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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A First Time for Everything

group saucymh 2017-11-27

Infuriated, Hattie had thrown a glass of wine over Dave's head and stalked off to the toilets leaving her shame-faced husband alone at the table, smiling bravely as their fellow diners shot him disapproving looks. "I have got the right house haven't I?" Chastity enquired glancing between Dave and his terrified looking wife. Chastity flashed a perfect white smile in his direction, "Dave, would you like to touch my breasts as well?" Dave looked on in stunned silence as his wife sank onto the bed beside the voluptuous young call-girl and buried her head between her enormous breasts.


Girl Who Was Not Called Mistral 02

group tristantrotsky 2017-11-27

Laughing excitedly Francine sits beside me, takes his penis in her hand, the foreskin retracting from the knob as it firms, and she guides it towards me, rubbing its head up and down the length of my vulva, nuzzling my clit as I squirm appreciatively, as I moisten and open, then feeding it into me, slowly, gently, just the tip at first. But, as I point out to Francine, what a sense of power it must give her, how flattering to know that your physical charms are so desired that they are responsible for such arousal in -- not one lover, but three!


Arlene's Long Spermfest Weekend

group yowser 2017-11-27

Sitting in a stretched-out lounge chair three feet to my right, looking very lovely in a white blouse and dark skirt, was my old friend Lenny's main high school girlfriend. His silly white rump had been going pretty hard at the end of his little copulatory adventure, its rubbery flesh clenching away as he drove his prick into her, with Arlene laid out straight on the bench back seat, her dress pulled way up and her head on the right door armrest. "Right," said Lenny, "I never got her to fuck, but she took my prick in her mouth a good half dozen times.



group CharlieSimpson 2017-11-27

"Thank you so much for taking me in," Raven said as she gently took hold of James's shirt and pulled him closer. Raven kissed Mattie gently on the cheek as she reached into his boxers and took hold of his cock. Mattie and James went up to get ready for bed while Raven woke up Charlie. "Night, night sexy, don't let the vampire's bite," said Mattie as he kissed Raven's neck gently before going upstairs. You might have to watch out for James and Charlie coz they've got the hots for you," Mattie said, "I'd love it…I think he's fucking…amazing," James said, with that Raven signaled Charlie to come out and film us properly.


Letters to Nicole 21

group derek33 2017-11-27

My tongue reached the perfect spot then because she suddenly said, "Ohh God, Nance yesss...That's it, right there!" and she took me by the head again and ground her cunt down on my mouth. That's so fuckin' too bad, you slut, cuz I know you want some dick right now!" He shook his hard-on at me and said, "Go ahead and eat some more pussy while we watch...Fuck each other real good, you fucking lesbians, and then Jon and I will double-cock Jessi and make you watch, Nance! "Damn-good Jon!" Tim said, "Fuck the little slut's pussy...I'm gonna let her suck me off in front!"


A Little Truckstop Fuck Anyone?

group GreenDemonGurlie 2017-11-27

I don’t want to go home with either of these men, I just want to fuck so I tell them to come around to the back of the bar with me. I pull away from sucking a moment and tell them that I want them to both come into me at the same time. After a moment, I feel the cock in my cunt removed as it starts to make it’s way into my tight asshole. He starts fucking my asshole hard, telling me that filthy whores like me want to be fucked in the ass, as I continue to suck his friend off. He sticks his cock as it starts to get hard again up into my cunt while the other watches and strokes himself.

Luckiest night in my life!

group kevlar20 2017-11-27

She was abusing my ass and talking dirty, asking if I'd "like to be her cock slut," and "Tell me how much you want me!" I was her fuck toy for a good twenty minutes straight, and when she came, all over my chest, it was like a fire hose, just painting my body white. "Do you want to fuck again?" And then after I said "Yes, please!" She pulls down her skirt to reveal a hard seven or so inch cock, which she says "Can you suck me?" Amber Came again, all over my back this time, and then Kim who had been using my ass cheeks as handles to fuck me deeper, and smacking them as well, said she was going to cum again.

Sometimes It's All About Her

group StackedAction 2017-11-27

They each help me push their briefs down and I slide my hand over to Kenny's cock and stroke it as I lean towards Don's for the first time and open my lips to suckle on the head. I rise up a little on my knees and start acting like a greedy girl with two popsicles, going back and forth, licking up and down their cocks, sucking on the heads and working on their balls every so often. Kenny closes his eyes and sighs as his friend sucks on the head of his cock like someone trying to get the last bit of nectar from a fruit.


A Hard Day

group renegade500 2017-11-27

Standing astride me and facing Steph, claire lowered her sweet pussy onto my face.I was eager to taste her juice and had my tongue ready as she made contact with my face, I could feel my nose tickle her anus and she let out a small cry. I could feel my orgasm building and Steph's pussy contracting round my cock, the ecstasy only made me drive my tongue harder and faster into Claire's pussy. Claire moaned loudly and I could taste her pussy juice trickling into my mouth, I moved my tongue to tease her clit I could feel her shudder every time my tongue made contact with it.

'Research' Project Ch. 03

group DreamerKitty 2017-11-27

His instant moan triggered Emily to reach up for Alexis' chest, or any other part of her where her hand may land. With very little guidance, Emily was soon massaging and reciprocating on the tremendous feelings Alexis was providing. Alexis grabbed her own breast and held it as an offering to Emily. Emily wrapped her lips around that plush breast and sucked until her cheeks caved in and Alexis moaned. The women went on with or without him, but Emily managed to keep a hand connected to him for security. With enough of an idea, Alexis tipped onto her back and slid her head beneath Emily's belly. He took one hand off Emily's hip to grab hold of Alexis' pussy for a rub-down.

BJ Bliss Ch. 03 Claudia's Clutches

group masterandmargarita 2017-11-27

Holly shuddered as Claudia teased the leather tip of the rider crop to her lower back and slowly stroked it down the crack of her ass. Claudia lifted Holly gently by the ass, directing her higher into the air, giving Katrin a good view of her asshole, swollen labia, and a small groomed patch of red pubic hair. "Oh, Katrin is too good to you," Claudia commented as she continued to tease Holly's mouth with her fingers. "Yes!" Katrin moaned, dying to feel Claudia's big hard toy inside her ass. "Holly, I found something nice and big to thrust into the tight wet little pussy of yours." She proudly presented a large glass dildo, which Katrin eyed with concern, and returned to the end of the bed.


Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XXII

group Victor2K 2017-11-27

Action then started to the real deal when we find out Paulus and Oscar kissing each other and virtually naked as both ladies gave them blowjobs, Felicia with the older man and Isabelle with the hairy young one. But the men got so jealous with that and the next action went to see Paulus riding Oscar’s dick at one side of the couch and Felicia having Isabelle between her legs and eating her pussy at the other point, as they found time to taste their own sex before joining back to the opposite fun. Felicia and Isabelle had their butts for a long time until they got tired and both couples went for the 69, two girls licking each other and the guys sucking their cocks.

Voodoo Sex Orgy

group jara_jacobus 2017-11-27

The man that Dorja was fucking began to lick at the clit of the woman, making her moan loudly in Dorja's mouth. The woman kissing Dorja began to moan louder into Dorja's mouth before tilting her had back in ecstasy and cumming loudly. Dorja could feel the woman's cunt tighten around her finger and began to finger fuck her faster and faster, sucking on her clit.until she felt the woman's pussy clenching tightly and could hear the woman moan loudly in her orgasm. The man inside Dorja began to pump into her faster and faster with the drum beats until she could feel him cumming inside her as well.

Class Reunion

group lyamhound 2017-11-27

Less than a minute later all of them were naked and she had Steve's cock in her mouth, Scott's in her left hand, and a black cock (whose owner she didn't know) in her right. Right now I'm just going to suck on it till you cum, But later I want this thing stretching my pussy and ass. Scott's cock slid into her mouth as his cum slid from her pussy around Steve's dick.. Wet squishing noises filled the apartment as Brooke's pussy tried not to let go of the cock, but soon it had to as Steve added his load to her hole, and pulled out. When Scott's dick was deep into her pussy Brooke reached behind her and guided Steve's cock to her already stretched and filled pussy.

Afternoon Fun Ch. 03

group kinkysensualcouple 2017-11-27

"Happy birthday honey." she whispered, leaning up to kiss him hard on the mouth, while at the same time, their playmate walked over and slid a cock ring over his dick. "Now his cock is going to feel my lips." The playmate slid underneath him in a 69 position so that her mouth was positioned under his rock-hard cock and she licked up some of the pre-cum that had dripped from the tip. "Yes, but you better cum hard!" said his girlfriend as she began to fuck his ass faster and deeper. "Oh god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming." he moaned feeling his girlfriend pound his ass and their playmate fondle his cock and balls.

Empty Nest

group aprguy 2017-11-27

Darren and Jane appreciated the calm counsel and away-from-the-rat-race quiet that an evening with their friends brought while Rob and Barb loved to live vicariously through the couple that always seemed to be doing something. So, Rob stood up, hoping no-one would notice his stiffening cock, took Barb by the hand and quietly led her to the house where they could dry off and go home and leave their friends to have a fucking good time! "No wonder he's close," she thought, "this is about as hot of a scene as you could imagine." But when Darren's slightly smaller, but still beautiful cock entered her, just as Rob slid into Jane, she freaked.


Show 'n' Tell

group WeJaySal 2017-11-27

Ray mentioned one day how much this had renewed their sex life, as Cindy would be reading our emails and have her hand deep in her panties and pulling his cock at the same time. NOWWWWWW...!!" My cum shot hot down the shaft and I watched it unload in his mouth...holding my cock I watched as his head moved up and down my cock shaft..."Oh damn Ray, that feels good." Just as I thought I was empty I suddenly felt his finger circling my tight back hole and before I could speak he buried it deep and began to fuck my ass.

Tasha's Gang Bang

group charlieboy2262 2017-11-27

Her tongue is deep inside my asshole --- fuck me I cum again -- the guy fucking her finally pulls out and splashes his man juice over her open cunt ---- within minutes the guys have driven away leaving Tasha cleaning my bum hole and me now sucking Mick’s cock back to life again --- I tell Tasha to get in the van now as I am thoroughly cleaned and have had more orgasms too ..

Have You Ever? Ch. 02

group StallionKinge 2017-11-27

That kind of got Samee back a little for the fingering, and even though you usually get the best example from the first effort when you're setting up a shot, I tenderly wiped Sam's breast off a half-dozen times and had Anna repeat the kiss to "try it again, that last one still wasn't right." Sam knew what I was doing, but Anna didn't. I tried to hold her by her hips and get some control of things, but then Anna climaxed with a groan so deep it made the floor rumble, I let go shooting my load like she wanted, and Sam followed suit, gushing all over my face, screaming as if she were being murdered.

Craigslist Chronicles Ch. 01

group Anarchist4life 2017-11-27

"I dont know about you, but we're gonna get naked," she said, looking at me while stripping like she would if she were in her own bathroom. The guy tried to put his hand on the back of my head for me to go down again, but I didn't really feel like it. The closer she got, the harder she wanted her nipples sucked. She reluctantly agreed to a handjob, reaching over and taking my soft dick in her hand, stroking it. I know, not many girls might enjoy having a strange boy cum on them while they have sex with their boyfriend, but she did. I was, of course, hard from smelling her cunt, and suggested I could cum again.

Fancy Pants

group No Panty Girl 2017-11-27

The night of the show finally arrived and I showed up at Fancy Pants an hour early as Greta asked. The door was locked with a dozen guys, Greta and Donna and I remaining. He filled his hands with my bare ass cheeks and pulled me onto his cock like a glove. She was on the floor getting it "doggy" from one guy with her mouth full of Bert's cock. The guy in my ass had busily unfastened the hooks down the back of the bustier and allowed it to open and fall away from my body in an avalanche of tits. It was after 2 am when Greta finally locked up the shop that night.


Princess Ch. 07

group SteveWallace 2017-11-27

Barely under her breath she got into a string of dirty talk: 'Oh, you are so gonna make me cum really hard;' 'your cock is going to be pasting your cum all over that spot in a few minutes.' 'I hope you like to fuck for long time periods, because I may just fuck you the rest of the weekend.' 'I like people watching us -- watching you put it to me, fucking me with your hand, and soon putting that large cock inside me.' She was good, and I got and stayed hard. Sunday afternoon the six of us sat around in our family room: Carrie, Emma, Marjorie, Jerry, Doug, and me. Carrie kissed Jerry, and said, "That sounds like a good idea to me.


Japanese Train Ride

group Gamina 2017-11-27

Sophia was thrown against the other passengers, mashed up between a wave of human bodies all trying to stay upright and she felt a blush reaching her peachy skin as she was smothering Takamura-san with her breasts, until the train came to a stop and everyone was able to find their footing again. Rubbing her lower back, Takamura-san started to slowly push against the waistband of the woman's panties, but, as he felt the woman tense up a little, he slid his hands back up. Sophia knew this was wrong and she wanted to stop it, but as the old man curled his finger and rubbed her g-spot, she felt her self-control evaporate as the men stimulated her breasts and ass.

A Proper Surprise

group Irish Moss 2017-11-27

I slipped a finger into Brandi's hot, wet pussy while licking and sucking her clit and she bobbed her head up and down on my tool as her hand pumped the base. Again, my mind wandered a bit as I pondered what it would feel like to eat Lesia's pussy again, or slip my cock into that or her mouth, but that only made it easier for Brandi as my orgasm built even quicker with the combined stimulation. I absolutely loved fucking Brandi, and I was looking forward to doing so with a lot more freedom than we were accustomed to over the ensuing days, but for the moment I was relishing being embedded in Lesia's hot pussy once again.