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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Weekend Visit

group macouple 2017-11-28

Jim was confused her body turned him on but strangely looking at Ron's cock also got him excited. She took her other hand and cupped Ron's balls, leaned in and licked his cock. Wendy licked down the side of Ron's cock looking Jim in the eye as she went. He knelt down and licked her ass as she kissed Jim passionately, stopping only when Ron's tongue brushed her asshole. Wendy grabbed Jim's cock with both hands and started to stroke it. Jim ate Wendy's cunt, sucking her lips in his mouth, then licking them, sticking his tongue tip on her clit. Jim straightened up and took his cock rubbing Wendy's cunt before entering.


Welcome Home

group Erotic_librarian 2017-11-28

Due to her attending an out-of-state university right after high school and meeting a controlling, emotionally abusive man during that time whom she eventually married, she and I lost touch but not because either of us wanted to. We were able to stay close until just before her junior year at the university and then it all went downhill after she married Dan. I used to visit her a few times throughout the school year and she would always come home during holiday breaks but that eventually came to an end. She had a lot of questions about how she should handle certain things when she finally encountered them with a guy." I feel my pussy getting wet just at the thought of what she and I did that first night.


The New Boss

group urbanslut 2017-11-28

She was actually supposed to start her work in the office a week from now, but her father suggested that she go from Delhi to Bombay early unannounced, and meet all the senior executives so that the day Mr. Bose officially handed the reins to her, she would know everyone. "Yes, my father says the same thing." Amishi said. "Yes, why shouldn't he?" Amishi asked, surprised at Dilip's surprise, "He knows this business better than anyone else I think." I've told him to let the others know that you are here, so they'll try to wrap up the meeting soon." Dilip said. "Why are you...nev..nev...nervous?" Amishi said slurring, and realizing that she had started to cross the line from buzzed into drunk.


Honey I'm Home!!

group Sphinx220 2017-11-28

You feel my hot breath on your pussy…you know that my face is right up against you…I lick your slit…you shiver…another lick…I put my hands on the inside of your thighs…you anticipate my eating your pussy and you start to spread your legs… I let your arms down a little before raising them again…each time I watch as your breast lift solely by the nipple…I lick them both…the warmth of my tongue is soothing…I suck them into my mouth and lavish them with kisses…I love to suck on your hard nipples… Your legs are spread as wide as your pussy lips will allow…you can feel the hot breath of someone as they approach your open pussy…a tongue shoots into your steaming cunt…licking and sucking hard and fast…hands on your body go from breast to pussy and back again…

Glory Hole Girl

group Linda Jean 2017-11-28

When we went inside the store I pointed to a lovely big fat black one and told him I had to have that to add to my collection, so Jimmy bought it for me. Jimmy did not whisper that, he pulled it out and handed it to me as I laid there on the bench with my face just inches away from a nice big whole in the wall that had two pair of eyes glued to it. Oh I went to work and some time while I was working on this second man showing him how much I loved his cock, Jimmy climaxed in my ass I felt his sperm filling me and making me feel absolutely wonderful.

Round of Four Pt. 02

group RiteofSpring 2017-11-28

At last, the tightening of the balls, the final ineffable stiffening of the penis, and the faster and faster thrusting as orgasm hits and semen shoots in spurts out of my cock into Nancy's cunt. Little does she know—what woman ever knows because she doesn't feel like a man—that after coming in Nancy's pussy, my balls will be slow to respond to the delicious arousal my penis is enjoying in the depths of Cathy's cunt. I kneel up on one leg to let Jacqueline move in on our genitals from behind with the video camera, a full nude shot of Cathy's face, tits, and cunt with my cock in it.

A very special weekend-- two men loving me

group 2017-11-28

I wondered what John thought when I said “you guys” can come up to watch the game. Both men were looking in the mirror and down as I slowly stroked both their cocks. I slowly moved toward his cock and put the tip in my mouth as I stroked John’s cock in my other hand. I wanted to drink him in as John’s dripping cock was in my other hand. I let the tips of both rub against my now very slick lips coated with pre-cum from both men. What a wonderful feeling to have two hard dripping cocks rubbing circles around my breasts and nipples. Filling me… I want your cum in my pussy Lodge.

Mistress Michelle

group smithjon1919 2017-11-28

"So, what are their names?" Randi asked about the three men she was pulling along, to which Michelle replied, "Slave 1, Slave 2, and Slave 3." Then she looked back at me and said, "and Slave 4." That incited Randi to slap me hard on the ass and I jumped a little. "Do you like what you see, bitch?" she asked me then she turned my face back to Randi just in time to see her engulf Slave 2's hard on with her mouth. She pumped and sucked and fucked until the groans and moans of the room were outshined by, "May I cum, Mistress?" Slave 2, to the hilt in Randi's ass, was begging to blow his load into her.

Video Story: Jasmine's First Threesome

group LitTV 2017-11-28

Literotica is happy to introduce LitTV - a place where community members can share sexy stories in video format. Please share your opinions and suggestions for the future of LitTV. Want to share your sexy video story, erotic vlog, or hot how-to? It's easy and fun! Click here to get started. In this video, Jetsetting Jasmine tells of how her yearning for a threesome was fulfilled when a man friend arranges for her to meet his sexy lady friend. Sexy action and self-discovery follow. Enjoy Jasmine's video story, and please let us know what you think in the comments! Jetsetting Jasmine's First Girl-Girl - and First Threesome

Dumb Dare Ch. 02: Gone Camping

group m_storyman_x 2017-11-28

The sound of the tent door zipper put an end to our conversation and we all looked up to see our wives stepping out of the tent one after another, wearing only incredibly short skirts and cut off t-shirts that clearly showed the bottoms of their tits. "Sweetie," Janise said softly as she stepped around the fire to her fiancé and pushed the front of his shorts down to expose his half hard cock. "Looks like I'm not the only one," I said as Eddie moaned loudly and started squirting all over Janise's firm round tits. My hard cock pressed up against Janise's pussy lips as she gently wiggled on my lap, her eyes staring at my wife almost as much as I was.


Cabin Fever & Me Ch. 2

group toysrfun 2017-11-28

After the marathon sex session with my new friends, Mark, Jeff, Anna and Deb we were all exhausted and decided that a little sleep might do us all some good. Jeff took his tongue out of my mouth and started to lick and suck on my nipples. Mark started to slide more and more of Jeff's cock in his mouth. "I want to see Mark swallow his come just like he did yours." Both Jeff and Anna came over and each took one of my nipples in their mouth and started to suck. Mark is underneath me with my cock in his mouth while Jeff and Anna are on either side of me, each sucking on my nipples.

The Cookie Trap

group tbunther 2017-11-28

Sara brought her bound hands to pull Tammy down onto her face and I heard the sounds of her licking her girlfriend's pussy. I let out a deep growl as Sara moaned beneath me and Tammy encouraged us on with her tongue lapping where my cock disappeared into her friend. I felt her tongue work the last few drops of cum out of my cock then she moved back to her friend's pussy and began to lick up all of our combined juices as they leaked out of Sara. I figured that I would last for a long time considering the intensity of my orgasm but Tammy's tight pussy along with Sara's intense kisses and moaning pulled me right over the edge.

Birthday Present

group blooflame 2017-11-28

I hurried to the couch to sit down, and I knew that I was going to be spending most of the night trying to think of baseball statistics and programming problems from work to keep from getting a hard-on for Denise while John was right there. She licked and sucked at my balls for awhile, and it was all I could do to keep from shooting straight into the air, but I just kept thinking about how I wanted to feel her lips slide over the head of my cock and down its shaft, and how I wanted to fill her mouth with a hot load of cum. We were standing there in our underwear, looking at each other's cock bulges, when Denise said "Come on, guys, let's see my present already!".



group LstDghter1 2017-11-28

"Yeah, true," Sarah said rolling over to face me, "I'll drive, bigger car to fit stuff into." "Yeah fine," Sarah said, looking at me to make sure there were no complaints. "Yeah, fuck off Dave," Mike said, "you gotta admit, shorts, panties, whatever, an ugly fucker like you would have to pay to fuck that." I looked to the side and opened my eyes getting an eyeful of Dave naked again, "Morning..." I said, staring at his cock and elbowing Sarah to wake her up. I made eye contact with Sarah and she nodded, I nodded back and smiled as I felt her hand against my tummy before it slowly slid down my front, her fingers lifting my panties before slipping inside them.


Our Hotel Adventure

group RedDragon 2017-11-28

You told me to lay back on the pressed me back with your hands against my slid between my legs...began to kiss and pinch and suck my nipples...then went kissed and licked your way around my pubic mound, my cock, my balls...your tongue flicked at my ass...all the, click, click beside slipped your tongue deep inside my ass as your hand wrapped around my cock...I opened my eyes and saw him behind caught my gaze as you lifted your ass higher...he positioned himself behind you and slipped into your dripping wet pussy with one easy stroke...he pointed the camera at your, click...then leaned over and offered the camera to me...I began taking shots of him fucking you from behind as you sucked my balls and ass and cock...I captured the glorious expression on your face as he grasped your hips and slammed deeply into you...I looked at you, you caught my stare...”you ok?”...”oh yessss” you exclaimed quietly.

Close Neighbors Ch. 03

group thepleasureprinciple 2017-11-28

Becky chimed in smiling, "Yeah, and all the time Lisa is thinking gee, I sure wish it was movie night!" To my surprise, Becky wrapped her hand around the base of my cock before leaning over and letting a big spit wad fall from her mouth to run down the length of my shaft. "Well I have to admit, I'm in the mood to rub one out," Lisa said, "and nothing would get me going more than to watch you fuck Becky." As Lisa removed the head of my cock from her mouth to massage my now throbbing dick with her hand she said smiling, "And you didn't think you were ready to go again yet."

Ragging In College Ch. 1

group pooja 2017-11-28

If it's a cock suck it and make it hard and if it's a choot push your dirty tongue inside and lick it. She called the gang, " Hey come on lets drink the beer from this sluts choot. Put that choot of yours in front of the sluts moutha nd let her taste both my cock and your choot at the same time." I couldn't believe these were the words from the principal and I had to suck my teachers choot. I pushed my ass back to take more of the prof's cock in my choot and he felt wild. Come on boys it's a feast for the cocks and choots!" And he fucked me with added enthusiasm. One went behind Shweta and started to fuck her and the other caught Madhu and pushed his cock in her choot.

Diane, Lorena, and Me

group peyskip 2017-11-28

One Saturday night we found a nice mff video with a woman who looked a lot like our good friend Lorena. Diane and Lorena were very close with three of the other team moms and now, even though our boys have graduated and have gone their separate ways after college, the moms are still good friends, they even vacation together as a group twice a year. When the brunette went down on the one that looks like Lorena, Diane practically screamed "EAT MY PUSSY"! Realizing Diane was not only ok with what was happening but seemed to want this to happen as much as I did, I cradled Lorena's face and turned it toward my wife who instantly took Lorena in her arms and began kissing her mouth.


Fire Island

group cherrygrove 2017-11-28

Fran noticed and reached up and grabbed me, she said, "Not yet cowboy, we have all day." Then she dropped her hand from my cock to Susan's flat belly. She said, "Hmmm, I am so glad we met you guys here, this is a magical place where anything can happen." I looked over her shoulder and saw Fran embracing John in a very naked hug. This really isn't the place for it either." Susan was stroking my cock and it felt great, but she looked at Fran and nodded and let go. I reached around, pulling her closer, then I went down with my hands to touch Susan's pussy, I just couldn't get enough, and grab John's cock.


A Different Kind Of Pep Rally

group BigJ 2017-11-28

Another player, meanwhile, had crawled underneath her with his head near her pussy and he reached up with his mouth to suck on her clit, not caring whether or not he touched the other guy's dick, so long as he got to lick her pussy. The dick in her pussy was immediatly replaced by another, this one not quite as long, but thicker, and he began pumping away without delay, falling quickly into a rythm, his balls slapping against her clit, since the guy underneath her apparently decided he had had enough. For the next twenty minutes, Kelly was fucked in all three holes, the football players taking turns pushing their cocks into one hole or the other, till it was almost time to go.

I watched my girlfriend fuck the masseur

group Ass_worship 2017-11-28

As the massage went on, Tim asked Sue if there are any areas she would like him to focus on? Tim started to massage her lower back while asking about the specific location of the pain. Tim: I'm going to have to massage the muscles, if I go too low and you feel uncomfortable then let me know! He then started massaging her thighs and Sue spread her legs a bit. While Sue was in the room, as Tim was folding his table, he started giving me tips on how to massage her if she has problems with her lower back again. Sue got on top of him and started bouncing on his cock till he filled her with his cum a second time!

9 months pregnant Asian lady

group legzzzzzzz 2017-11-28

The suit and the Polish guy (we had time to talk about it – he was from Krakow and didn’t like it when the suit asked him if he was Russian) they knelt on each side of her as she began to stroke their cocks through their pants. He ripped off a long orgasm, grabbing his hips and pounding her pussy hard, thrusting full in and out of her, his cock like a sword, until he pulled back leaving a huge cream pie, white cum leaking out of her pussy and down the back of her ass. “You owe me longer,” she said to the Asian guy, her lips brushing his ear as she set a plate in front of him.

6900 Lovers Lane Ch. 04

group Angel Undercover 2017-11-28

I leaned forward and licked and bit at Sheila's hard nipples as I rode Josh faster, I watched Mike run his finger over Sheila's dripping cunt, then pull it out of my site, within seconds I felt Mikes finger sliding around my tight asshole, barely circling it. I felt Mike start to pull away and I said, "no, don't stop Mike, I want you to fuck my ass please." Sheila looked up at me half stunned; she knew I'd only given my ass to Sean. I moaned wildly as I sucked on Sheila's clit and fucked her with my fingers harder, at the same time Josh and Mike thrust deep and hard into my holes, making me gasp as they came inside me.

Becoming Emily - Part XII

group taboo_daddy 2017-11-28

“MMMM I’m going to make you cum, then get you hard again and you’re going to fuck the shit out of me.” I purred as I went to work on his young cock. If she sucks cock as good as she eats pussy I bet you’re close to cumming already.” Trent didn’t say a word, he simply pushed his hips up at me and started to softly fuck my mouth. MMMM but had I known how big you are I just might have fucked you sooner.” she smiled, either at me or at Trent I’m not really certain because at that moment she lifted up and guided his throbbing cock into her needy hole and slide down it.