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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Glynydrydd R.F.C

group oiyabugger 2017-11-27

Marky takes my breath away with every long pump until he finally withdraws his massive cock to save it for my best friends now well fucked pussy, I can feel my cunt hole gaping for the first time in my life as Massive Marky leans over to my ear and says "I'll finish you off later sexy girl!" in his deep Welsh accent. Who's obviously the captain and the most handsome "Marky, you played a blinder in the first half!" He says, rubbing his cock in preparation "Time to turn up the heat and finish the opposition boy's." Cheers go up in the bus as the rugby boys of Glynydrydd R.F.C raise their cans of cider in early victory.

My iniatiation...... And it was much more than I e

group Srcdcs 2017-11-26

Ronda showed me off to the other guys and they all said they wanted a piece of me. Ronda said it seems that Jamie is paying too much attention to the slut on stage. All swaying too and fro as the center of attraction was being pumped full of cock in her pussy, ass and mouth. After a short time the first cock slide into my mouth. Apparently after all of the butt plugs were inserted and they felt I was stretched open enough the showed mr a very large dildo. And it will be fucking you the whole time you are sucking all of the dancers cocks. By the time you have made all 20 of them cum in your mouth they will be ready to fuck you.

Danielle's Surprise

group grappler 2017-11-26

As the woman spread the hot oil with her hands across Danielle's breasts and stomach she felt more oil being poured on her legs. The woman grabbed a handful of Danielle's hair and raised her mouth and kissed her roughly, nibbling on her tongue and lips. Danielle couldn't close her mouth as she came again, and soon she felt the woman's mouth sharing the cock with her. As the man began to drive harder and harder in her pussy, Danielle and the woman's tongues wrestled for the cock at her mouth. The man fucking her pussy pulled out and the woman placed her body on top of Danielle's still sharing the cock in her mouth.

17 Degrees of Revenge

group Mike Franklin 2017-11-26

He had a nice cock and knew what he was doing, fucking me with a good rhythm for the next ten minutes until he started to really slam into me and deposited a load of hot cum deep in my ass. He slid his cock inside my ass and gave me a good fucking, making me cum twice before pulling out and spilling his load on my tits. Both guys deposited their seed inside of me, and I took a moment when they had finished to push as much out of my holes as I could, letting it drip on Tony's bed and pillow, which by then was getting thoroughly soaked with sweat and sperm.

Extending the MILF List Ch. 09

group Contrasting 2017-11-26

She, she just said she liked having me to herself that other night and, well, she wanted more of just us, you know, alone." I know you have been getting plenty of pussy, from what Chris and Sammy tell me but, dude, if you could figure out a way to get mom out of our hair, just for a while, till Darlene gets past this, this, she is feeling really crowded and Mom is so sweet, so impossible to turn down..." I did like you said, I brought Laura over and walked her right past Mom. I thought Mom was going to have a cow. I, I know you fucked Annie on our table, she said something about that when she was in the bag that night.



group purice 2017-11-26

walked in on my mom performing oral sex on my dad in front of the doing that, and my mom explained that it was just like sex, a way A few days later, my mother came to my room and asked if I had different way, and I said, "sure." She went to her room and came asked if I wanted to try something new that might feel even Afterwards, my father said I did a great job, better than my mother came in and asked if I wanted to sl**p in their bed that night. told him I wanted to masturbate his cock again, but he said he My father asked if I wanted to try sucking him again,

Loving the Boss

group Brookell 2017-11-26

Our Hooter's Girl was named Stephanie, and there was something I didn't pick up on right away until she sat on the stool next to Dea and I could see them together. None of this was a big deal, until I was looking up at one of the TV's and saw Stephanie walk away out of the corner of my eye and realized Dea was watching her. God you would swear they never had sex before." Said an equally naked Steph who stepped next to Dea and again the similarities floored me, but my body knew a great thing and pulled out and back into Gail, who moaned appreciably.

Romancing Your Lovers

group Isabella777 2017-11-26

The men how ever seeing the girls and getting hot looked from one to the other and smiled and then Doug reached over and grabbed Matt's already erected cock and begun fondling him in context watching the girls. Watching Janet and Denise, Jerry walked over and started sliding strawberries into each one's already hot spot. Taking turns Matt had licked Doug's hot throbbing member as Janet helped. Cindy thought she would literality go wild as Denise knew she was creaming Jerry's mouth full of her juices and she could feel her own crème starting in as she reached out and hooked her hot mouth onto one of Cindy's nipples and nibbled her furiously.

Calling Her Bluff Ch. 2

group RomeoDT 2017-11-26

She looked over at the old guy and he smiled at her and quietly said, "Feels pretty good, doesn't it bitch!" Cindy was startled and reached down to pull the stranger's fingers from her cunt. "I was actually masturbating his cock with those kids playing a few feet away!" He smiled at her and said, "Come on, let's go back upstairs and get another drink." They got out and headed back to their room. Then the old guy grabbed her hips and raised her up till her wet cunt was on top of the large cock head that she made her husband suck. He looked at Don and said, "I'm going to lower your pretty little daughter's virgin pussy down on my big cock while you watch.

Memory Of Neighbours Keeps Him Going

group kvijaya508 2017-11-26

Soma lay on Vijaya's body the way a man would, breathlessly told Vijaya how much she was enjoying the close-up view of Vijaya tongue-fucking Kajal's cunt, how beautiful she was, how much she liked shoving her hard dick into Vijaya. Soma licked Kajal's juices off of Vijaya's face and they shared a long, tongue-teasing kiss. Vijaya moved up to Kajal's ass and teased her cunt with the head of the dildo. Kajal moaned into Soma's cunt as Vijaya fucked her with the dildo. She looked at me and humped her cunt into Kajal's face in time with my strokes into Vijaya. Soma's tongue on her clit as Vijaya took ten inches of fake cock up her cunt brought Kajal to a screaming orgasm.

Crystal Clear Ch. 25

group Romantic1 2017-11-26

Synopsis of This Story Up to This Point: After a motorcycle road trip laced with grief, love, incest, and sex (read my Road Trip series), Jim, girlfriend country singer Crystal Lee and her sister Ellen, a love interest named Claire, and a nymphomaniac housekeeper Nadia lived together. Crystal laughed again and turned to Claire and Nadia, "You can join in anywhere your sweet little bodies want to be, and my tongue is always ready to help. Claire thought a moment and turned to her soul sister, "Ellen, if you were to ask Jim what the most provocative or deep discussion he had in the Galapagos Islands with Joe Mansard was, he could repeat part of a discussion we had on a beach a month ago.


Little Megan Takes Cuntrol - of Dawdy 2

group imornery81 2017-11-26

Sue and Melissa each straddled a hand while Megan and Rachel each lowered themselves onto a knee cap and began humping his leg! When Sue had finished licking her fill of both male and female ejaculate, she turned herself so that Bryan’s fingers were between her thighs and she moved her smallish breasts with their round hard nearly inch long nipples right over his greedy mouth. Sue told Melissa to get a real cock in that harness that she needed a good fucking She got on all fours over Bryans shoulders and head and soon he was treated with watching her get her trimmed pussy reamed by a monster rubber cock fatter than his own and only a few inches from his face!

Inside The Cube

group sandymonroe 2017-11-26

The brunette's one said 'Ann', and the black guy's, 'Moss.' "Hell yeah!" the black guy said, kneeling down behind me and started opening the zip on his uniform. The black guy grabbed my ass cheeks with his huge palms and pulled them apart in front of his face. I let my head hang low, pushed my ass high and enjoyed the hot tongue working its way into my tight asshole. She got the huge head of the black rod between her lips and started kissing and licking it. I dove under her head and pulling out my tongue, started licking the guy's huge balls. 'Ann' jerked his huge cock to milk every last drop of hot thick cum out of the black rod.

The Tour Ch. 3

group HSWriter 2017-11-26

I was more than happy to oblige as Laetitia's hands began to gently massage Frederique's sweet breasts, tweaking her nipples gently. Laetitia wasted no time as she got down on her knees, and began to gently place kisses on Frederique's inner thighs. Frederique let out a loud moan as Laetitia's tongue came into direct contact with her rock hard clit. I gently placed my free hand on Laetitia's firm, young ass, causing her to look up from Frederique's pussy. With every powerful thrust of my meat, Laetitia gave out a loud moan, which was muffled by the sounds of her tongue teasing Frederique's hot cunt. Our eyes met as I continued to pump my cock deep into Laetitia's young cunt.

Midnight Blue Part One

group petercee 2017-11-26

I decided that Anne should learn how to handle the boat for when I had to visit the toilet, bar etc., so I called for her to come up onto the bridge once there I left them to get to grips with the lesson and went down to visit the toilet and get myself a beer and enjoy our new acquisition. Twenty minutes later I returned to the bridge to find Steve getting a hand job from my darling wife, it appeared that Anne's bikini took his mind of the lessons and his large erection erased any thought of learning to handle the boat instead she decided handling his cock was more interesting. On return to the marina Steve got $100 for his assistance, I learned how to handle my boat and Anne was happily satisfied by their lovemaking and Steve looked satisfied as well.

A Betrayal Of Trust

group English Bob 2017-11-26

It was true that the police department were always trying to find something they could get Tony's crew for and this would not be the first time that one of his men had turned against him and worn a wire - but they were talking about Christopher. Chris watched intently as Tony began to fuck Celia's mouth. Celia was obviously having trouble catching her breath, and Chris thought that it was fortunate for her, when twenty seconds later, Ray pulled out and ejaculated thickly onto her up turned face. He could see that Ray's and Tony's cocks were still hard and he watched as the driver swept Celia up in his arms and placed her on her back on the table.

My First Gloryholes

group CuteSlaveGirl 2017-11-26

Slowly I feel the cock becoming bigger and I push my head a little bit more forward and start to take the cock inside my mouth. The inside of the room is starting to smell like sex; the room feels hot and damp and I listen to myself moan and suck while I hear my pussy slam on the black cock in my pussy with every thrust I make. Feeling the cum drip from my cheek I realize that I just got a load of cum on my face from the last cock while I already had a big load of cum in my mouth and inside my pussy.

1st time cheating

group 2017-11-26

before i knew it the other one showed up and we talked for awhile and i thought to myself "fuck it,i want to do this" and told them.."you better get me to a motel before i change my mind" and they said.."lets do it". we got the motel and the 3 of us walked in the room and i started kissing jim (1st guy at mall) and donny got behind me and started grabbing my hips and pushed himself up against me,i went back and forth between the 2 and i felt a hand gently push me towards the floor..i knew what was next. jim said "who goes first?" and i said "up to you guys" and jim laid me on my back and pushed it felt sooooo good and started fucking me while donny watched.

Eve's Surprise Ch. 2

group churchlady 2017-11-26

Eve was moaning and pushing her hips up to meet Jason's hand, somehow trying to get him to touch her clit. Suddenly Jason moved his face closer to her pussy, she felt his hands spread her pussy lips, she could feel his hot breath on her... Jason wasn't sure how long he would last inside Eve; her cunt was so tight around his cock. The kiss broke, and Lisa looked at Eve's beautiful breasts, then she leaned down and began to suck on Eve's hard nipples. Lisa put her hands on Eve's butt, and gently guided her pussy toward her face. Eve slowly moved her face closer to Lisa's pussy. As their orgasms neared, Lisa began to suck and pull on Eve's clit.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 31

group SteveWallace 2017-11-26

I still got some teasing from my FDC colleagues about my harem, and somehow word had gotten out about some of the out-of-town others, such as Jane, Brenda and Pam. At 'home' in Cambridge I now lived with Fran, Sheila, Ally, René, Ivy, and Loren. We talked and shared a lot more feelings that came up naturally than with the others, not that I was trying to hide them, but Fran knew how to ask the right questions that got me talking about what I felt and worried about. Zoey and Kristen both went home to see their respective parents, but the day after Christmas they each flew up to Boston to join our extended family through New Year's Eve. Pam brought Bob and Pete up from Jersey too.



group TUCSON RED 2017-11-26

As I entered the apartment building, I was nearly knocked down by a sweet little blonde thing coming out the door with her jacket in one hand and a coffee cup in the other. She had a nice set of leg's that went all the way to her ass not meeting at the knees, a good chest, with a slim waist. (Sure glad I changed sheets last night I think.) Placing her at the foot of the bed I start to undress her. Placing her on her back I start to return the pleasure to her, I play with her breasts, and rub her mound with my hands.

The Slut Wife Chronicle

group Friskee_cpl 2017-11-26

Like on Saturday night when she got home she sucked me off at the front door before I fucked her in the arse. "Now you may find this hard to believe, considering all you've been told by Mark, but I was still a virgin and it wasn't because of some conservative, Christian lifestyle choice, I just hadn't met anyone that was in the slightest bit interesting," she held her left leg in the air and if I'd maintained my gaze I would have seen her underwear, "I haven't always looked this good you know. Mark smiled, stood up, said he was going to the toilet but instead of turning left into the toilet, turned right into Carol's room.


Valley of Desire Ch. 2

group Glenn Beuhring 2017-11-26

Bent over, peering into the room next door, Elisa casually reached up and touched her bare pussy lips. The wind picked up here on the mountain and as a gust of wind wiped by the car, Elisa's skirt blew up over her waist, exposing her patch of blonde hair to the staring officer. Elisa was aware that the officer stood directly behind her, though neglected to assist her in keeping her skirt over her exposed ass. As Elisa prepared to gulp the onslaught of cum that was preparing at any second to rupture down her throat, she was not expecting the intrusion of a stranger's hand that gripped the cock, yanking it from it's sheath.


My Trophy Wife Linda [GB-09] Pt. 01

group charlessmythe 2017-11-26

As I watched, Carl started to bounce his hips up off the couch, thrusting his stiff cock in and out of her open mouth. Linda got between Luke's legs and started sucking and licking on his large hanging balls, moving down further to tongue fuck his brown asshole. As Linda continued to suck his cock, Jacob felt his balls start to churn, warning him of his impending orgasm. Then before Linda knew it, she was on her back on the poker table with Luke and Jacob holding her legs far apart while I held her wrists above her head. Come on fuck me good." Linda was so damn horny by then that it only took a few more thrusting strokes before she was humping wildly back and cumming; moaning and sobbing, "Ohm, Ohhhhhh, yessssss!