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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


group 2017-11-29

Kelly moans and slithers around-- I look down at Pam sucking that pussy for dear life and staring up at me-- then I kiss Kelly, hard, wet, sloppy, and begins squeezing her nipples. Show her that huge load! Pam and Kelly finger themselves violently in front of me, moaning, getting off, begging me to cum. FUCK YEAH, Pam yells,high fiving me and laughing and kissing Kelly-- You got anymore in cock of yours. Slurping loudly, Pam sucks away as Kelly stands up behind me, reaches underneath my ass and plays with my balls-- I want this load on my tits, Kelly says, then kisses me hard, like the dirty whore that she is.

Emma's Favourite Place

group noebode 2017-11-29

They were both naked within a couple of minutes of the last key turning in the lock, the girl sprawling out on one of the bar's soft leather couches while Emma buried her face between her legs... Walking past the bar was a perfect way to bookend her day, the memories it generated in her enough to fire her up at the start of the day and give her the perfect reward for a hard day's work. The For Sale sign was still fixed on the bar, as it had been every day since Emma had started walking past it.

My Birthday Bash Ch. 3

group rocketman96 2017-11-29

As I returned with the drinks for the ladies, Andrea's face was glistening with the juices from Diane and Tammi's cunt. "Well I can at least get it ready for my anal encounter, can't I?" And with that she took my cock in her mouth and started using her tongue to get me hard again. "That's only the beginning, wait to you feel the size of his cock inside that beautiful little ass of yours. I want her ready to explode when I cum in her ass." Andrea took no time in getting her mom ready to orgasm. Within 5 minutes Tammi was begging me to fuck her ass. As I was getting ready to pee, Andrea came in to watch.

Resisting Arrest

group Trantor 2017-11-29

The cop's fingers were extended as they thrust into her now soaking-wet cunt, and soon Bonnie's entire hand was inside Melanie's vagina, filling her inside, and stretching her beyond belief. "Yeah," Bonnie breathed hoarsely, "nice and tight pussy you got." The cop moved her fingers around as Melanie moaned with pleasure, the bones in her wrist rubbing against the young woman's clit so hard. "Okay, I'll do anything you say," Melanie said as Bonnie smiled, her sharp blue eyes taking in the sight of the young woman's deliciously soaked cunt, and Jeff's engorged cock. With her tongue inside Bonnie's pussy, exploring and licking her wet snatch, Melanie rubbed the cop's naked thighs, stretching her legs apart further so that she could go even deeper into the older woman's cunt.

Doing in Germany

group buddynanak 2017-11-29

I said first I want see your son fuck you and u suck my cock. Raja got on bed lay down Nalni got on top of her son and god his cock in her cunt. She said one the older lady in her village told her if she want her son to have big cock then start to suck him as soon as he is born. Mary got on bed and start to massage Pari,s legs. When jimmy saw Pari naked his cock started to get hard. He came close to Pari and touched her boobs then he started to suck them. Jimmy put Pari on floor and got her legs up and pushed his cock in Pari,s pussy.

Lena's New Life Ch. 17

group toomuchinmyhead 2017-11-29

Suddenly Muriel pulled of John's cock and turned her head, and kissed Lena full on the lips, her lips soaked with saliva from sucking, her tongue inside Lena's mouth, and they were making out, Lena's hand still on the woman's breast. Then Muriel broke the kiss, and she was sucking again harder, more insistent, with longer hand strokes, and Lena heard John grunt and call out, and she felt the jets shooting, her face was side-to-side with Muriel and she could feel the spasms in John's cock through her; it was so sensuous, so fucking hot, she could feel her husband shooting his cum into this woman's mouth, and she took it all.

Wives Break The Ice

group JarringJoe 2017-11-28

We guys went out for groceries and booze the first afternoon, and when we returned we were surprised (and rather pleased, me anyway) to find that three of the four girls -- including my wife -- were sunbathing topless around the pool. One of the other women covered up when we arrived but Kitsy and another wife stayed bare, even when they went into the house with us to stow the groceries. After a bit we all got out of the pool and sprawled on chaise lounges, we guys still clad only in sodden shorts, our wives in translucent panties. And when we traipsed through the brightly lit kitchen, enroute to our respective bedrooms, I got an eyes-on view of the nearly nude bodies of two wives of friends who I had admired for years.


King Size Bed

group strickland83 2017-11-28

Lisa was now looking over the front seat and saw where Megan's hand was. "I'm going to go see what's wrong," Megan told me without looking back and started pushing through the crowd to her friend's side. I opened the trunk and started carrying in bags while Megan and Lisa walked into the room. "Let's take a walk and check out the hotel." Megan gave me a hard look that told me I really wanted to take a walk with them. If Lisa chose this moment to interrupt us and I tried to pull out of Megan's mouth, there was going to be sperm all over my wife and the bedspread.


Group Sex in the West

group 62_goo 2017-11-28

Janet continued her free-love lifestyle after the divorce and, to Jenny, looked as happy as she had ever been. When Jake asked him how things were going he simply said, "Jenny is visiting Janet for a while. Janet and Jenny got themselves ready for a night of dancing. Janet, surprisingly, looked out for her sister and Jenny wasn't quite ready for that yet. Janet said they didn't need to advertise themselves like they did the night before because they were there for sex and everyone at the club would know it. Janet had joined the group at some stage and had fucked and sucked a similar number of men as Jenny. That night Jenny said to Janet, "Well, we've danced and fucked.


Cravings & Addictions

group Talamasca7474 2017-11-28

All I care about is cumming; all I care about is his dick inside of me, I feel someone begin to caress my ass, I turn around and there's my lover, there watching his friend fuck me; watching his dick move in and out of my pussy. He begins to slowly ease his dick inside my ass, but I don't want it slow, I beg him faster, shove it all the way in now. His friend is so close to cumming, I feel his hard dick thrusting madly inside of me while my lover is fucking my ass. I feel his friend pull out and cum all over my stomach, hearing both our orgasms, pushes my lover over the top.

The Oasis

group BTI1 2017-11-28

Karen walked around the room looking in the closets and checking out the bathroom while Jim flopped on the bed. "Come up here and let me have a closer look," Jim said as he slid Karen up his body. "How about we start right now?" Bill's hand slid down to grasp Jenny's small ass and grind his dick into her. He was surprised when Jenny reached down and held his cock as it slipped from her cunt and scooped up some of the cum that ran out as his penis slid out of her pussy. "This looks like something you will like," Johnny said as he came back into the room and climbed onto the bed and straddled his subject.


Student Confessions Pt. 01

group bigsteviee 2017-11-28

I jerked my head to the left to see her best friend at uni stood watching us, her black dress raised to her waist and her hand buried into her knickers, where I could see her fingers moving against her cunt as she masturbated. She slid her hand back under her panties and started rubbing again, while I smiled at the look of shock mixed with pleasure as Amanda tried her best not to enjoy Amelia's tongue against her clit mixed with the feeling of my cock filling her cunt. Amanda watched my throbbing cock thrusting between Amelia's cunt lips, and moaned loudly as Amelia slid fingers inside her as they continued to run their tongues over each other's clits.

Honky Tonk Ch. 01

group Xplorer2000 2017-11-28

Shelly, always trying to help, had her dress hiked up as high as she could without being indecent and was leaning towards my window to give the deputy all the view he cared to take in. "You're a lucky man," he said, and without another word he got in his car, made U-turn, and headed back towards the highway. We talked later and I told her that I knew she only did it to help me and I admitted how much it turned me on to see her sucking off another man. The thought of being with a man again turned me on but I couldn't bring myself to admit that to Shelly, so I told her that I would do it for her, if that's what she really wanted.

Boardroom Slut

group English Bob 2017-11-28

Tony and David were ecstatic, especially when I informed them that my little slut of a wife hadn't changed a bit and was still just as keen to fuck and suck as she ever was. The interview seemed to be progressing in a business like fashion, thus disappointing Tony, David and myself who, after having thoroughly briefed him, had hoped to see a little more action from Tom. This, I know, is just the way my little slut likes things and in no time she was bouncing her hips off Tom's lap and forcing our fingers further and further into her quivering body.

Dances in Erotica Pt. 05

group ShaeLeeTanner 2017-11-28

I watched as Brian greeted Meg with a hug and kiss and then was introduced to Ken. There wasn't any alpha battle as they shook hands and I knew they were on even ground. Meg gave me a friendly hug and kiss and of course I already had my introduction with Ken. I looked into his eyes and felt that swooning feeling again. Ken leaves me feeling well fucked already and I know how good Brian is at doing that too, so I can only imagine and agree with you on that." Meg said in confirming my thoughts about it.


Dream Pizza Delivery

group Azuldrgon 2017-11-28

A moment or two of hesitation and a forlorn look at her husband preceded a small lick on the head of my cock before she slowly took me fully into her mouth. None of the other girls let me go down there with my tongue, so I was very eager to please this woman who just a few moments ago took every bit of my essence down her throat. As I rose up from where I was, she pulled her husband's cock out of her mouth long enough to bury her tongue inside my mouth, licking her essence off of me. The wicked smile she gave me was tattooed inside my brain as I watched her lean back so her husband could cum all over those beautiful breasts.

Interrupted Journey - Accidental Swingers

group kezza6969 2017-11-28

From a drawer in the bedside table she took out a large tube of cream, a long plastic suppository insertion tool and a small bottle of white round balls that looked like cool mints. Beth slowly and carefully inserted the tool into my vagina, all the way in until the clawed holder with the white round ball rested deep inside me against my cervix. She lay on her back beside me on the bed, put a pillow under her bottom, fitted another ball in the clawed holder of the tool, coated it with more of the pink cream, reached down between her raised thighs and carefully fed the insertion device into her own vagina. As she rocked her lower body back at John’s impaling prick Lisa’s head was turned towards Beth and I.

Circle of Love Pt. 02

group Romantic1 2017-11-28

I started right away so June could here the business nature of our conversation, "You mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago about the accounts payable system, and how you were looking for a way to reduce the cost of developing and implementing its replacement and, at the same time, making some real innovations in the process. "Kirt and Dan will be up in a few minutes." She waited for further instructions, but Jan had leaned back into the table asking me more questions about how the new set up would work; June left. We'll have some after dinner drinks or whatever?" June nodded and said, "I'll follow you there." Three cars exited the parking lot and headed to Jan's house.


Holly's Day of Dreams

group hrshie40 2017-11-28

It was during a bus ride back to campus that Barbara made the suggestion that would transform Holly's college career and open professional doors for her after graduation. "Do to the remarkable circumstances of losing a member in the middle of a school year the sisterhood council has reviewed our guiding principles and have waved the customary monthly requirements for pledge ship." At this statement the council nodded their heads and began to form a circle around Holly. Holly had reinserted the page into the envelope and had chosen not to return to the dorm but instead had headed to Alden library to start her search on Sigma Kappa standards.


Lisa Ch. 07b: Jessica

group JadenL 2017-11-28

"Where's Jessica?" Riley asked as he and Angus stopped their horses near Scott, who had dismounted from his horse and was examining the back end of a horse who moved around in a nervous side to side motion. "Riley, Angus," Scott said finally satisfied with his examination and moving to stand next to the man, "this is Peter. "Ricky does race barrel racing." Jessica said looking around at Scott, Jim, Josh, Riley and Angus. Scott came up behind her and slid his arms around her, not noticing Angus in the corner or the fact that Jim and Josh followed him in, and that Riley trailed in a moment later.


Crystal Clear Ch. 11

group Romantic1 2017-11-28

A few days later, Jim and Crystal sneak off to join his child's parents in Michigan after they too have fled the paparazzi; as a group, they decide to allow Edie, the pretty reporter from the press conference, to interview Jim, Crystal, Summer -- the baby's mother, and George -- her husband. Crystal and I sat with the reporters, and Edie came into the room carrying her iPad. I did introductions, asked whether she could sit in while they interview us, and the People team looked a little puzzled until I explained that Edie had discovered the 'hidden baby' and deduced the circumstances of Little Jim's birth.


cum on me

group 2017-11-28

It had been a few months since I had cum with anything but a rabbit and this man was making me realise I wanted a cock badly. He grabbed my tits to brace himself and I felt him pick up the pace more and accompany this with a stream of abuse that would normally have upset me but on that day it turned me on, so much that I came all over his cock as he continued to fuck me hard and deep until he could stand it no more and spunked all over my tits. ‘How?’ I asked and he told me to message all my friends on the site and see how many would like to meet for some fun.

I Watched my Daughter Fuck our Neighbour

group 2017-11-28

I saw Brian eyes narrow, he was cumming and I cried,'No Brian', Sara sensed it too, and relaxed, I reached under her, like she did with me to pull him out of her, but Sara had sunk deep onto him, all his cock shaft was embedded deep within her, only his balls hung from her labia, as my daughter twitched as if having a convulsion, her tightly closed, and then I saw it, his white semen run from her, and at that moment, don't ask me why, I put my arms around both of them as if congratulating them fer their sincere act of intercourse, we stood silently, our naked bodies drawing heat, and as my hand followed the outline of my daughters back, waist, and the curvature of her buttocks, I felt Brian's cock hanging limp, my fingers encircled it and I squeezed, our eyes locked.

Our Girlfriend Ch. 02

group HalElle 2017-11-28

I put my beer on the bar and walked over and took her hand without even looking at her and pulled her onto the dance floor. The blonde haired woman was about an inch taller than Elle, thin but not scary thin, with long legs encased in what looked like from here tight leather pants. As the door opened the woman slipped her arm inside of Elle's and walked past the line into the bar. The woman walked through the bar arm and arm with Elle to the stairs and up to the room where the open roof dance floor was.They climbed into a reserved booth in the back of the room and the tall man slid in on the other side of Elle.