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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Swinger Kitty - True & Fab!!

group nike-kumar 2017-11-27

Soon I moved to the most d***k girl Neha (someone else's wife) & started dirty dancing with her. I wanted my threesome dream to come true, so I picked up Manuja over my shoulder while still sucking her pussy & carried her across the room to where Neha was getting fucked. So I pulled Neha & fucked her hard in her wet & wild pussy while sucking Manu's tits & kissing both of them.....soon I was ready for my 2nd squirt of fresh cum....immediately I moved upto their faces & cummed up all over their beautiful faces......Ooooooooh it was pure BLISS!! Soon my beautiful wife came over & gave me a tight slap hard across my face complaining that I never fucked her so well & so much!!

Peter's Wife Brings Beer

group 1mbibry 2017-11-27

"Peter told me you'd probably appreciate a beer since he wasn't able to join you at the bar today." She cracked one open and brought it to my mouth. Our eyes lock as she brings the head of my cock to her lips. I set my beer aside and grasp her head with both hands pulling her up to her feet and kissing her deeply. I bring my mouth fully to her pussy and begin sucking and drinking in her wonderful wetness. Kitty screams with delight as she orgasms on my face in wave after wave, soaking my mouth and face with her delicious pussy juice. I again tasted a familiarity as my tongue explored her mouth just as it had explored her pussy moments ago.

The House Guest

group mseaking 2017-11-27

I looked from Terry to Penny as they both sat at the table and I made no effort to cover my hard dick as it pushed out my boxer's shorts and came into view. She said, "Yes Sam I am." And I walked away catching the grin on Terries sweet face as she looked at Penny. I thought I herd a soft sound from my wife as the girl worked her hands higher until I knew she had to of touched Terries exposed pussy lips. Penny leaned forward working her hands up over Terries belly cupping her full breasts then back down and this time she ran them over my girls' pussy lips!

Wife before she met me.

group momsrobert 2017-11-27

Anne told him not to worry and asked about Nik. Andros said that he was shy and was also still a virgin. But after stripping, she could see that Nik was getting excited with a semi erect cock pointing towards her and his mouth open in seeing a naked woman for the first time. Anne told Andros to get behind her as she positioned herself in front of Nik, her pussy inches from his mouth. “Nik, I want you to suck my pussy and taste your spunk as Andros fucks me.” She leaned forward for Nik to get his mouth on her cunt and then told Andros to put his thick cock in her.

Seriously Inconvenienced Ch. 01

group WifeWatchman 2017-11-27

University Avenue goes north, then turns sharply left and heads west as the de facto northern border of the Town until it also crosses the River and meets up with the Bypass, that road continuing straight west until it crosses another river, which is the State Line. I was pleased to see that Captain Charles' plans, formulated with Chief Griswold over the years, was working well, and I was very impressed with the efficiency of the Police Department's Uniformed Officers in their handling of the crisis. Diana Torres said "Commander, first let me tell you that we've got the surveillance tapes, which are being taken to headquarters for Myron to process." I nodded as Diana turned to Martin and said "As to the woman, her name is Luisa Gomez.


My Birthday Treat

group petite34c 2017-11-27

After watching her dance one more time, she walked up to me and said, "The pool game is starting in the back and you are welcome to watch if you like." By now I didn't think I could make it home and just wanted to get her out to the car as quickly as possible. As Mary leaned over the table to check out her next shot, I couldn't help but notice how much her skirt pulled up. Which turned out to be Snake; I could tell by the look on his face that he was staring right at my wife's trimmed pussy and I could only imagine how wet it must have been. As Bear's hand slid out of view under Mary's short skirt, I could see her eyes open a little wider.


Mardi Gras Meatfest

group mtndude 2017-11-27

I bent over my husband, pulling out his cock and wrapping my lips around it to keep from yelling. My new friend grabbed my hand and wrapped it around his huge, rock hard meat, and started pumping it up and down. My husband stuck his hand up my skirt, and slipped two fingers into my cunt as the stranger put his hands on my head, urging me to suck harder. I realized my husband was so turned on watching me suck a stranger’s cock that he was going to fuck me, right there in public! As soon as my husband shut the door he kissed me, turned me around, bent me over the bed and thrust his still hard cock into the only hole I hadn’t yet had a cock that night-my ass.

Freaky Fuck pt3

group d4david 2017-11-27

Harry rolled off of Shelia's contorting body as she cried out 'NOOOOOO.' Harry was laying on his back as Shelia turned quickly to his prostate body and begin to passionately suck on Harry's massive cock head. As Shelia sucked on Harry's gigantic cock head, it came to life, and lodged in her mouth as it became erect. Harry and I fucked Shelia like this for about three hours, my cock lodged in her ass, as Harry fucked her cunt thoroughly. Shelia sucked Harry till his cock was erect again, this time, Harry reached over and flipped me to my stomach and mounted me with passion.

Cabin Fun

group sexiskye 2017-11-27

"Look at that nice pussy" he says licking his lips and next thing I knew Bill was licking at my clit, it felt so good I just started grinding my hips on his face. "Yes Bart my Sami has a great tasting pussy and I'm sure she let you have a try, won't you my little sex slave?" I think Bart was close to cumming as he slowed his tempo, I was licking up and down his shaft then I took his balls in my mouth, Bart grabs my hair moaning about how good it felt, but Bill had then started eating my pussy, I came almost instantly.

A Bi MMF Fantasy

group Starra 2017-11-27

I am wearing a low cut top and Alex can't help but stare at my chest as I breath heavily, knowing all the time I'm thinking about how much I want to grab him and kiss him. So Craig lowers his mouth onto Alex, flicking his tongue, enjoying the feeling of sucking another man, not just ANY man but the man he's wanted for so many weeks now. As it dries on Craig's cheek, Alex pulls his face to his, wanting to kiss him, thank him for the ecstasy of that moment. As the door opens in front of us, and I step in, I realise that Alex and Craig have been pressed against the wall to our house, locked in a passionate kiss.


My Lovers' Fantasy Ch. 02

group sweet_butterfly 2017-11-27

Pushing her arse further into my face I start to push my fingers in her pussy a bit fast, sliding in another two, stretching her a little but loving the resistance. Slowly I begin to pull it all out, leaving just the tip inside then pushing it all the way back in, gradually building a speed feeling her arse muscles getting tighter on my fingers as they speed up to match the dildo. Slowly she slumps to the floor so I pull my fingers out of her arse and the dildo out of her pussy I lean over to you and brush the dildo across your mouth, pushing it in to make your lick it clean and taste her juices.

My Adventures in Pleasure Ch. 06

group Sunraj 2017-11-27

When I leaned over to suck Jenny’s nipple, Angela was moaning loudly, licking my ear, and moving herself on my lap, rubbing her vagina on my penis through the cloth. In the meantime, Jenny also took off her panties and was lying next to Angela, while fondling her breasts, and putting one hand inside her vagina, pushing her fingers in & out. While I was sucking between Angela’s legs, Jenny leaned over & began licking & sucking her breasts, making the nipples stick up. I moved back up so Jenny & I each had one breast to suck, while both our fingers were in Angela’s vagina, making her dripping wet.

Lucy & The City of Sin

group bob_martin4125 2017-11-27

The messages between us where getting slowly more erotic each time, with Lucy asking more details about our meeting in Amsterdam. I pressed the start button and the porn film went straight into a hard core fuck session with a Dutch lady taking a very thick black cock deep into her pussy, from behind as she frigged her clit with fingers. Her breathing was getting deeper but all of sudden she turned round and noticed that a couple were obviously standing right outside our booth, staring at Lucy's clothes crumpled on the floor. 'Lucy, please release my release my cock and lick it like that lady on the screen is doing to that guy', she said nothing, just unbuttoned, my trousers letting them slide to the floor.


Weekend Plaything Wanted Ch. 02

group SiobhanSaor 2017-11-27

"Yes, I came in when she was having her tits slapped." I could hear the rasp of his zip and then my knees were swung up onto the couch and his cock was pushing into my dripping pussy. It felt like it went on for hours, I thrashed and bucked, pushing my cunt deeper into her mouth anything to keep the sensations coming, or to stop my body didn't know which it wanted more. A little fuck slut should wait til it is offered." He kissed me lightly on the forehead and whispered: "Maybe dessert could be arranged." Stepping away he continued, "Now get dressed or it will be my ass that gets spanked.


Jenny, John and Nicole

group Thomas Drablézien 2017-11-27

Several years ago Jenny and John bought a run down, isolated farmhouse in Southern France, over the next few years they spent most of their spare time and thousands of pounds renovating this house and creating there dream home in this rural idyll. After Jenny went away I really turned up the heat, flaunting myself in front of John, showing off my long lovely legs. She purred, giving special emphasis to the word 'Uncle.' I pushed her away from me and looked at her sternly, she retuned my look by half closing her eyes, running her tongue sensually around her lips.


Spring Fling

group bbwsadieml 2017-11-27

Tate watched from the doorway, his cock stiffening again quickly, as Adam started to thrust slowly in and out of Jessie's mouth. He felt her body tense with need, the lust building quickly as he worked her pussy and Adam plundered her mouth. As she glided her tongue over the tip of Adam's cock, sipping the precum collecting there, her breath caught, and she began to slowly grind her pussy against Tate's mouth. As she began to pump Adam with her hand and her mouth, she felt her hips being parted and the not so gentle invasion of her pussy by Tate's throbbing cock. Tate's thrusts grew faster, Jessie's little box was hot and wet, too damned tight, and feeling so fucking good to him.

Learning and Growing Ch. 06

group NerdySex 2017-11-27

Kylee's small hands made George's cock look absolutely humongous. We would tell our guys that we had met William and George on the beach that morning (true) and that we invited them to stop by tonight for drinks (also true). They would be coached to seduce Phil and Jim. Then William and George would join the action. Now I had some idea how my pussy must taste to Jim. I sucked on George's cock as far as I could and cleaned him up. I hoped Phil wouldn't get too mad seeing Kylee with that big black cock. Kylee couldn't help herself and confessed that William and George had come over that morning and played around.

End of trip - Calli’s gift to me

group sexynita 2017-11-27

‘Since you’re leaving tomorrow, I wanna give you a send off. ‘Do you wanna?’ Leslie walked off and head to the bathroom. Calli came out of the bathroom, with her clothes on but I noticed she’s holding her panties in her hand; she went straight to the couch and put it in her handbag. Leslie stood up and slowly dropped her red dress to the floor, she lie down on the bench and Calli poured some vodka all over her body. As Calli reach her orgasm, she looked towards me and told me and Leslie to move this whole thing in the bedroom. My thrusting became more violent, Calli screams for more begging me not to stop. Calli crawled over and started making out with Leslie, sharing my cum between them.

A Good Woman is Hard to Find

group IvyMC 2017-11-27

I stepped behind Alex as Eva kissed him, running my hands through his hair, down his back, stopping at his waist to unhook his belt. Eva looked up at him and said how much she wanted to taste my pussy on his dick. She pulled her fingers out and Alex immediately put them in his mouth, licking off my cum, then kissing her, ready again to fuck. I whispered in her ear slyly, pressed myself into her back, and started kissing her neck, looking at Alex the whole time. As I was sucking up the last of his cum, I looked up to catch Eva rubbing her clit until she came again.

Late Night Laundry

group Raynne 2017-11-27

I figured no one would be doing their laundry on a friday night so I didn't need to worry about looking "appropriate." My brunette hair was tousled and my body probably still smelled like saltwater. "I'm Steve, this is Tom," He said, after aking a few drags from his cigarette. Well I am sure that could be arranged..." He took a few steps closer to me, leaned forward, and put out his cigarette. Tom hopped up onto the counter as Steve positioned me so that I was sitting right at the adge where he was standing, ready to fuck me. Tom started fondling my tits and Steve rubbed my clit while he fucked me. I felt Tom's cock tighten up and his hands began to squeeze harder against my chest.

Wife's third gang-bang

group b22 2017-11-27

Emily's third gang-bang was just 6 days after the second. We had more of those mind-blowing orgasms as Ron and then Kenny took turns fucking my wife from the rear as she sucked on Matt's cock! "Great spit-roast hey mate!" Matt called just as Kenny emptied his balls into Emily! As he stood over her, letting his last few drops of spunk splash onto her face, young Ron, a lad of about 18, moved in with a thumping erection, probably about 10 minutes after he had shot his first load up inside her! As we left Matt called, "Get it 'ome an' get your cock in there before all the spunk's run out mate!"

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 29

group SteveWallace 2017-11-27

That sexual act will mean I have to get used to being with other men, improving my blowjob skills, tasting cum, enjoying anal sex the way Zoey seemed to be, and letting myself go into what Fran calls 'total sluthood.' You can start me on these new skills when you get home. Adding a new, seventh live-in such as Loren would mean someone would always be sleeping outside the 'main bedroom and loving room' as we called it. I was to spend the evening, at least at first, with Loren and Ivy; Matt would be with Fran and René; and Aidan would be with Sheila and Ally.


Computer Setup Ch. 5

group Nic- West 2017-11-27

I had been too long out of the dating circuit to be able to do that but Cindi and Nick got out there and I watched her shake her ass around the floor for a couple numbers before the band settled down into a slow one. She knew I was hard so she pulled my arm around her stomach and walked in front of me back to the table. Luckily, Cindi and Nick danced through a couple of songs so I had time to get myself under control again before they returned. We seemed to connect and continued to look at each other and grin like fools while Cindi rubbed our cocks. Cindi's arms were around his neck and his hands slid into the back pockets of her jeans.


Hot Tub Trio Ch. 03

group Turbidus 2017-11-27

Pressing forward, slowly, giving her plenty of time to tell him to stop he worked his cock between her legs until the head slipped into her pussy. Chad's fingers pushed Amy's hair away from her face, while twisting slightly, giving him a better view of her mouth on his cock. Amy pulled Chad's cock from her mouth and began to rub it over her cheeks. Chad reached across and took Amy's breast in his hand, holding if for Vince, who stiffened his tongue and touched it to the very tip of her nipple. Chad's ass cheeks are flexing and only after a moment does he push his hips forward, though he's already as deep inside Amy's mouth as he can get.