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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Ann Summers Ch. 01

group engaine77 2017-11-28

Outside the door were Sharon's friends, Lisa, Sally and Kate. Sharon noted that Nicola and Kate had got a book and were looking at it together. Nicola and Kate were in their little corner looking at a double-headed dildo. She got Sharon to get everyone more drinks as Deb got the outfits out of her case. Deb watched as Nicola looked at a blue basque and asked her if she wanted to put it aside. They all looked so sexy and Deb noticed that Sharon was admiring herself in the mirror and was actually touching herself. Sharon noticed that Kate and Nicola were cuddled up in the corner and were exchanging kisses when they thought no one was looking and were stroking each other.

Workers Playtime

group Mag58 2017-11-28

I stood in front of my bedroom window nonchalantly brushing my dirty blonde hair; that I wear in a bunch with long bangs at the sides for work before I slowly pulled my t-shirt off just as Bomber (the big ginger man) looked up. I felt sure he was going to cum soon and excitedly prepared myself for a mouthful of spunk but because of the frantic fingering he was giving me I desperately wanted to feel his huge monster cock buried deep inside my tingling cunt too.


Our New Resident

group WayneGibbous 2017-11-28

"Mom, Mom, I brought you...oh..." and Betty's daughter was standing framed in the bedroom door gaping at us, my hands on her mother's oil-glazed boobs, her legs spread, naked on the table. Then, reflected in the dresser mirror, I saw Susan, wine glass in hand, sit on the living room sofa, facing the bedroom door, watching me from my back, as I massaged and fingered her mother. I assured them both that I lived alone and that I really did like the idea of staying on a bit longer with the both of them playing with my cock, so we retired to Betty's queen-sized bed where I did Susan first so she could have a happy drive home with two loads of my cum well-tucked away where she could dream about how it got there.

My Wife's Cousin Ch. 02

group off2bed 2017-11-28

My wife Angie, her eighteen year old cousin Jennifer, and I got up from the couch. When Angie and I opened up to each other, especially about my wanting Jennifer, it was the most exciting and erotic thing I'd ever felt. As I stood there by the bed kissing Jennifer and looking into her warm brown eyes, I couldn't believe this was really happening. My wife lay on the bed watching my kissing her cousin and stroking her own pussy. I saw out the corner of my eye Jennifer's hand grasp the sheet, and Angie held it in hers. We'd moved together for a few minutes, Angie holding Jennifer's hand tight, and I couldn't hold back any longer.

La Playa Ch. 07

group Fog43 2017-11-28

John retrieved a small tube of lube from a basket by the wall while David crawled back up on the table and put on something of a show as he removed his butt plug, pumping it in and out several times, tweaking his own nipples, and exaggerating his facial expressions like a he’d seen folks do in several porn flicks. This was almost too “gay” for John, who liked cock but didn’t want to be labeled a “fag,” but he quickly realized what was happening as Carolyn snorted into Lisa’s pussy and Lisa laid her cheek on Carolyn’s mound, a huge grin across her face and her whole body shaking with laughter.

Very Good Samaritans Ch. 03

group SimonRellion 2017-11-28

The big man dribbled a little oil on his hands, and then started working it between John's cheeks. She started licking those creamy thighs, pushing John's head out of the way. Cindy was working Duke's penis, getting him hard, while Duke seemed to be thrusting the glass dildo that had so recently been in Liz' ass into her husband. Mesmerized, Liz watched a man slap his long, hard tool against her husband's ass. Liz watched the head bob in and out of sight, much like her husband's had between Cindy's tits earlier. He was aware of Cindy's screams as she reached climax, screaming at her husband to fuck her, as if John wasn't even there.

The Coffee Shop trainee

group maturemancock 2017-11-28

After a few minutes she suprised me by saying "I want to feel Lee", with that she turned onto her back and said to Lee "Come round here and fuck me", we changed positions and Lee pushed his cock into my wife's cunt, she sucked me as good as she always does, Lee was banging away as I watched someone else fucking my wife, soon as he started he said he was coming. Donna told him to come round here, and him and me changed positions, I was back to banging my wife and she was sucking his cock, he said "I'm coming", as she wanked him off over her tits.

Swinger's Meet

group nigeltallguy 2017-11-28

I agreed and watched as he fucked his wife in many positions, all the time I could see his cock pumping her and occasionally he would deliberately pull out so I could see his wife’s open pussy. His wife would also look at my cock and eventually told me to wank and cum whilst her hubby fucked her. He told me that each time they came now they let a guy join them and watch, nothing else, as it was a big turn on for her, and of course him. As I fucked her and could feel her husbands breath on my balls as he watched at close range as my cock pushed deep into his wife.

Diary of a Teenage Slut Ch. 04

group FlipShot13 2017-11-28

Bob's eyes were heavy as he looked down at me, "Damn Janet, this little vixen has already got me so hot, I want to fuck her brains out." Bob sucked in his breath, a long hissing sound as I twirled my tongue around the tip a couple of time before I opened my mouth wide and descended down his large hard on. I didn't have to ask what she was referring to and my pussy screamed out, "Yes, yes, and hell yes!" I spread my thighs, an open invitation and also let out a muffled "Mmm, hmm," as I was unwilling to let Bob's hard cock slip from my lips.


I Finally Got My Threesome

group assbr 2017-11-28

I got woke up by the sound of a vibrator, I get up and follow the sound right to the bedroom, I nudge the door to see what was going on, on the bed was my wife and Audrey naked and playing together with a big and bright pink vibrator, I stood there watching just long enough for me to get a good hard on, when I was ready I push the door open and say "what are you doing." Audrey looks at me and says "Stacy told me to come for diner and that you wanted to fuck me, since you fell asleep Stacy took out her vibrator and now we are having fun without you."

My Personal Banker Ch. 02

group Mike Franklin 2017-11-27

I was aided in my quest to make her have a good time by her right hand, which was frigging her clit at a furious pace – God how I love to watch a woman get herself off, and it didn't take Angie much longer as her body convulsed and she moaned so loudly that if her boss hadn't been in the room buried up to the hilt with my cock, she would have come to investigate. "I know that look mister, and you're not going to cum until I get my ass fucked by that cock of yours," she said coaxing me down off the high-wire that is the male orgasm.

Marie's Class Reunion

group EmmisDos 2017-11-27

One evening, as we lounged in front of the TV after dinner, Marie said, "It looks like we might finally host some of my old friends, Jack." "Good to hear, I'm sure we'll all enjoy the week here," I told her, "I'm relieved that the generator and water pump work, I'm going to need a shower before bed tonight. The one comment that got my attention the most came from Amy who said, "You'd better get your rest when you can because, with five women and only one man, you are going to have your work cut out for you!" Everyone broke out laughing and Marie said to me, "You need to do something about that nasty hot tub on the back deck while we explore the island, right girls?"


Melanie Ch. 02

group StoryPal 2017-11-27

"You said you wanted me to call after the meetings and before the party." I tried to keep my voice neutral even though I was excited, looking forward to the evening and what he might ask me to do. My caresses on my breasts, my butt, my torso and my pussy felt almost as good as Todd's had the night before. I almost told him to get serious a couple of times but he lifted me a little more and I felt so good that I forgot to object." I gently rubbed my clit with the memory of Todd's talented tongue. "If you think so, I guess I can work with Todd and see what we can do," I said hesitantly, barely able to keep my broad smile from affecting my voice.


Harvard Hijinks

group lonvg 2017-11-27

As I started caressing Jess's shoulders, I was shocked to see David suddenly lean over and begin suckling her left breast. She let him enjoy himself for a moment or two, but then took his face gently in her hands and said, "Sorry, sweetie, I'm taken. What do you say?" With that Jess reached down, grabbed David's stiffening cock, and placed it in Kate's hand. With that she handed me the bottle and told me it was my turn, as she lay facedown on the bed and started fingering her clit. After what seemed like hours, she simply said "Now." I took my position behind her, guided my cock to her opening, and started to press my way in.

In the Company of Men

group Eagle1 2017-11-27

I had to look good for tonight, had to get completely psyched for the event ahead, needing to know and believe that I am the fucking stud. I rubbed my hand from my cheek down to my smooth chest, appreciating the way my muscles bunched and flexed in the mirror, showing off ever minute of all the hard work I'd put into my body since I was fourteen years old. Determinedly, she opened her mouth to a size even my experienced eyes wouldn't have thought possible, stretching her cheeks wide, swallowing inch after tender inch of the massive steel rod, using her hands to cradle my giant balls and stroke my lower shaft.


Private, Don't Look Ch. 09

group Inspirinious 2017-11-27

"Anyway, between fucks, Joe and I had some interesting conversations." Kim told me in a matter of fact way. Within moments she began to rock back and forth with my cock still in her pussy and now two fingers in her ass. Kim reached her hand back and pushed me away, forcing my cock to pop out of her ass. "I hope you will be willing to do that to me again, and next time I want Joe's cock in my cunt while you fill my ass." You won't see it while you are eating it." Kim announced as Erica removed her leg from Joe's shoulder and she backed away.


My best friend got lucky and shared with me

group querico44 2017-11-27

I had changed my clothes when I got home and went to his house, walking in as usual and headed to his room. I sat for a few minutes stroking my boner, then she said "Let me help you with that." and moved over taking my cock in her hot juicy mouth. My young cock throbbed hard when it slid in her mouth and she sucked it hard going up and down. She held our cocks in each hand pushing the tips of them in her mouth, licking and sucking us at the same time. I went home thinking about how much fun it had been, and by the time I got to my room I had another boner.

Key Party

group bassisbest 2017-11-27

Kristy continued to suck Charles' cock, her hand now stroking the shaft as she moved her mouth over it like a stretched pussy fucking onto his dick. I tried to imagine the feeling of having that huge cock, it rubbing between her ass cheeks as it entered her tight wet pussy, making her feel like a real woman being fucked by a real man. The man Kristy was sucking pulled his cock away and she watched as he pushed it into the blonde's waiting mouth right next to her. Charles stood up on the bed and stepped up behind Kristy, much like the dreadlocked man did with the blonde, but he guided his cock back into her asshole.

Getting Back at Ex-Boyfriend

group DoorX 2017-11-27

Once inside a bedroom, Sean said, "Kristin, I guess it must be tough for you to see Brad with Jacqui." Fill me with your hot cum." I squealed with rapture when I felt Sean's thick cock balloon inside my cunt and erupt. The other guys watched their friend fuck me, then one of them knelt by my face and turned my head towards him. "Hey, Kristin, suck me too," one of the guys said hoarsely as he gripped my hair, pulled me off of his friend's dick, and thrust his cock into my mouth. I continued to look at Brad as I bounced on the meaty pole pulsating in my cunt and the men coated my face with their sticky seed.

The Gym Shower

group reddancer 2017-11-27

I was too shy to do anything like that in front of another person, so I closed my eyes again and felt the water dancing on my clit. I laid there enjoying the sensations when suddenly I felt her fingers moving up and down my pussy. She looked at her fingers caressing me, and said."doesn't it feel good to have your pussy gently rubbed and tickled and diddled?" She couldn't have known that that kind of 'dirty talk' turned me on something fierce. "Turn to lie on your right side, bend your right knee, leaving it flat on the ground, and bend the other knee, pointing at the ceiling." She then did the same and laid her head on my right thigh, so she was looking right at my pussy.


Handing Over Hayley

group TraineeDirtyOldMan 2017-11-27

For a second I think that she might refuse but then she reaches under her skirt and slides down her silky black thong and steps out of it, her elaborate lacy stockings now fully on show to the watching eyes – including Antony who is, by now I expect, as hard as a stone at both the behaviour and vulnerability of his darling wife. As he arrives at the car door he is able to look across at where his wife now sits, the tiny leather skirt unzipped allowing her thighs to spread wide apart and my fingers to discover just how wet her married cunt is.

Hitchhiking from a Rest Area

group beth080808 2017-11-27

"It's a long ride up to Atlanta, how bout we have a little tension relief before we hit the road?" I looked up to James, but he had a hand up the leg of his Gym shorts stroking his own erection. Ed stepped up towards my head, and pulled my face closer to the side where he again started to fuck my mouth, this time thrusting his hips hard. As he was finishing his last thrusts, Ed moved my hair out of my face and held my head in postiton as he pulled his cock out of my mouth and began to furiously stroke it it.

Me & My Wife Ch. 01

group CaptainAwesesome 2017-11-27

One day I finally went back to the sex store and picked up a smaller, thinner dildo (laughably small, actually), and a bottle of KY and that night, while she had the average size dildo in her pussy we began to set about having her take a smaller cock in her ass. The next fifteen minutes passed by slowly but sure enough, Garrett came up the walk in front of our apartment complex and, after a brief knock on the door, opened it, said hi, and started up the stairs.


Three is a Prime Number

group AltheaRose 2017-11-27

Now that I look back on that day, I wonder if I could ever have imagined how well I would come to know Phoebe's friend. "I just want to make Abby feel at home," Phoebe said. Suddenly I felt a head next to mine and realized that Phoebe was doing the same thing as I to the other breast. Phoebe took my hand and moved it to the woman's sex. Phoebe said, "My turn." She moved my face away and her cheek brushed mine as she moved her face in between the unknown woman's legs. As a hand guided my erection to a warm opening, I felt Phoebe pressing her mouth to mine. Phoebe moved my head until I felt a small breast brushing past my lips.