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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Broussard Sisters Ch. 02

group JimBob44 2017-11-29

"Hey, what you doing?" Paul asked and Candy and Cindy squealed "Nothing." "No, really, y'all are great kissers, I just want you to know that," he said and held the phone away for a moment, his load spurting out of his cock and splashing down on his belly and chest. Bob gritted his teeth, trying hard to think of anything else but the fact that his cock, long just used to his hand, was being shoved into a twenty eight year old woman's plump ass. (He had to laugh when he picked it up; the Broussard Sisters sure did give him a 'woody' of his own.) He did not miss the many admiring glances the old panel truck got from the males that were bustling up to the door of the large church. "Oh, hey, Candy, Cindy, this is my..." Paul said.


Dick and Jane

group KY ridgerunner 2017-11-29

It was Jane who finally stood, pulling her pussy away from Tim's face and said, "I think it is time that these guys get naked." Stacy reluctantly pushed Dick from her own pussy and said, "I agree." The girls stripped the guys to their birthday suites and within moments had the others husband's cock in their mouth and feasted as wildly as the guys had done to them. She rubbed it up and down teasing Jane then leaned down kissed her on the back of the neck and said, "Just enjoy it." As she let go of Tim's cock he shoved just the head into Jane's pussy and Dick knew he was hooked.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 05

group thewhitestripe 2017-11-29

I couldn't wait to see the look on Nat's face when Mike walked in while my dick was buried in her hot cunt. My cock head made very wet slapping sounds on her mound as Nat screamed and shuddered violently, her legs shaking in the air, her breasts jostling about, her breath coming out in jerks. My cock head emerged on the other side near Nat's throat as the bottoms of her tits came to rest on my abdomen, my balls trailing on her stomach up to her chest. After a few slow strokes, Nat pulled her tits to the side and looked at my long dick as it rested on her chest.


Super Bowl Fun. Denver in Super Bowl again! Yeah!

group rebecca2917 2017-11-29

I was a big Denver fan and my husband and his two friends (Gerry and Carl) were rooting for Washington. I was really giving them a hard time and telling them how much I was going to enjoy seeing them stripping for me! Gerry on the other boob and Carl started rubbing my pussy. Carl finally came inside me and I thought it was over but then I felt my pussy being rubbed again this time by Gerry. As Gerry was playing with my pussy I started stroking Carl and hubby and their cocks started to recover! Gerry came in me and after he withdrew hubby took his place and started to fuck me.

Tuition Time Ch. 05

group Stephen7Redo 2017-11-29

It’s not like it was the first time I had watched another woman masturbate and then joined her, but now, with the smell of our mutual arousal competing with the aroma of the rich coffee David had made, the look of sheer passion on Mac’s face was almost overwhelming. "Do you want him to take them off, Love?" Reese asked Mac softly, before running her hand over mine, over the crotch of her panties. I never realized how it would make a woman like Mac look so extra sexy.” Reese added as she put her hand on top of Mac’s and they both ran their fingers through that mass of black tangles.


The Gentlemen's Club

group Tony King 2017-11-29

"Wow that's great, does she ere, you know?" The wicked old bugger never stopped trying and as we sat at the bar I explained that my new wife, Carol, was a real old fashioned type and there was just no way she was going to spread her legs for anyone else, well, not voluntarily anyway. "It effects the nipples first," explained Tim, "they become so aroused that they scream out to be touched." Kneeling to one side, the blond was now running her hands up Carol's legs, raising the material of her dress as she went, exposing her stockings to the audience. I lost count of the number of men and women who fucked my wife that night but I do remember the lovely little number that sucked my prick and the tall American bird I shared with Tim. The last to fuck Carol was Gary.

Our Buddy (Jeremy)

group jmm90 2017-11-29

Nicole moaned gently as Jeremy sucked her nipple, and Michael could feel himself getting rock hard in his shorts. Michael sat on the bed and watched as Nicole worked Jeremy's cock slowly back and forth in her mouth. Michael's face was inches away as he watched Jeremy's hard cock penetrate Nicole's wet pussy deeply. As Nicole got gradually faster her sexy breasts started to bounce with her, and her ass slapped against Jeremy's muscular thighs every time she buried his cock inside her completely. Jeremy grabbed Nicole's ass tightly and started guiding her motions on his cock as he began moaning deeply, her tight, wet pussy feeling incredible on his thick, long cock.

Conference Memories

group TheItalian 2017-11-29

It was a small tub so we were very close to each other so I started to rub her back where her bathing suit had been and said "doesn't that feel great?" Fran replied that it certainly did and backed into me. As I worked my tongue back to her cunt hole, I spread the pussy juice on my finger on her exposed asshole. She resisted for a second and then started to cum as I was sucking her cunt hole, she was masturbating and I was finger-fucking her asshole. "Shoot it into my fucking mouth," Fran yelled as she positioned her open mouth inches from the end of my cock as my right hand moved up and down on the shaft.

Summer's Surprise-Encounters

group onwardbob 2017-11-29

Stepping closer, Jan brushed a kiss across Jackie's lips, sighed exaggeratedly, and said, "Jackie baby, if you keep that up...well, the only thing you'll be getting for dinner is some hot pussy!" Then, after flashing me an evil grin, she added "Yeah, and if that big bulge in Alex's shorts means anything, some lovely thick, and delightfully hard cock too!" Looking an awful lot like she was thoroughly enjoying that fat cock's even fatter head she started to let it pop out past her lips, before driving her mouth back down, and swallowing it over and over again!


Two Conventioneers Ch. 05

group kinbote 2017-11-29

Debbie and Gail were kissing and caressing each other as Kim buried her head between their legs, sliding her tongue and face up and down the length of two pussies. Between my cock, Kim lying on top of her and kneading her breasts, and Gail kissing her and rubbing Kim's breasts, Debbie started to rock her hips up and down. I leaned down and wrapped my arms around them both and slid into Debbie over and over, feeling her excitement grow and then feeling her pussy change as she got ready to come, and then feeling the gentle contractions as she pushed Gail and I up into the air thrusting her hips up to meet me.

Lust in the Dark

group twilghttango 2017-11-29

Heidi turned the corner just in time to see Gia on all fours on the big couch, her eyes rolled back with passion, her mouth open, her dark curtain of hair vibrating, and Bren behind her, his fingers dug into her voluptuous ass, pistoning her as fast as he could. She looked up at him with a twinkle and lust in her big brown eyes, her lips moving up and down on Van's cock as she was rocking back and forth with Bren's thrusts. Heidi cried out with her own self-induced orgasm as Bren and Van thrust fast and in time into Gia's body, drawing out the rolling, writhing woman's orgasm to a wild peak.


Internet Arranged Threesome

group upstatenyhotspot 2017-11-29

When the music got too loud, and they were looking for a way to wind down from all the dancing, the taller of the men, we'll call him steve, suggested heading across the street to happy endings for coffee and perhaps a pastry as a nightcap. As jenny molded her body, now shuddering with anticipation of things to come into the two men whom she had barely known only a few hours earlier, the little black dress was riding up onto her hips, revealing her almost see through black lace bikini underwear. As jenny tensed in anticipation, she took hold of brian's hair and pulled him tight up against her hot, wet pussy, her hips grinding against his face.

A Case of Revenge Ch. 05

group WifeWatchman 2017-11-29

"Okay, it does look like they stopped to help an accident scene." I said, pointing things out to Cindy and the others in a manner of teaching. When we got back, the Crime Lab team, such as it was, were loading the bodies into vehicles to transport back to the morgue, and another EMT was going to drive the impounded ambulance back to the Coltrane County Police Department. "To start from the beginning: I think the ambulance came out of the Asylum with a passenger in the back, an orderly who works there, whom the drivers knew and were helping. Deputy Strait had emailed that the Asylum confirmed that the man in the picture was an orderly there, and that he'd hitched a ride on the ambulance to get back into town.


Male Stripper

group dak2742 2017-11-29

Karen allowed my wife to suck his cock for a few more minutes before she slipped off the couch and knelt beside Helen's chair to help her suck Greg's huge cock. Karen tried to object, but Greg pushed her face down between my wife's spread legs and the blonde girl quickly found Helen's clit and she brought Helen to one orgasm after another as she continued to cum on Greg's huge cock at the same time. Finally, Greg eased his shaft from Karen's dripping pussy and allowed her to roll off of my wife so he could quickly take her place and he drove his hard cock into Helen's cunt with one long stroke.

A Handyman's Memoir Ch. 29

group riverboy 2017-11-29

A few moments later I was on my back on the soft bed, with Lisa on all fours above my crotch, her head bobbing up and down on my long cock, when I heard Lindsey at the other end of the boat. Beautiful, yes, but not the kind that would make her a 'cover-girl.' Her sexiness took my breath away when I first saw her, dancing with Chip in front of a rock-and-roll band, long legs clad in tight, faded jeans, tits only half covered by a tight, scoop neck t-shirt. "Can Lisa come out and play," Lindsey asked in a little girl voice as she descended the steps to the front cabin holding Chips hand.


Decisions Ch. 06

group Romantic1 2017-11-29

I really did feel my heart wide open to love -- giving to Emily, to Pam, to Grace, to Kim, and, yes to Russ. At one point, I looked at Russ and said, "Switch for a couple of minutes." Pam's eyes got big as we traded places. This time, Pam embraced Emily and administered the kisses, the fondling and pinching of her breasts and giving her loving hugs. She made Russ and me promise to carry her love and caring to Grace and Kim. We both speculated that we would need Pam out there for a few days the following week to help with some of the admin and graphics work on the project. Russ and I kissed Pam and Emily goodnight and told them we loved them.

Camping Orgy

group nakedskin2000 2017-11-29

I lay you on your back and slip my hard cock deep into your tight pussy with long powerful thrusts. She continues to suck and lick your pussy as she massages one of your breasts and in a few minutes you let out a low moan and cum for the second time. He grabs your tits as he continues to fuck your pussy and soon he is grunting like an animal. Irma then moves in and begins licking the cum mixture from your tits and hard nipples. She gets off just as Jill's husband slides his big fat cock into your tight wet pussy. She pulls her fingers out licks them and then slides in between your legs placing her pussy against yours.

Elsa, Eric & Mandy

group silverace1 2017-11-29

The sight of the young blonde's long sexy legs draped over his wife's shoulders as she pulled the thrashing mop of red hair tighter against her bush was enough for Eric's cock to spring free of his robes and he quickly doffed it as he strode across the kitchen floor towards the interlocked women. Eric meanwhile, with one final plunge to the depths of Elsa's bowels, howled as he felt his cock expanding in the warmth of her bum and he burst forth and filled her anal cavity with so much cum that the thick white froth oozed out and dripped onto Mandy's face.

Painted Into A Corner

group darcysweet 2017-11-29

"If Inara's the best then she wouldn't mind a wee bit of a challenge would she?" Sara's photographer husband Niall spoke, moving behind to cradle his wife against his broad chest. "Yes it definitely will," Sara said as she moved forward and stroked her hand down the slight swell of Inara's stomach. I need it bare to paint it Inara darling," she said as she stroked her fingers through the sparse hair. "I get really dirty painting," Sara said as she led a naked Inara over to the chair in the shower corner, "Sit here and I'll get you ready." "Good honey, relax," Sara said, coming up on her knees to spread Inara's thighs open wider—so wide cool air hit the lips of her pussy.


Just an Average Group Ch. 04

group mntnman64 2017-11-29

After several minutes of loving and cuddling, and just before Ron was about to drift off to sleep; Carol spoke up a bit and asked him.."Did I tell you what I saw Dee doing Sunday morning at the group??" "No you didn't" came his answer. Ron saw the dilemma he was in; and calmly answered his wife..." I know how you feel about anal sex; afterall, I have asked you for it a couple of times...a long time ago..and I know you don't like answer your question..YES I knew people were having anal sex in the a matter of fact...I fucked Nora in the ass on Saturday night!!"


The Wild Affair

group TheNaughtyWife 2017-11-29

They set a blanket and the ground outside the tent and lay in front of the warm crackling campfire when Johnny leans over and begins to kiss his wife. As Johnny's tongue explores her sweet, warm wetness, Jenni's lips caress his soft, yet hard cock. His woman stands up after cuming all over Johnny's face and Jenni's pussy, and moves behind her man. Both men work their way up Jenni's chest to her neck, Johnny continues on to kissing her lips, while the man lingers at her neck. Johnny can taste his cum on her lips, and the kisses feel so good that she lets out a soft moan into his mouth. Johnny pulls out of her and moves his cock to the man's face so that he can lick his woman's cum.

Be My Valentine Ch. 02

group Hershey3971 2017-11-29

Jim and I took our time soaping Erica up, feeling every inch of her body along the way. Jim stood up in front of Erica and she quickly took his cock into her mouth once again, giving him one hell of a blowjob. Erica said, "No, I want the both of you at the same time." She then climbed on top of Jim and started riding him like a woman possessed. When it seemed she was ready, she stopped her rocking on Jim and allowed me to put my cock at the entrance to her ass. I'm gonna come in your ass!" Out it came, in gushing torrents as I had the hardest orgasm ever, deep in this beautiful woman's ass while her husband was still buried in her pussy.

Good Neighbors Ch. 1

group agent74 2017-11-29

His cock looked to be at about 7-8", which I noticed only for a second, because Ginny started sucking on that prick like a porn queen. Robert took his thumb out slowly and again reached to the bag and pulled out a long dildo which looked like a corkscrew. I didn't know what he had planned but I sat there in the dark one hand on my cock, watching him fuck his wife with a rather large dildo. He pulled out and Ginny scrambled to grasp on to his prick, but she took it into her mouth and he face fucked her till he tensed and let loose his own orgasm Not once did she move her mouth from his cock.

Cómo Fue

group kotori 2017-11-29

"That is what I do, señorita--know things." A bolero began to play: Ernesto offered his hand again to Kathleen, to dance. Ernesto introduced Roberto, the orchestra leader, who charmed Kathleen first onto the dance floor, and then after a few more drinks, up the rickety stairs to an apartment above the hall. Kathleen gasped when Roberto plunged into her forcefully, and Ernesto laid back, offering his cunt-slickened member to her. Kathleen loved the taste of her own arousal, and greedily sucked Ernesto's long and slender rod between her lips. She wanted to feel Ernesto as well, and went back to sucking, pumping him with her hand, matching Roberto's rhythm. A slight change in the intensity of Kathleen's sucking cued Ernesto of her orgasm, and he too felt release imminent.