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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Date Night Is Full of Surprises 01

group DASTONE 2017-11-26

When I finally tore my eyes away from her I saw Dave and Bri sitting on the other couch, also dressed like they were going to the opera or some fine restaurant. As my cock gave one final pulse and Jessi lifted her head away from my lap I looked over and saw the black Audi next to us, and Bri looking straight at me with a mischievous little smile, like she knew exactly what had just happened. My hand had been on Jessi's thigh the entire time, lightly caressing, and as Dave finished his story I began to move my fingers higher, soon slipping under the dress and curling to find her smooth panty-covered mound.

Breakfast of Champions

group craigool 2017-11-26

Suzy would start off telling me how much she wanted to thank me for making the promise that she would dance for them, how much it turned her on to know I still thought she was good looking enough to turn on other men, then she would get so hot she had to Somewhere deep in the haze, I remembered something Suzy had been saying to me every night in bed, about how when she got them too hot, she'd start in satisfying every single man who wanted her, "Was that OK with me?


Cassandra and Her Mother Ch. 02

group HappyGerman 2017-11-26

When Mother's Day rolled around, I had recruited 10 guys - Bill and John from the football team, Kirk from the hockey team, Guy and David from the wrestling team, Justin and Lee from my science lab, and my close friends Jim, Carl, and Sam. All of them were more than willing to fuck a hot single mom for her mother's day gift. The guys were to wait at the hotel until we showed up, and then come up to the room about twenty minutes later, after Cass and I had gotten Greta all set up (and after I had fucked her a little bit to get her ready). She screamed aloud after swallowing Lee's cum as Justin and David fucked her pussy together, stretching it to limits she hadn't felt in a long time.

The Week That Was

group CanadianM 2017-11-26

He enjoyed the sound of her squeals of delight as he took her over his knee and spanked her round sexy bottom; her whimpers of pain mixed with pleasure as his hardness plunged into the tightness of her ass, her cries of "Yes Daddy, yes!" as his cock exploded deep in her bowels; her urging him on as his teeth clenched on the soft flesh of her breast, her moans of "Harder Daddy, harder", knowing that she wanted him to leave his mark on her lush body. Sheri's lips slid over the flesh of his shaft while Liz' fingertips spread his buttocks and her sweet tongue began moving against his anus.

Donna's Awakening

group Randy4Sure 2017-11-26

I wrapped my arms around his neck and opened my mouth to him as felt me up and began to rub my ass with his huge hands. After refilling his glass of bourbon he went over and sat down on the couch and watched as the third biker reached down and pulled my head and lips up to his cock. Meantime the biker behind me pushed the head of his cock into the opening of my vagina, probed a few times and then slid all of the way inside me until I could feel his rough pubic hairs rub against my ass. He inched closer and I at last felt the huge head of his cock come into contact with my opening and begin to nuzzle between the swollen lips of my cunt.

My Cock is Yours...and Yours!

group MyCockIsYours 2017-11-26

I let out a moan as I watch my cock slide slowly into your mouth until the tip is buried in your throat. Your tits are barely contained by the revealing bra, and soon they are in my face and you rub your thigh into my aching shaft repeatedly as you continue to move to the music. With a look of unbridled lust in your eyes, you roll onto your back, throw your head back over the edge of the table and hold the big rubber cock over your face. Your mouth is soon taking the entire nine inches of the cock into your mouth while making slurping and sucking noises, and the fingers of your other hand push aside your panties to work on your clit.

My Dare Turns in to More Ch. 2

group Pam696969 2017-11-26

"C'mon Barry, I'm not saying that and you know it, you are a great lover and sex with you is fantastic...what I'm trying to say is we can make our sex life even better than it is now and getting together with Roger should be exciting for both of us...the thought of seeing me get fucked by another guy, doesn't that image turn you on?" "Well...I guess so, I'm just a bit nervous...I'm worried that I might lose you Pam," he told me.

My Motel Fantasy

group pogo123 2017-11-26

At first they all just looked at me with their mouths open, then they each started to smile and Bobby punched Mike playfully on the arm as he said, "You lucky dog, you!! I was still wrapped in Mike's arms, enjoying his kissing, his caresses and the mental image of being nude in front of four good looking men when Mike pulled his lips from mine and said, "Come sit here, Bob, so you can each take a nipple and I can have a go at her pussy." I reached out and said, "I don't want you feeling left out, Stephen, come closer." I took his cock in my hand and started to play with it.


Ross' Power Point Performance

group sirhugs 2017-11-26

In my favourite dream, Lorna listened in again on Elena and I, but, instead of cumming silently outside the door, she slipped into the room, licking my balls from behind as I pumped my hard shaft deeply inside Elena, who I imagined would be lying on my desk, legs up over my shoulders. Cindy must have felt a throbbing in my shaft, because she stopped licking, and swallowed my whole cock in her mouth effortlessly, still grinding her clit against Elena’s tongue. Seeing this, Elena roused herself up off the table, and slid underneath me from behind, licking my balls and the base of my cock as Cindy demonstrated her deep throating skills, sucking me in like a “nice juicy popsicle”, as she described it.

Grandpa the Porn Star

group wolfwriter77 2017-11-26

I parked the car down the street again and watch this time as a new girl (red hair, small tits) came to the door and went in. As the week went on, I tried to imagine my grandfather's old cock slipping into some girl's pussy and just couldn't do it. A few more minutes went by and I did nothing but watch until my grandpa pulled his cock free from her mouth and squirted all over her face. After a while I decided to quit the business, but my gramps still let me fuck the new girls when he hired them and have a crack at some pussy if I stopped by the house.

Jessica nigri has the train ride of her life

group Lgee69 2017-11-26

Nevertheless Jess bit her bottom lip as she felt someone place their hand on her bare naked hip and shift behind her, standing rather close. Instead of feeling a brush from the back of someone's hand, Jessica felt it linger around her hips before it snaked its way down and squeezed her ass. With her mind no longer occupied with defending itself, Nigri had time to notice a few things: the fact that their touching wasn't particularly rough or violent, and how the men appeared to go out of their way to be gentle and considerate. It wasn't long before the back of her skirt was raised and she felt a pair of cloth-covered legs press up against her bare thighs and a thick, hard cock brush against her waiting sex.

The Tales of Andrea & Dean Ch. 10

group thewhitestripe 2017-11-26

I will do whatever you ask and let you use me for your pleasure as long as you wish," she whispered, staring out at Dean's bedroom window, her finger rubbing her clit faster now, her other hand sliding up her firm, flat stomach to caress her perky tits. "How do you think he'd feel about you wearing a sexy little dress, serving drinks to five older men in a private room all by yourself?" Adam said. Andrea, for her part, was doing her best to tease the men, bending over to pick up glasses, crossing and uncrossing her legs to flash her lacy black panties, swaying her hips and wiggling her ass, and sticking her tits out proudly, her dress creeping down dangerously low-showing the lacy edges of her bra.


Sweet Revenge ( Chapter 5 )

group agunna 2017-11-26

By the way Shelly," Frank said as his wife continued mouthing and sucking his prick. "Anyway, I've told her that I rather enjoy it every once in a while, and even mentioned to Frank a while back that what I'd really like to try some day is a double-fuck, you know...someone in my ass, someone in my pussy. I felt Frank suddenly stop moving for a brief moment, and then he slammed into his wife's cunt one final time, holding it there, and buried his load deeply inside her as he moaned out in a deep-throated groan, vibrating my wife's cunt as he did which seemed to enhance, if not trigger additional multiple little orgasms from her as she began crying out all over again.

Winter Break Orgy

group SexualMuse 2017-11-26

Christine told Carly, Lisa and Becky what the plans were and they got real excited. "Since the guys are here, and they are mollified by your huge tits, I want you to take your shirt and bra off and rub them all over each of their faces." Carly challenged. I saw Joel start to grind his crotch against Lisa naked ass. Joel pushed Lisa down on another couch while Ryan, Carly, and Becky chose the floor. Carly was sucking Ryan's cock while he mauled Becky's huge tits. Down on the floor Ryan had Carly on her knees and his cock was assaulting her pussy from behind. His ass clenched as he shot rope after rope of jizz all over Carly and Becky's face and tits.

Salenna Ch. 05

group westaussie 2017-11-26

"I want that big black cock inside of me and I want you to fuck me deep and slow till I cum" she ordered Craig, "make it last, I want to have an orgasm that goes forever." Craig grinned and eased his head between Christy's legs and started licking her cunt, as the strokes got longer they took in her clit which was swelling at an alarming rate, nearly as big as her hardened nipples. Barry's cock was only fractionally smaller than Craig's and with their eyes closed the girls could hardly feel the difference, Sean had become a specialist arse fucker and Ray would have a diploma in clit licking, if they gave them out, his tongue was at least an inch longer than the other boys.

Damsel in Distress

group SundaeGirl71 2017-11-26

I had never felt anything like it and felt like every nerve ending was on fire as they thrust deeply, filling me with their hard, throbbing cocks as they got faster and harder, getting closer to losing control when suddenly both men pulled out, pushing me to my knees and wrapped their hands around their cocks, stroking them in front of my waiting mouth while I frantically rubbed at my clit, desperate to join them when they came, getting closer and closer until suddenly Joe grabbed my hair and held my head in place while he came all over my face, Ben joining him and shooting his hot cum all over my mouth and tongue while I cried out in orgasm.

My First Threesome

group 2017-11-26

By the time she made it to her underwear I was thinking "Fuck Ty, Fuck Leah, Fuck em both." I never told Erica I like girls. And he started stroking his mamoth meat cannon, I've never been turned on by a guy jerking off so I told him to just watch us and let it happen and if he touched it before I said was ok he could back to his dorm and jackoff there. With the 2 of us taking turns sucking, stroking, and playing with his balls we got that monumentous member to stand straight up on its own, Mike was so hard he probably could've knocked someone out with it. Not being able to wait anymore and feeling a little selfish I got in my bed spread my legs and told Mike to come pound it.

By Betrayal

group DainishPastry 2017-11-26

I kneeled on the floor in front of him and looked at his cock it appeared huge now; I looked at Amanda she was watching every move I made and caressing herself; I looked at Stephanie she was kneeling on the couch hunched over close to Ray's cock for a good view one hand on Ray's leg and one sneaked up by her pussy. Amanda kneeled beside me and intermittingly caressed my back, feathered my asshole and stroked my cock all the while never taking her eyes off me licking Stephanie's and Ray's fuck. Stephanie pursed her pretty red lips and kissed Amanda's pussy, she then parted her lips, thrust her tongue out and began to lick and suck fervently.


Discovery Ch. 07

group D H LAW 2017-11-26

We started home about forty minutes away and Matt said the hot tub had relaxed him so much he felt like going to sleep. The following Saturday, Jen called me at work and said we had been invited to Bryan and Debra's for dinner. Bryan said to Debra, "Look who just stopped by for a visit." They climbed the steps to the deck and grabbed a seat in a couple of lawn chairs. As Lisa and Matt's bodies were quickly stripped naked, Bryan and Debra began to realize they'd been had. Lisa grabbed Debra by the shoulders and held her close as her pussy locked down on Bryan's cock.


A Porn Shoot Shock Ch. 02

group Olibauer 2017-11-26

I was really surprised how passionate she was being and I kind of felt guilty that it was happening right in front of Tom. I don't know why but I guess I had expected this to be more like a porn movie, where the actors just fuck, but instead Jana seemed to be trying to shove her tongue down my throat while she rubbed her hands all over my body. Tom eventually slipped out of Jana's mouth and grunted "fuck I'm ready, where do you want it honey?" Jana pulled off my cock and immediately knelt on the bed as she moaned "I want both of you to do it on my tits, come on give it to me." She pushed her big tits together as Tom stroked his dick a few times and then began to spray a huge load all over them.

My Sugar Mama

group JulianDelacourt 2017-11-26

Alex watched as Sheridan's hand crept up my thigh jutting from my dress. Once the elevator door closed, Sheridan grabbed Alex's head and planted a big sloppy open mouth kiss on him. She stepped back to shuck off the dress revealing her nakedness and we pressed ourselves together kissing and nuzzling each other necks with eager mouths until we fell sideways onto the bed. He kissed Sheridan then me, before his big hands palmed the back of our heads and gently forced us forward, until our heads her on the bed. We both giggled as we wiped his white mess from each other's faces until Sheridan grabbed my hand, pulling me off the bed and into the bathroom where she started running the shower.

Neighbors with Benefits

group Geo21 2017-11-26

Jaime said Nico took few fingers from her in his ass, and we were all laughing about how good it feels to have a prostrate orgasm and how much it shook our legs as dudes. Nico then took a seat on the futon and lathered up his cock with lube as it kept pointing at his navel, and reached forward and held my thighs and pulled gently beckoning me backwards to put my legs down on the futon resting on my knees above his dick in a reverse cowboy position. Backing away a bit keeping eye contact she squatted down in front of me and grabbed my dick with one hand and licked my cock head.


Lilac's 18yo Friend: Vivian Swings

group NonStopFunGuy 2017-11-26

When you have those looks and millions of bucks in the bank, you get to have a mistress who is only 20 years old, a college student, and hot as the fucking Sun. She had a skinny little Asian body, plus I'm sure bought-and-paid-for tits, those hooters were way out of proportion on her chest, just like Trixie's. (I'm not a fan of fake tits.) Roxy blushed but her step-dad said yeah, they're great -- show the man, Caroline Rae. So his 23 year old, curvaceous step-daughter did just that, taking her bikini top off to reveal her creamy-white, C-cup boobies with nice pink areolae.


Her Name was Melissa

group Gordon17 2017-11-26

A lot of times Frank has told me: "Right now I imagine you watching me fucking her real hard!" After that talk we always got so extremely hot and had wild, almost animalistic sex with each other. Every time I saw Melissa, the 19-year-old daughter of our neighbors, my imagination was running wild. Not only that the imagination of doing it with Frank and Melissa in a hot threesome got my mature cunt dripping. And now I had this idea to take Melissa to the beach with Frank and myself, so that we could combine both fantasies. I saw Frank closing his eyes - is he seeing me or Melissa's young face right now?