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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

It's a Beautiful Day

group sweet_lusciousdesire 2018-11-03

Sometimes after a sexually exciting weekend I would miss the feel of a hard cock inside my pussy and would spread my legs towards the forest, close my eyes, and recapture the exciting events of the previous weekend with the use of couple of well formed toys. If these beautiful young men built it, I could watch their strong muscles ripple while the sounds of drills matched my own clit stimulators and vibrators bringing me to even greater orgasmic pleasures. "You boys must be so tired from a long days work," I said leaning my hard nipples into the back of one of the men back while massaging his shoulders.

A Bisexual Haitian New Year!

group Samuelx 2018-11-03

Those were my exact thoughts as my boyfriend Thomas Reveille slid his eight-inch, uncircumcised Black dick into my asshole. At the same time, my man Alexander Saint-Denis thrust his dick into my sweet pussy. With two Black dicks filling my holes, I am simply having the time of my life. And my French Canadian dad isn't exactly fond of Black males, whom he views as truly threatening, like most White men do. A very fun, loving, adventurous and totally awesome couple. His best buddy Alexander is slamming his dick into my pussy with Thomas expressed permission. Now it was Alexander fucking me in the ass while Thomas had a go with my pussy.

Sisterhood of Sin -- 5 -- A Fun Time Will Be Had By All Sluts

group LastWife 2018-11-03

Viki backs off from the bench and I feel my head being lowered until it goes below the table depth, not too far, not to the point where it hurts. After six strokes, he is coming and I feel a cock entering my pussy. I felt bad about saying that, especially to a guy who is barely thicker than Paul and at least an inch shorter than Dan, but I feel a responsibility to Viki to keep her regular guys happy. Then I feel the cockhead in my mouth start to jump and he pumps his cum into me as I lick and swallow, letting a little drip down my chin.

Alfresco Orgy

group naughtyannie 2018-11-03

Sam began to fuck me properly then, his cock sliding in and out, each time pushing a little deeper, the tight sheath of my vagina expanding to take him, until after a few thrusts I felt his knob pressing against the entrance to my cervix. Me on my back with my legs in the air, Sam with his ten-inch cock deep inside my cunt; Mandy kneeling over my face with my tongue deep in her wet pussy, while she pumped and sucked on Chris’s cock, while (to complete the circle) I had my finger buried up to my knuckles in his asshole. “Oh fucking hell!” screamed out Chris as Sam’s balls slapped against his bum and he felt his tight anal passage suddenly filled right up with his friend’s cock.

The Swinger Confessions: Corrupting Shirley Temple (A Prelude)

group Coco 2018-11-03

And as that monosyllabic word left my Shirley Temple girl’s juicy lips, as that single word flitted into our lust filled bathroom stall, as she nervously uttered that word into our erotically charged world, my hands flew to her and I grabbed those lovely hips, and I forcefully pulled her into me. An opened mouth formed a word, but damned if I knew what it was, this girl does not speak during sex. For the second time in as many days, Angie went catatonic on me, voice gone; face slack with desire strewn all over it, she moaned and ground herself into my hand. Smiling and still swallowing my man’s cum Angie stood up, approached me and placed her mouth on my sex.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 15

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-03

Tommy and I have been good friends for a long time," said Brittany to Trishelle, Danielle, Cherri, and Kristen at Corny Dog. Cherri's huge boobs were squeezed between her knees, as Tommy thrusted his large cock in and out of her creamy cunt. Mark squeezed Brittany's wobbling ass cheeks, as they bounced off his hairy thighs from her pussy being slammed down onto his cock. Trishelle raised her head from Brittany's soak pussy and cried out as Tommy pounded her cunt intensely. Brittany released Danielle's ass cheeks and reached up to pinch and pull on Cherri's big hard nipples. Tommy rested his wet balls on Brittany's cunt and drove his cock in and out of Cherri's pussy. Kristen's tit fell out of Cherri's mouth and she moaned to Tommy's thrusting.


Senior Week - Part 2

group LoverBoy20 2018-11-03

When Chris asked about who won and the reward, Sharon came up behind him and whacked him quite aggressively across his ass and told him sternly, that servants were not allowed to speak or ask questions unless required to do so by their masters. As we stood there trying to process the information and how to handle being in our aprons outside, Brenda, the more timid one of the bunch, got up, and let loose, whacking Bob on his ass very hard and told us all to start moving! Pat then told Bob to eat Amy to an orgasm which he happily started doing. After the girls finished, they went into the house and told the boys to eat and then clean up.

In Need of a Mechanic

group twangyfriend 2018-11-02

Mark got into the car and popped the hood while Kevin and Jeff lifted the hood and stood in front looking at the motor. Just when he starts to suck on the other nipple with my juices on it, Kevin enters my pussy easily because Jeff has gotten me all slippery and wet. With Kevin's cock now slowly fucking my ass, I can feel Jeff's fingers even more. Kevin says he can feel my pussy coming while he is in my ass and starts to slam his cock into me as I feel him cum inside of my ass. Jeff, Mark and Kevin start to kiss my body all over and let me down slowly to the ground.

Black Strap-on Sex Party

group Samuelx 2018-11-02

Monica got on all fours and began sucking her man's long and thick black cock. Luke thrust his cock into Monica's mouth, loving the feel of the Black woman's mouth as she sucked on him. Luke greased up his plump girlfriend's asshole, then spread her butt cheeks before shoving his massive cock up her asshole. When Leonard came, Janet pulled the dildo out of his ass and drank his seed. Janet reached behind herself with both hands and spread her butt cheeks even wider apart, welcoming Leonard's cock into her ass. They went at it like this for a while until he finally came, sending his hot seed deep inside her ass.

Tag Team

group Kim 2018-11-02

Kim briefly closed her eyes, as JD’s hands helped her off with the wet shirt. Stopping to probe her tongue inside that tight hole, Marie stroked the soft, firm skin of Kim's inner thighs. Marie, reached between her legs and tugged on JD’s hardness, as Kim watched from below, continuing to work her tongue over JD’s cock. Kim opens her eyes and saw JD’s cock gliding in and out of Marie. He teared up once with pleasure last time I teased his slick cock that way,” Marie told Kim. When JD grabbed Kim’s hips to move her the way he wanted, Marie climbed onto his face and began to grind her pussy all over his mouth and tongue.

Boys and Girls and Boys, Part I

group BrandyWynne 2018-11-02

“Oh yes!” I heard Roger gasp and I realized that Jack’s tongue had to be moving on Roger’s cock as well as my clit. Jack moaned when Roger’s lips moved over the cock head and he began to suck. Roger wrapped his lips around the base of Jack’s cock and sucked hard, moaning around his mouthful of dick. Jack leaned forward slightly, presenting his ass to me, which caused Roger to let out an ‘mmph’ as Jack’s cock moved further into his mouth, but he quickly adjusted. Roger removed the condom from the dildo and then grasped my hip with one hand, and stroked my cock with the other as I fucked him and it wasn’t long before we were both crying out in orgasm.

The Howling Wind- Chapter Two

group ToshLoveCC 2018-11-02

As my hand landed on the door lever, Dane fluidly wrapped his muscular arms around Ava's rib cage, swinging her body over his broad shoulders. "What are you horny, dirty old men going to do with an innocent, little girl like me?" she teased, pushing her right index finger seductively through her pink, smooth lips. "I've never seen an innocent girl finger her wet gash so deep and feverishly like you were." Dane pointed out in an authoritative voice, stroking her exposed folds. A groan slipped from Ava's lips as Dane continued teasing her aroused body. As Dane stood, with his flaccid cock swinging between his legs, Ava was striving for her sixth climax.

I had an urge that needed satisfying

group Joanna86 2018-11-02

I turned my head to Emma and smiled, she seemed to read my mind, immediately putting her lips to mine, our mouth opening, the two of us kissing, her tongue slowly and very seductively teasing mine. I knew it couldn't be one of Issabella's, her hands we still caressing my bum, so lifted my body up a little, realising that Emma was trying to undo the buttons. Time was flying by, knowing that the boys could arrive at any second but just as we got the bedroom how we wanted it to be, several patches of wet still clearly visible on the sheets of the bed, Issabella came in through the door wearing the dressing gown.

Wishes - Chapter 5 - Double trouble

group submissivemom72 2018-11-02

We lay coupled together for a minute or two, savoring our slow descent from the bliss of a climax before I kissed him and whispered, “I think I need to give my husband his reward now,” as I tried to lift myself off his large erection: but Harris was not ready to let me disengage quite yet. Harris continued to hug me, my breasts pressed against his muscular chest, and replied, "I think that's an excellent idea...Aaron certainly needs his reward…but, Anne, have you ever thought about making love to two men at the same time? "Oh, you feel too big," I cried and moaned into Harris's chest, the fingers of my left hand clawing at the sheets as I attempted to endure the pain of entry.

A Woman's Touch Ch 1

group Kandikiss51 2018-11-02

Not that I don’t like men, because I love the feeling of a nice, hard, hot, cock in my mouth, pussy and ass, that totally satisfies me sexually. I must tell you that my pussy is already drenched thinking of what the three of us will do, and yelling, “Hell yeah, it’s time to meet these people!” For me, it will be a totally new and exciting adventure, as I have not had enough bi-sexual experiences and want to learn and do more. Joshua stopped fucking my mouth and said, “I’m going to watch you two as I don’t want to blow my load this early.” I typed, I noticed, and I agree, and watched Joshua fuck Sam, as my fingers toyed with my throbbing clit.

A Gift for Michelle, pt. 1

group MileHighWriter 2018-11-02

Brian walked over and handed Michelle a drink.  "Doesn't she look good enough to eat?" Siobhan said. Look, honey, she hasn't been wearing any panties," Siobahn said to her boyfriend Brian as she pushed up Michelle's skirt. As Brian kissed the inside of Michelle's thigh, Siobahn pushed her finger into her slit causing her to gasp. After licking Siobahn's finger clean Brian spread Michelle's legs wider and pushed his tongue into her slit. Without Brian’s cock ever leaving her mouth, Michelle got to her knees on the couch and turned with her ass facing Siobhan to give her friend better access to her dripping slit.

Cum covered fun

group Sexi_lady13 2018-11-02

I tell you to sit down and talk to me whilst I'm in the shower, and I slowly start soaping my whole body, taking my time over my tits, arse and pussy. We walk over to a lift and you guide me inside, when the doors close you lean in and kiss me keeping one arm around my waist and the other trailing down my back, slowly caressing my arse and then sliding your hand under my dress to feel my soaking wet pussy. I'm moved into the centre of the bed and turned onto my back, I moan in frustration as I was enjoying the feeling of two pairs of hands on my legs and arse and I'm even more disappointed when no-one puts a hand on me.

Ganging up on Jenny (Chapter 1)

group deborahwelch 2018-11-02

Her long stems led up to her big, round apple shaped ass, which was barely contained by the fabric of her little shorts. She passed her high school classes based solely on the fact that her teachers, all men ,greatly appreciated the opportunity to gaze upon this beautiful doll, and passed her despite the fact that she never did any work. Another fact contributed to Jenny's dulled eyes: she was drunk. But the lusty odour was also contributed to by the twenty or so men still present, most of whom were gazing at her in a lecherous manner. And given Jenny's gorgeous curves, and the growing bulges in the men's pants, it was about to happen.

Cabin Fever

group CuriousGal0608 2018-11-02

Evie reached up and pulled my head down for another searing open-mouth kiss while my hands got busy hiking the hem of her long night shirt up, revealing her bared flesh underneath. Oh dear Lord he began to suckle on my pussy, lapping at it from behind while his cock moved rapidly in and out of Evie’s mouth and my tongue was driving my best friend wild. “That’s good to hear because,” I paused and sat up, pulling Evie to a sitting position as well as I did so, “I haven’t had a cock or pussy in freaking months, so now that I know all three of us are on the same page, Jake, honey, my pussy needs your tongue to service it once again while I have another go at Evie’s pussy,” I announced.

Present from my stepmom

group ChrissyDPfanatic 2018-11-02

She caressed my ass and made my back arch, as she spread my cheek a little and slid a finger over my little pink asshole, right in full view of the guys, who by now were bursting to get out of their shorts. To help, the two guys I was stroking took a cheek each and spread me for my stepmom as she slid a finger slowly into my ass. I purred as she kissed and caressed my cheeks, but whimpered as her fingers eased from my asshole, then she commented, “Mmmm, I think she's ready boys.” With that a cock left my grip and I watched him move behind me; he helped me down on all fours.

How I became The Volleyball Team's Slut - Part 8

group GoJohnnyGo 2018-11-02

The other girls and I made small chat, but the room remained tense until the door opened and Cassie entered along with a number of seniors. Some wore tight school girl outfits with cleavage spilling out, a couple wore a slutty nurse outfit that had a mini skirt that left little to the imagination and Cassie wore the sluttiest clothes of them all. The other girls were getting the fondling attention I had received, but a quick glare from Cassie made the guys leave the poor sluts alone. Cassie pulled away from my face, allowing me to take a breath of fresh air with the sweet taste of girl cum on my tongue.

A late night with a new friend

group mrwright1980 2018-11-02

Mickey took his time and ran his tongue over every inch of her soft pussy. Mickey kissed her soft pussy lips one last time them set up. He pressed the tip of his fat cock to her tight hole and begin to slide inside. Now with every time mickey pulled back I could see his cock shine with their juices. Mickey stood by the side of the bed waiting for his turn back in my wife's hot mouth. I felt Mickey's cock begin to swell and push against mine. Mickey's cock started to soften as he slowly pulled out. Her legs still spread wide I pulled her pussy lips apart to watch our cum flow from her well fucked holes.

The Chemist gets her Cum

group benawriter 2018-11-02

I knew I had been orally servicing Sara for at least thirty minutes when she bucked against my face and came, after moaning “suck on it, baby, suck it hard.” I did and she came again, her juices oozing down my chin. When Sara had had her fun and slipped off to sit beside my body I looked down and saw that Bonnie had her face buried in Maria’s backside as Maria got serious on my cock. Sara tilted her face up close to Maria’s pussy and Maria opened her fingers to spread her labia. She took a minute to pour more oil on the head of my cock and spread it up and down the shaft with both hands and I groaned out loud.

Allyson's First Time - Part Five

group Mysteria27 2018-11-02

I don’t mind one night stands, but it would be nice to meet a guy with a big cock and date them exclusively. It seemed like a nice mix of people at the club. We then left the dance floor and went back to standing over by the wall where we were before. Once the guys came back, I talked with Mark and Rachael talked with Mike. I then got on my hands and knees and I sucked Mark’s cock a while and Mike held my hips and slipped his cock into my pussy. Then Mark sat on the couch and I rode him reverse cowgirl and Mike stood on the couch and I sucked his cock again.