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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Recently divorced, 38M w/ 2 roommates, 22F and 28F

group Drewrex2311 2017-11-28

As I started to crouch down, she pulled my shirt over my head, and I started rubbing her pussy through her shorts as I sucked on her nipples. I rubbed her and slipped two fingers in her as she moaned and, again, loudly, yelled "HOLY FUCK, YES." I bit her nipples again, and between moans she whispered "harder." I could feel her body grow rigid and flush as she arched her back with her first orgasm, her pussy dripping more and more wetness. "Well," Mara said, "I'll let you guys finish up." I had been thinking I was getting a threesome, but it didn't look like it. Oh my God, that was amazing" said Liz. I stood up and pulled the condom off.

Private School Chronicles Ch. 01

group walterio 2017-11-28

They fucked and sucked for several hours with Walt flooding her pussy and her mouth with his seed and Becky coating Walt's face and dick with cunt juice. Walt began to slowly fuck her in the ass and Becky continued to lick Rita's twat. Rita felt Walt bury his cock in her asshole, stiffen and tense up and then fire a barrage of cum into her ass. Walt's cum trickled down between Rita's ass cheeks over her pussy lips finding its way to Becky's mouth. Becky sucked Walt's cock clean, lapped up Rita's cunt and accepted Walt's cum as Rita kept pushing it out of her ass.

An Unusual Life

group bluegenes33 2017-11-28

Tonight though, I'm going to write about the night Ron introduced me to Lisa. "Yeah, she said you needed a guy for filming." He put his hand on the top of Lisa's head. Ron got a real close-up, and Lisa played for the camera, running her tongue up and down the guy's shaft. She moaned, and I clicked, and ray recorded, and it was all so fucking surreal, happening right in front me like that—this housewife from across town, and a stranger she'd just met who's name almost certainly wasn't John. Lisa went down on the guy again and this time his dick actually shrank, I think, instead of getting longer. Ron got him to sign the release, and then we shook hands, and the guy said his goodbyes.


A Summer Party

group kentishtony 2017-11-28

Julie who came down a couple of minutes after me did not want to miss out so she sat with the girls and started sucking Shellie's nipples, with all this going on Tom and Mark were sporting very nice growing cocks so the three of us decided we were going to wank and cum all over the ladies while they were enjoying each other, watching the three ladies with hands and tongues everywhere it didn't take too long for Tom and Mark to start cumming, they emptied themselves mostly over the large boobs of Shellie, with them finished the other ladies quickly moved round and started cleaning Shellie's boobs licking all the cum off, when Shellie was clean the two ladies turned to the cocks nearest to them and sucked them clean.

Fun With Kathy Ch. 2

group lomar2 2017-11-28

"Boys, please, I think we'll get a chance to express our appreciation before the night is through." Kathy and Jessie were leaning against the boardroom table, legs spread apart, pussy dripping, and fingers still working away at clits. "I haven't gotten enough of these two yet." I replied, "and by the looks of it neither have you." John's cock had started to harden as well watching the two sluts on the table clean our cum from their pussies. John lifted Jessie's legs off the table to get a better angle at her ass, I positioned my self behind Kathy and lined up with her tight butt.

Barcelona Beauties Ch. 13

group Artist1 2017-11-28

Vesna and Bilan had been fingering each other's pussies as they watched Chhaya suck my cock. "I'm going to put my cock all the way in your mouth and fuck your face until I cum." As I slowly thrust my cock deep into Bilan's mouth, Vesna began to finger Bilan's pussy and Chhaya pulled her little nipples. As Bilan concentrated on Chhaya's breasts, Vesna and I each took a foot and, starting with wet toe jobs, licked our way up Chhaya's legs to her smooth pussy. I love you and I want you to cum in my ass." Bilan gave me another deep kiss then slid to the floor and began sucking my cock, looking up in my eyes as Vesna had taught her.


Partnership Sex

group mintabal3239 2017-11-28

They watched the Balkins make love, and it was then that Betty saw Larry's thing getting big and angry. "So Betty wants to know if we can take the place of the Balkins," said David. Ten days later David was watching TV after supper when Sheila after clearing the dining table came and sat down beside him. "Of course, but I don't want to know." Sheila left for some household chores and David smiled wryly as he watched her departing. When David and Larry were comparing notes Betty called Sheila away. The very next day Betty said she was feeling queasy too, and Sheila from the symptoms, diagnosed it as a pregnancy.


Fare Exchange

group ddnyhan 2017-11-28

She'd been fucked and used continuously, in hotel rooms, cars, in bars, and on yachts, by cocks of all shapes and sizes, becoming used to the slurp of strangers on her cunt and the pounding of anonymous men in whatever hole they chose, until it all became routine, a matter of course, normal even. They would sit in meetings, in rooms full of formica, impressing their authority on other men in shirts and ties, while, inside, they imagined what the girl turning up later would look like. It was hard to believe this casually smiling, stunning young girl would soon be working their cocks. Still smiling, and gazing into their faces, the girl began to sway and lower herself, her short dress riding up to reveal her lacy panties, her matching white bra slipping out from beneath the thin straps on her shoulder.


Never Say Never

group Catharyn 2017-11-28

It was while writing for Marc at Carrolli House that I first heard the name of James Anderson, and even before last night's introduction I'd always stood somewhat in awe of the man mostly responsible for Marc's successful venture into publishing. Closely scrutinizing Marc's handsome face for a return volley in our pantomime, however, left me more mystified than fearful of embarrassment, for his expression of amusement upon divining my crush on James was changed before my eyes, replaced with a heated contemplation I'd witnessed many times as his friend and lover: He was aroused.

A Story of Karma

group biggysmallz 2017-11-28

By the time Friday rolled around I was hoping Sarah wouldn't even show up so I could avoid Ethan getting trashed just so he could forget about the disappointment of another girl ditching him for the only reason he could think of, "she's just a stupid bitch." Again, a classy guy. Alexis gave me a "thank you" look when I saw her through the rear view mirror as I sat in the driver's seat of Sarah's car in the parking lot. I looked up to see Alexis joining us fully nude, and it didn't take long for Sarah to pounce as two of her fingers were already slipping inside, the sounds of wetness turning us all on even more.


The Club Ch. 01

group woodcarverII 2017-11-28

I had a small problem in the front of my robe and was trying to adjust and hide that a bit when Steven took my other arm and pushed me between Sharon and him. You turned from Sharon and Steven and took the tip of my cock into your mouth. Licking your lips a bit, you turned back to Sharon and Steven. Steven had slipped a hand into Sharon's robe and from the movement of the silk, was rubbing her nipples. Steven finally broke the final bit of ice and asked we minded Sharon taking her robe all the way off. You moved to the side a bit and Sharon took his cock back into her mouth.

A Day in the Office

group cybergirlsex 2017-11-28

Of course, Doug didn't know that his buddy Tom was already in here, stashed away under my desk like the good pet I'd long ago made him into. I could hear the soft slurping sounds from under the desk and I knew that my pet Tom had found Doug's cock in his pants and drawn it out to suckle. There Doug was, sitting in his boss's chair with his dick hard and no way to get his erection to go away because he had a cock ring on it. And like the good slave he was to me, Tom stood up, slid on a condom, and lined up his thick, hard cock with Doug's ass.

His Fantasy Come True

group natureluvrgirl 2017-11-28

I'd love to watch as you cum for her, baby." I had never considered that he would want to watch me with another woman, but from the way my body responded to his words, I knew it was something that would be happening...and soon! She laughed at that point, and said, "Damn, if I'd known I was that close, I would've turned up the charm a notch and pushed harder!" I explained to her all of the ways that Gray and I had made it a point to indulge in our sexual fantasies, and the conversation turned to comparing our various "sexcapades". He tried grabbing for me several times, but I laughingly swatted his hand away and responded with one word each time: "Later!" When he was completely naked, I lead him to the shower, knowing that he likes to be clean everywhere when we make love.


My Teenage Slumber Party Ch. 01

group JakeLeBrux 2017-11-28

Natalie would sleep under a duvet of her own to the left of me, in a spot closest to the foot of the bed, and Lisa and Emily would lay together under a shared comforter, a few feet down from me on the right. Even more erotic to me became the fact that, seeing as Emily and Lisa were sleeping a few feet down from where I was on the floor, my eager erection could only be a foot or so away from the mouth of whichever girl was abusing me in the dark. Pushing their breasts out so they were more or less housed together in a heavenly line, the girls would also break away from sucking and Lisa's hand would wank and gently slap my cock against the two pairs of increasingly slippery tits.


A Warm Sunny Day

group tantricjim 2017-11-28

Barb stood up and moved to the railing of the deck and said, "Hope you don't mind us watching you work Jim. What are you building?" She leaned ahead, allowing her breasts to bunch up over the top of her bikini bra. Dany in particular was not sure if she really wanted to take this next step, but finally she followed Barb who had entered the pool and waded over in front of Jim, now standing in chest high water. Barb, still behind Jim, reached around under water and grabbed his stiff cock, "Goodness Dany, what do we have here!" She pulled her tits tighter against his back and stroked him, now sucking and nipping his back.


The Holiday Office Party

group Cht_Wilcox 2017-11-28

With a drink in each hand, she walked over to Ron who was sitting on the edge of the bed and leaned over long enough so that he couldn't help but look down her shirt. "Yes, perhaps you should wait...on second thought, don't cum pussy is so wet and in need of a good fucking" she said and began pumping their cocks faster. She leaned down and took Ron's cock in her mouth and began to bob her head up and down...her eyes never leaving Charles. The room was filled with the sound of sex: the music; the wet slurping of Sharon sucking Charles' cock; the squeaking of the bed and the sound of Ron's balls slapping against her as he pumped her from behind.


The Gibson Sisters Ch. 02

group A_Non_A_Moose 2017-11-28

Mary held Bill's face close and whispered to him "Sweetie I know it wont be the same, but after that I need something hard inside me, can you use something from my draw?" It was a good job she had just drained his balls, as her desperation was incredibly hot, it would have caused another accident. Lowering her warm, dripping pussy onto Rose's face, Mary whispered "my husband got an orgasm from you, now give me one, like you used to give Amy and Charlotte." There was a hint of apprehension on both sides before Rose took a deep breath, then licked Mary's pussy in one long, slow movement, giggling the whole time.


Me And My Old Grad School Buddy

group Art Martin 2017-11-28

One evening, Reese and I were sitting around my house, drinking a beer, discussing the materials of an imminent test on organic chemistry or some other esoteric subject, when a girl I had banged a couple of times showed up at the door. The two girls apparently knew each other; exchanging knowing glances as Reese took Debbie back to my bedroom and closed the door. The girls were on their second drink when Reese burst through the door, sniffed the air snorting loudly and then bellowed, "I smell pussy!" Like I said, he was big, loud and obnoxious and he scared the hell out of the girls. Next time I lost, it was to Mindy, who wanted a toe sucking like I had given Linda.


Scare & Scare Alike

group scarfaccio 2017-11-28

"Why don't we just show him how two frail little girls like us comfort each other after a visit from the Bogeyman?" Tonya had an expression of sarcastic innocent fear on her face and then suddenly reached out and pulled Kember to her tightly. "Let's have sex, 'cause that's what all us timid little girls do when we're scared!" Tonya turned to Kember and started to caress her hips then lowered her mouth to her breasts, lightly flicking her tongue across it before she kissed it. I looked to my right and saw that Kember had run her hand up Tonya's leg and now had two fingers in her pussy and the tip of her pinky cautiously probing her ass.


Not Gay, Butt... Ch. 04

group Sacanaz 2017-11-28

Jessica was kneeling between Cindy's spread legs, her tongue buried in her snatch, finger working her slippery ass hole as she writhed and moaned beneath her onslaught. Ron began sawing back and forth into Jacks' wife's mouth as he watched him fuck in and out of Jessica's wet hole. She pushed a slippery finger into her ass-hole as she lapped on her juices, and moaned herself when she felt Jack's cock moving from her pussy up to her own sphincter. Finally she asked Jack to pull his cock from her ass-hole, and just pressed down to her loving husband's body, his cock filling her pussy with hard flesh as she began a cooling off period.


My Journey To Perversion Ch. 6

group Linda Jean 2017-11-28

I want him to suck and lick you clean.” The guy said “Sure he can suck my cock clean, Hell baby for you I’ll even fuck him in his ass, you just say the word,.” I then said “Oh Paul, take his balls out of you mouth and suck his cock, suck him real clean and if you’re a real good little cock sucker, I just may let another man stick his cock in you mouth.” I felt the black guy pull out of me and then I heard a moan of pleasure, as I am sure Paul was working his cock.


Coming to Terms Ch. 18

group Casey5940 2017-11-28

After Rex and Silvano left, Kevin pulled Jason onto the bed and stripped the lad out of his clothes and got naked himself. Rex was up first and had coffee delivered to Kevin and Jason and to him and Silvano as they dressed for their day of adventure. Once across the bridge, they only traveled a kilometer or so, and Santos instructed Silvano to turn into an opening in the jungle foliage. Santos, Silvano and Kevin got out and left Rex and Jason in the truck. A woman who care the children I need to ensure by history, my paternity, my machismo." Kevin wanted to laugh at his bravado, but this was serious and he had to make this man understand what he was looking for was a woman just like Violeta.


Reunion of Three

group Shakestare 2017-11-28

She told me that herself and my other friend, a girl I fell in love with many times named Anne Marie Carter were going to be dropping by sometime in the next week. I was also awaiting Cathy and Anne Marie, knowing that they could come to my house at any time during the week. Cathy put her head down and start sucking and licking and tongue fucking the hot little pussy of Anne Marie's. I shoved my cock into Anne Marie, the girl I fell in love with a lot when I was younger's ass and fucked her a slow pace. Cathy took my cock out of Anne Marie's ass and slid in her mouth.

Shower Fun

group Thychuck 2017-11-28

As Jen lays in the tub moaning softly Cynthia stands up and looks at me saying "That was great fun but while I was down there I could tell that Jenny had been fucked recently. As that thought runs through my mind Rick slams hard all of the way into me and screams as I can feel his hot cum filling my ass hole. He simply holds my hips rocking back and forth behind me as Jen and Cynthia work over my hard cock with their mouths. At first nothing happens so I try to concentrate on Jen and Cynthia but then I feel Rick's tongue gently probing my ass hole. Rick is giving me a really expert tongue job and Cynthia and Jen both feel like master cock suckers.