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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hostess Ch. 02

group Joeehartley 2017-11-26

We set upon our weekend chores, and late in the afternoon I called each of the guys to tell them how much Shelly and I had enjoyed last night's party and to tell them that we wanted to do it again. I called Jim- he was the most reluctant - and told him that Shelly wanted to talk to him, then handed her the phone. We sat down at the table and I said, "Shelly and I have been talking about tonight all week long - about what we would do tonight - and we have been having trouble deciding." Chuck stood up and said, "I think that we need to thank our hostess for the snacks." He placed his mouth over hers, one hand was on her breast and the other was between her legs.

Miss Jill Comes to Visit – Part 3a

group sailman2013 2017-11-26

Gabi kept massaging Brad’s stiffening cock through his pants as I was explaining and turned back to him saying well you have come to the right place to keep that fun going. Knowing Jill was about to appear I looked for Brad only to find him standing watching the stage whilst the redheaded hostess was on her knees sucking on his now hard cock. Only time would tell but Brad was certainly enjoying his evening as he now had his head buried between the legs of his favourite hostess who judging by her movements was enjoying his oral ministrations whilst sucking on the cock of another guest.

Just Like Old Times

group bill_nh 2017-11-26

Even as Helena felt a renewed sense of pleasure as Ron began to play first with her nipples and then her full breasts, she was conscious of looking over at her friend, as Brad began to work on Alicia's tits. She was not envious, being satisfied with what she knew were her own lovely tits, but she was fascinated---especially as she watched Brad first admire them, then softly kiss them, and finally take them into his hands and suck on the nipples. As Ron had begun to pull Helena's panties down, he had taken a moment to look around his wife at Alicia standing in front of Brad, as her husband was also beginning to pull her panties down.


Another wonderful treat from my husband

group shaunariley 2017-11-26

While he held my legs up with me impaled on his shaft the fellow facing me got out of his pants to reveal what had to be an 11” long cock with what looked like a 3 to4” mushroom headed cock. I begged him not to ram it into me & he said that Tim had told them I might complain but not to let that stop them from doing what they wanted. They must have held me suspended like that for a good half hour, by the time they withdrew and lay me on the bed I was totally subservient to their wants. I said thank you and kissed him, I knew he could taste all the wonderful cum that had been shot into my mouth & that didn’t bother him.

An Affair to Remember

group RichardScott 2017-11-26

You rolled over into a sitting position and took his softening cock in you mouth, cleaning the cum off him as once again, the kneeling wife spread your legs, licking the cream that soaked your pussy and left sticky trails down your thighs One of the men moved behind your friend , working his cock into her ass while you licked her pussy. The other man positioned himself between your legs and took an ankle into each hand, spreading your legs as wide as would allow, before burying his stiff cock into your pussy with a single thrust. His tongue in your ass delicately darted at the sensitive little bud causing you to squirm, His friend offered you his enormous cock that you briefly teased the head, tasting the droplets of cum before swallowing it whole.

Caitlin's Night Out

group hollywood angel 2017-11-26

Jonathan walked up to the table at that moment and looked at them and said, "all checked in, I have sent the bags to the room." Caitlin's hand began to stoke faster still and she let out a moan, the door had opened all the way and Jonathan looked up and saw Caitlin sitting there stoking herself. You are lovely and we both want you very much, I have been thinking of this since I saw you in the airport." Cassie said Jonathan reached out a hand and pulled Caitlin down to him, he leaned in and kissed her long and hard. Feeling Jonathan sliding slowly in and out of her as Cassie licked her pussy felt so good.

Mr & Mrs Ganapathy

group kamaladevan 2017-11-26

After this incident, Mr. Ganapathy furthered the fantasy of me fucking his wife, Lalitha, by taking it up every time we did sex. He described his wife in great detail: how she loved to spread her legs to have him lick her cunt for hours, the nice smell of her pussy and how hard she wanted him to fuck her. During their sex sessions he had started mentioning how he would love to see a big cock go in and out of her cunt and how nicely she would feel if two mouths pleasure her breasts at the same time.

Friendly Neighbors

group brendafays 2017-11-26

Kathy starts squirming and moaning, She tells Joe to fuck me harder. Kathy stops fucking my ass, but she leaves the thing in it, she walks in front of me and tells me to eat her pussy. Kathy starts rubbing my pussy, and then sticks her finger in and slowly finger fucks me, while Joe rubs the sides of my tits. Joe takes his dick out of my mouth, hands Kathy a bigger dildo and tells her to fuck me with it. First they were moving at the same time, then Joe waited for Kathy to push the dildo in my pussy, when she did he pulled his dick outward, so one went in as the other came out.

Letters to Nicole 20

group derek33 2017-11-26

Nina fumbled weakly, pulling at Megan's shirt and when she finally got it up, she cupped the red-haired girl's small, hanging tits with both hands, palming her nipples and tickling the creases between her breasts and rib cage. He's good, right Babyyy?" You know, Nicole, at that point I was glad that he slid down and started to suck and lick at my nipple; first because it felt so damn good, but also because I wanted to watch Cee's eyes while he ate my cunt. She was lying there frigging her clit and trying to wiggle her hips harder and harder onto Alex's dick, but was having trouble because, at the same time, Megan was sitting on Nina's face and grinding her cunt down her friend's mouth.


I Love Big Boob's

group thomasrader 2017-11-26

:-PPP Oh yes your wonderful huge cock it's crazy enjoying the hot of my mouth, it's so huge, so hard, wow!!! I love to lick and suck my wife's pussy lips & push my tongue into her wet pussy hole before working on her clit to make her cum. :-PPP Or also she likes when I'm fucked by her husband and I'm licking her pussy or I'm playing into her ass with my finger or hand... :-))) But also we are wearing a strap-on and while I'm fucked, I'm also fucking my boss wife :-))) I love to feel tongue into my pussy and into my ass... :-PPP You have a great ass, but you know that, mmmm then let me prepare it for a very nice dildo, my favorite...

Three's Company?

group eserlin 2017-11-26

Lee went abroad to study architecture, Aimee stayed in the States to attend college, and Brian moved back to Barbados to resolve some family matters. One night, while they were getting ready for bed, Aimee wanted to discuss with Lee the invitation they received to their 10 year high school reunion. Lee had his eyes closed, the feeling of his wife's hand around his cock almost felt foreign; they rarely had any time for intimacy due to their work schedules. Lee and Aimee later learned Brian had returned to the States about a year ago and lived with friends on the west coast. Lee looked at Aimee and wasn't sure if she would agree to it, but he offered Brian the opportunity to stay with them.


Uncharted Territory Pt. 03

group RonCabo 2017-11-26

Without skipping a beat, she ripped his belt open, shoved his pants and underwear to the floor, sucked his penis into her mouth, lathering it up and making certain it was good and hard—it was—then hiked up her short skirt, plopped down on her back on the bed with her ass right on the edge, lifted her legs and rested her ankles on his shoulders. He had dreamed of coming to places like this in his marriage, and now that he was here and actually living that open-mindedness, he wasn't really certain how he felt about it. With all this going on, Ron wasn't certain he was actually keeping time to the music, but it didn't seem to bother Jenna, nor anyone else.


Condominium Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2017-11-26

Neither Heather nor Pam had ever seen a sybian, so during one of the male recovery periods there was a circle of fun-loving friends helping them each have powerful machine-induced orgasms on our little toy. I ask because Doug and I are interested despite my current condition, which is obviously temporary." She shut up at that point, but looked at me in a hopeful way with a slight smile; her hand remained on my arm in a somewhat intimate gesture. We made small talk for a little longer, until Doug got to main agenda; "Marcie told me this afternoon that she'd asked you about us joining you and your friends occasionally for some recreational intimacy."


A Lonely Backpacking Trip

group KawGuy 2017-11-26

Once I felt my cock getting hard, so I unzipped my shorts, pulling it out and held it trying to make myself cum while driving. In the mean time the guy had pulled his midnight black cock from the little tiny woman and was jacking it off in front of the little nymphs face. Four hours of driving, most of which I adored a blue vainer from thinking about that young girl in the tent, the adult theater movies and my sexual life. He reached over, placing his hand behind the voluptuous one's head, pulling her toward his lips, the two of the now locked into a deep passionate kiss. The little one stood, and the guy reached down and placed both of his hands on her ass and lifted her up.


Twenty-One & Fresh Out of School

group jwc10010 2017-11-26

By the time I found Beth's leather outfit, we were down to our panties, our bras having been taken to see how the plunging necklines looked. I watched as Beth took out Mark's penis and started to stroke it. I looked up for a second and Beth gave me a big smile of encouragement. I kept sucking on him and moving my ass, pressing my lips against Beth's fingers, trying to get her to enter me. Her hand moved to the back of my head and I had no choice but to move my mouth down to his sac and start to lick. I tried to back up so I could watch for a second but was only met with Beth's hands, urging me forward.

Miss Orgasmic Ch. 2

group AdamWang 2017-11-26

I reached behind me then and ran a hand up Lisa's thigh, up her skirt and to her pussy, which was even now still soaking with the juices of anticipation of what was to come, while she leaned forward and kissed Claire square on the lips. They moaned in unison as Lisa reached out to caress Claire's perfect breasts, while Claire herself silently took hold of my raging hard cock, stroking it and fondling it with a light touch that all but sent me over the edge. I ran my right hand over her ass as Lisa climbed onto the bed and straddled me, noticing this I broke off my kiss and turned to gaze at Lisa as she aimed the engorged head of my cock at her cunt and slowly eased onto it.

Slut Wife

group 2017-11-26

Dennis had her ass cheeks spread wide open with his hands and his tongue buried deep inside her and she screamed as her body tensed with ecstasy as her orgasm exploded onto another mans tongue for the first time in our marriage. I told Marie to open her eyes and as soon as she saw, she had a cock in each hand and her head thrashed from side to side sucking first Dennis and then Nathan as I continued to fuck her deep and hard. I came before Dennis and as I pulled out of Marie I took my place on the couch next to Nathan to watch her drain her third cock of the night.

Sheila's Branching Out Ch. 01

group southernsheila 2017-11-26

Everything changed when I met Tom. From the very first time we made love, I knew things were finally going to be different. As I continued watching the scene on the television, Tom began to kiss my neck, ears, and chest! After a few moments of lovingly licking and sucking on my tender nipples, Tom began to kiss his way down my body. Although I had finished Tom off the very same way hundreds of times in the past, watching the woman on television do it triggered a violent orgasm. "I get you off with my mouth as he pulls out and cums all over my stomach." I moaned as Tom's cock made another long stroke deep inside me.


group ryanzyro 2017-11-26

And Karen said "Lets play Truth or Dare!" And Maxine said "I think you're in the wrong part of the house, the pre-teens are downstairs." And we all laughed, but Karen rolled her eyes stood up to her full 5'6" and said "Don't be a bitch, it'll be fun. In her hospital bed, so thin I was afraid she would break and her voice barely a whisper she said 'I love your cock and I wish you could fuck me into oblivion.' and then she laughed and passed out and didn't wake up again and I'm sure somewhere out there she's laughing her ass off because that's just not a story you can tell people and she thought that sort of thing was hilarious." I wanted to cry, but I just felt too good, like a small piece of misery had been burned away.


Fantasy Drive

group ceris01 2017-11-26

Then you feel the soft caresses of a tongue as it slowly works its way up one of your petals and down the other before it teases around your pulsating opening, spreading your free flowing cream around before taking over from your fingers and sucking your clit into the mouth. You can't believe it feels that good and when she finally removes her fingers and thumb she has my rock hard cock rubbing up and down your lips, around the entrance to your warm and inviting tunnel then rubbing the head over your clit again and again until you are on the edge yet again.

Jenny and Jack Pt. 05

group loveking 2017-11-26

I felt some hesitation and doubt enter my mind as Jack said, "Don't forget that it was Suzy who was fucked by three out of the four men last time; fucked in front of all of us while we watched. I quickly checked my self in the mirror and felt that familiar nervous anticipation sweep over me realising that the next time Jack would see me in my naughty underwear he would be looking with three other men! Jack then stood with his wine glass in his hand and said, "Gentlemen I think you will all agree that Suzy and Jenny both look very sexy tonight.


MILFs At Home (And Away) Ch. 02

group Visitor35A 2017-11-26

I dozed off to sleep on Penelope's bed and woke up to a wonderful sight – her mother (Veronica) standing in the doorway, wearing just stockings and a garter belt – with a huge double-ended dildo strapped to her pussy. "Well, I'll tell you what" Veronica whispered "I've got John out here and I'm stroking his big, fat cock but I'm a bit tender from my exertions earlier on this morning ... "Zoey" she whispered "my pussy is sooooo sore after fucking all morning, do you think you could be a darling and lick me out nice and slowly when we get back to the house?" By this time, I was all the way inside Penelope's hot little pussy.

Java Beans

group REDnMIST 2017-11-26

I fought to regain control over my body and thanking God I wore a panty liner. The man walked over to the coffee bar and nicely said "Hello." Dreamy begins fingering my vagina while Partner gently sucks and fondles my breast. Dreamy begins playing with my clit as his partner suckles my labia and plays with my vagina. I take his penis in both my hands and stroke the shaft while moving my mouth in circular motions on his head, pausing to tease the little hole. He buries his hands into my hair feeling my mouth stroke his long hard penis. I feel an orgasm tingling me as Dreamy strokes me hard and Partner is now pumping my mouth.

Sex Toy Shopping 3 sum Manchester

group mrstixx 2017-11-26

Upon leaving the store I asked the lads if they had any plans for the rest of their weekend to which they told me they were in Manchester for football and were heading back home on Sunday after staying the night in a hotel. We all got on the bed and started kissing each other and rubbing each other, within seconds I had my hand on the monster cock I had seen in the changing room. As we all moved forward and backwards together it felt amazing, the lad I was fucking moaned and exploded while I was pumping him, I could feel his cum shoot all over the bed and drop down his thighs, shortly after I felt myself about to go when I started getting pumped extra hard from behind and the moans got louder....