication Ch. 05

group Many Feathers 2017-11-29

"Hey, thought you were wearing that black outfit you showed me?" I asked as Carol began slipping into a rather nasty looking red camisole that hugged her tits quite nicely, especially the way her hard nipples were already pressing against the tight thin material as she pulled it down over her charms. Like Carol, Diane too looked hot as hell, her attire a bit unusual perhaps, wearing a black bow tie, much like mine, though she also had one what appeared to be a white satin bra, with nipple cut-outs, her gorgeous tits poking through, though that wasn't the only thing that was either.


The Morning After

group CorsetCutie69 2017-11-29

Moments later I felt the bed move and saw that Satana was now completely naked and climbing over me to straddle my face. It took all my power to concentrate on licking Satana's slit as she started riding my face like I rode her husbands cock only moments before. As soon as Satana started squirting into my mouth and all over my face, John slowly pulled out of my ass, leaving me completely empty and longing. I may not be as large as John but I still heard Satana moan as my balls hit her ass. All too soon I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell inside Satana.

College Threesome (And Then Some)

group JorisKHuysmans 2017-11-29

I wanted to watch him pound away at my ass like I was his girlfriend, and somehow that did the trick; my legs in the air up around his head, it was easier this time, and I felt the head pop inside me and then that long shaft root me open and fill me deeper and fuller than any finger or candle I or a girl had ever shoved in there myself. He kind of stopped in mid-stroke, which I thought was kind of funny, like if Tom found me with a cock shoved up my ass but the guy wasn't humping away, then he might not think I was a fag.


Another Bet Ch. 03

group westerntiger 2017-11-29

As the large Escalade turned left onto Wilshire, Dylan gasped sharply as he felt Erin's mouth open up entirely and his large cock sank deep into her throat. With his eyes fixed on Maria's ass, he allowed Erin to pull him across the parking lot to the rear entrance of the building by his long thick dick. Looking at Erin, she asked, "Do you mind if I try?" Erin's hand dropped off Dylan's large prick and Maria's smooth warm hands enveloped his long cock. The feeling of Maria's tight wet mouth sucking hard on his throbbing rod, and the sight of her dark haired face stuffed full of thick cock as she worked her head up and down his sensitive shaft was almost too much for Dylan.


Fantasy Sex Cruise 05

group mountaincat4 2017-11-29

When she saw my eyes open she moved her head slightly so she could suck Kealani's nipple into her mouth. Lauren then said, "I'm really not that hungry right now so I vote for making her cum." She then moved lower on the bed and crawled between Kealani's legs. I watched Lauren eat Kealani's pussy like it was her last meal, licking and sucking every part of her. "Go ahead and cum Kealani and when you do just squeeze my balls and I'll fill your mouth with sweet cream." In another minute she moaned loudly around my cock and I felt her body begin to shiver. She opened it and Alison looked a little surprised and asked "This is suite 1408 isn't it?" Kealani said yes.